Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Entrance of the Past"
Part 1
by Auradear
Disclaimer: I own nothing; music is "In the End" by No Doubt, "Movies" by Alien Ant Farm, "Now I Can Die" by Nina Gordon, "By Myself", "Runaway", "Paper Cut" by Linkin Park.
Summary: Max and Liz had a daughter in their past life; she comes; Nicholas comes back; Nicky takes the daughter and Liz; all work together to get them back (and more!)
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: I messed up the characters and added new ones, sorry, can you ever forgive me? Feedback requested!
Aura lifted her head to the sky. She smiled at the sun whose warmth she was basking in. 'I've gotta admit,' she thought to herself, 'I like this place. Roswell New Mexico. It's interesting.' Aura slowly brought her head back down and took in her surroundings. Her gaze rested on the UFO museum. 'Good as any spot to start,' Aura thought as she walked towards the building.

As she entered the dimly lit building she searched for a friendly face. She found one and quickly sauntered towards him. He looked a little scatterbrained, but nice. Aura stopped and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, startled, to look at Aura. She stood tall and straight at 5 foot 10. Milton quickly took in her appearance. She had light brown shoulder length hair, a pale complexion, hazel eyes that sparkled, a curvaceous body and gorgeous clothes. She wore a pair of black stretchy pants, a green v-neck tank top, a leather jacket, high-heeled boots, and a necklace with a symbol he had seen in one of his numerous alien books.

"Yes?" Milton asked, starring at her pendant.

"Hi," Aura responded warmly. "Do you know where I could find Liz Parker or Max Evans?" She watched Milton carefully; oblivious to the fact someone was standing behind her.

"What do you want with them?" a voice asked her. Aura turned around quickly to face a 21-year-old female. "I asked what you wanted with them?" The ice princess asked again coldly.

"Ummm, I'm an old friend. My name's Aura Zanrith. I haven't seen either of them in many years. I found out they both live here. Thought it was time to stop by." Aura leaned in and whispered. "I know the secret and I have more information for them." She figured that if this person was so protective, she had to be in on the secret. Aura paused and then added, "Don't worry, it's not a trap. Trust me, please."

The ice princess stood straighter and addressed Milton. "Milton, I'll take her. They're expecting me anyway. Come on Aura." She stuck her hand out and said, "I'm Isabel Ramirez, Max's sister." They shook hands, and Isabelle led her to her car. "Max and Liz live together in an apartment across town. And it's Liz Evans now." As soon as the doors were closed and the car was moving she continued. "So, cut the crap. Who the hell are you really? What are you doing here and why? We're here." She smiled pleasantly.

Aura gave her a weak grin. "This'll be fun," she mumbled to herself and followed Isabel into the apartment building. Isabel pushed the button on the intercom marked 'Evans'. "Max, Liz, it's me. I'm coming up. Be decent, I'm bringing company. She's someone we need on our side on the never ending war." Isabel looked at Aura, walked to the stairs and climbed to the third level. Aura followed her closely. Isabel walked into the long hallway and stopped at 3L. She knocked on the blue door and breezed into the apartment.

Aura looked around the room they had just entered. The walls were bright yellow; there was a pale beige couch in the middle of the room and an entertainment center against the closest wall. At the far end of the room there were doors leading outside, covered by long curtains. Outside the doors was a balcony with lawn furniture scattered on the small ledge. A hall went from the right side of the room to the other rooms. Out of this hallway, Max came walking into the room, buttoning his shirt. Aura looked away quickly.

Max walked into the room buttoning his shirt. "Liz, Izzy's here."

"Okay, Max, Liz," Iz nodded to the Liz, who had just walked into the room. "This is Aura Zanrith. She says she has information about our home planet for you."

Max narrowed his eyes at the girl standing next to his sister. Why when they had realized Earth was their home had she shown up? As Max looked at her, he realized she seemed familiar. He knew her from somewhere, but where?

Aura felt his gaze on her. She lifted her head until her eyes were steady with his. She watched his until he shook his head, and then quickly looked away.

Max sat on the couch and pulled Liz down to sit on his lap. She giggled. Aura was startled by the giggle and looked at the two of them. She automatically got a flash.


A man with a strong face in royal robes tickling a woman in simple dress. Both with looks of love as they leaned in for a quick kiss before looking with admiration and love at the baby in their arms.


"Aura?!" A gentle whisper of a voice shook Aura out of her revelation. Aura looked at the young woman who had spoken, Liz. "Can I get you a drink or something? You seemed kind of out of it there." She looked concerned at this girl, who couldn't have been more than 17 years old. Why did she feel like she was responsible for her?

"No thank you. I'm fine. I think you all want to know what I can tell you. Well, Tess is dead. I killed her. I'm not here to kill the rest of the royal 4. I'm here to tell you the truth-"

Max interrupted her gently, saying that Michael, Maria, Jesse, Valenti, and Kyle should be here to hear everything. Liz nodded and went to call everyone from the kitchen.

Michael arrived first. "Okay, Maxemillien. What was so important that couldn't wait until tomorrow?" His gaze landed on Aura. "Hey, who the hell is she?"

When everyone had finally arrived and settled into the room, Max nodded for Aura to tell them everything. "Okay. Tess is dead. I killed her. I'm not here to kill the rest of the royal 4. I'm just here to tell you all the truth. Tess arrived back at Antar 3 Earth years ago. She was pregnant with the former king reincarnated's son. Kivar married Tess, much to my disappointment, so he could raise the child and have no rebellion. I was very close to Kivar, I heard and saw everything that was important. I killed her the day after they were married, Kivar didn't deserve to be close to anyone." Aura paused and raised her head slightly, trying to look impassive. She continued. "I killed her the day after they returned from their honeymoon" Everyone made a disgusted face at the words honeymoon, Tess, and Kivar in the same sentence. Aura smiled slightly at the disgust on their face. She bit her lip and continued once again. "I took the child to the family I had grown up with, for safekeeping, like my mother did to me. I contacted my friends who are leaders of the rebellion. They used they new developments of travel and got me here." Aura shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Everyone was staring at her.

Max spoke first. "What is Kivar up to now? Isn't he going to be mad you're gone? If you were close to him, what are you doing here, helping his enemies?"

Aura sighed and began speaking. "Kivar is still trying to rule with no opposition. He wants the rest of the Royal 4 dead. He was disappointed when he realized he had lost his Vilondra forever, his hatred spread to include her. I was proud she could resist him. I am the biggest asst either side of the battle could have. I am Zan's daughter. The princess Aura, that's why he had me around, for power." Aura stopped talking and looked at Max.

Max was grasping Liz's hand extremely tightly. "I'm your father? Who is your mother?" Max gulped hard. He hoped Ava wasn't her mother. "You're not my father. Zan is. I'm not your mistake. My mother is dead. She killed herself. She wasn't Ava, her name was Mirana. My parents fell in love before Ava was ever introduced into the family. She was a prophet and advisor to Zan. When he died my mother was heartbroken. She took me to a family she knew. Mirana left me this necklace. She went to try and be sent to Earth with her love, but no one would let her go. Rather than wait for him to return to her some day, she killed herself in hope her soul would one day find his again. They're soul mates. I think she found him, Liz, I think my parents found each other. May I connect with you and find out?" Aura was now watching Liz intently.

Max whispered in Liz's ear, "I told you we were meant to be together. We're soul mates, Lizzey, you and me. Together forever and a day." Liz smiled slightly. Her eyes were shining with unshed tears. Could this be why she felt responsible for this girl?

Liz stood, swaying slightly, and walked to where Aura was sitting. "Connect with me. I want to know the whole truth." Aura smiled and grabbed Liz's hand. She led her to a spot on the floor. They sat holding hands and looked into each other's minds.

In their connection, music reverberated, seeming stuck on one song. It played over and over again. 'You see in the past I had a dream,
A fantasy,
I though we would last,
Become a little family,
Then one, two, three, four,
The years went flying bye they soared,
And its my gut feeling its not happening for me.'

Aura opened the floodgates of Liz's mind allowing them both to see the memories of the past Liz, Mirana. Tears poured down both girls' faces as they realized their true connection and truth. They experienced the love for Zan that would never die. The admiration and joy she had from her and Zan's creation. They felt the pain and knowledge that her soul mate was dead. How much she had hurt when she had left her daughter to be raised by another family, she felt desperate to be there for Zan forever. And lastly she felt her past end as she killed herself in front of Kivar, knowing she would fins her life and loves ones again. Then Liz was sucked into Aura's memories. She saw Mirana and Zan together smiling at their little daughter. She felt her confusion at the emptiness in her heart, and then at being put into a pod for 40 years until 1986. She was terrified when uniformed soldiers who would become her best friends, ripped into her pod, grabbed her and took her, still a baby to the palace. She saw a rapid procession of childhood memories. Aura had always been kept where Kivar could keep an eye on her. She felt Aura's hatred for Kivar, but how she still wanted him to love her like a father loves a daughter. She felt Aura's contempt for Tess, and Kivar's ex-lover Vilondra. She felt her fear, anger, and terror when Tess came to her room in the middle of the night to kill her. She felt Aura's emotions as she killed Tess and took Max's child. She knew Aura was emotionless as she put the child in safekeeping and left the planet as fast as she could. Aura glanced back at the palace one last time and could see soldiers streaming out of the palace, probably to find her and bring her back. Liz saw Aura going through Tess' memories she had stolen and was caught on the names Liz Parker and Max Evans. Liz felt Aura's happiness at being free and finding her family.

Aura broke the connection and looked at Liz before breaking into tears and hugging Liz like she would never left her go. Soon they had both cried themselves out. Liz was stroking Aura's hair and murmuring, "I'm so sorry," "I didn't know," and "I never should have left you."

They all waited patiently for the girls to stop crying and gain control again. When they did, Max was the first to speak. He asked gently, "Did you see anything from your past life? Or just anything important?" He looked at the two girls who now appeared inseparable.

Liz looked at Aura and answered. "We saw everything from my past life. You were right. You are Max's and my daughter. I feel so horrible at leaving you with some other family. Can you accept my apologies?"

"Mirana had to die. While I wish my parents had never died, they did and they had to. Everything that happened was their destinies, together, and yours. When my mother died, her powers and gifts were given to me. If Kivar wasn't the rule of Antar, I, like my mother, would be an advisor to the king." Aura touched her pendant, seemingly drawing strength before she continued.

"Don't blame yourselves for my messed up life. It was all in the stars, and has been for a very long time. What is meant to happen will happen, there's no changing it. I know destiny supposedly ruined your lives, but that wasn't destiny. That was a prefabricated destiny made by rulers and scientists, not people who knew the truth or even what the stars said. Destiny is wonderful. Your souls," Aura looked back and forth between Liz and Max. "were destined to be together." She smiled as she looked at the happy couple.

Max looked at Liz and Aura. "I'm glad you found us." Michael interrupted.

"Not to put a damper on this little reunion or anything, but what about Kivar? He's bound to know where little miss follow the stars is bound to be. Plus after that stint of trying to get Isabel back-"

"-What? Isabel, what is he talking about?" Jesse interrupted, sending Isabel a confused look.

"Nothing sweetie. Ok, it was something, but I'll tell you later." Isabel reached over and patted her husband's hand reassuringly.

"As I was saying," Michael continued, glaring at Jesse, "is that he knows who we are. What's to say he won't come after her," he gestured to Aura, "or us?"

Aura sighed. "I had already planned on going back, so that I wouldn't put any of you in danger again, or at least any more than you already are. As much as I want to stay, I know I don't belong. For someone who can read the stars, I don't follow the set plans very well. If I don't go back," she sighed, "Kivar will come after me. If he had Tess' child he could afford to let me go, but he cannot afford to not have a rightful heir for another 40 years."

Max curiously asked, "What will happen when you get back to Antar and Kivar.

"I will follow destiny. Like my mother, I shall kill myself in front of Kivar." Aura was trying to appear strong in front of her new family but her eyes were already glistening with unshed tears. "With Kivar ruling Antar, you're only safe when you are dead. If I didn't do the job, Kivar would himself." Her face twisted into a smile of disbelief. "Only.he would take my memories, and ruin all my dreams. I know too many things about the Resistance Movement for him to find out. Everything, all hopes of freedom, would be over, he would have complete control if he knew what I know."

Aura slowly ran her hand through her shoulder length hair, trying to calm herself and take control of her thoughts.

"No. My daughter will not go back and kill herself like her cowardly and selfish mother," Liz surprised everyone. "We will fight for you. You are one of us and we will not let you go without a fight. You can help us and we can help you. Deal?" All the other friends chimed in, voicing their support. Aura couldn't hold the tears back as her father wrapped his arms around her tightly.

Isabel voiced the next problem. "She needs to fit in here."

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