FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by Jhenelle
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Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Liz opened the doors to her school ready for another lecture from Mr. Peterson about why you shouldn't be late. Just as she walked in, Max bumped straight into her in the hallway.

Max: Hey (without even looking up) Liz: Hey

Liz is still upset over the fact that Max and her can't be together. She enters history class just in time for Mr. Peterson to start lecturing her, again. At the end of class, she decides to go to Max's house and straighten things out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Liz knocks on Max's window. He opens it in surprise.

Liz: So i was thinking........why did you break up with me again? Max: Liz, i told you that i really want us to be together. Liz: I don't care about being safe anymore. Max, I love you. Max: Liz, please don't make this hard for me.

Liz reaches up and kisses Max gently. Max pulls away at first but then gives in knowing his own weakness. Liz and Max start kissing passionatly and Max pulls Liz down on his bed. Just as things start to heat up, Max's mom comes in.

Max's mom: What are you doing? Max: Um,............nothing........i mean, came over to do a science report. Max's mom: Well, you sure are trying to perform science but that's not what i am about to let you do. Max: I'm sorry. Max's mom: You better be, and I don't want to see that girl again. Do you understand? Max: um........i guess.............. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next day at school Liz pulls Max into the eraser room.

Liz: Max, i'm really sorry. Max: it's okay, i promise that i will make things work, Okay? Liz: okay, why don't we start making things work right now? Max: (slyly) That's a good idea.

Max pulls Liz closer and kisses her passionatly just as the principal opens the door and exposes them to the rest of the people in the hall...........

TO BE CONTINUED .................................

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