Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Dream of Petals"
Part 1
by Patty R
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me but this story is my own.
Summary: Max dreams of Liz after hearing disturbing news from her father.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13

Some part of him knew that it couldn't be real and yet there was another piece that resisted the truth. And within the dreams once more held his true love within his arms.

Max could see the little details about that elfin face, the same one that had hounded countless moments of his life ever since he was a little boy. The almond shaped cocoa eyes with the long eyelashes, the length of liquid brown hair cascading past her smooth shoulders. And then he saw her mouth. those slightly glossed lips that always reminded him of a delicate budding flower.

The very lips that had been his again for too short a time.

He tossed around in his bed, caught in between dreams. Dreams which threatened to shatter his soul and self control.

Ulysses had once mentioned mythological sirens able to drive mortal men wild with their seductive songs. Max could easily understand why Homer's hero and his men had become overwhelmed by desire for he had his own siren: Liz. The girl who had shaped his entire life from the first moment he'd seen her. Liz was a child of mystery with her soulful eyes and enchanting face.

A restless arm fell over his rumpled pillow while dreams reminded him of how she had felt. But these dreams taunted him constantly until the space between madness and reality blended and made him wish to never awaken. Until from deep within his conscience came the words that had made his heart stop beating: "If you continue to see Liz, I'll send her to Vermont." Max came awake and sat up with a suddenness that made his head spin while his eyes darted around the dark bedroom. He could feel his heart tap dancing within him and sweat beginning to cool upon his flesh. He frowned after looking at the time on the alarm clock, fighting to remember what had spooked him and when the memory blossomed Max groaned and fell back onto the damp mattress.

Liz's father meant well. He obviously loved his daughter enough to threaten him with making Liz leave but he didn't seem to realize how much Max loved her as well. Max knew that sleep had disintegrated now that his mind was running a mile a minute so he quickly jumped out of bed and walked to his clothes drawer. Pulling out a pair of jeans and an old shirt he quietly left the bedroom, walked the chilled lonely streets of his town until finally standing near Liz's home.

He knew that his butt would be in seriously hot water if Liz's parents knew he was nearby but it didn't matter right now. It was during these moments that Max thanked whatever higher being there was for his alien powers. Quietly manipulating the pull down ladder and climbed them until he was on the rooftop, which lead into her bedroom. After pulling it back up he effectively unlocked the window and with the gentlest of moves he open it and climbed in. Quickly he made sure the door was locked and then looked around the room.

For all the times he had done this same move, now it felt forbidden and though a part of him feared getting caught, another deeper feeling of content pulsated to life the moment his eyes focused on Liz. She'd snuggled deep within the comforter until only the side of her face and one shoulder showed. The room was full of shadows and the only sound was her low breathing escaping through her mouth. Max couldn't help the goofy grin that escaped him while he realized that his sleeping beauty snored. It was a delicate, feminine sound but a snore nonetheless. He knelt down besides the side of her bed and watched her all the while breathing in the jasmine scent of her soap.

Long moments converged into a half hour while Max finally felt his heart slow its rhythm and the axis of his world seemed to right itself from merely being in her presence. Even though he practically burned to touch the tender curve of cheek or dip his tongue into the beckoning treasure of her mouth, Max allowed his eyes to linger everywhere. This would have to hold him over. for now.

When his legs began to tingle from being in the same position Max turned and was making his way back to the window when the one word he'd been wishing to hear resounded in his ears: "Max."

The back of his neck tingled as he once again looked towards the bed. Her eyes were completely closed and Max didn't doubt that she was in deep REM sleep but she's whispered his name. Somewhere deep in his soul the last of the burden lifted.

She dreamt of him as well.

He quickly made his way out to the rooftop before giving into the want of seeing her open her sleepy eyes and seeing the desire blazing in his gaze. The coolness of the early morning felt soothing to his burning skin and Max stood there for a handful of seconds before beginning the trek back to his lonely bedroom to dream of lips that resembled petals.

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