Fanfic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by Anna-Marie
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Summary: Max and Liz based (all the others are included too!) a year after college Graduation
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Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: OK this is my first Fan Fiction that I have ever submitted so just bare with me hope you like it! If you can feedback please! Oh and I though this song fit with the story I don't usually read the song parts in the fan fiction but I couldn't help it! Oh and in my world Tess never got pregnant she left Max and she never had a relationship and of course Alex is alive! And Isabel is not married to Jesse! Email me with feed back if you want!
"Maria! Max is here I'll see you in a week! Bye!" Liz Parker called down the hall of the apartment she shared with her best friends Maria DeLuca. and Isabel Evans. Isabel happened to be out with Alex so she had said her good byes earlier.

"Liz wait!" Maria came running down the hall. "I have to say good-bye to you!" she said hugging her. Maria walked Liz downstairs to Max's car.

"Call me as soon as you get to Chicago!" Maria said as she shut Liz's door.

"Bye Maria I promise I will!" Liz waved as Max drove off.


The Airport

"You have everything?" Max asked

"Yep." Liz said taking his hand into hers.

Max hugged Liz and kissed the top of her head.

"I'll miss you." He said playing with the silver ring on her finger.

Liz looked down at it In exactly two months she and Max would be getting married. She couldn't wait.

"I know you said you would call Maria but will you call me first?" Max asked smiling.

"Of course!" Liz said laughing

"Do you have to go on this trip?" Max whined.

"Max we've been over this! The firm needs me bak there to take up this case. It will only be a week. I promise." Liz answered


"That's my flight." Liz said

"I know but just wait a moment." Max said He pulled her into his arms and kissed her once more.


"Max I have to go! I love you! Bye!" Liz hugged him kissed him and was gone behind the door.

The sky has lost it's color.
The sun has turned to gray.
At least that's how it feels to me whenever your away.
I crawl up in the corner as I watch the minutes pass.
Each one brings me closer to the time when you'll be back
Your coming back.

Liz sat on the plane gazing out the window. She thought back to the last five years. Tess had left back to Antar. Liz had finally told Max everything about Future Max. He was horrified partly because Liz had not told him and partly because of (what he claimed to be himself) had happened. All seven of them. Maria, Alex, Isabel, Alex, Max, Kyle, Michael (she had no idea how Michael had gotten accepted) and her self were accepted into UCLA. They had gone there. Maria and she decided to major in law in hope that someday they could open a law firm together. Max had gone through four years there and was now in medical school. Alex well he majored in what else! Computer Programer! Michael made it through with surprisingly enough good grades. He decided to do what he did best paint. One of his paintings was displayed in the UCLA art room. Isabel had surprised them with what she had chosen to be. She had her heart set on being a middle school counselor. Lastly Kyle. He always had had a love for sports he majored in sports casting and was looking all over the place for a job close to Roswell. Liz was pulled out of her thoughts by the captains voice.


Liz sighed and picked up her purse.

I can't take the distance I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until the next time I see you smile
I can't take the distance and I'm not ashamed
That I can't take a breath without saying your name


Max sat on his couch in the apartment he shared with Michael and Alex and Kyle. With the four of them paying rent they could afford a much bigger apartment almost a condo. He looked at the clock he still had four hours until he had to be at the hospital. His mind drifted towards Liz. She said she would call when she got to Chicago.

'Max she is fine don't worry about it' he coached himself.

The phone rang Max immediately jumped up and grabbed the phone.

"Hello?" he answered

"Hey so you were you sitting on the phone?" a familiar voice asked.

"No Isabel I wasn't I was just waiting for a call from..." he was cut off

"Liz I bet," she said to him

"Yes, Liz." Max said annoyed that it hadn't been Liz.

"Listen I coincidentally 'am being sent there for a counselors meeting. Alex can't go with me so you want to come." Max jumped up.

"Yea I mean I could stay with Liz surprise her by showing up at her hotel room it's really unbearable without her." Max stated

"I've heard enough to last me a last time!" Isabel laughed. "I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at the hospital around 8:00 that's the time you get off right?" Isabel asked.

"Yea that's right." Max said.

"OK see you later." And with that Isabel hung up the phone.

Max ran down the hall to his room where he began to pack.

I can brave a hurricane
And still be standing tall when the dust has settled down
But I can't take the distance


Liz walked down the court house steps. 'What a tiring day' she thought to herself. It was 7:00 and all she wanted to do was go up into her hotel room and sleep. She had called Roswell Hospital for Max but he was busy so she left a message with her hotel number and room number. She got into her rental car and drove off to the hotel. She walked into her room dropped her purse and curled up onto her bed. She was so tired. She closed her eyes and was asleep before she knew it. She was soon disturbed by the phone ringing. She looked at the clock it red '12:00'

Liz sighed and reached for the phone. "Hello" she answered

"Hey baby, sorry it's so late but I just got a break so..." Max trailed off Liz smiled to herself

"Hey" she said

"It's OK I was just asleep." She laughed. Max laughed too.

" I miss you." He said

"miss you too." She whispered

"So as soon as you get back I'm going to take you out." He smiled

"Like on a date?" Liz said playing with her ring.

"Yep except it will be more special than a regular date." Max said

"Max every date I go on with you is special." Liz said

" It's mutual." Max said

"Look I promise to tale to you tomorrow you sound so tired. I love You." He said

"OK but remember you promised. I love you too." Liz answered

Max laughed kissed into the phone and hung up.

Liz hung the phone up and got under the covers of the bed and was soon asleep.

I still believe in feelingf but sometimes I feel to much
I make believe your close to me
But it ain't close enough
Not nearly close enough


8:15 Roswell

Max stood outside the hospital he had had Michael come pick it up last night and drive it home hopefully it and Michael were in one piece sometimes Max wasn't sure how Michael passed his drivers test. Maybe the teacher Mr. Johnston just wanted Michael gone and away so he passed him.

Isabel pulled up and Max got in putting his duffle bag in the back seat.

"Your late" he said

"I said around eight didn't I?" Isabel remarked

"Yea I guess" Max smiled he was going to see Liz this afternoon.

Isabel smiled "You are so pathetic." She said knowing what he was thinking.

They pulled up to the parking lot of the airport and were soon on the plane flying towards Chicago. Isabel spent the whole time either on her cell phone with Alex or work or working on her lap top. Max just sat and watch the movie playing.

I can't take the distance I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until the next time I see you smile
I can't take the distance and I'm not ashamed
That I can't take a breath without saying your name


Liz ran down the court house steps covering her self with newspaper. She hadn't talked to Max all day and that alone made her day worse. It was lunch time and she was stuck with papers to look over not just a few but a stack! She ran across the street to her car and took out her key.

As she fumbled with the key and stuck it into the key whole she heard a crack. She looked down the key had broken in the lock.

"Crap! This is just great!" Liz said hitting the car window.

She felt like crying this week was turning out horribly bad! All she wanted to do was go back to Roswell where it wasn't raining and be with Max or any of her friends. She reached for her cell phone to call for help when she realized she had left it in the car to charge.

Liz slid down to sit on the side walk in her nice work clothes. She was totally soaked. She felt a tear running down her cheek. She couldn't just go back into the court house looking like she did. All she could do was wait for help.

I can brave a hurricane
And still be standing when the dust has settled down
But I can't take the distance


Max opened up his umbrella and pulled his jacket tight around himself; it was freezing! He and Isabel had parted about a half hour ago and he had spent all that time trying to find either the court house or Liz's hotel. He finally turned onto a street and saw the huge building. He hurried down the sidewalk to the cross walk. As he came closer to the crossing he saw Liz sitting on the sidewalk. She was shivering and tears were rolling down her cheeks. He ran instantly to her.

I can't take the distance I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until the next time I see you smile
I can't take the distance and I'm not ashamed
That I can't take a breath without saying your name


Liz had been sitting in the same spot for twenty minutes. Lunch was two hours so she figured help would come soon. She had began shiver and the tears were coming more rapidly now. She heard pounding feet coming towards her.

"Great just what I needed right now to be mugged" she murmured. She l looked up into a pair of dark concerned eyes and instantly felt warm when she realized who it was. "Max?" she whispered

Max kneeled down.

" Lizzy what are you doing here? Your going to catch a cold!" Max said standing her up.

" The question is what are you doing here?" Liz smiled

Max did not though. Liz come on lets get you back to your hotel room. He walked around to the car door waved his hand over it an it opened.

They got in the car and as they drove Liz told Max about the chain of events that had happened. Then he told her how he had planned to surprise her. They pulled into the hotel where Max made Liz shower and change. He then took her back to the court house where he stayed with her. At the end of the day they returned back to the hotel for a room service dinner.

"One more day here." Liz sighed leaning against Max.

Just then Max's phone rang. " Hey Iz .....yea OK we'll meet you tomorrow at the airport 4:00 OK bye" Max hung up the phone. We'll leave tomorrow 'round four OK?" he asked Liz She smiled and nodded.

And I'm not ashamed
That I can't take a breath with out saying your name
But I can't take the distance


Roswell 5:00 (the next day)

Liz kissed Max good-bye and repeatedly thanked him for everything he had done.

She and Isabel climbed the stairs to their apartment and opened the door.

"Maria!" they called

"Hey guys!" Maria called coming in from the kitchen wiping her hands on her jeans she had obviously been cooking.

"How was your guy's trips?" she asked smiling

"Boring but educational I guess." Isabel said smiling as she walked into her room to unpack.

"Liz?" Maria said as she walked into the kitchen Liz following.

" Lets just say that I hope you are sent for the next Business Trip!" Liz smiled

Maria turned " Ewwww was it that bad?" Maria asked

"Let's just say it was worse than the end of year test last year!" Liz smiled

"And you want me to go?" Maria said

Liz laughed and went into her room. As she unpacked she found a little note on top of her clothing. the note said 'Meet me on our balcony" -Max

Liz smiled she finished unpacking and ran out to the Crashdown. She went into the back and went up into her old home. She said hi to her parents and went into her room untouched since the last time she had been in it. she went out to her balcony and sat on her lawn chair. Then she got up and lite her candelas it just wasn't right without them. She soon heard his voice.

"Liz?" she walked over and waved Max up. There on her balcony the two sat staring at the stars and falling asleep in each others arms.

The Distance
Evan and Jaron

The End

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