FanFic - Max/Liz
"Determining Destiny"
"Where Do We Go From Here?"
Part 1
by Lolly
Disclaimer: You know the drill...I do not own the characters or situations depicted in this story. They are the property of author Melinda Metz and the WB. By the way, thanks for letting me borrow them for a while. One thing I must add though, I have a greater respect for Writers, Producers, and Melinda Metz. This stuff is not easy to write. You guys do an awesome job and I am in no way suggesting you aren’t getting it done. Thanks for using all your talents to entertain the many Roswell fans.
Summary: In lieu of all the forthcoming “Spoilers” I have written the story more to my liking. It begins just after the return from Las Vegas. Scene opens late at night with Max outside Liz’s bedroom window.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Max gently taps on the window glass and waits for a response. He waits a moment longer than knocks again. He repeats his knocking a third time, but before he can finish, Liz opens the window. Liz sounding somewhat surprised speaks.

Liz: “Max!“ (then in a less expressive tone), “What are you doing here?”

Max: I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by. Do you mind?

Liz raises an eyebrow and shakes her head ever so slightly, signaling no. A rather awkward moment, but neither one is willing to break the silence. Finally, Max speaks.

Max: Can I come in?

Liz: Yeah. Sure!

She steps back from the window making room for Max. Liz, a little confused, yet filled with expectation, motions for him to enter.

Liz: What are you doing here? It’s three in the morning.

Max: I can’t sleep. I keep thinking about what I saw in vision. It’s haunting me Liz. When we were dancing, I felt like I understood. Things aren’t what they seem. The answers are right in front of me.

Liz, hesitantly at first, begins to feel it may be time to reveal the truth to Max. Why make the love she feels suffer any longer? Unable to hold back she begins to rattle out a confession.

Liz: You’re right Max. You’ve sensed it. You feel it too, don’t you?

Max: I knew you and Kyle could never be together. God Liz! It’s been killing me, one piece at a time.

No longer able to bear it, Liz runs into Max’s arms, tears blurring her vision. They embrace and their lips meet. Gently at first, and then pressing, urgent, desperate for the truth. Needing, wanting, hungry for the touch of each other. There is a long silent night with nothing but the sound of their breathing. Gasping for air, yet pressing in for more, each fearing the other might disappear if they open their eyes. Satisfied by the closeness of the one she loves, Liz begins to sob uncontrollably. Dare she hope the long ordeal is over? The truth is out. Her tear stained countenance, inches from his inspires a moment of solicitude. Max takes his hand and cups her face, looking deeply into the brown pools he knows so well, like a welcomed home coming. He gently wipes the tears away with one sweep of his hand. They kiss again. After a long lingering embrace, Liz finally speaks:

Liz: Where do we go from here, Max?”

Startled by the question, Max jumps back. His eyes fly open. In a frightful gaze, he lurches forward in bed. Pounding his chest with his fist to ensure his heart is still pumping, he wipes the sweat from his forehead. He lies back down, throwing off the covers. Tense and confused, he can’t relax so he sits up on the edge of the bed with his head cupped in his hands. Max, pondering what just happened, whispers under his breath.

Max: “Damn dreams...damn nightmares.”

(Next day in school)

Maria and Liz, deep in conversation, enter the school and walk through the hallway to their lockers.

Maria: Okay, so what she said was that Vickie DeLaney had breast implants? Do you know that for sure? If this is true, I am so gonna...(Alex joins them and interrupts the revelry.)

Alex: “Good morning ladies. Is this girl talk or can any testosterone laden male enter the conversation?”

Liz: Feel free to interrupt. This conversation was taking a downward spiral anyway. Besides, I have to get to Trig. Test day you know. See ya.

Liz straps on her backpack and shuffles off. Maria rolling her eyes and turning to Alex, speaks.

Maria: Okay! So since when does Liz not want to participate in some good, clean, solid princess bashing. This is like major girl talk. You know, bonding time. What is wrong with her? She has been acting strange ever since we returned from Las Vegas.

Alex: Yeah. She does seem a little preoccupied.

Maria: I was so sure the vacation would do her some good too. We have to snap her out of it.

Alex: Just a little fear and trembling here Maria! What and who do you have in mind? Your schemes always mean trouble...especially for me. Keep in mind, I am a minor and haven’t purchased life insurance yet.

Maria: Very funny. I’m talking about Liz here. Our compadre. You wouldn’ t let a friend down in time of need, would you Alex? C’mon, be a pal.

Alex: Are you referring to before or after being chased by FBI agents, nearly being annihilated by skin shedding husks, or about the time I was attacked by alien parasites?

Maria: Okay, so what’s one more little thing?

Alex continues to argue his case promoting teen safety while he and Maria proceed down the hall. As they pass the courtyard, Max, Isabel and Michael are sitting around a picnic table talking. The scene shifts to their conversation.

Max: ...we had our little vacation, but now it’s time to focus on more serious recent developments. You know, Larek, the granolith, the potential of making contact with our home planet. Our destiny begins today. Where do we go from here?

The words echoed in his ears, the thought of last night lingering with equal amounts of dreaminess and dread. While asleep the answer seemed so clear, but awake, the recall was more like a jumbled mass of crazy dead ends in an emotional maze.

Michael: Maxwell, are you listening?

Max startled out of his daze, says,

Max: “Yeah, right! You were saying?

Michael: Where can we go from here?

Max: I’ve been having dreams…nightmares really, since returning from Nevada. Seems that there are answers to some important questions, right in front of our faces. We just need to ask the right person.

Isabel: What do you mean by that? Or should I say whom?

Max: I think Liz Parker knows more than she is letting on.

Michael: Are you sure your thinking straight Maximillian? Maybe you’re not using your head. Could be your feelings for Liz are clouding your judgment.

Max: This is more than feeling Michael. It’s memory…I remember things, future things.

Isabel: That doesn’t make sense.

Max: Since when does any of it make sense? I’m onto something, a new power maybe. I can see the future…I think.

Michael: So what’s the plan?

Max: That’s why we are here to formulate one. Whatever we do, we need to start questioning some of the available resources and use start using our powers to help get answers.

Isabel: Look, we need to sit down, review the situation. Decide what are the options, consider our powers and what we know, and make a plan. I also think we should include Tess. She is, after all, affected by the decisions we make and she contributes.

Michael: So what you’re saying is that we should try to reestablish contact with Larek through Brody, right?

Max: Well, before we do anything, we need prepare a list of questions prior to making contact. The first thing is to learn how to channel communication through humans so we can use this resource ourselves. I’ve got a million questions...and somebody out there has the answers.

Isabel: Good thinking Max. Well, it looks like you two have this planning thing well under way. Right now, I have some serious girl issues to attend to and I don’t need interplanetary dilemmas gumming up the works. Talk to ya later.

Isabel saunters off in the direction of a male jock who has been eyeing her ever since she arrived in the courtyard. Max and Michael look quizzically at each other wondering what in the world are “serious girl issues.”

(In another part of the school outside the library, Kyle is getting a drink at the water fountain and Tess is leaning against a wall nearby, with her arms crossed holding her books to her chest).

Tess: Okay, so how long will your dad have us on probation?

Kyle: He’s a stickler for the rules. It’s hard to say. (Kyle pauses to consider the comment). Probation? (He says with a half smile and a chuckle.)

Tess: That’s what it feels like (sounding disgruntled. Then, as if she has just solved a mystery she excitedly exclaims..) You know, I could place a thought in his mind…nothing dangerous…a harmless suggestion that we’ve suffered long enough and this whole ordeal could be over.

Kyle: No! None of your creepy martian crap. In case I didn’t say it before, my dad is off limits too.

Tess: Alright! Okay, but being home by 5:00 and in bed by 10:00 is almost barbaric.

Kyle: Yeah, tell me about it. Remember that martian field trip was your idea. Now, we have to be more creative with our entertainment, that’s all.

Tess: What? You mean your “Busty Biker Babes,” and “Beach Bunnies in Bikini’s” aren’t keeping you company?

Kyle: You know invasion of privacy can go both ways. (He says in a suspiciously informed sort of a way.)

Tess: Just what do you mean by that?

Kyle: Oh nothing. (Trying to sound innocent.) It’s just that I came across your personal journal that you’ve been keeping under the bed, and well, let’s just say it’s been interesting reading.

Tess: KYLE! You’ve read my diary?

Tess’s response was almost atomic and extremely fearful. Delighted in his revelation, Kyle laughs and replies in a relaxed non-confrontational way.

Kyle: No! I just came across it when I was looking for my book of football plays.

Tess: That’s personal and an invasion of my privacy!

Kyle: Yeah it is. How does it feel?

Tess: What are you talking about?

Kyle: How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot? You’ve been poking around and getting into personal stuff that has nothing to do with you since you arrived here.

Tess: Kyle, I’m sorry. I had no idea.

Kyle: Look, it’s no big deal. I just wanted you to see how it feels…pretty invasive huh?

Tess: You see, it’s like this; I’ve never been a part of a family before. I’m dealing with emotions, learning boundaries, respecting personal space. It’s new to me.

Kyle: No biggie, but I’m curious…when did you start keeping a journal? Very Liz Parker isn’t it?

Tess: Hey, I’ve had to sort through a lot of stuff. It helps me, that’s all.

Kyle: Relax! I understand. I have Buddha and you’ve got a diary…I get it.

Tess: I guess we all need an outlet…(with her eyes popped open she proclaims)… and I need a better hiding place….

Kyle: Don’t worry, I’m not interested in your secrets.

Tess: I think you already know all my secrets.

Kyle: I seriously doubt that. Surely there are plenty of schemes mulling around in that pretty little head of yours.

Tess: Well, we’ll just have to see where we go from here.

Tess looks at Kyle and smiles ever so sweetly while flashing her baby blues with a simple flutter of her lashes.

(Later on at the Crashdown)

Liz is clearing an empty table of dishes. The bell rings as the door opens and in walks Sean DeLuca. He flashes a crooked smile in Liz’s direction and nods his head in an affirming way (common among delinquents--something he likely picked up in juvenile detention). He slides into a booth and beckons Liz to come over.

Sean: So tell me again, why you won’t go out with me? Oh yeah, that Max guy. What’s up with him? Anything new developing? (Sean looks at Liz with a questioning expression, but he already knows the answer. He smiles in a rather wicked and cruel way, but graciously changes the subject while motioning for her to take a seat.)

Liz: Why is it so hard for you to understand Sean. I have feelings, strong feelings for this “Guy,” as you call him. And no cute grin or Leader of the Pack swagger from you is gonna change that. I can’t explain it, but I know what I feel is unique, and well, SPECIAL.

Sean: SPECIAL? (Sean says with a sarcastic drawl and a raised eyebrow.)

Liz: I don’t know where we are right now, but I can’t deny that we mean something to each other. Someone once told me that our “destiny has yet to be determined,” and I am not giving up.

Sean: Well a lot of people followed some cult figure named David Coresh and they believed themselves right into an early grave.

Liz: What are you saying...that Max is some sort of a cult leader?

Sean: I just call ‘em as I see ‘em.

Liz: You shouldn’t be talking about something you know nothing about.

Sean: Well I know that you’re pinning like a lovesick calf over this guy, who doesn’t seem the least bit interested in you or what you want.

Liz: Oh but you are?

Sean: Just give me a chance to prove myself. (Sean uses both thumbs to point to him self in a Huckleberry Finn sort of way while demonstrating the cheesiest, toothy grin...Liz can’t help but burst into laughter.)

Liz: Thanks Sean. I needed a laugh. Now, I’ve got some cans to inventory, so, can I take your order? (She cleverly concocts a lie while standing up and pulling out her order tablet.)

While Sean gazes at the menu, Maria comes up behind Liz. Very suspicious of this gathering, she hangs her head over Liz’s shoulder looking down at her order pad…

Maria: So what’s new? (She queried while casting a watchful eye in the general direction of her cousin.)

Sean: Well hey a’ cuz. How’s it going in the world of M?

Maria: I told you not to call me that. It might help you remember if you refer to the nametag. (Pointing to the Crashdown nametag pinned on her uniform.) M-A-R-I-A. (She repeats it in a slow and delineated tone, while nodding her head up and down in her best Mr. Rogers imitation.) You can call me M-A-R-I-A.

Sean: Yeah. Whatever! (Turning his attention to Liz, he places an order for Chili Orbit Rings and a Coke.)

Maria, while huffing and rolling her eyes, physically turned her back to Sean and stepped between him and Liz.

Maria: I need to speak with you…(there is a long pause as she poses the question to Liz, then continues,) ….in Private. (Satisfied that she has accomplished a major task of mercy, she heads off in the direction of the kitchen.)

A little while later in the back room, Maria confronts Liz about her strange behavior. But, not before warning her once again about the dangers of Sean DeLuca.

Maria: Liz am I gonna have to do another intervention? What is up with you and Sean? Can’t you see he’s no good?

Liz: Maria, don’t be ridiculous. Me and Sean are just friends.

Maria: Well he doesn’t look all that friendly to me. Just watch it Liz. I know my cousin and he has done some pretty shady things. Believe me, he is sooo not right for you!

Liz: Don’t worry…I’m fine. REALLY!

Maria: Oh, are you now? Because that is what I wanted to talk to you about. I’m worried Liz. You haven’t been yourself lately. Ever since Vegas…what’s going on in that head of yours?

Liz: I’m so confused. Since returning from Las Vegas, I have dreamt about Max. He comes to my window every night telling me that he knows I’m lying about Kyle

Maria: Well you are, so what’s the problem?

Liz: It’s weird. I begin to tell him everything, and then we kiss.

Maria: Sounds like a good night to me, add a movie and I’d say a pretty good date. I still don’t see the problem.

Liz: I can never tell Max what happened. It grieves me, but that’s how it is. Don’t you see Maria, if I tell Max the truth, all that I did, all that Future Max sacrificed…we sacrificed, will be for nothing?

Maria: Ah…you don’t know that. Maybe when we destroyed the Harvest, it solved the problem.

Liz: You don’t really believe that do you? Think about it. We ended the Harvest, and now the big bad aliens are just gonna go away and not bother us ever again.

Maria: Look it is not our responsibility to save the world. We are just teenagers trying to make big decisions like which hairstyle is the right one and whether those shoes go with that outfit. Which by the way, they don’t! (Pointing to a passerby.) Big fashion mistake! (Maria shakes her head as if amazed by the world’s general lack of fashion sense.)

Liz: Be serious for a moment. I think we are in danger Maria…sitting ducks waiting for the next alien revelation. And whether we like it or not, we are a part of this…destiny has brought us together and we have to play it out.

Maria knew it was futile to argue with Liz. Her faithfulness and loyalty was unchallenged, especially as it related to a friend.

Maria: So now what?

Liz: Now, we are going to close down the Crashdown and have a coke before finishing our English assignment.

Both girls scrunch up their noises in a distasteful way and begin to laugh. Preparing to write an expository essay on future goals and educational expectations, sounds anticlimactic, but they obediently pull out the mop and bucket….

Later that night, Liz is writing in her journal:

The date is March 14th and I’m Liz Parker. I know who I am, I just don’t know why I am. Life use to be so easy. My life was laid out before me; knew just where I was going and how to get there, but now…now I’m not so sure.

Everything is confusing, including my feelings for Max. From the time he placed his hand on my heart, he left a mark on me. From then on, I knew I loved him. I just don’t know if he still feels the same about me. When Future Max (note to diary, will explain Future Max in detail later on…I have yet to sort it all out) came and asked me to help change the future, I didn’ t know how that would affect our relationship. Max says I need to grow and maybe that’s true! I knew what Max and I felt was special. I thought it could endure. I guess I was wrong.

Future Max said the future has yet to be determined, and I can’t help but believe it. I want to believe it. But can love withstand anything? Does destiny prevail in spite of adverse circumstances? I don’t know anything except my love for Max hasn’t changed. I wish I could tell him the truth, but Future Max warned against it. I’m just gonna have to trust Max’s instincts and hope he can work it out on his own. If love is the strongest emotion, then I can hope. I can dream.

(The scene changes to a small dark room with one square table and two chairs sitting in an otherwise empty space with a singularly lit lamp hanging on a cord dangling from the ceiling. In the shadows stands a figure, an ominous, dark and foreboding evil that is pensive, just perched for ambush. On the table lie a series of black and white photos sprawled out in disarray...the subject of the photo montage: Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess.)

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