FanFic - Max/Liz
"Destiny in Unlikely Places"
Part 1
by Kat
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, the WB does. (Sob) But I will own any future characters that I create!
Summary: : Liz runs away from Max and tries to resume her old life. She can’t do it so she runs away from Roswell, and him…
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
She dragged herself in from the rain. The gloomy, dismal sky seemed to reflect her mood of hopelessness. Sliding her feet out of her galoshes, she dropped her wet umbrella next to the door, shaking loose all of the raindrops from the black plastic. She entered into her apartment, and hung up her coat. Running her fingers through her damp, mousy hair, she reflected on the aches in her finger joints from the constant typing in the dank doctor’s office where she sat all day breathing in the smell of the old and sick. She slowly began to drag herself into the kitchen. Had she looked in the hall mirror, she would have been shocked on how apparent the stress had become in every fresh line on her face, each bag under her eye, and every gray hair that popped up amongst the brown, threatening to age her. At 19, she was far from old. However, the life she lived as of recent had changed her happiness into stress and depression.

As she released the backpack from its hold on her shoulders, she glanced at the answering machine, tentatively eager for the first time all day. To her ever-growing disappointment, the red light was not flashing, indicating that no message was left for her.

"Why should anyone care about me? I left! Why did I leave?" she suddenly screamed and sobbed. The slinking black cat scurried across the bare, wood floor. "Where is he? Does he even think of me anymore?" Tears hesitated at the brim of her eyelashes. Angrily she wiped her hand across her eyes.

"No more, I’ll take no more of this." She had been waiting for any sign that he still loved her and would leave his destiny…and…Tess.

"What would he want with a girl like me? I don’t have anything special. Snap out of it, Liz! I mean, Lily." She looked helplessly at her surroundings and sighed as her eyes took in the cracked paint, peeling wallpaper, scuffed floor, and sagging furniture.

She looked down as a persistent tap was pressed against her ankle. Her black cat slowly purred as she picked it up and cuddled it

After a somewhat sleepless night, she rolled over to eye warily the neon green numbers that read "3:30" on her alarm clock. Night after night, she completed a ritual: She got up, went to the bathroom, and then lay in bed restlessly until her radio would start its unnecessary attempt to wake her.

She left for work after deciding to wear the few reminders of her old life that she had brought with her. A large man’s sweater with a faint odor of cologne clinging to its wool brought fresh into her mind the ever-present tinges of pain when she remembered him. She wished that Tess had never come and that she had the strength to come back. However, she just couldn’t deny him his destiny and could not deal with her sacrifice of their destiny together.

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