Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Destined to be Forever"
Part 4
by Phoebe James
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Summary: A few days after EOTW Liz is feeling horrible about the things she did to Max. Maria feels her friend's pain and tells Max the truth!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Neither one of them regretted their decisions about their relationship. They had gotten back together six months ago, in two days. That would mean that all together, Max and Liz would have been together for two whole years. This was BIG. I mean, really BIG. Liz expected something wonderful from Max. Their three-month anniversary had been spectacular. A wonderful dinner...and afterwards...(No, it's not what you're thinking!)

Anyway, Liz had high hopes for this coming night. She hoped their two-year anniversary would signify the cementation of their relationship. Little did Liz know, Max had no idea what was to be celebrated in two days.

Maria had never gotten into too much trouble for telling Max the secret. In fact, Liz had actually thanked her. Maria was relieved to see that Liz was finally happy again. Plus, not having to deal with Liz's problems gave her more time to spend with Michael. Maria really wanted to take their relationship to the next level. She was ready. The question was, what about Michael?

Maria constantly heard about the anniversary. "I wonder what he's getting me", or "It's going to be sooooo romantic", or "I can't believe this is actually my life". That last one was from Maria.

Sometimes Maria wished her boyfriend were more like Max. Caring, sweet, kind, romantic...No such luck.

"Maria, where do you think he'll take me?" Liz asked dreamily. The two girls were sitting in Maria's bedroom. Liz was lying on Maria's bed while Maria was sitting in her desk chair.

"I really don't know Liz." Maria said, getting aggravated. She just wished Liz would shut up! Liz went on though; oblivious to Maria's hidden annoyance.

"Maybe to the new French restaurant? Or..."

"Shut up!!!" Maria screamed. Liz jumped.

"Gosh Maria! What's wrong with you?"

"You. You're what's wrong with me. You're driving me absolutely nuts! Max this, Max that! All about how perfect you damned relationship is! I love you Liz. I need you to be happy. I proved that to you when I told Max the truth. Just don't rub it in, ok?"

"Jeez, sorry Maria. I didn't know you felt that way."

"Me and Michael are going through a bit of a rough time in our relationship. I didn't mean to scream. I just get so frustrated, ya know? "

"Yeah. Don't worry about it. Listen, I think I need to get home. See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Bye."


Liz walked down the hallway towards her locker.

"Hi Max."

"Hey Liz." Max met Liz right in front of her locker and kissed her hello.

"That was nice."

"I know. So what do you want to do today?"

"Oh, I thought maybe you'd tell me." Liz said with a giggle. She loved it when Max played games. It always meant he'd surprise her later with something even better then she expected.

"Ummmmmm...I was kinda thinking maybe me and Michael could hang out tonight. If you don't mind." Max continued.

"Oh. I...I mean, well..."

*What's going on? Is he serious? I think he's serious!*

"Are you serious?"

"Well, yeah...I mean, if it's okay with you."

"I, I can't believe this! Max, how could you? You of all people! God Max!" Liz cried.


"If you don't know, I'm sure as hell not gonna tell you!" Liz shouted. Then she turned around and stormed away.

*I can't believe he forgot! This is so important to me! Important for us! Max, why are you doing this? What's going on?* Liz thought. She was fighting back tears. She ran to the bathroom and hid in one of the stalls. She stayed there for most of first period.

Once she was done sulking she walked out of the bathroom and down the hall to her locker. She grabbed her coat and her books and headed home. She couldn't face Max again that day.

Max stood in front of Liz's locker feeling dazed. *What just happened here? What did I do now?* Max thought about it for a few seconds. Then he realized his fatal mistake. *Today is the 24th! OMG! I can't believe I forgot our anniversary!*


"Hi is Maria there?" Liz asked over the phone.

"Sure Liz, one sec." Mrs. Deluca answered.


"Hi Maria, it's Liz."

"Hey Liz, what's up?"

"Oh nothing much...except Max forgot our anniversary!"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes!" Liz cried.

"OMG, Liz! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I mean no, I mean.I don't know!"

"Liz, do you need me to come over?"

"I don't think so Maria. I just need to talk. Do you think I should forgive him?"

"Liz, all I can say is that maybe you expect too much from him. Remember how you said he had you on this pedestal? That you were soooo perfect, in every way? And really you aren't? Maybe you have him on that pedestal too. That just makes it worse when he falters. He's not perfect either. I think you should forgive him Liz. You could still save your anniversary you know."

"You know what Maria? You're right. I'm going to go over there right now. Well, after I prepare our anniversary dinner in the park! Thanks Maria! You're the best friend a girl ever had."

"You're welcome Liz. You deserve the perfect guy! And for you, that guy is Max!"

"I'm sure things will get better with you and Michael. Don't worry about it."

"Thanks Liz."


Liz snuck up to the window of Max's room. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when she stepped inside. She had been upset at first, but Maria had helped her realize that Max was the only guy she could ever love, and she shouldn't screw it up. She was in love with the perfect guy, and she couldn't wait to tell him. Liz crept slowly to the window. She peeked over the ledge and saw, to her horror, Max and Tess sitting on Max's bed, holding hands. Tess was giggling uncontrollably as Max leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Liz almost screamed, but she stifled it just in time. She had to get away. She didn't understand why this was happening. Didn't he love her anymore? First the anniversary, and now this?

In the struggle to get away from Max and Tess, Liz made a lot of noise and knocked over a few things. She caused quite a stir. Max jumped at the sudden noise and ran to the window leaving a forlorn looking Tess behind. He saw Liz running down the street. He called her name, but she didn't turn around. He couldn't believe he had let this happen. How could he have let her see him with Tess? And on their anniversary too?

He felt awful, but worst of all he knew that Liz wouldn't be quick to forgive. Max walked back into his room. He was feeling terribly depressed.

"Tess, I think you should leave now."

"Oh, but why Max? We were having so much fun! Who was at he window?"

"It was Liz. I think she has the wrong idea about us. I mean we're just friends. Nothing more."

"So, let me get this straight. Liz is mad at you because 1. You forgot your anniversary, 2. She saw you on the bed with me. Am I right?"

"Well, yeah, I guess."

"Some girlfriend ya got there Max. Jumps at all the little things. What's gonna happen when you have a real fight? I think you have the right to find out."

Tess said as she walked towards him.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Maybe you should make what she thinks happened really happen." Tess whispered as she leaned in on Max. She looked up at him with those big blue eyes pushed her body up against his and, before Max knew what was happening, she kissed him. Max pushed her away as soon as he realized what was going on.

"Tess, what's wrong with you? You know I love Liz, I'd never do anything to hurt her. I needed your advice. I had no one else to talk to. Isabel is out, Michael is at work, and Maria is with Alex. I couldn't get hold of anyone else. So I called you."

"So is that what I am? Is that what I am to you Max? A last resort? You've all made me feel so welcome here! Damn it Max! Why can't you accept your destiny? Liz is out of the picture now."

"Tess, I don't love you! I don't care about my destiny! I love Liz, and I always will! She'll never be out of the picture! Now just go!"

"One day you'll understand Max! I'll get you back someday!" Tess screamed. Then she ran out of the room and out of the house.

Liz let the tears flow freely down her face. She didn't feel like fighting them. She didn't understand any of it.

*Why would he do this to me? I thought he loved me! I know he loves me! * Liz couldn't control her feelings.

She felt anger, sadness, hate, depression, and loneliness. She was right back where she started *What am I gonna do? *

Tess stormed into her house. She stomped up the stairs and slammed the door to her room. Kyle got up when he heard this. *What's up with her? * He wondered. After a few minutes he reluctantly got up and went to see what was wrong.

"Tess? Where are you?" Just then Tess came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her.

She was wet; she had obviously just showered. Tess didn't seem surprised to see Kyle there. Nor was she upset.

"Hey Kyle. What did you want?"

"Oh, nothing, I just wanted to make sure you were alright."

"Oh. Well I'm fine." Tess said. Then she dropped the towel and stood in front of Kyle, completely naked.

Then she walked right past him to her closet. She took out Kyle's old jersey and slipped it on. "So how are you tonight Kyle?"

"Oh, uh...I'm, I'm"

"Good. I was wondering. Do you wanna talk? You seem kind of...tense."

"Yeah, well I guess I am a little tense."

Tess went and sat down on her bed. She patted the seat next to her.

"Here Kyle. Come sit down." He sat down beside her. She began massaging his shoulders. "Does that feel better?"


"You have such big muscles! You must be really strong! I bet you're great in bed. She leaned over and kissed him passionately. Kyle fell for it. The next morning Kyle woke up beside Tess. It had been a great night for him. He had loved every minute. Tess' eyes fluttered open and she saw Kyle next to her on the bed. She had loved last night too. Max was history. Maybe he was right. Maybe destiny wasn't final. But that didn't mean she had forgotten about her promise. With thoughts of how to get Max back on her mind, she snuggled closer to Kyle and fell back asleep.

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