Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Destined to be Forever"
Part 2
by Phoebe James
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or any of the characters...if I did, boy would I be lucky!!
Summary: A few days after EOTW Liz is feeling horrible about the things she did to Max. Maria feels her friend's pain and tells Max the truth!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Liz came down to the Crashdown the next morning. She stood outside, just looking at it. She thought about all the memories. All her friends...Max. She thought about the many times the gang all gathered at the Crashdown. The many times Liz and Max had been alone together there. Liz couldn't take it. She missed him so much! How would she ever deal with the loss of Max Evans? Liz decided to forget about Max, even if it was just for one day. She wanted to have fun. She walked through the door to the Crashdown.

"Maria? Maria, where are you?" Liz shouted.

"In the kitchen! I'll be right out!" Maria replied.

Maria came out of the kitchen with her keys in her hand. "Let's go." she said.

"Ummmm, okay, where exactly are we going?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out." Maria told Liz smugly.

"Here, put this on." Maria said as she handed Liz a bandana.

"What's this for?" Liz asked.

"It's a blindfold. Here, I'll help you."

"What's going on Maria?" Liz asked again, getting excited.

"I told you, it's a surprise."

The car ride wasn't long, but to Liz it felt like an eternity.

"Why do I smell fish?" Liz asked.

"I don't know, why do you smell fish?" Maria asked, smiling.

"Are we there yet?"

"Not quite."

Maria drove a little further and parked the Jetta in the shade. It was sunny out, and it was gonna be a long day. Maria helped Liz out of the car and insisted she keep the blindfold on for a little while longer.

The two girls walked for a little while and finally Maria stopped. Liz was really anxious to find out just what Maria was doing. As Liz was thinking about what this day could possibly bring, she heard: "Surprise! Happy birthday Liz!"

Liz pulled off the blindfold and saw the whole gang standing around her. Liz was shocked. She couldn't believe she had forgotten about her own birthday. She was so happy. Maria was the best friend ever.

"OMG, I had no idea! You guys are so sweet! Thank you!"

"No prob Liz, happy birthday." Alex said.

Liz hugged Alex and Maria. "I can't believe this! I don't even have any of my stuff!"

"Yeah ya do Liz. I got it all from your mom before you got home from school yesterday. I knew you wouldn't miss it. So let's change and start tanning, girls!" Maria said.

Liz, Isabel, and Tess all followed Maria to the changing room. Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle got changed and found a spot on the beach, then Alex went back to wait for the others. Liz and Maria were talking in the changing room and Liz couldn't seem to get over what Maria had done.

"Thank you sooooooooooo much Maria, I can't believe you did this!" Liz squealed.

"Liz, you're my very best friend in the whole wide world. You've been really down lately. I knew I had to cheer you up somehow. The guys in bathing suits, now that was just a bonus."

Liz and Maria walked out of the changing room. Tess, Isabel and Alex were already waiting for them.

Together they all walked to where the guys were sitting. Maria put her towel down next to Michael's and began tanning. Liz sat next to her. After about half an hour Alex and Kyle were getting impatient.

They wanted to go swimming and it was no fun without girls to throw around. Tess was ready to go as well, so Liz and Maria got up to join them. Max came as well, and even Isabel replied to everyone's pleas for her to come with them. The guys and Tess all jumped into the water, but Maria went in slowly and Liz dived in and swam laps to get warm. Max watched Liz in the water.

*She's so beautiful. Even the way she swims is beautiful.*

The sun shined on Liz's wet hair, and Max longed to touch it. To touch her. He missed her. As he glanced at Kyle, and saw he was preoccupied with a giggling Tess, something told him that that day was going to be a good day. Once everyone was in the water, the guys started to get playful. First Michael swam towards Maria and pulled her under. In an attempt to retaliate, Maria tried to pull Michael under, but he was too strong for her. He picked her up and threw her. By this time everyone was fooling around and trying to attack each other. Max and Isabel, Alex and Liz, Michael and Maria, Tess and Kyle. This changed frequently however. Isabel and Alex fooled around a lot in the water, despite her claims that he was ruining her hair. Tess and Kyle were constantly engulfed in laughter, except, of course when they were under water. All of a sudden Liz felt herself being picked up and thrown. When she finally emerged again, she was standing directly in front of Max. That alone almost caused her to lose her balance. Max, not completely realizing what he was doing at the time, put his arms around Liz's waist affectionately. He then proceeded to pick her up, spin her around and toss her towards Alex. This went on and on, to everyone's enjoyment. After a while everyone got tired so they retreated back to their spot on the sand and had a picnic lunch.

"Time for presents!" Maria shouted as soon as lunch was over.

"OMG, you guys got me presents?!? I can't believe this! What did I do to deserve friends like you? You are all so great!"

"Who's first?" Maria asked.

"Me first, me first!" Alex yelled.

"Okay, Alex first." Liz said, smiling happily Liz slowly opened her first present. It was a brand new journal with Liz's name and the signature of everyone she knew on the cover.

"Oh Alex, this is sooooooo great! Thank you sooooo much! I love it" Liz squealed. Then she ran to Alex and kissed him on the cheek. Next came Tess's present. Tess got Liz a book about famous women scientists. Liz thanked Tess as cordially as possible, and went on opening gifts.

"This one's from Isabel."

Isabel had gotten Liz some really cool earrings that she had seen at the mall. Isabel really hoped Liz would like them.

"OMG, Isabel, these are so cool! I love them! Thank you!" Isabel was happy with Liz's reaction and they kept on opening gifts. Next Liz opened Kyle's gift.

"Kyle, how did you know I love Dido? This CD is great; I've wanted it forever! Thanks!" Liz ran up to Kyle and gave him an affectionate hug. Max felt the jealousy creep into his veins. Next was Michael's present. No one really expected anything decent, but with Michael you never know. Liz was surprised to find that Michael had gotten Liz a beautiful Japanese hair clip.

"Michael this is wonderful! Where did you find it?"

"Actually, I found it at a thrift shop near where I work. I thought it would look nice in your hair."

"Oh, well thank you Michael." Liz said.

"It's my turn!" Maria said. "Here Liz, from me to you."

Maria handed Liz her present.

"Ooooooh, what could it be?" Liz wondered out loud.

Liz opened the gift slowly, yet she was anxious to see what it was. Liz's mouth dropped open in surprise when she saw what Maria had gotten her. It was an autographed picture of Dido along with six tickets to her concert the next month. The package also contained an autographed T-shirt and a limo receipt.

"OMG! Maria how did you...when did you....." Liz stammered.

"I won this contest on the radio. However, the limo ride is from yours truly. I told Kyle to buy you the CD so you could get it signed. You have backstage passes too! Are you happy?" Maria asked

"Oh totally! I'm psyched! Thank you Maria!" Liz gave her friend a big hug. The two girls laughed. Maria was beaming.

"Don't forget about Max's present." Alex said.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe I almost forgot about your present, Max." Liz said, blushing. She wondered what Max had gotten her. He had always given her wonderful presents...when they were dating. Liz wondered if Max was still bitter. *Why wouldn't he be?* Liz thought. *He has every reason to be.*

Liz opened this present quickly. She was anxious to get everyone's eyes off of her. When she took off the wrapping paper, Liz found a box. She opened it, and inside was a gorgeous gold necklace with a small ruby pendant in the shape of a heart. Whatever it was Liz had been expecting, it certainly wasn't this. Liz looked up at Max with tears forming in her eyes.

"It's beautiful." She managed to choke out. Liz ran up to Max and hugged him. Max was upset that Liz was crying, but overjoyed when she hugged him. He desperately wanted Liz to stay in his arms forever. Little did he know that that is just what Liz wanted too. After a few long seconds, Max pulled away from Liz. Liz gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and whispered 'thank you' in his ear. Liz thanked everyone again for all the great gifts. After the party was over, the girls started to sunbathe again and all the guys read magazines and talked with the each other.

Before they knew it, it was almost six o'clock and the sun was about to set. Everyone headed to the changing rooms for showers and blow dryers. Once everyone was done, people proceeded to cars. Alex, Liz and Kyle all went in Alex's car. Michael, Isabel and Tess went in the Jetta, and Maria and Max took the jeep.

Liz sat in the backseat with Kyle while Alex drove.

"So Liz," Kyle said, "How are things between you and Max?"

"What do you mean? We're broken up. You know. It happened right after..." Liz trailed off.

"Well yeah, I knew...about the break up, but...but I was wondering if you two were still, you know, friends. I mean, is there still a chance you'll get back together?" Kyle asked.

"Ummmmmmm, well...I don't really know...I mean no I, uh, I don't think so." Liz replied regretfully.



Michael was driving the Jetta, Tess and Iz were sitting in the backseat talking about girly stuff.

"We should really do our nails together sometime." Tess told Isabel.

"Yeah, I do Michael's all the time, don't I Michael?" Isabel replied.

"Yeah, right. I won't even let Maria do my nails." Michael said sarcastically. Isabel ignored Michael's rude comments. "Well, maybe we could go on Saturday."

"Yeah that would be fun." Tess answered.

Max was in the driver's seat and Maria was sitting beside him.

*How on Earth did we come up with this seating arrangement?* Max wondered. Maria, talkative as usual, started the conversation.

"So, Max. What's up?"

"Nothing much. The usual."

"Did you have fun at the beach?"

"Yeah it was really great. Do you think Liz liked my gift?"

"Are you kidding? The girl was practically in tears! The necklace was gorgeous!"

"You don't think it was...too much? I mean, I bought it for her before we broke up. It was going to be a Valentine's Day gift."

"Max, the gift was spectacular. Let's just leave it at that. You could really teach Michael a little something about romance. No, really...could you?" Maria asked him. Max laughed.

"Max I've noticed you've been kind of depressed lately, ya know?"

"Yeah, I guess I have been a..."

"Yeah," Maria cut him off. "Well, Liz has been too and it's killing me to see her like this. I have to tell you something Max. Something really important."

"What do you mean Maria?"

"It's about you and Liz. Your...umm...relationship.

"What about it? Am I gonna need some air after I hear this 'news'?"

"Quite possibly actually. It's a lot to take in. Especially while driving..."

"I'm pulling over."

"Good. Now, just for the record, I'm doing this for Liz. Even though she's gonna hate me for it later. Anyways, that's not the point. Here goes..."

Maria told Max everything. She told him about Future Max, the betrayal, the lies, the feelings... Max was amazed and shocked, but most of all happy. He couldn't understand how he had been so blind. He should have seen it in her eyes. Max knew Liz inside and out, Liz couldn't lie. She was terrible at it. Max obviously hadn't been paying her any attention or he would have known. He should have known! After Maria told Max Liz's story, Max poured his heart out to Maria. He told her everything. How his anger and depression had been building up inside of him. How every time he saw Liz he felt like he couldn't live without her. Max told Maria all his troubles, all his thoughts. He poured out his 'bottle'. Afterwards he felt so empty, so light, and so relieved. It was a wonderful feeling.

Maria was so content with the look on Max's face that she completely forgot about how Liz would react when she found out.

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