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"Lost Treasures"
Part 2
by N/A
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(Scene: Liz’s Bedroom. Liz is lying in bed, just waking up – eyes still closed)

Voice Over: I think subconsciously every morning I expect – no, more like wish – to find things…“normal”. You know, where Max Evans is just this ordinary boy with nothing to stop him from being with…ordinary me. And for a moment it seems so possible – you know, that moment between sleep and awake. (Liz rolls over in bed and her face lands on her grandmothers book. Without moving she opens her eyes and looks down at the book and closes her eyes again) But it’s only a moment. And there’s always something…to remind me…that I really don’t know what…“normal” is anymore. (Liz gets out of bed)

(Scene: Liz’s Kitchen, early Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Parker is fusing about the kitchen. Liz walks in carrying her grandmother’s book and wearing her pajamas, she yawns)

Mrs. Parker: Good afternoon sleepy.

Liz (yawning again): Afternoon?

Mrs. Parker: You’ve finally learned the art of sleeping in (she smiles at Liz). Were you up late studying again?

Liz (sitting down at the kitchen table and setting the book on the table): Sort of.

Mrs. Parker (looking down at the book): I’m surprised you don’t have that memorized yet – it seems it’s all you’ve been reading lately.

Liz: It’s just really interesting, that’s all.

Mrs. Parker (goes back to fusing): They should come today.

Liz: You think?

Mrs. Parker: Well, your father called the lawyer in Phoenix on Monday – he said they’d be in the mail by Wednesday.

Liz: I can’t believe it – did he say how many boxes?

Mrs. Parker: Some ungodly number like 10 or 11. They’ll probably come to the Café to deliver them but make sure they bring them up here.

Liz (panicked): The Café…

Mrs. Parker: You have an hour. Pancakes?

(Scene: Max’s Bedroom. Max is lying on his bed with his eyes closed listening to a CD, Isabel walks in) Music: Red House Painters – Katy Song

Isabel: Feeling depressed, a little self-loathing…

Max (eyes still closed): You want something.

Isabel: Max, you combat depression by listening to, I don’t know, “happy” music. This stuff is just more depressing (looking at Max) if that’s possible. (She walks over and turns off the music. Max opens his eyes and looks over at her. Her tone changes to concern) Max….

Max (cutting her off): Isabel…There is a reason for this visit?

Isabel: Family outing? Movie starts at 2 so if we want lunch you need to get your depressing ass out of bed…you’ve got 30 minutes. (She turns the CD back on and leaves his room)

Max: Great.

(Scene: A pretty empty Crashdown. Liz is cleaning up a table at the front of the café. Her back is to the entrance so she doesn’t see The Evans family entering) Music: Wilco – Can’t Stand It

Mr. Evans: You kids come here all the time. Your mom and I haven’t been here for years, we thought it would be fun to come as a family. Is it really that big of a deal Max?

(As Mr. Evan’s finishes saying Max’s name, Liz turns around and is only a little over a foot away from the family as they’ve entered the café. Max’s mom is smiling at Liz, Max looks down and away from Liz, Isabel doesn’t know whether to be amused or disgusted, and Max’s dad is clueless)

Liz (startled): Hi there.

Mr. Evans: Sit anywhere?

Liz: Yea. You’ve got your pick of tables today. Just go ahead and have a seat and I’ll be with you in a minute.

(Liz turns grabs the dirty dishes container and heads to the back, while the Evans pick a booth – Max and his mom are sitting on the isle. Liz comes back out; glances are exchanged between her and Max – mom notices. Liz walks over to the table)

Liz: Can I get you something to drink?

Mrs. Evans: I’ll have a diet Coke.

Mr. Evans: I’ll have a Cosmic Cherry Coke.

Liz (skipping Max and Isabel): Are you ready to order?

(Camera pans to the front door where Maria is coming in. She looks over at the situation and tries to hold back laughter)

Liz: Okay, so we’ve got two diet cokes and two cherry cokes, one Sigorney Weaver, one Close Encounter, one Will Smith, and one E.T., anything else? (There’s a pause) I’ll be right back with your drinks.

(She leaves and Maria is waiting for her at the back counter)

Maria: You’d think they were at the dentist or something. Look at that face. (Liz turns around and the look on Max’s face is pure dread she turns back around and then starts filling their drinks) Major fighting it. You should go fiddle with the cash register or something just to make him miserable.

Liz (looking at Maria sternly): Maria, play nice.

(Liz walks over to the table with the drinks)

Liz: Here we go. Your food should be out in a few minutes. (She’s about to go when Max’s mom touches her arm)

Mrs. Evans: Liz, right?

Liz: Yes, Liz Parker.

Mrs. Evans: You were in the car accident with Max?

Liz: Yes. That was a pretty frightening day.

Mrs. Evans: Just lucky that no one was seriously hurt.

(The door to the café opens and the UPS man walks in. Liz sees him)

Liz (to Mrs. Evans): If you’ll excuse me. (She walks over to the UPS man and goes outside with him)

Mrs. Evans (looking at Max and smiling one of those smiles only a mother can smile): She seems like such a nice girl.

Max: I’m going to the bathroom.

(Scene: Backroom of Crashdown. The door to the outside is open and the UPS man is unloading boxes to bring in and take upstairs. Liz is directing him. Max steps out of the bathroom and sees all the boxes, shoots a puzzled look at Liz and goes back to sit down. Liz comes back to the front – says something to Maria and then leaves)

(Scene: School. Out in the quad, before school, Max is sitting down at a table reading a book and Michael walks over)

Michael: How was Saturday?

Max (not looking up from his book): Really rather not talk about it.

Michael: Isabel told me it was pretty entertaining.

Max (looking at Michael): Lunch with the family and then a movie, no big deal.

Michael (holding back a smile): Where’d you eat?

Max (going back to his book): I have a feeling you already know.

Michael (sounding more serious): Well, what movie did you see?

Max (reluctant): End of the Affair – mom’s choice.

Michael (laughing): Yea couldn’t stop laughing when she told me that part. (Sees Maria walking across the quad) Gotta go.

Max: Thank you. (Max keeps reading his book and doesn’t notice Liz approach the table and sit down across from him.) Did you have to come back so soon?

Liz (puzzled): Excuse me.

Max (looking up from his book startled): Liz – I thought you were Michael.

Liz: Easy mistake. (She smiles and then reaches in her backpack and pulls out her grandmother’s book. She pushes the book over to Max)

Max (reading the title): Lost Treasures by Claudia Parker. (He looks up at her questioningly)

Liz: Page 93. (Max, confused, opens the book and flips to page 93 – which has the illustration of the design found on Isabel’s necklace, his eyes widen and he looks up at Liz) I wanted to show it to you sooner.

Max (in shock): What is this?

Liz: It’s the last paper my grandmother published before she died. (Max starts flipping through the book, looking for more.) Page 100. (Max looks up at her then back at the book – page 100 has a photograph of the cave it was found in) I’m sorry that I didn’t show it to you sooner, things were…well…and I wanted to wait until the rest of her things came.

Max (not looking up from the book): The boxes.

Liz: Yea. There are eleven of them. All her books, her notes, I think her computer’s in one…

Max (still reeling from the discovery): Liz…

Liz: I’ve memorized the book so take it Max. It’s only that last chapter – Unexplainable Petroglyphs. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading it and re-reading it and it’s the only place I can…

Max: Liz…I…

Liz (she pauses): Max, I want to go through my grandmother’s boxes before we tell anyone. I need to research this before we start sharing.

Max (hesitating): Liz…I don’t know…I

Liz (interrupting): It’s my grandmother Max, and I didn’t have to share it with you.

Max (looks at Liz – who’s very serious): Can I…at least, help?

Liz: I’m off tonight if you want to stop by. I’ve only opened two boxes so far…Promise me Max.

Max: I won’t tell anyone. (He looks down at the book and Liz gets up to leave. He looks up at her still shocked) Liz…

Liz (she stops him): I know. (She walks off and Isabel is off in the corner watching them with a “huh” looking on her face)

(Scene: Liz’s Bedroom. Her floor is covered with boxes and books – complete mess. She’s trying to arrange them so she can walk around. There’s a knock on the door) Music: Mazzy Star – Fade Into You (playing softly)

Liz: Come in. (Max, opens the door and almost laughs at the mess)

Max (smiling): Never would have taken you for a messy one.

Liz (glaring back): It was the one condition my mom insisted on – I keep the mess to my room. Can you imagine what our house would look like with this stuff everywhere – total disaster.

Max: How you gonna keep this from Maria?

Liz: Oh, she knows about it. She just doesn’t know why.

Max (taking off his coat and setting down his backpack): What can I do.

Liz: Well, I’m trying to make a path from the bed to the door and one to the dresser. I figure we’ll empty the boxes out on the bed and try to keep the floor clear. I’ve made room for her books along the wall and…I’m not sure where the computer will go.

Max: Well let’s get started.

(Liz bends down to open another box and Max starts to pick up loose papers and books off the floor. Max grabs a handful of stuff and pulls out from under them Liz’s bra. He looks at it, obvious embarrassment. Liz notices he’s stopped and stands up.)

Liz (embarrassed grabs it from him): Oh, sorry...

Max (points to the door): I’m gonna go…

Liz: Yea I’m gonna make sure there’s nothing else…

(Max leaves and stands in the hall and has a flash of that bra – it was the same one she wore when he saved her. Liz pops her head out of the doorway, still flushed with embarrassment)

Liz: All clear. (Max pauses in the hallway for a moment to collect himself and then goes back in the room – leaving the door cracked open.)

(Various Scenes: Max and Liz arranging books, emptying boxes, picking up things off the floor, siting on the bed going through folders and notebooks.)

Mrs. Parker (poking her head in the door): You kids hungry?

Max (looks up from reading): What time is it?

Mrs. Parker: It’s about 7:30.

Max (looking at Liz): I’ve gotta go.

Liz (to her mom): Mom we’ll be out in a minute.

Mrs. Parker: Okay, sure you don’t want to stay for dinner Max.

Max: I can’t, thank you though. (Mrs. Parker leaves. Max sighs and looks at Liz) I think I’m leaving you with a bigger mess than when we started.

Liz: To be expected. (Realizing the possible double meaning in what she just said) The mess I mean…you know…as we open more boxes it just grows…exponentially.

Max: Liz...

Liz: I’m sorry we haven’t found anything yet Max. I’ll get to these last boxes tonight, there’s got to be something.

Max: Thank you. (Liz looks up at him) For letting me help.

Liz: I know this is important to you Max…and I knew you’d be…(wanting to say “hurt” but saying this instead) disappointed…if I kept it from you. (Max looks away from her, back to the bed full of papers.) You want to take some? I haven’t gone through this pile yet (she holds up a bunch of folders).

Max: Are you sure?

Liz: Yea, I think I can trust you with them.

(Scene: School Quad. Maria and Alex are walking the quad together)

Alex: So I was thinkin’…about taking Isabel to…the spot. (Maria stops and looks at him)

Maria: You mean “the” spot…like “our” spot?

Alex (hesitant): Yea.

Maria: Have you discussed this with Liz?

Alex: What, do I need permission?

Maria: Uh…yea. The spot has been shared with no one Alex. (She looks at him suspiciously) W-h-y?

Alex: What? You don’t…are you kidding…strictly platonic.

Maria: Uh uh. In her mind.

Alex: Hey, I look in the mirror and reality slaps me in the face…I don’t even register on Isabel’s social radar. (Maria is still looking at him questioningly) Look…I’ve just been thinking…We know this…insanely personal thing about these guys and they don’t really know anything about us. I just thought I’d share something…personal…with Isabel…you know to show her she can trust me.

Maria (smiling): Ah…The sensitive guy approach.

Alex: Well, if I haven’t learned anything from being best friends with two girls for 8 years – then I’m definitely wasting my time.

Maria (hits him in the arm): I’d still talk to Liz first.

(Maria and Alex continue walking and in the far corner of the quad Max and Liz are sitting at a table unaware that Isabel is standing off to the side watching them with a look of “disapproval”)

(Scene: Crashdown, early evening. Isabel is sitting at the counter keeping an eye on Liz, who stands behind the counter away from Isabel. Kyle walks in and sits at the counter in front of Liz) Music: Big Back Forty – Blood

Liz: Kyle.

Kyle (smugly): Hey Liz (He looks around the café) Where’s your boyfriend?

Isabel (out of hearing distance from Liz and Kyle): Jerk.

Liz: Kyle, I don’t have a boyfriend.

Kyle: Oh that’s right. Dumped was it…how does it feel Liz?

Liz (about to say something, changes her mind, looks away from Kyle): It’s like what suffocating must be like, you know, knowing that you’re dying…except I just won’t die. (She looks up at his taken aback face. He wasn’t expecting that and it shows. Neither was Isabel, having overheard, who now has a shocked look on her face) Did you want something Kyle…other than the obvious?

Kyle (stumbling): Liz…I’m…I’m…sorry.

Liz: You know Kyle, I am too. Cause, no matter what happened, I would never…try to hurt you…like you just did. (She walks away, into the back, and Sheriff Valenti walks up to Kyle)

Sheriff: What was that about?

Kyle (quietly): Nothing. Let’s eat somewhere else tonight, okay?

Sheriff (looking at the double doors where Liz exited): Whatever you say.

(Scene: Sheriff’s Truck, nighttime, same day. Kyle in the passenger seat looking deep in thought. Sheriff keeps looking at the road and then over at Kyle) Music: Garth Brooks – Much Too Young (To Be This Damn Old) – country music, definitely not my forte, however who can resist a song with this title?

Sheriff: You were pretty quiet through dinner. Want to talk about it?

Kyle: No.

Sheriff: This about Liz?

Kyle: Dad.

Sheriff: Sorry, just tryin’ to help.

Kyle (looking out the window): I really liked Liz…I…I thought I did. I don’t know, maybe I’m madder at Liz breaking up with me then the actual ending of our relationship. (Looks over at his dad shakes his head) I must be nuts.

Sheriff: This have to do with earlier?

Kyle: Maybe…I don’t know…but whatever Max did to Liz – it must have been somethin’.

Sheriff (looks at Kyle questioningly): What makes you say that?

Kyle: Just something she said. (He reaches over and turns the radio up loud enough to stop the conversation)

(Scene: Crashdown, same day. After closing, the chairs are all up on top of the tables except one which Liz, in uniform, is sitting at with papers everywhere. Max is mopping the floor, the old fashion way) Music: Cowboy Junkies – Any song off the Trinity Session Album (it is the most seductive late night mopping music you can come by)

Liz: Okay so the drawings were discovered by an anthropology field class in 1965…but listen to this (reading from notes) “Photographs taken in 1932 and 1955, of the same cave, do not show any indication of the existence of the petroglyphs in question. Carbon-dating tests on ink scrapes from the images produced inconclusive results.”

Max: Okay, but why…how’d they get there?

Liz (she pauses): Max, I think it was Nasedo. (Max stops mopping and looks at her) Maybe he went from reservation to reservation, staying with something that made him feel comfortable, you know, after the way River Dog treated him. And maybe he left a mark wherever he went…maybe so you’d be able to find him, or at least trace his steps. (They share a glance. Max with a pensive face continues mopping and Liz pauses for a moment to watch him mop. She shakes herself out of it and starts shuffling through papers) See, right here...I’ve been going through grandma’s interview notes and five different people mention a strange “white” man – a recluse – who came to the area in the early 60’s and was living near the cave. When she asks about him, they say that he just…left in 1968…disappeared. (She flips through more papers and looks up at Max) Max, they called him the “visitor.”

Max: Let me see. (He walks over to the table and leans down and over Liz’s shoulder. His head is really close to Liz’s. She turns her head slightly away from his, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath like she is smelling him. Max looks at her out of the corner of his eyes – realizes what he’s doing and stands up. Liz slides out of the chair and grabs her glass.)

Liz: Need a refill. (She walks over to the soda machine fills up her drink. Max watches her go and then sits down in her chair and looks over the papers. Liz comes back and sits across from him)

Max: It has to be him? I wonder what happened – why would he leave?

Liz: Grandma’s contact database is on the computer…we can call some people, I’m sure they’d remember who she was.

Max (reading the papers on the table for awhile and then looking up at Liz): Your grandma was a pretty amazing person.

Liz (smiling): She was wasn’t she. She was everything I want to be, you know, an incredible woman. I wish you could have met her.

Max (pauses): What about your other grandparents?

Liz: I never got to know them. I think it makes my mom sad sometimes – when she sees how close I was to Grandma Claudia – sad that I never got to know her parents, what they were like or who they were. (She looks up at Max and sees a flinch of sadness on his face) Max, I’m sorry. (He looks at her) I can’t imagine what it must be like for you – not knowing who your parents are or where they are or…

Max (finishing for her): If they’re dead…or waiting for us…out there somewhere.

Liz (in her soft comforting tone): Will find him Max and he’ll give you those answers you’re looking for. (They share a “connecting” gaze. Liz looks away and stands up) It’s getting pretty late.

Max: Right.

(Liz starts to pick up the papers. Max goes back and grabs the mop. There’s still part of the floor that he hasn’t finished mopping yet and as he’s walking back to put the mop in the backroom he cleans the rest of the floor using his powers)

(Scene: Max’s Bedroom, same day. Isabel is lying on his bed waiting for him to come home. He opens the door and turns the light on)

Max: What are you doin’ here?

Isabel: Where’ve you been?

Max: Iz…it’s late and it’s none of your business.

Isabel: You’ve been out, a lot lately Max. What’s going on?

Max (setting things down and taking off his coat): I’m tired and if you don’t mind…

Isabel: Max.

Max (getting mad): What Isabel, what do you want?

Isabel: Just…humor me Max…tell me what’s going on…what you’re feeling…what…

Max (interrupting her and sounding very irritated): I don’t like your sense of humor.

Isabel: Max…let me help…just tell me what you’re going through…

Max (angry): You want to know…you want to know what I’m…going through? (He walks over to the bed, sits down next to Isabel, looks her in the eyes and touches her arm. They connect and Isabel makes a painful wince. He lets go and stands up) There. It’s over, okay, I don’t want to talk about this anymore…just let it die. (He turns around and leaves the room)

Isabel (in a shaky, concerned tone): That’s what I thought.

(Scene: School Quad. Michael and Isabel are standing off to the side looking at Liz and Max sitting at a table)

Isabel: I just don’t like it Michael.

Michael: What are talking about?

Isabel: H-e-l-l-o. That. (Motioning toward the table) This whole Max/Liz…situation.

Michael: There is no situation.

Isabel: Excuse me. Are you not seeing what I’m seeing? He’s been spending way too much time with her…

Michael: Isabel.

Isabel: I’m just saying Michael that we’re not dealing with some schoolboy crush and Florence Nightingale syndrome. (Michael gives her a “what are talking about” look) Look, I don’t know what’s going on but it’s definitely not good.

Michael: Isabel, you’re over-reacting.

Isabel: Yea, well the question is why aren’t you Michael?

Michael: Isabel. The situation is being taken care of.

Isabel: Right. The “space” game that Max has apparently forgotten he’s supposed to be playing.

Michael: Hey, you’re the one who told him to talk to her.

Isabel: Okay, I certainly didn’t like the pissy Liz, for obvious reasons…but I don’t think I like this cute and cuddly one either. Things are just starting to calm down Michael; the last thing we need is for something to…happen.

Michael: Isabel, trust me. We have no idea what’s going on between them; none of us do…not even them. But as it is, the situation’s handled.

Isabel: When’d you get so insightful? I’d like to talk to the “irrational-don’t-need-to-think-before-acting” Michael. He’s the one I came to see…can you get him for me?

Michael (looking at her): Isabel, trust me. It’s under control. (Seeing Alex out of the corner of his eye and nodding in his direction) What about you and “studdly,” you’ve been spending a lot of time with him lately. Should I be worried?

Isabel (turning to look at Alex just as he attempts another double-jointed trick): Alex? Admittedly, he makes me laugh and I occasionally enjoy his company, (turning back to Michael) but really Michael.

Michael (watching the trick): Point made. (He looks back over at the table Liz and Max were sitting at and sees Liz sitting with Kyle.) Now that’s a situation.

(Scene: Saturday Afternoon, Crashdown. Maria is working and Liz, in causal clothes, is sitting at a booth – distracted. Michael sits opposite her reading over her English paper) Music: Bare Naked Ladies – One Week

Michael: This is the same crap I read last week. (Liz comes out of her “zone out” and looks at him) Okay, it’s bad enough I was bullied into doing this assignment…but then in some moment of…whatever it was…I’m coerced into coming to English class everyday…And it’s now that you decide you don’t want to bother with this assignment either.

Liz: You know if we’re not careful we’ll end up being peer partners for the rest of the year. Maybe you should start skipping again. (Michael smirks at her. Liz looks down at his paper and then up at Michael again like she’s just remembered something) I’ve gotta go.

Michael: What?

Liz (gathering her things and standing up): I’m sorry Michael, there’s something I need to do.

Michael (looking at her funny): Definitely skipping next week…(Liz waves him off and leaves the café. Maria notices Liz leave and comes over to the booth and sits down)

Maria: What’s up?

Michael: I don’t know. Has she seemed weird lately?

Maria: No more than usual…a little preoccupied though. (Michael looks at her interested) Some of her grandmother’s things came last week…I think it has her kind of upset.

Michael: She been spending any time with Max? (Maria looks at him intently and questioningly) What?

Maria (still looking at him): She doesn’t talk about him much…still dealing.

Michael: What about Kyle?

Maria: What, are you like spying on her or something?

Michael: N-o. But I do make it my business to know where and what he’s doing.

Maria (relaxing a little): She said he wanted to apologize…that he realized he was being a major jerk and was sorry for his…obsessive stalking behavior – though I’m sure he didn’t put it quite like that.

Michael: What do you think he meant?

Maria (looking at him amused): Uh…that he’s sorry…O, that’s right, you’re not quite familiar with that concept are you? See on this planet when you behave…I don’t know…badly…we do something called apologize…say it with me Michael a-p-o-l-o-g-i-z-e. (Michael just looks at her) Well, a girl can dream. (She gets up and starts clearing their table. Michael gets out his wallet like he’s going to pay for the meal.) On the house. (She walks away and he watches her go.)

(Scene: The Woods, same day. Alex walking ahead of Isabel finally comes to a clearing. It’s a beautiful spot with an amazing vista of New Mexico. Alex sits down on a rock gets out the water bottles and things for lunch and waits for Isabel.)

Isabel (panting and looking at Alex): Are we here yet?

Alex (handing her a water bottle): Here. (Isabel takes a drink of water and then looks around)

Isabel: Alex, it’s…it’s beautiful.

Alex: Isn’t it. (Isabel looks back at him) I come here a lot…when I just want to…be.

Isabel: Alex, you can’t drive.

Alex (playfully offended): Hey, I get around. (Isabel comes and sits over by him and he hands her a sandwich) My dad’s usually the one who brings me out here. He hunts and I come up here…or he fishes (nods to the lake they can see) and I come up here. It’s one of the few things we actually do together. (He looks at Isabel) Most of the time I think he thinks I’m from another planet. (He looks away)

Isabel: What does he do?

Alex: Air Force. He talks military, I talk computers and every now and then we both talk in English. (He looks at her and smiles) At least he’s stopped with the whole “following-in-dad’s-footsteps” idea. Once he realized the friendship with Liz and Maria wasn’t a passing adolescent phase I think he just gave up.

Isabel: You’ve been friends for along time, haven’t you.

Alex: Since 5th grade.

Isabel (looking at him out of the corner of her eye): So do you bring many girls up here?

Alex (looking back at her): Yea on my ten speed? We’ve never brought anyone here.

Isabel: We?

Alex: Liz, Maria and I. We sort of found this place. Fifth grade summer camp. I found this spot and would come here everyday – one day when I came up here the two of them were here, like waiting for me. Ever since it’s kind of been our secret…(looks at her playfully) “clubhouse.” Which reminds me – don’t mention this to Liz.

Isabel: What, that you brought me here?

Alex: Yea, since permission wasn’t granted – actually not requested – I’m not sure how ugly it’ll get if I’m not the one who tells her.

Isabel (surprised): You guys are pretty close, aren’t you?

Alex (thinking about it for a minute): Like you and Michael I guess – just different circumstances. Next to my parents I don’t think there’s anyone I’d trust with my life more than Liz.

Isabel: Well at least Max chose well.

Alex (packing up the water and lunch): It wasn’t a choice. (Isabel looks at him curiously after his remark) We can head down by the lake. (Isabel continues to look at him, thinking about his comment and follows him out.)

(Scene: Roswell Public Library, same day, nighttime. Liz is sitting at a microfiche machine and one of the Librarians comes over to her.)

Librarian: Miss, just to let you know we will be closing in five minutes.

Liz (looking at her watch it’s 8:55): Oh, thank you. (Liz finishes printing out something from the machine, gathers her things and leaves.)

(Scene: Max’s Bedroom, same day, nighttime. Max is sitting at his desk working on something. He hears a knock on his window and walks over to it, pulling back the curtains he sees Liz. He opens the window)

Max (surprised): Hey.

Liz (hesitant tone): Hey. (Max motions for her to come inside. She shakes her head) No…I just wanted to give you these. (She hands him a folder)

Max: What is it?

Liz (same tone): Um…some things I found…I thought you’d want to see them (Max looks down at the folder puzzled and then back up at Liz, who’s looking at him concerned)…call me…if you need anything. (Max looks at her puzzled and she leaves)

(Scene: Liz’s Roof, same day, nighttime. Liz is sitting on the lounge chair writing in her journal.)

Voice Over: It’s funny…when you go looking for things – whether you plan to or not – you end up having this…this ending. You know, the perfect one with everything exactly how you want it – all the answers you want to hear…and it lingers in the back of your mind.

(Scene cuts to Max siting on his bed opening the folder and pulling out a bunch of photocopies of news articles from the Farmington, NM newspaper, the Shiprock, NM newspaper, and a Navajo Reservation newspaper dated from 1968. They all have headlines regarding the mysterious murder of a pregnant woman and her baby, who disappeared for 4 days. The autopsy revealed nothing medically was wrong with her. Some of them talk about the woman’s husband who believes her death was “alien” induced. One headline says he can prove it and another questions his sanity.)

Voice Over (continues while we’re seeing Max): And you try not to think about it and sometimes you even forget it’s there…Until you do find what you were looking for and you realize…that you haven’t prepared – that you aren’t prepared…for the answers you might…actually find. (There’s a pause) But then there really isn’t anything to prepare you for what you find…or what finds you.

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