FanFic - Max/Liz
"Darkest Days"
Part 4
by Ash
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the original characters from “Roswell.“ They belong to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims and the wonderful people at WB. I have invented a slew of characters to go with ‘em, though and I hope the originals aren’t too insulted to have them mix and mingle and perhaps fall in love here or there.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This has become an alternate universe over the course of the other three stories. It was in line with the show through “Sexual Healing” and then my own version of Tess hit the atmosphere in “Captivated by Darkness.“ Two years later, we picked up the story and began the mythology with “Fight the Break of Dawn,“ where Liz was transformed and they met Christopher in L.A. Next came “Fading Into Twilight” which was NOT a wedding fic, but did contain the ill-fated nuptials which led our characters to this point. Now, in my AU, remember that I diverge from the show and Sheriff Valenti is still an unknown quantity, Pierce doesn’t exist, my Tess is very dead (and deservedly so) and the Evans and Mrs. Parker know the truth about the aliens. Dedication: To Sheeijan and Abs, both of whom are excellent ‘backers and obsessors. Title comes from Remy Zero’s “Yellow Light”. Extra points if you can name the episode it was featured in. ;0)
“Liz, honey,” Mrs. Evans knocked on the door and pushed it open a bit. “How did Max sound to you?” She leaned against the doorframe and frowned.

“Well, he was a little upset, because of the news report on the funeral,” Liz admitted. “But I think he was mainly worried that I wanted out of the whole situation. So I put his mind to rest on that.”

“Oh, good,” Mrs. Evans looked relieved. “That’s the last thing he needs to be worrying about. I have never seen anyone as in love as the two of you. I would sooner expect the stars to fall out of the sky than I would expect you to give up on him.”

Liz smiled and looked down. How was it that Mrs. Evans understood that so much better than her own mother?

The question brought unwelcome pain and Liz banished it immediately.

Mrs. Evans walked over and sat on the bed across from Liz. “It’s so funny, seeing you in Isabel’s room. But nice, too. You know, you can go peek in Max’s room if you want to sometimes. I don’t think he’d mind.”

Liz blushed just a little and wrinkled her nose. “I’d feel funny doing that. It’s... his things,” she shook her head. “Maybe after we finally get married.”

Mrs. Evans laughed. “You are priceless! That’s just something Max would say.” Her face sobered quickly, probably remembering that he wouldn‘t be around to say things anymore. Liz got up and sat beside her, putting a tentative arm around her shoulders. She watched as Max’s mother tried to not cry.

“This is the last thing you need, to be comforting me,” Mrs. Evans said, wiping away a stray tear. Then they shared a companionable silence for a moment.

“Mrs. Evans, thank you so much for everything,” Liz said with as much meaning as possible. “But I really think that I should probably go home tomorrow.”

The blue eyes were somber. “Are you sure that‘s what you want to do, Liz? You‘re welcome to stay here as long as you want.”

“Thank you, but I need to do this.” Liz tried to look firm and satisfied with her decision, even though she was anything but.

“Okay, dear. Well, then this is probably a good time to give a going away gift.” She got up and walked to the door, pulling a large gift bag out of the hallway.

Liz felt a smile tug at the corners of her lips. “What is that?”

“Well, honey,” Mrs. Evans sounded a bit hesitant. “This was supposed to be your wedding gift.” Liz felt the smile fade away. “But I still want you to have it. It’s something special.”

Liz reached in the bag and pulled out a newspaper-wrapped bundle. The coarse paper scraped her hands as she peeled it away from a model house. It was a two-story, painted slate gray with a white porch. It wasn’t delicate enough to be expensive, but it was so detailed that it brought a smile to Liz‘s face.

“That’s the toy house I gave to Max when he first came to live with us.” Liz looked up to see Mrs. Evans’ lost in the memory. “I could hear him crying at night, just wanting to go back home. I tried to help him, but he was so independent, even then. So one night, I gave him that house, telling him that it was magic and that it would take him home if he wished hard enough. It was a silly bit of fancy, but he was such a dreamer, I thought it would comfort him. And it did seem to.” Liz looked at the little house anew, trying to imagine little Max taking comfort in the gift. “Then a few years ago, he gave it back to me, when he asked me to trust him without explaining his secret. It meant a lot to me that he had remembered it; it still does.” Then she fixed her steady blue eyes on Liz. “But his home is with you now, no matter where he may be. So I think you should have it. It’s only right.”

Liz couldn’t speak for the tears choking her throat. She tried several times, and finally threw herself into Mrs. Evans’ arms. It meant more than she could say to have someone love them and trust them unconditionally, in spite of the secrets, in spite of the danger.

Liz pulled back and whispered, “Thank you,” hoping the words would communicate all that she couldn’t say.


Maria yawned and drummed her fingers on the table top. With the third finger of her left hand, she did a bass beat, and did a little staccato rhythm on top of it with her right fingers. She’d gotten good at it after years of standing around listening to music and killing time at the oft-slow Crashdown Cafe.

Just as a tune started to flow with the rift, a change happened on the monitor. Two more people had come on to the screen, a short, dark-haired chick and a husky, muscled guy. They joined the others at the table and Maria reached over to turn up the sound on the monitor guiltily. She had turned it down because that Shelley girl, the Christopher guy’s wife, had such an annoying voice- like she had helium on constant tap.

No one else was paying attention, so Maria turned and hit Michael on the leg. He pulled his headphones off and jumped up as soon as he saw the screen. “Who’s that,“ he said with a frown.

“Well, I don’t know yet, they just got here,” Maria said, fighting off irritation. “Should we wake up Sleeping Beauty?”

“No, leave her alone,” Michael in a clipped voice.

“I was talking about Max,” Maria said dryly.

“Whatever. Now shut up so we can listen.”

Maria reached over to the other bed and shook Max’s leg gently. He looked over at her, instantly awake. “What is it, Maria?”

“Newbies,” Maria said with raised eyebrows. “And I’m bettin’ fifty bucks the dark-headed chick’s an alien. It’s written all over her.”

“What,” Michael frowned at her and then shook his head. “No way. She’s too small.”

“So was Tess,” Isabel surprised Maria by her presence by the monitor. She must have not been asleep after all. “What are they talking about?”

“We won’t be able to tell until everyone shuts up!“ Michael was scowling as he watched the monitor. Once again, Maria had to smile as she thought of the orb trying to pair them up. What a joke.

Max reached over Maria’s shoulder and turned up the volume as loud as it would go.

“I wonder where we should go tomorrow,” Christopher was saying.

Maria shook her head. What was up with that guy? He always talked like he was reading a cue card.

“This is such a load of bull,” the dark-haired girl jumped up from the table and slammed her hands down on it. “I say we just tell them who we are.”

“Delia,” the husky guy rose to his feet but she was already on her way over to the counter, towards the camera. In fact, she stopped in front of the camera and stared right up into the lens.

“Uh... Max,” Maria whispered. “I thought you said you hid the camera in the hanging plant.”

“I did,” he said back quietly.

Maria had time to look over the perky, sullen face of Delia on the monitor before the girl opened her mouth again.

“Max,” Delia said with evident frustration, “we know you’re there and we’re tired of waiting for you to figure this out.”

Maria looked up at Max in amazement. What the hell-?

“Yes, we’re aliens,” Delia continued, crossing her arms in front of her. “And yes, we know you’re one, too.” She smiled smugly. “So, why don’t you just get your gooorgeous ass over here and say hi.” In the silence, Delia turned back to the table, “Now, how hard was that?”

Oh yeah, Maria thought with a smile. She turned to Michael, only to be greeted with a blank look.

“I- I- hid the camera, I swear,” Max stammered.

“Delia,” Christopher said under his breath, then stepped over to the camera. “Sorry to, uh, freak you out like that. Delia is not known for her patience and tact. We had hoped to slowly give you information until you were comfortable with it and wanted to meet us. But, maybe this is all for the best. If you’re listening, why don’t you give us a call. You obviously have our phone number. So, just let us know when you’re ready for the next step.”

Delia exhaled loudly and threw her hands in the air as she exited. “Great idea, Christopher,” she called out loudly.

Maria shook her head, a smile again creeping out on her face. “Michael-”

The other guy in the group stepped forward. “Maybe Delia’s right, maybe we should tell them a little more so they don‘t think we‘re Feebies or something.” Then he turned to the camera with a loose grin and a hint of a drawl in his voice. “I’m Tug, and uh... I’m an alien. But I can stop it at any time.” Maria rolled her eyes at his lame AA joke. He grinned and then continued. “Uh, Christopher recognized you guys, that would be you and Isabel, Max, back when you were in L.A. a month or so ago. He got a few pictures to show us who you were-”

“Which is why Delia is so desperate to meet you, Max,” Shelley said in her bimbo voice. “But don’t worry. We know about Liz and god, about the shooting- and we were so glad to see that you’re okay... at least... um,” she trailed off and looked over at Christopher sheepishly.

Christopher sighed and shook his head. “We’re not very good at being covert, I’m afraid. We’ve been a little hyper ever since news of the shooting came out. We were hoping you might be coming out this way, and so, we saw you when you arrived. And we’ve been following you ever since you got here.”

Maria clapped a hand up over her mouth and looked to Max for reassurance that this was okay. They could be in real danger.

“Just let us know when you‘re ready, Max.” Christopher and Shelley exchanged a look and then exited the room. Tug gave the camera another smile and then followed.

Max looked uncomfortable as everyone turned to him, his eyes darting around the room wildly. Maria didn’t blame him a bit.

“I say we trust them, Max,” Isabel said hesitatingly. “I just feel that it’s alright. That they’re who they say they are.”

“I say we need to know for sure,” Michael shot out. “Because if they’re not, we’d be playing right into their hands. We need proof, Max.”

“What do you want to do, get a blood sample or something,” Maria looked at him in amazement. “Michael, I can’t believe you don’t see it-” she stopped in amazement, standing to make her point more firm. “That girl, Delia, that’s your little sister. I’d bet my life on it.”

Maria could see the wheels start turning in Michael’s mind.

“Neutral meeting ground, one on one, Christopher and me,” Max shot out suddenly. “We’ll connect and let it play out from there. If he is who he says he is, great. If he’s not, you guys head for home.”

Maria started to argue, but she couldn’t think of a better idea. She watched Isabel and Michael exchange glances, thinking that she did not want to be around to hear the argument Michael and Liz would have over this one.


*He’s what,* Liz’s anger exploded in Michael’s head. *How could you let him do that? What if that guy’s an FBI agent? Are you crazy?*

Michael scratched roughly at his hair. He couldn’t believe he was in this position. For once, Max was doing something dangerous and Michael was left trying to explain his actions.

Liz, we couldn’t think of another way to do it-

*Couldn’t or just didn’t?*

Then Michael felt her facade break down and her terror of losing Max flooded into him.

Okay, just- just relax. You’re not here. You haven’t met them. You know Max is Mr. Caution and he wouldn’t do this if it weren’t safe. You know that.

*Well... yeah, normally. It’s just that he’s... different now. Things have happened. He’s not as careful.*

You’re imagining that, Michael forced himself to think. He wants to get back to see you. He won’t do anything to jeopardize that.


Her light sarcasm took him by surprise.

Yeah, so?

*Nice fifty-dollar word. I think I’m supposed to be the one with the big vocabulary.*

Osmosis, plain and simple. Michael grinned, glad that she seemed to be accepting Max’s decision now.

Maria raised her eyebrows at him and he nodded slightly to say that Liz was taking it okay. Then Liz‘s more calm thoughts invaded his mind once again.

*I’ll try not to worry. Just- stay near him. Don‘t let them hurt him, please. Please, Michael.*

Yeah, you got it. Then his mind drifted back to the strange foursome. Can you believe it? This Delia... my little sister.

*I hope she is, Michael. I hope they’re all who they appear to be.*

He could feel the cold tendrils of her fear wrap themselves around his heart. But it wasn’t just for Max. There was something else there, too.

Liz, what’s going on there? Is everything okay?

*It’s fine. When is Max meeting them?*

Michael wasn’t convinced, but he backed off and gave her some privacy. At nine o’clock tomorrow morning.

He felt Liz’s sigh.

It’s going to be okay, Liz. He knows what he’s doing.

*Good night.*

And as she blocked him again, Michael let his doubts return in a rush. Max wasn’t being as careful as he once was. And Michael had no idea where that left him in the grand scheme of things.


Max approached the seated figure with stony-faced determination. He glanced around the area constantly as he approached. It was a sunny, bright day and the park was filled with pigeons, trees and a few joggers. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Max could see Christopher sitting on a bench in front of the large fountain. This was definitely not the place for a hostile move. He sucked in a deep breath and then walked toward him.

Christopher glanced in his direction and then jumped to his feet with a broad grin. He was just as cheerful-looking in real life as Max remembered, six feet of eagerness.

Max approached and gave him a cautious nod, standing at least two paces back.

Christopher seemed surprised by this, but quickly recovered and nodded- no, bowed in return. Max froze.

“Sorry, it’s been a while,” Christopher straightened and smiled again. “I guess I’ve forgotten all that stuff.”

“What stuff,” Max repeated in a perplexed voice.

“The bowing and scraping thing,” he replied gamely. “I think it used to come pretty natural on the home planet.” He studied Max’s face a minute. “You do know who you are, right?”

Max opened his mouth to answer and then caught himself. He still didn’t know anything about this guy.

Christopher put out his hand, a look of challenge in his eyes. “You want to know the truth? You have to start trusting sometime.”

Max paused, considering the dangers inherent in connecting with Christopher if he were a hunter. But his instincts were telling him that it was okay. Max swallowed once and gripped Christopher’s hand in his own.

Immediately, there was a flood of images.


He was the oldest of four children holding hands, looking around a cave with wide eyes. The youngest was little more than a toddler-


Facing a bully at school who was screaming obscenities at a younger Tug and a girl who looked like him-


Holding out furious hands as bolts of white power shot out and consumed several men in suits in front of him-


Seeing himself on the news and feeling fear and grief-

When the flashes ended, Max was overwhelmed with the emotions he had felt from Christopher. It was true. Christopher was one of them, another alien. Max found a name on the tip of his tongue. “Jasharet,” he whispered, eyeing the man with a new sense of understanding.

“Yes, that‘s my name,” Christopher nodded, his demeanor more serious now. “Are you remembering now?”

“I don’t know, it just suddenly came to me,” Max thought back to the flashes. “I have a lot to ask you.”

“I’m sure you do,” Christopher took a seat on the bench and Max joined him. “Do you remember who you are? It’s very important that you do.”

Max shook his head before looking over at him. “I don’t remember anything. But I’ve been told that I’m... that my name is... Chatamalinkasohn.” The name was about as wieldy as a twenty-foot sword and Max winced as he said it.

Christopher laughed at his expression. “I can’t believe it. Back home, that name was enough to bring people to their knees, and here, you can barely bring yourself to say it. You’ve got to get over that before we go back.”

Max perked up. “Back home? You mean, to our planet?”

“’Our planet‘, he says,” Christopher laughed as he whispered back. “No, it’s not our planet. It’s YOUR planet. As soon as you get back, you’ll see. You’re bigger than Disneyworld, from what I remember.”

How was he supposed to wrap his mind around that? Max leaned over and rested his arms on his knees. He didn’t want that. He just wanted to be with Liz.

“Look, I don’t remember everything,” Christopher’s low voice broke into his reverie. “And I’m not going to pretend I do. What I do have stuck in my brain is mostly loose facts, no memories or personal stuff. Here it is in a nutshell: There’s twelve of us, from four different families, all heirs to the throne of the monarchy. We were endangered and sent here to survive to adulthood, then return to take back the crown. You, Chatamalinkasohn, are the first-”

“Wait- wait, endangered by whom,” Max interrupted.

“Sorry, don‘t remember that part. Wish I did.” Christopher met his eyes steadily. “All I can tell you is what I know.”

Max nodded and Christopher paused before continuing. “I can’t believe I’m finally getting to tell you this. It‘s been hanging around in my head for years.” His crooked grin made Max relax a bit, despite the nervousness brought on by the subject. “Anyway, you are the first in line for the throne- basically, the big cheese. And your name is your claim. ‘A’ is the royal suffix, which you and your sisters all have on your names because your family is first in line: Chatamalinka, Eliyamalinka and Millamalinka. The extra suffix on your name ‘sohn’ means that you are the future king. The next in line would be Magrasettah.”

“Magrasettah. That’s Justin,” Max supplied. “Yeah, he’s back in Roswell now.”

“You’re kidding,” Christopher clapped Max on the back. “That’s great! Delia‘s gonna‘ flip. Although actually, we’re having a hard enough time convincing her that Michael is her brother as it is.”

Max stared at him. “Maria was right,” he said wonderingly. “Delia is Illnyasetsa. Justin has been looking for her his whole life.”

The excitement of discovery began to push away his darker thoughts and Max realized that he finally had some answers, even if they did just bring up more questions.

“Do you remember anything else, about home? About... about our parents?”

“No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry it couldn’t be more. I was the oldest in our group, and what I just told you is the combined memories of all of us. Did you guys remember anything more?”

“Not a thing.” Max stood to his feet.

“Well, you were all young when you hatched, right? It seems to have a lot to do with it.” Christopher stood as well, looking hesitant suddenly. “Um, Chat... Max... whatever. When I connected with you, I saw a girl... blond hair, blue eyes. Your mate, right?”

Max blinked in surprise. He didn’t want to answer that affirmatively, because Liz was his mate now, heart and soul. “Well, technically, yes, Tess was my mate.”

“And now, Liz is, right?” His voice was laced with dread. “Does that mean Sash... you called her Tess... is she gone?”

Max swallowed hard, suddenly realizing that she must have been one of the twelve, child to one of the four families. He finally nodded. “Yes. Liz was... transformed somehow. Now she’s my mate.”

Christopher nodded mutely, as if that a commonplace occurrence. “We’ll be in touch by phone.” He turned to walk away.

Max held out a hand. “Wait.“

Christopher froze and turned back around. Max hesitated, but forced himself to ask the question. “Was she your sister?”

Christopher nodded.

“I’m sorry.“ Max felt horrible. Christopher had probably felt every bit of anger and disgust Max had stored up for Tess when he saw her image in his mind. But Christopher nodded and walked away without a word.

Max sat down on the bench again. He had a lot to think about.


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