FanFic - Max/Liz
"Darkest Days"
Part 45
by Ash
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the original characters from “Roswell.“ They belong to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims and the wonderful people at WB. I have invented a slew of characters to go with ‘em, though and I hope the originals aren’t too insulted to have them mix and mingle and perhaps fall in love here or there.
Summary: This has become an alternate universe over the course of the other three stories. It was in line with the show through “Sexual Healing” and then my own version of Tess hit the atmosphere in “Captivated by Darkness.“ Two years later, we picked up the story and began the mythology with “Fight the Break of Dawn,“ where Liz was transformed and they met Christopher in L.A. Next came “Fading Into Twilight” which was NOT a wedding fic, but did contain the ill-fated nuptials which led our characters to this point. Now, in my AU, remember that I diverge from the show and Sheriff Valenti is still an unknown quantity, Pierce doesn’t exist, my Tess is very dead (and deservedly so) and the Evans and Mrs. Parker know the truth about the aliens.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: To Sheeijan and Abs, both of whom are excellent ‘backers and obsessors. Title comes from Remy Zero’s “Yellow Light,” featured in The White Room episode from season one.
Liz screamed as Michael’s pain ripped into her. When did we get connected again? Then she was flying backwards, toward the gray forms. She screamed again and looked up to see towering figures surround her. Up close, they were horrifyingly featureless. She took deep breaths to calm herself. “Get away from me!” She felt them move in closer and a buzz from their energy seeped into her. It felt cold. “Max!”


He answered! He was there! “Max! Help me!”

Then a dark hand reached out to her head. Before she could even move, the power held her motionless. The coldness spread through her body and she could feel the light of her energy dissipating. In the background she heard Maria crying out to Michael. But there was nothing Liz could do to help them.

She was being darked.


“Let her go!” Max was hurtling toward them with furious speed, blocking their dark attack with an outstretched hand. The force grew and grew against him, until he finally had to stop, still ten yards from Liz. He gritted his teeth and tried to feed even more of his power into the fray, but it was useless.

They were too strong.

Tears stung his eyes. Liz! He could feel the coldness entering her body. Her fear made him frantic. Fight them, Liz!

*I-I can’t!*

“MAX!” He turned to see Isabel bending over Michael. “He’s hurt! I-I can’t do anything.” Isabel’s face was tear-stained and pale. Max cursed under his breath. What was wrong with Michael?

*Michael was trying to h-help me and they hurt him! Is he okay?*

Isabel will help him. Don‘t-

*She’s too weak. Help him, Max.*

Max shook his head firmly. NO! I’m going to help YOU!

*MAX! Please-*

Then Max saw Justin appear over Michael’s body. Good.

Liz, Justin’s helping Michael. Stop worrying about everyone else. I’m coming through.

*How? They’ll just kill you!*

No, they won’t. I just need to concentrate. He took a deep breath. I love you, Liz.

*I love you, too, Max.*

Max closed his eyes and sought out the burning that meant he was channeling the orb’s power again. His ragged emotions must have registered with the orb because the response was immediate. He was glowing in seconds and the light easily pushed away the dark power surging against him. Max opened his eyes and set his sights on the small figure almost obscured by the dark hulking figures over her. Rage swept through him again. If they got ever Liz away from here-

Croazoh’s voice broke into his thoughts. “You keep moving, she dies. It‘s really very simple.”

Max stopped, cursing under his breath. He could feel the dark power wrapping itself through Liz‘s body, squeezing her heart painfully. “And it won’t be nice and neat, I assure you, Chatamalinkasohn. Of course, you’ll be able to feel every bit of it with her. Isn‘t that handy? Two out of commission for the price of one.”

Max struggled against himself. He was strong enough to take Croazoh out, he knew it. And maybe even the rest of the-

“MA- MAX!”

The choked agony in Liz’s cry stopped Max in his tracks. He backed away without further thought. “Okay, I’m back. Let her go.” The pain eased off and Max took a deep breath. Liz?

*I’m okay... I’m okay... Just... help the others, Max.*

She was giving up. Max again fought within himself, his lips drawing into a tight line. The only way to help her was to do what she said. Help the others and let the twelve come together to rescue her. He thought love and strength to Liz. Just hold on, sweetness.

Max turned his back on the darkness and started back toward the others. He almost stopped moving when he saw they were waiting for him. The foursquares were moving into position. Michael was up, fully healed and staring at him over Maria’s head in a smirky sort of awe. Max could feel echoes of it through Liz’s weakening double connection. They had to hurry.

Michael nodded.

Justin was moving over by Joey, but his wide eyes were fixed on Max. Joey smiled at him with some mixture of pride and love. He started to smile back, then remembered that he was still glowing, still channeling the orb. They had work to do.

Max headed toward Isabel and Michael. Alex had taken Liz’s place beside them, ready to pinch hit again. He looked scared but Max knew he’d come through. Their square wouldn’t be as strong without Liz, but with the orb‘s power, too, they should be strong enough.

Glancing quickly at the L.A. foursome, Max wasn’t surprised to see them incline their heads to him. He nodded in response.

“How touching, bowing to their king,” Croazoh murmured with venom. Max ignored him until the blast of power at his back intensified. He was surprised to realize that he had been shielding himself without even thinking about it. But now it was becoming more difficult. He turned back to Croazoh, the effort almost taking his breath away.

*Max?* Liz was weak, somehow drowning in the dark within her. Max cringed, and felt Michael’s sudden anger. Then they were surrounding him- Isabel, Alex and Michael, grabbing his hands and starting up the connections. Isabel stiffened as his power flowed through their connection. ***Whoa.***

Alex’s eyes opened wide. ****So that’s what a poached egg feels like.****

Max saw Michael give Alex a look. Alex raised his eyebrows.


“They‘ve got Liz,” Max said steadily. “Let’s do it.”


Isabel tightened her grip on Alex’s hand beside her. Having him here was wonderful-

*So you like poached eggs?*

I hate poached eggs.

*Watch it, now.* His blue eyes twinkled at her. *After all the king‘s horses and all the king‘s men put me back together again, the least you can do is give me a taste test.* Isabel smiled, not quite sure exactly what he meant by that.

**Isabel can we focus, please?**

She shook her head. Right. Brother listening. Foursquare. Liz. But the small smile wouldn’t leave her face. ******

Maria felt Nathan’s determination, Joey’s fervency and Justin’s... apathy. So many emotions circling through her. And all she could think about was the way Michael had felt against her a minute ago- different this time. It was as though their bodies were sending out vibes that were totally in sync. Like they made some sort of orgasmic harmony together.

Like if they just touched long enough...

*Maria, focus that energy. Now.*

Maria shot a look over at Joey, but the younger girl kept her eyes straight ahead. There was a faint flush on her cheeks, though. Oh god, her thoughts had made Joey embarrassed.

Uh, sorry... I think it’s a mate thing.

*Right. Focus. Mate later.*

Maria turned back with a smile that left as soon as she saw the ring of dark figures standing over the small, collapsed on in the center.

Oh my god.


That’s it. Liz was almost completely gone. Max summoned all the power circling through him and joined it to the orb’s. It flavored it, changed it- and strengthened it. The dark blast from Croazoh was pushed back farther. Max led his group forward. From the side, another blast of white power joined theirs.

It was Christopher’s group, knocking another sizeable chunk out of the distance to the dark group holding Liz. They moved even closer, close enough to see the figures over Liz, each distinct from the others, yet featureless, still.

“You forget yourself, King. She is dying even as you’re moving.“

Croazoh sounded desperate, but Max felt even more so. Was Liz dying? She was weak, filled with their dark power, but there was no more pain. What were they doing to her? The connection was almost gone now. Panic overtook Max. Where was the other foursquare?


Joey was letting the power gather in her, somehow knowing that it was her job. But the energy flowing from Justin was... wrong. It was weak, flavored with grief and bitterness. Instead of strengthening them, he was making their power useless.

Joey felt her body tense. Justin. Do it right or get out.

He was trying, conjuring more positive emotions now, but it was slow going.

Think about Delia, about Michael. They love you! Fight for them!

A small jump in his power output was the response, but the seconds ticked by and Joey began to despair. Liz needed them; Max needed them, but how could they fight without Justin?

The others had been silent up until now, but Maria’s brittle thoughts pierced the silence. **You know, Michael kept defending you, saying you aren’t the selfish, egotistical bastard we all think you are. But right now, you’re proving him wrong. Liz is in trouble and all you can think about is yourself.**

Justin didn’t hesitate. *I don’t give a damn about Liz. Kate is dead. Why should Liz survive? Why should I? Why should any of us?*

**Go to hell, you coward! Joey, get him out of here.**

*No, I’ll fight. But only because I don’t want anyone griping at me later.*

Joey gritted her teeth to keep from strangling him, but she knew what made him act that way. They could all feel it- his despair, his bitter fury at Kate’s treatment. It was all too easy to understand. And Justin was as good as his word. In seconds, his power clarified, concentrated and fueled the group’s essence. Joey gasped. God, he’s strong.

*Damn straight.*

The power was too much and Joey arched her back as it consumed her.

*Let it go, Joey! Send it out!*

Joey focused in on Justin’s words. Send it out? How? It was a part of her.

*Just do it!*

**Come on, Joey! DO IT!**

***Stop mucking around, Joey! Max needs it!***

Joey closed her eyes and focused on release- She gasped. It was hurtling forward, ripping away her breath as it went.


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