FanFic - Max/Liz
"Darkest Days"
Part 32
by Ash
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the original characters from “Roswell.“ They belong to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims and the wonderful people at WB. I have invented a slew of characters to go with ‘em, though and I hope the originals aren’t too insulted to have them mix and mingle and perhaps fall in love here or there.
Summary: This has become an alternate universe over the course of the other three stories. It was in line with the show through “Sexual Healing” and then my own version of Tess hit the atmosphere in “Captivated by Darkness.“ Two years later, we picked up the story and began the mythology with “Fight the Break of Dawn,“ where Liz was transformed and they met Christopher in L.A. Next came “Fading Into Twilight” which was NOT a wedding fic, but did contain the ill-fated nuptials which led our characters to this point. Now, in my AU, remember that I diverge from the show and Sheriff Valenti is still an unknown quantity, Pierce doesn’t exist, my Tess is very dead (and deservedly so) and the Evans and Mrs. Parker know the truth about the aliens.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Dedication: To Sheeijan and Abs, both of whom are excellent ‘backers and obsessors. Title comes from Remy Zero’s “Yellow Light,” featured in The White Room episode from season one.
“And hey, have you heard about Mr. Crow?
(Well, I think so but I don't know.)
Well, you can't let your panic show.
(My bones begin to shake.)
Reach out your hollow flame,
Oh, you're hangin' so weird and strange,
Oh, your darkest days,
They're just beginning now ...”

Max sat on the floor in the small, bare room, hands tied behind his back, fury alone keeping him upright. He was powerless, drained almost to the point of death and dragged here by some scrubs who were, according to their rushed conversation over him, headed for the door right now.


One look at a shapeshifting alien and they turned into Jell-O.

Max strained at the ropes until another wave of weakness hit him. He swayed and focused his eyes on the white tiled floor, concentrating on staying conscious. His vision was getting spotty.

No. He forced his eyes to stay open. Liz. Think of Liz. The last time he’d seen her, she was crumpled on the floor, the shapeshifter standing over her. The image was burned into his mind with anguish.

Because Max knew who the alien was, and why he was here. Max had seen everything through the connection as the hunter had drained him. He was Tess’ father, Croazoh, and he had sifted Max’s mind until he saw everything. No matter how Max fought, his mind was opened and Croazoh had seen the part Liz played in Tess’ downfall. And he had been incensed almost to the point of madness. Max had felt the screaming fury unleashed in his own mind. *SHE DIES!*

Then Max was forced to watch the images, to see Liz dying over and over, as the hunter devised a way of death befitting her “crimes” against his daughter. The final vision had nothing to do with death, but of a life of slavery and humiliation that Max would rip his own heart out to save Liz from. His roar filled the room and his struggling intensified.

The last time he had seen Liz, Croazoh had been standing over her, transforming himself into another Max.

The thought of what Croazoh could do to her in that body, how she would trust him, how he could use it against her completely incensed him. Hot tears scalded his cheeks and the rope began to give way. He gasped and renewed his struggle. Power gathered inside him once again.


He rocked back and forth, focusing on letting his power gather, running his mind over the fevered emotions inside him. His love for Liz gave him power. His hatred gave him power. Soon, it would be enough.


“’Stay here,’ he says.” Maria sniped as she walked along. “Like I’m a damn poodle. Like I’m completely helpless.” Then she stopped. There were shouts and explosions of power from up ahead and she started jogging. What was she doing? She was heading into a battle zone!

Oh god.

And as she passed the first checkpoint, she remembered why she had fought with herself for so long before coming. The bodies were strewn over the road. She gaped at them until the smell of fried flesh made her gag and she stumbled past to grab at the gate. She pulled in deep lungfuls of fresh air, suddenly realizing that she was shivering.

Tears sprang into her eyes. She was on the brink of a total meltdown. But she couldn’t go back, not past those bodies again. So she just walked on. No thinking, nothing. Just walking.

Then she saw it. She stopped and stared at the white-washed building ahead. In there was death and devastation- and her best friend and the love of her existence, her friends... everything she cared about right now. She needed to be in there with them, needed to see Liz okay and Michael okay and see those bastards made to pay for what they did.

She wiped away a few fevered tears and held her hands out in front to steel herself.

Her eyes were drawn over to the only ring she wore- the delicate, handmade silver ring on her left ring finger... her engagement ring. Maria paused and stopped crying. A small smile crossed her face.

That was her future. HE was her future... The thought was calming and she suddenly knew- she had to go on.


She kissed her ring, crossed herself, and took one more deep, steadying breath.


Maria Leah DeLuca, you’re going to go into that building and...





Joey was relieved to see Nathan and her guardian coming to the van, leading a sullen-looking Justin with them. He must’ve agreed to come along peaceably, or else they would have knocked him out again. But Joey was still planning on keeping her eye on him. She didn’t trust him. It was obvious he had stolen the orb in an attempt to go home- without anyone else. He was selfish and single-minded, a very dangerous combination. She got down out of the van and stared him down as he approached. He just ignored her and climbed in. He passed by the Evans, the Parkers, who greeted him quietly, and the Whitmans to take a seat in the back, alone. Joey sighed, figuring she should be glad they avoided a scene. How in the world did the orb ever expect me to be with him, dreams or not? Ridiculous.

Nathan exchanged a few more quiet words with their guardian and walked over to Joey. “Eh up. You alright?”

“I’m fine, just ready to get out of here before something else happens.”

“Ditto. I‘ll give the maggot a fresh beating on the way. Maybe he‘ll stop throwing a wobbler now that I’m around.” He gave Joey a small smile and followed Justin to the back.

Joey looked over at Kyle, who was covering his mouth in an attempt to stifle laughter, and probably a few smartass remarks as well.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said quietly, climbing back in. Kyle turned back to the front and cranked up the van.

Mr. Evans leaned over to the front seat. “Is that everyone?“

“Yes sir,” Kyle called out gamely. Joey smiled at the sarcastic smile on Kyle’s face and looked back over to the guardian, who was standing still with a strange look on his face. “Is something wrong?“

He shook his head. “The orb is calling. I must go.“

“Great.” She couldn’t stand it. “Uh... how do I call you if I need you? And- WHAT do I call you?”

“Matpatha. I only come if the orb wills it. You are strong enough together to do anything, even on your own.”

His eyes expressed a sureness that she didn’t feel at all. A sarcastic smile curved her lips. Kyle must be rubbing off on me.

“Right. See ya’ ’round- maybe.”

He turned to leave and then froze. And Joey knew why.

She felt a ripple of power... from somewhere nearby, getting closer...

“Oh my god...”

“What,” Kyle snapped.

Then in front of the van, an image shimmered and grew solid.

“Oh my god...“ Fear gripped Joey so that she could barely breathe.


“Joey, what is it?“

She couldn’t even answer the questions from the back. No sound would come out.

It was Garrett.


“Sh*t!” Kyle jammed the van into gear and jerked it forward.

Garrett’s hand shot out and the van stopped, its wheels spinning helplessly on the pavement. Kyle cursed again and pressed the gas to the floor. He was going to run the bastard into the ground if he could.

If the damn van... would just...


Oh no.

Garrett was walking toward the driver’s side, smiling. The van wheels were still spinning on... whatever the hell it was they were spinning on. Kyle switched from drive into second desperately, but they were just stuck. Chaos erupted from the back.

“What’s he doing?”


“Joey,” Justin yelled. “Move!”

Kyle could hear the backseat aliens scrambling to get to the front and he was cheering them on. Garrett was almost to his window after all. Where the hell is Dad?

Kyle looked in his rearview mirror to see his Dad frantically trying to get out of the SUV, his doors apparently shut by alien power.

Great. And Garrett was now standing beside the driver’s door. Kyle took a moment to review his options. Hop in Joey’s lap and beg for protection or stand and be fried like a man. And as much as her lap was calling to him, he knew he had to at least try to keep Garrett away from her. He had sworn it. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard Nathan and Justin arguing, fighting over the door. Joey barked something at them just as Kyle’s window started to open by itself.

“Kyle... he‘s a hunter.“ Joey warned him quietly.

Kyle couldn’t help himself. He looked sideways at her. “Ya’ think?”

Her eyes were open wide with fear.

Kyle gulped nervously and turned back around to face Garrett. Kyle smiled. “So... are you a boxers or briefs kinda‘ guy? My friends and I had you figured for the tighty-whitey type. Am I right?” Underneath the window, Kyle was reaching around for something- anything to defend himself with.

Garrett’s face was expressionless.

“Hey, I got twenty bucks ridin’ on this.” Kyle’s hand hit something- maybe mace? He brought it up and held it out in front of him with a fierce grunt.

Garrett looked at the can and then over at Kyle with raised eyebrows. Kyle gulped. It was a can of WD40. He shrugged and pressed on the button.

A slight movement of the doctor’s hand and the can shimmered out of existence. Kyle froze. One second the can was there, solid and real in his hand. The next, it was gone.

Kyle looked over at Garrett. “That’s got to come in handy around the house.”

Garrett’s hand shot out and touched Kyle’s forehead before he could even blink. The pain was immediate.

There was yelling, Joey was screaming something. But he couldn’t hear anymore, his brain was being torn apart; he could feel it being manipulated, torn...

He slumped in the seat and fought to speak, to warn Joey, to yell for help... anything. Everything was red, pulsating red... darkness.


Michael was exhausted, but exhilarated. He and his little army were unbeatable. They stood in the white hallway, heaving breaths and looking around for any last attempts to push them out. So far, they had only had to kill three men. The others, when faced with six grim-faced, powered up aliens, chose to run.

Michael smirked. To be more specific, when faced with one dark-haired, green-eyed hellcat that screamed obscenities as she blasted away the ground from under the bastards- they ran. Delia was a mess, but man, could she fight.

He looked over at her now, where she was leaning against Tug and trying to catch her breath. She’d probably used the most power so far, although it was Tug and Michael who’d actually done the killing.

Around the corner, two men in plastics suddenly appeared and stopped short when they saw the aliens.

Michael felt the influx of power as everyone shifted to face them. One move and those guys were toast.

They seemed to know it, because they backed away and disappeared around the corner.

Michael’s interest was peaked. Where were they coming from? “Let’s go.” He motioned to the others and led the way.


His heart stopped as he whipped around toward the voice. “MARIA!” She was running down the hallway, two armed men chasing her. He stepped forward and flung his arm out. The men halted. Maria threw herself into Michael and he grabbed her with one arm.

His fury was unleashed on the men in seconds. They were engulfed in white hot power and their burned bodies fell to the ground.

“Oh my god...” Maria’s whispered.

Michael pulled her in his arms and bit back the string of curses that threatened to come out on human females in general and on Maria DeLuca and her stubbornness in particular.

“Michael, let’s go.” Isabel was barely hanging on.

Michael felt another pang of fear for their friends.

Right. He pulled away from Maria. “Stay close. Everyone, let’s move.”

They headed down the right hallway, where the men had disappeared.

Rounding the corner, they saw the first evidence that Max and Liz had been here. The door in the center of the hallway had been melted clean through.

“Oh my god.”

Michael’s entire body tensed up. “We go in two by two. I’m first. Delia, you’re with me.”

The look of pure determination she gave him made him smile. “Christopher, Isabel, you’re next. Then Maria with Tug. Shelley, you’re last. Remember, there’s a hunter here somewhere. Be prepared for anything.”

The others were already lined up and they nodded soberly. Isabel met his eyes for a long moment. “We have to find Max.”

Michael nodded. “We will.”

Then something brushed the edge of his mind.


Michael froze. That was the first time he’d felt her since the hunter had...

LIZ?? He put out a hand to stop Delia.

“What is it?“

“Michael, what are you doing?”

Michael turned and walked a little ways down the hall.


Yes. It was her.

He turned to Christopher. “Take over. I’m going to find Liz.”

Christopher nodded firmly and looked around the group. “Do you need some cover?”

“No, you keep everyone here with you.”

“Michael,” Maria glared at him.

He grabbed her and kissed her hard. “Stay with them, please. I have to do this.”

She shook her head with teary eyes. “No.”

“I can’t- I can’t protect you.”

She stared at him with complete faith. “Yes you can. And I can protect you.”

He blinked at the sureness in her voice. He felt the stirring of the connection again and nodded at Maria. “You keep your eyes open. And stay right beside me.”

She just nodded.

“Be safe,” Delia whispered to him as they walked away.

Michael turned back and gave her a long look. “You, too.”

Then, with Maria’s hand clasped in his, he strode toward the last door. If he was reading the connection right, that was a stairway. And Liz was up there somewhere.


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