FanFic - Max/Liz
"Cutting Away"
Part 1
by Lenore13
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: After Destiny. The school year has just begun and Max canít wait to see Liz. Just as a warning, this is a sad story, but a happy ending may prevail.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
The summer had just ended and everyone was getting ready to go back to school for their junior year. Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael couldnít escape the feeling that this would be one of the hardest things to do. To go back to school and face those, whom they loved so much, but had pulled away from. It wasnít like Liz, Maria and Alex hadnít pulled away from them too, but they still knew it was their fault. Tess was still trying harder then anything to get Max to love her, but he became more detached then ever after Liz ran away from him. He was anxious to see her again. He remembered watching her the week after she had left him in the desert. He would climb up her ladder and sit on her chair and watch her sleep every night, but then one night she wasnít there. This scared him more then anything, but when he asked Lizís parents, they said she just needed time to herself and had gone away to a better place.

It was the first day of school, and as Max sat down in his history class he hoped more then anything he would have a class with Liz. He wanted to just look into her eyes and embrace her, tell her that he still loved her. As the teacher called out the names of the kids in his class Maxís heart jumped when he heard Lizís name, but sank when she never answered. Liz was no where to be seen. Max quickly thought that maybe she was just late. After class though, he began to worry. As he went into his second class he again heard the teacher calling roll call, and again Liz'í name was called.

At the end of the day as Max met up with Tess, Isabel and Michael he felt so defeated and lonesome. Isabel could tell something was wrong and led him over to a secluded area.

"Max, whatís wrong?"

"Nothing Iz."

"You know you canít play this game with me Max, I know when something is wrong. Itís Liz, isnít it?"

Max nodded slowly. "I had four classes with her, and she wasnít in any of them. And when I finally got the courage to ask Maria where Liz was, Maria started to cry."

Isabel hugged Max close to her knowing Max was completely broken inside. "Its OK Max, Iíll help you find her."

Three months into the school year. Liz has still not shown up to school and Maria isnít willing to tell anyone where she is.

As Max walks down the halls his eyes suddenly see her, his Liz. He runs towards Liz, but stops when she sees her embracing another man. As Max looks closer he sees it is Eddie. Max remembered when he had first met Eddie after seeing Riverdog for the first time. Max feels his knees weaken as Liz gives Eddie as kiss on the cheek and whispers something into his ear. He then feels his hands clench into a fist as Eddie hugs Liz and his hands travel down her back to her butt. Max wanted nothing more then to just throw Eddie into the wall and tell him to leave Liz alone, but Liz wasnít his anymore. Why hadnít he gone after her that day? Why did he just let the love of his life, his true soul mate just run away?

As Max walked into class he noticed that the only seat left was one next to Liz. As he looked over her he noticed something strange. She was thinner then usual, and her eyes looked so lost and weak. She looked weak, as if the whole world was crushing her lungs and she could barely breath. As he sat down he looked over at her and noticed again how sad she looked. He had caused that sadness, he knew it, and all he wanted to do was fix it and make her happy. He wanted to run his fingers through her hair and hold her close to him, but he couldnít.

After the teacher had started class he began to tell the class about a project, and that he would pair them into groups of two. Maxís heart raced as he waited to hear who he was paired with, knowing deep down that it was with Liz. As the teacher read Lizís name, Lizís heart also began to race. "Liz Parker, you will be paired withÖ..Max Evans." Suddenly a big thud was heard as Liz fell to the ground. Max jumped out of his chair and bent down to her. She was barely breathing. He took her hand into his and began to roll her sleeve up to make sure her pulse was all right. As he did he saw for the first time how much he had really hurt Liz. There on her arm were scares. Ugly cut wounds that just looked back up at Max.

The teacher had told Max to bring her to the nurse, instead Max just brought her outside and held her close as he sat on the floor. His eyes still look at her arm. He then moved up her other sleeve wondering if maybe she had just drop some glass. As he moved her sleeve up he felt Liz come to and stare up at him. She saw the pain in his eyes as he looked at her scars. At this she again fainted. Max suddenly heard footsteps running towards him.

"What have you done to her?" Max heard as he looked over at Eddie running towards him.

Max couldnít get any words to come out of his mouth. His eyes flashed with anger as Eddie tried to pull Liz away from him, but his hands held her closer. Eddie started down at Max.

"Please, I love her Max. She needs me." Max closed his eyes as he caressed Lizís face. Suddenly a flash jumped into his head.


Liz walks towards a brick and takes the brick out of the wall. She slips her journal into the space and then replaces the brick as she turns around there are tears streaming down her face. She runs inside and breaks a mirror and begins to drag it against her arm and then her legs. Suddenly Lizís parents come in and see Liz lying on her bathroom floor bleeding badly. Her arms and legs are cut up terribly, and blood is gushing to the floor.

-end flash-

Eddie pulls Liz away and pulls her close to him. He begins to whisper into Lizís ear as he strokes her back lovingly. As Liz comes to she begins to cry. Max looks at her in Eddieís arms and wishes nothing more then to be able to hold Liz like that. Max gets up and walks back into class to get Lizís stuff. He puts it down next to Eddie and then returns to class, his heart broken.

At lunch Isabel senses something is wrong with Max and again leads him over to someplace they can talk.

"What happened Max?"

Max pulls Isabel to him and hugs her as he begins to cry. She had never seen him cry and knew something terrible had happened. She pulls Max away and again asked him what happened. Slowly Max began to tell her about his history class and what had happened that day. After he is done Isabel pulls Max close to her again and tells him everything will be OK and that Liz will be OK.

After school Isabel looks around hoping to find Liz. She knows that Max and Liz are meant to be and she canít stand to see her brother so miserable. Suddenly Isabel sees Liz, but she is with someone. As she looks closer she gasp as she sees that it is Eddie. What could Liz see in Eddie, but she knew already. When Isabel had first met Eddie, she could tell how much Eddie liked Liz. He cared for just as much as Max did. As she started to walk towards Liz and Eddie she slows down and notices the same thing Max had noticed. Liz had become so thing and vulnerable. Isabel knew Liz didnít care for Eddie, but there must be a reason as to why they were so close. She began to walk towards them but stopped when she saw Eddie put his hand around Lizís waist and draw her close to him. Eddie knew Isabel was coming and he wasnít bout to let her talk Liz back into Maxís arms. Isabel continued over to Liz.

"Hey Liz."

Liz didnít want to say anything for fear of what Isabel might say. She knew that Isabel knew everything, she had seen Max tell Isabel. Isabelís eyes stared at Lizís covered arms. Eddie quickly covered Lizís arms with his own.

"Is there something you needed Isabel?" Eddie as coldly.

"I just wanted to talk to Liz. No need to be so mean about it."

Liz looked into Isabelís eyes and then looked down again. Isabel saw everything inside of Liz now. Liz was simply using Eddie for his protection. While she did like him, she didnít love him. Isabel glanced again at Eddie and again saw what she had wanted. Eddie to was using Liz, but he did love her. He knew how sick and vulnerable she was. She would do anything, and he wanted to keep her that way.

"Well, I donít think Liz is in the talking mood right now. We have to get going."

Eddie pushed Liz on. Isabel watched as Eddie pushed Liz into the car. As he got into the car he began to yell at her and Isabel could see Liz crying. If Eddie loves Liz so much why was he treating her like this Isabel though to herself. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. As she turned around she saw Michael and Max.

"She doesnít love him Max." Isabel commented as she turned back around and saw Eddie take off.

Liz didnít show up to school for another three weeks. She no longer lived at her house and she didnít work at the crash down. When Max had confronted Maria about Lizís secret, Maria began to cry. She wished she could have told Max, but Liz had made her promise.

"Maria, does Liz still do stuff to herself? Max asked as he scanned the halls for Liz or Eddie.

"I think so. EddieÖ.I mean her parents seem to have been able to stop her pretty much."

"Why is she with Eddie?

"Eddie saved her. He took away her fears. He made her believe in life."

"Oh. Do you know when she will be back?"

"I donít know Max. She is the hospÖ" Max suddenly shot up at the word.

"Why is Liz in the hospital Maria?"

"Max I canít tell you. I promised Liz." Maxís eyes searched Mariaís.

"Please Maria. I still love her."

"Ok, but you didnít hear this from me. She and Eddie got into a fight. He accused her of still loving you and she became upset. After Eddie had fallen asleep she began to just cut herself." Maria saw the life drain from Maxís face.

Max ran to the doors of the school and ran out to his car. He jumped into his car, turned it on and fled to the hospital. He had to see Liz. When he arrived at the hospital he asked one of the nurses where Liz Parker was.

"Oh yes, Liz, I believe she is in the childrenís section, though she may be in her bed in the ward."

Max fled up the stairs to the childrenís section. He slowed his pace as he saw Liz sitting with two little boys both crying. He stopped completely and just watched as Liz comforted the two boys. His heart raced as he imagined Liz being a mother. She looked so beautiful in her gown. His eyes then traveled over he body. She had bandages all around her arms. He walked over to Liz and knelt down. She hadnít even noticed. As she looked up she caught Maxís eyes and just stared back at him. His beautiful soulful eyes looking right back into hers. The boys suddenly left for no reason and Max offered his hand to Liz. She took it and his heart began to race again. Her soft loving hands. He helped her up from the floor and the two began to walk together, their hands still locked. Liz led Max up to her room. She knew they needed to talk, even if she wasnít ready. When they got to her room Liz found Eddie standing there, looking at the two in disbelief. Liz felt Max squeeze her hand and she knew right then and there that Max still loved her, but she let go anyway. She walked over to Eddie, but as she reached him he slapped her. Her cheek puffed up ands she fell to the floor. Maxís jaw tightened and his fist clenched into a fist. He had never become so angry. He dove at Eddie and knocked him unconscious. Liz looked up at Max and she felt his hands pick her up.

"Do you want to leave?" Max asked as he held Liz close to him. He was sitting in one of the chairs outside her room with Liz on his lap. She nodded and he got up again, Liz still in his arms and he carried her away.

Maxís jeep pulled to a stop in front of the Crash Down.

"You want some help in?" Max asked as he healed Liz where Eddie had slapped her.

"I donít want to go home" Liz whispered. "Please, take me somewhere else." Her voice sounded broken and lost. Max put the car into gear and moved on towards his house. As they reached his driveway he noticed that Liz was asleep. He didnít want his parents seeing him take Liz in with him so he went around back and slid in through his window He laid Liz down on his bed. She was still wearing the hospital gown, but she still looked radiant to Max. He looked in his closet and drawers for something else she could wear. Something to warm her up. He finally found a pair of sweats and a tee shirt. Not wanting to hurt Liz in anyway he went into Isabelís room and asked her to come and help him. As Isabel walked into the room and saw Liz she gasped.

"Max, what have you done?"

"She didnít want to go home."

"This had better be for only one night. What do you need my help with?"

"She canít just sleep in that. Here." Max handed Isabel the sweats and shirt and left the room.

After a few minutes Isabel and glanced at Max worriedly.

"MaxÖ have you seen her?" "What do you mean?"

" She is so skinny and frail. And she isÖ" Isabel stopped as she saw the pain growing in Maxís eyes. "Donít worry Max, she will get better."

Max walked back into his room and sat on the bed. He looked down at Liz and then at her exposed arms again. The scars looked at him again and he knew he had made them. He lightly kissed each scar and they disappeared. Liz stirred at his touch and pulled him to her. He kicked his shoes off and pulled Liz close to him, her head resting against his chest and his arm around her waist.

When Liz awoke she found herself still in Maxís arms. She smiled softly and turned to face his face. She bit her lip as she took in his beautiful features. Her finger slowly began to trace his lower lip, and Liz felt Max move a little. His eyes open and looked into hers. What a wonderful way to wake up Max thought to himself. He hugged Liz, pulling her even closer to him. He pushed a few fallen strands oh hair behind Lizís ear and kissed her forehead softly. Liz then snuggled up to him and began to doze off again.

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