FanFic - Max/Liz
"Captivated by Darkness"
Part 26
by Ash
Disclaimer: Written purely for entertainment purposes. I have borrowed their characters, but have no intention of stealing any glory from the most excellent show on television. Simply a tribute.
Summary: After "Sexual Healing"; Mostly M/L and M/M, some M/T and others in background; a "T" storyline, so bail now if you don't want to walk the walk of the damned.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Dedication: to N/A, whose trilogies are awe-inspiring.
Max looked over at Liz and the breath left his body. She was glaring at him with hatred. Max shook his head. No, that's Tess...

"Damn you. I wasn't supposed to die in that fire," Tess/Liz whispered fiercely. She scrambled to her feet and backed away. "Liz Parker should have died but you saved her. You saved her... why not me?"

Max followed her, his heart in his throat. "Tess, I'm sorry. I wasn't there. I didn't know," he spoke very calmly, stretching out his hands toward her. "Let's just talk about it and you can let Liz go."

Tess fumed at him. "NO! If I let her go, then I don't exist to you. The orb gave me a second chance. And you chose this- this human," Tess spat the words out as she slammed a fist into the wall. Max was frantic to see her pull the hand back, broken and bloody. He managed to stay back and keep his train of thought with great effort. "The orb gave you another chance? How?"

Tess glared at him for a moment, then relented slightly. "It's just like healing someone; you just have to have more power. And believe me, the guardian has as much power as he wants."

"So, after you were... burned, the orb... uh," Max hesitated, not able to continue.

She smiled, but it was a hollow one. "Resurrected me? Yeah."

Max was reeling. These words coming out of Liz's mouth...

"Why," he whispered.

"Oh, it had its reasons: preserving the blood line, keeping you and Liz apart. That's the funny thing, you two being together awakened it, and I think it immediately started plotting against you. I just happened to be the answer to both problems." She looked away, and her voice tightened. "Then, as soon as it found out that you didn't... want me, it killed me again. Two miserable lives and two painful deaths," Tess paused and whispered. "... all for want of you, Max Evans."

Max felt a shudder pass through him.


Michael squinted his eyes and began to walk forward.

Maria grabbed his arm. "Michael, are you crazy? That thing will eat you alive," Maria was desperate. "And I refuse to watch you get eaten, Michael Guerin!"

He shrugged her off and walked on. "Stay back, Maria."

A loud roar shook the cave. Maria shrieked, but Alex held her back.

Isabel went after him. "Michael, get your ass back here!"

He was still walking forward...

Suddenly, the bear lunged into the moonlight, teeth bared, claws extended. Isabel froze in terror.

Michael crouched down, but held his ground. "Here goes nothin'," he whispered to himself.

Isabel screamed as the bear stood up on its hind legs, now towering over Michael.

"Oh my god," Alex ran forward and grabbed Isabel, pulling her back with him.

As they reached where Maria stood horrified, he placed himself in front of the girls. "Don't watch." Isabel clung to Alex's shoulder; Maria squeezed his arm tight.

But their eyes were fixed on the scene before them. The bear lumbered closer to Michael, his massive claws now just inches away. Alex just had time to realize that he should probably leave the girls to help Michael. But a sudden roar tore into his thoughts. The powerful jaws were open, the sharp teeth dripping saliva only inches from Michael's face as the terrible roar blasted by him. He was completely motionless, dwarfed by the huge beast.

Alex desperately pulled free from the girls and ran toward Michael.

Oh my GOD what am I doing...

Suddenly the bear stopped. It eyed Michael for what seemed like forever, taking no notice of Alex at all. Then put its front paws down and padded back to the cave.

Alex stared at Michael, then back at the cave.

Michael let out his breath slowly, his eyes transfixed on the spot where the bear had been.

Alex was the first to speak, pointing at the bear with joking bravado. "Yeah, you better stay in that cave. I got somemin for ya' nex' time!" He nodded and turned to the girls as they ran up breathlessly. "I think I need to change my pants," Alex said lightly.

Isabel touched him lightly on the arm, her eyes filled with tears. "Thank you."

Then she turned to Michael and yelled at him shakily. "Why did you do that?"

Maria slid her hand in the crook of his arm and tried to steady her breathing.

Michael glanced down at her, then over at Isabel. "That wasn't a bear. That was Nasedo. Max is in there alright."


Max felt the weight of her words, but had to try again. "Tess, this is between you and me," Max whispered. "Let Liz go."

Tess' face twisted in anger and she backed away from him. "NO! She dies first," Tess yelled and turn to run. She flung her arms out, sending shockwaves out in all directions. Darkness enveloped them.

"Tess, TESS" Max yelled as the energy knocked him backwards.

The cave parroted his words back at him, distorting them until they were no longer recognizable. He jumped to his feet, quickly focusing on making light in his hands. Just as the light illuminated the walls around him, he heard a distant rumble ahead. He sucked in a breath.



They all stared at Michael in amazement. "Why would he want to keep us from Max," Isabel asked.

Suddenly, a rumbling drew their attention to the cave. The ground began to termor under their feet and they grabbed at each other for safety. A large cloud of dust blew out out of the cave, barely visible in the moonlight, followed by more rumblings and crashing sounds.

"Oh my god, Max!" Isabel ran toward the cave, followed by the others.

In the darkness, the dust overcame them quickly. Coughing and choking, Michael held up his hands as he attempted to peer into the cave ahead. "MAX? MAX? I swear, if Tess hurt him, I'm gonna'-"

"Kill her," Maria asked with a desperate attempt at a smile. "Guess again. She's been there, done that. Remember?"

A sudden light in Isabel's hands made everyone pause.

Then Alex, still back at the cave opening, spoke up. "Hey, where's the bear? I mean, Nasedo?"

They all glanced at him and froze.

"R-right behind you, Alex," Maria managed to choke out.

Alex turned to see the silhouette of the beast at the mouth of the cave, standing still as stone.

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