FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by JBluver
Disclaimer: I regret to admit this, but I do not own the show Roswell, its characters, or anything else (sniff, sniff), though I get first dibs on Jason Behr when he goes on sale!
Summary: Liz started dating someone new during the summer after Destiny, but he has a secret that could harm the ones she loves . . .
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I dedicate this to Krystle, the only other person I know who truly understands how HOT Jason Behr is. I also dedicate it to Monica, who doesnít understand why we love Jason Behr so much, but supports us anyways! I hate the character Tess, and I have made an oath with Krystle to never capitalize that name, but the fanfiction people want me to capitalize her name, so I hafta break this oath for this story. I'm sorry!!! In this story, I make Tess act the way she acts on the show (a whiny little brat that cares only about her destiny, and not about the people involved and what feelings they have about the destiny). I will reserve evil Tess for another fanfic. I know Davidís last name is weird, but itís weird for a reason. Please give me feedback, this is my first fanfic! I'm sorry if I offend anyone w/ the whole hate for Tess. Oh, and thoughts are in stars, *like this* and journal entries are in two stars, **like this**
**Itís August 31, 2000, and Iím Liz Parker. The pain of leaving Max to his destiny will never leave me. Max Evans was my first love, and I will never forget him. He has been gone the entire summer; Maria told me that he went to California with Michael, Isabel, and Tess. I havenít seen him since I walked away that day, the worst day of my life. Heís supposed to come back tomorrow, and I donít know what to do. Tess has had him for the past three months, and has probably followed him around, whining about their destiny together. Iíve wondered every day if he gave in to his destiny, to his attraction to Tess. I hope he did, because he needed answers for the questions of his past, and being with Tess will help him find them. All I know at this moment is that he will always be in my heart.**

Liz looked up at the stars, wondering about Max. Her eyes filled with tears. *He should be happy with Tess. Yeah, thatís a load of BS.* She knew that deep down in her heart, she wanted to run into Maxís arms and never let him go. But, she also knew that she couldnít, so thatís why she had been lying to herself, saying that Tess was best for him. She was his kind, after all. They had a bond that Liz and Max didnít have, and couldnít break. She sighed, and continued to write.

**The thing I am worried about the most is David. I feel this attraction to him, and I canít deny it. What will Max do when he finds out about him?**

She smiled when she thought of David. She met him at the July 4th Picnic that her parents, Maria and Alex dragged her to. He made her smile for the first time since her break up with Max. They got really close, and she felt that she had a bond with him. He didnít complete her like Max did, but he was the next best thing. He was tall, had brown hair and bright green eyes. Oh, his eyes. They were beautiful, almost reminded her of Maxís. She felt ashamed to compare Maxís eyes with someone elseís, but Davidís eyes were . . . indescribable. There was something in them that she had never seen before. Liz thought it was love. She believed it was where this attraction was coming from.

David and Liz had gotten really close over the summer. He always knew what she needed, and he was quite a romantic. He gave huge tips at the Crashdown, and left presents for her in random places. They just started dating in the beginning of August, and Liz was always happy when he was there. He made her believe that she could move on. He didnít even know who Max was. All he knew that she had just come off of a bad relationship when he met her. She was terrible then. She cried herself to sleep every night, and she didnít eat much. Anyone who saw her knew something was horribly wrong. Her parents, Maria, and Alex didnít quite understand her pain, so they couldnít comfort her the way she needed to be comforted. She needed strong arms around her, keeping her safe. Only David knew that, and she didnít even need to tell him. *David is perfect for me.* And with him on her mind, she fell asleep content.


Max sat on the airplane, thinking about Liz. God, how he missed her. Being away from everything had made him stop crying at night, start eating again, and even get out of his room at his auntís cabin. The pain of loss was there, but didnít completely consume him. Him being away from Roswell, Liz, and all the alien crap during the summer really helped him, as Isabel, Michael, and Tess said it would. Oh, man, Tess. She was a pain during that first month, following Max around, whining about their destiny together, when she knew what he was going through. After awhile, she stopped, and Max figured that Isabel told her to shut up about it, because she and Isabel didnít talk to each other for a week. California was good; he got reacquainted with his aunt, got closer to Isabel and Michael, and forgot about his destiny for awhile. But he was glad to come back, because he wanted to see Liz. He wanted to see her work at the Crashdown, see her smile, laugh, and hang out with her friends; he wanted to kiss her. *No, I canít kiss her. She wonít let me; she wants me to be with Tess. Screw that. Iím going to fight for her. I know she wants to be with me.* Max fell asleep to dreams of Liz, more determined than heís been all summer.


David Regieg laid in his bed, staring at the picture of him and Liz on his nightstand. He was thinking about Liz, and his mission. *She thinks that I donít know about Max. I know everythingóhis relationship with Liz, his secret. I donít care about Liz. She was so vulnerable when I found her, and she fell under my spell easily. Her love for her precious Max was covered by her love for me. Damn, my powers are good.* David smiled. He loved messing with Lizís mind. He couldnít wait for Max to come, because he planned to completely torture him through Liz. *Max doesnít know about the change in destiny. Heíll find out when itís too late, and that will just add onto the torment. Liz is Maxís one weakness, and since I have her, he is in my control, and is a dead man walking. Killing him quickly is too easy. I think Iíll tease him first. He does have a problem with jealousy. Liz being with a guy she loves and believes loves her back will kill Max mentally. Then I will be there to do it physically. When she realizes that she helped kill her soulmate, she will be crushed, and that will only hurt Max more. Man, I love being an evil alien.* David chuckled. *I have powers, an awesome destiny to kill, and I even get to make out with my enemyís love before I kill her, too. This is the life.*

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