FanFic - Max/Liz
"Captivated by Darkness"
Part 12
by Ash
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Liz hated walking alone at night, regardless of the circumstance.

And tonight, when she was expecting a visit from some unknown, shapeshifting alien who wanted God-only-knows-what from her...well, it was definitely worse.

But what could she do? Beg Michael to go with her?

No way. She had gotten all the way to Michael's without incident. She would just continue on to Max's- a few blocks away.

And Maria should be looking out for her. Maybe Max, too...

Don't get your hopes up, she lectured herself. This visit is strictly business. You are so over the alien. Right?


Okay, left on Maple, past the church and straight through the light.

There was plenty of traffic there, a few people. Liz breathed more easily now.

Until the turn for Max's street.

The noises of cars had faded into the background.

She was almost there. She could see the Evanses house ahead and her breath caught in her throat.

Maybe she should have let Maria give her a ride.

No, she was much safer this way.

Liz hunched her shoulders.

When your life starts resembling an episode of the Twilight Zone, it's time to cut your best friends loose. Otherwise, they'd be walking this long, dark road with you, just waiting for-

Good grief! Stop thinking like that, she ordered herself. Max is going to think you're a lunatic if you get there all out of breath and frantic. He may not even-

Liz's feet suddenly refused to move any farther.

A dark figure had stepped out from behind a tree. She squinted in the half-light.

It was the Indian man that she and Max had seen in the desert that night when they found the orb.

He was about thirty feet away, watching her. Waiting for her.

Her breath came out in a rush.


Of course! He must've known about the orb. Was he guarding it when they discovered it?

The man began to walk slowly in her direction.

She fell back a step, then stopped herself. She was so close to Max's house. She had to go on.

What other option was there?

She clenched her fists tightly.

Maybe she should just try to talk to Max at school...although Nasedo had been able to get to her there, too.

Liz fought back tears of fear and frustration.

It was inevitable. Whatever he was going to do to her was going to happen regardless of where or when. She couldn't run from him.

So she slowly started walking forward.

Maybe he just wanted to show her something, something in the visions that she hadnšt seen before. Maybe she could talk to him, even if he wouldnšt let her talk to Max.

His face was passive, registering no emotion at all.

Liz stopped.

He was raising a hand toward her.


A chill crept up her spine.

She saw white-

Her head jerked back in a spasm of pain.


Max and Tess kissing...


flesh entertwining...


under sheets...


Liz standing on the street outside Maxšs house


Liz lying on the ground, lifeless

She couldn't see- couldn't think-

The stabbing pain slashed through her mind bringing blinding light, pulsating red spots and finally, blackness.

On her knees now, she opened her mouth to scream for help, but another burst of pain forced the breath from her lungs. her brain was being squeezed, manipulated.

This time the pulsating red spots stayed, with residual pain and warm, sticky wetness flowing from her nose.


Finally, the pain receded and Liz realized that someone had picked her up.

Through the dizziness, she heard Michael's voice calling her name. He was walking, holding her close to his chest.

Liz weakly grabbed at his shirt, just trying to breathe normally again.

Suddenly, Michael stopped and groaned in pain. He dropped to his knees, Liz falling limply out of his arms.

She opened her eyes and gasped.


She pressed her hands to her eyes as she sat up, trying to make them see something, anything.

A whisper of pain touched her mind, and she braced herself for another onslaught. But it never came.

Something was buffering it...

"Michael," Liz ventured in between breaths. She could hear his ragged breathing in front of her.

She hesitated, then reached her hands up to touch his face.

He was grimacing, hands to his head.

Liz swore to herself. He was protecting her somehow. This was her fault.

A strange dizziness overcame Liz as the red spots returned.

She felt a... presence in her mind... taking over, leaving a burning trail as it branched its way throughout her body.

It felt...wrong, very wrong.

She tried to fight it.


In response, the warmth radiating through her became scorchingly hot, burning, boiling...

She dimly heard Michael beside her let out an agonized cry.




Max hit the door running.

That vision- Liz, lifeless- was seared into his brain.

It only took seconds to see them in front of his neighbor's house- two dark figures writhing against the white of the sidewalk- one on his knees, hands to his head; the smaller one coiled tight against the ground, barely moving.

Max moved forward in horror, feeling each heartbeat like a hammer in his chest.

Someone was hurting Liz and Michael...

And when someone stepped directly in front of Max, he shoved them out of the way and continued on faster.

Now he could see the blood on Liz's face, the agony on Michael's...

But there was a sudden burst of light from in front of him, and someone was standing in his way again.

Max blinked. It was the Indian from the desert, the night Liz and he found the orb.

This man had just produced light from thin air.


Maria was sitting on the couch inventing interesting and painful ways to get rid of Tess when Max rushed by with terror in his eyes.

And Maria was on her feet in an instant, blocking Tess' path.

"Going somewhere," she smirked.

Tess took a step back, murder in her eyes.

"You have no idea what youšre doing," she spat out. "I'm not gonna let you screw this up for me."

Tess reached out her hands, her fingers taunt.

Maria flew back against the couch, her head cracking loudly against the wooden frame.

Fear coursed through Maria as she felt the knot on her head.

Tess was a lot more dangerous that she seemed

But Maria had only a second to be glad that she couldn't get up to follow Tess.

Isabel was beside her in an instant.

"Maria," she pulled her up and propelled her towards the door. "We've got to help Max. Something's happening."

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