Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"
Part 1
by Anna
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Roswell, it belongs to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, UPN..
Summary: This is an AU fan fic, Liz is raised as Max's sister by the Evans' since her parents death when she was eight, but slowly, Liz and Max relationship will be turned upside down. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are aliens.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: As you can see, I am not an English speaker. This is my first fan fiction, moreover in English! I would like to thanks Beth, Liz, Kazza and Kim who helped me with my English and gave me direction to improve it. I really wouldn't have been able to continue without their help! Also, I would like to say thank you to all the writers who gave me the want to write as ShellSueD, Jasper711, Linda, Anne, Fanatic101. I would really appreciate all feed back.
Have you ever fell like crying over nothing, like strangling anyone who dare saying a word to you, like going very far somewhere no one knows you, so you can start over again. This November afternoon, Liz Parker was in that state of mind. There wasn't any particular reason, she had just came back from Kyle Valenti's, Mister Popularity, her very newly ex-boyfriend. She had no idea why she had dump him, he was steady and loyal, always very nice to her, very hot. but this afternoon, while she was in Kyle's arm, watching Shakespeare in Love (after half an hour making puppy's eyes to Kyle) Liz fell into one of her 'I have to find my soulmate' moods. Without giving a second thought to her decision, or even letting Kyle understand what was happening, she broke up with him.

Lately she had several crisis like this, but usually there was someone to calm her down, to make her see that Kyle took very good care of her, to remind her that she'd rather be with someone who wasn't her soulmate than be alone. The thing was, that afternoon, at Kyle's, Max wasn't there.

Liz sighed when her thoughts went to Max Evans. They had known each other forever, or so it seemed. Their parents were best friends, inseparable from the time they were in high school. They almost lived together when Liz was born.


One day, when she was four, the Evans and the Parkers were on a road, crossing the desert when they saw naked six-year-old children. They were too afraid to move or to take Diane Evans hand. That's when Liz got of the car. The instant she made eye contact with Max, she had his trust. He slowly walked to Liz and hesitantly took her hand, Isabel followed.

For four years, they saw each other almost everyday. Whereas Isabel felt immediately at home in the Evans house Max would cry during endless nights. Only Liz could calm him down and make him feel at home. So ever since they met they where very close. With some time, Liz and Isabel became very good friends and then they all met Alex and Maria whom where also Max and Isabel's age. All of them were in the same grade because of Liz skipped kindergarten and started first grade the same time as the others. When the gang was in third grade, they met Michael and Tess, who were siblings. Immediately Max and Isabel recognized them, but never grew apart from Liz.

The day of her eighth birthday, Liz and her parents were coming back from visiting her grandmother's grave when a truck came out of nowhere and crashed into their car. Liz's parents died instantly.

Liz was critically injured and the doctors were seriously worried about her condition. That's when the four aliens agreed to tell her the truth about them so Max could heal her. Tess wasn't too happy about that but Max didn't give her too much of a choice. That, and the fact that Liz came and live with the Evans, had her and Max growing closer, if that was possible. They were each other's strength.

Liz came back from her reverie and walked into the house in the search of Max.

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