FanFic - Max/Liz
"By Your Side"
Part 11
by RoswellBeliever
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing having to do with anything Roswell or the WB. I wish I owned Jason Behr though...that would be nice... :oP Also, I did not write, nor do I own the song "By Your Side" by Sade. I'm just borrowing it! :o)
Summary: This is a story for anyone who is a true Roswell believer and die hard supporter of Max and Liz!!! I don't want to give anything away so that's all I'm going to say!!! However, my story takes place after the episode "Max in the City".
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: If anyone has any comments about this story, PLEASE E-MAIL ME!!! Even if you hate my story and just want to tell me everything that is wrong with it, please do so! I would love to hear any feedback at all!!! I need to know if this story totally sux or if it is good!!! Thanks so much guys!!!
It was taking every ounce of will power that Max had to keep his eyes on the road. He had a mission today, and despite how much he wanted to, thinking about Liz would sidetrack him, and he knew it.

She had asked him if he was scared, and he replied in his calmest voice yes. Any calmness in his voice was purely act though. Max was scared. In the past month, he had been a leader to Isabel, Michael, and Tess, and he had defeated every enemy that had threatened, but this was different. This was the white room.

Yes, he was scared. Scared of being tortured again. Scared of killing two men. Scared that he couldn't be the leader he needed to be for Isabel, Michael, and Tess. Most of all, he was scared of not ever having Liz again. But this was a fear he had learned to live with over the past months. And last night, he had held her, again. Two times in one week. It was almost too much for Max. If Liz even looked at him again with that soft look in her eyes, he would probably loose it and cry right there in front of her, as he had been tempted to do last night.

Her hair had been so soft, and she had held him so tight, almost like she still loved him...

But Max knew she didn't. How could she? Even if she didn't, Max couldn't take it anymore. He still loved her. He had never stopped. Even when he had seen her, and Kyle. Thinking of her had become an addiction, and moving on had become an impossibility.

'Stop thinking about her!' Max scolded himself. He focused his eyes again on the highway and drove faster.

Neither of them said a word until they reached the compound, where not a soul was present. Max and Liz walked up to the entrance and waited for Maria, Michael, Isabel, and Tess to join them. The six of them stood, waiting for Max to speak, but he didn't say a word. The mood was somber. Even Maria understood the importance of the events that would take place today, and she spared the group her usual wisecracks. Isabel stood by, lost in thought, and Michael paced.

"Maxwell, what are we waiting for?" Michael asked in an irritated tone.

"Valenti," Max said shortly. Michael huffed and leaned against a pillar by the door.

"I don't why you think we had to involve him, we could have done this by ourselves. We're only taking a risk bringing him into it," Michael sniped.

"Michael," Max interjected forcefully, "We couldn't have done it by ourselves! Without the information Valenti got we wouldn't have known what we were up against. We need him," Max finished.

Michael was clearly annoyed by Max's comments, but decided to let it go due to the situation.

A few minutes later, Sherrif Valenti drove up. He walked up to the group and looked around to make sure the Agents were nowhere in site.

"Okay, they're only expecting Max and Liz, so the rest of us will go in through the back. I came here last night after Phillipps and Smith left and checked out the building. Max, you get in there and play along until we get to you to back you up. Liz, as soon as you see us, you and Maria get out of there. Go to Maria's car and you two leave." There was a silence in the group as each assessed his duty. Liz still wasn't comfortable with just leaving Max there. And Max was worried that their plan wouldn't work.

"Okay, guys, it's time," Max said resolutely. With that, Sherrif Valenti said a good luck to Max and Liz, and led Michael, Maria, Isabel and Tess around the side of the building and dissapeared. Max stood for a moment thinking, and then turned to the door.

"This is it," he said, half talking to himself.

Max reached out for the rusty handle of the door and pulled it open slowly. Liz walked in as he held the door open and Max closed the door behind himself. Memories of the White Room and their escape flooded through Max and he almost considered turning around and running.

But he knew he couldn't do that. Not now. He had to be a leader to Michael, Isabel, and Tess. Max shut his eyes for a brief second and took a deep breath.

Almost on instinct, he grabbed Liz's hand and began walking down the long, cold hallway.

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