Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Bloodied and Broken"
Part 3
by Neko
Disclaimer: They're not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, the WB, Jason Katims, and all the other creators. Why do I derange their characters? *Grin* Because it’s fun!
Summary: A suicidal runaway Liz, a desperate Max, and a pregnant Tess. What will happen when he finds a slightly different Liz?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Author's Note: Why? I was just struck with some kind of dark story line, and this popped into my head. Liz will try to kill herself more than once, so if you are of faint heart, stop right here. And trust me, after the first two parts, it will get progressively cheerier. Changes point of view here. I decided to make this story get less dark, and to do that I needed a change of view. Set one and a half years after Liz escaped the hospital.
Max Evans slammed down the phone angrily, growling curses upon curses on location services nation wide. Running a hand through his dark locks he violently open the refrigerator and downed a bottle of water.

Throwing it in the trashcan, he looks once again at the black shiny cordless phone. His eyes were taken back to that day… as he watched Tess speed off into the distance with his only son. He had kept it secret from everyone not involved; only Michael, Maria, Isabel, Kyle, Sheriff Valenti and… Liz. His eyes closed shut to prevent the tears from his eyes as he remembered the beautiful young woman. The only person he had ever truly loved, lost to him forever.

He picked up the phone again, calling his last resort. He had been looking for Liz for over a year, and not one result had turned up… not a one. He winced as he heard the cheery voce on the other line greet him, “Hello! And thank you for calling Sunshine services! How may we help you today?”

“Er… hello, I’m Max Evans. I called about a week ago, about…”

“Elizabeth Parker?” She interrupted, reading Liz’s stats off a chart or something, “Age 18, Brown hair and eyes, 5’4”?” After he had assured her the information was correct, her voice seemed to magnify in it’s cheeriness, much to Max’s dismay. “Well, Mr. Evans, I’m afraid…” He closed his eyes, cursing Liz and her wonderful hiding ability, “… that we found no match of her in all of Arizona. But we do have someone over in San Diego, of the same name and description!”

Max’s heart beat out of his chest, and he gripped the phone tight. “Where is she?”

She listed off some address, “And she is currently attending the National Biochemistry and Engineering seminar, and she works in the Biochemistry department.” He thanked her quickly, slammed the phone down and let out a thrilled whoop. Isabel, looking stunning as usual, ran out into the kitchen, putting in her left earring. “Jesus Max! What the hell – “

He picked up Isabel, twirling her around and pressed a kiss on her cheek. “I found her! I found her!” Isabel’s eyes misted slightly, and she smiled. “Oh Max…” Grabbing the address he kissed her on the cheek once more, and grabbed his keys and his ever-present bag of clothing. Warning Isabel to tell their parents about where he was going, he revved the engine to Isabel and sped off towards San Diego.

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