Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Beyond the Grave"
Part 3
by Anne K
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters
Summary: Alternative storyline for after the visit from future Max.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Author's Note: this is my first fic so please be nice, please give me feed back. Is it worth carrying on?
Max woke up suddenly, he hadn’t remembered falling asleep. He looked at his watch, it was five o’clock he should be at home, they may have more news of Liz. Valenti’s words went through his mind,

“Max, I’m sorry… I just got a phone call from my deputy, they’ve found her body”

Liz was dead. He pushed the thought from his mind. He had to get home and tell Isabelle and Michael, Maria might not know yet either he thought. He climbed into the car and drove back, numb of feeling. As he reached his house he could see two people in his room. Parking the car quickly he got out and ran over, Isabelle was in there talking to Michael. They turned to face him as he clambered through the window.

“Where have you been Max?” Isabelle’s voice was full of concern. Michael saw his face,

“What’s happened?” Max looked at them,

“Its Liz, she's… dead” Isabelle sat down sharply, as he continued.

“We ought to call the others, I think we should discuss this together” Michael nodded,

“I’ll phone Maria and Tess, Isabelle can you call Alex?” she nodded and they left.

They both returned a few minutes later, Michael looked at max, “They’re on their way. Only Tess seems to know about what’s happened” it was not long before the whole group were sat in Max's room.

Maria was in shock, digging around in her bag for some aromatherapy oil. Max Michael and Isabelle had grim faces; Max had told them that an alien had killed Liz but none of the others, except Tess, knew. Alex looked at Max and asked the question they had dreaded answering,

“How did she die” Max took a deep breath,

“She was killed by… by an alien, we don’t know who or why”

“How do you know it was an alien? Did Valenti tell you?” Max looked at Alex as he answered,

“No, Valenti said nothing about how she died. Tess told me” Maria dropped her bag.

“Where does Tess come into this?”

“I was there”

“You were there? Then why the hell is Lizzie dead?” Maria almost screamed, “You could have saved her” Max stood up,

“This is NOT Tess’s fault!” Maria stood up and faced him,

“She was there, she could have stopped it”

“Maria! Max! Stop it please!” they looked at Tess

“I was scared, they told me to leave and I did. I didn’t know what they were capable of, panicked and ran,” Maria snorted,

“You were scared? How do you think Liz might of being feeling?” Tess stood up,

“I think I ought to leave” Max put out his hand to stop her,

“Tess, no…”

“I know when I’m not welcome Max” Tess turned and walked out the door. Maria glared at max,

“She could have saved Liz, but she didn’t”

Isabelle spoke, “She couldn’t do anything Maria, she had no idea what she could be up against”

“No? How can you both stick up for her? Answer me this… if she is so innocent, why did they let her go? She the alien, one of the royal four… why kill Liz and leave Tess?” No one had an answer.

* * * * *

Valenti looked at the body, Tess had told him what she had seen as soon as she got home. When the call had come through saying they had found a girls body he had told them not to touch anything till he got there. He wanted to make sure that any strange marks were seen by him and him alone, it would help no one if the local paper got hold of the story. Local girl killed by aliens, they do not come in peace. It would mean more danger for max and his friends, it would be best to keep the FBI’s noses out and leave them to deal with that side of things. He looked at the body, there was no mistaking it was Liz but something wasn’t right. For someone who was supposed to be killed be an alien, there didn’t appear to be any marks. He called over to his deputy,

“Okay she can be moved now” the deputy looked at him,

“Someone’s coming up here to take a look around sir, try and find out a cause of death”

“Okay, move her when they're done” the deputy nodded. As he left, the deputy moved to his car and sat inside watching the road. Valenti took a last look at Liz before getting into his car and driving back.

The deputy stood up when 10 minutes later a car pulled up; a man got out.

“So, where's the body?” the deputy turned and pointed,

“Over there”

* * * * *

Max jumped as the phone rang, the others looked at him. He stood up and moved to the phone, watched by Maria and Isabelle. He picked it up, they could hear Valenti's voice, “What the hell is going on Max?”

“Sheriff? What do you mean?”

“I mean with Liz…”

“What about Liz?”

“The bodies gone Max… disappeared. No one has been near it since I was there half an hour ago, but it’s gone”

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