Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Beyond the Grave"
Part 1
by Anne K
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters
Summary: Alternative storyline for after the visit from future Max.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Author's Note: this is my first fic so please be nice, please give me feed back. Is it worth carrying on?
Liz looked over to the booth max was sharing with Isabelle. Max. The guy she truly loved and wanted more than anything to be with; the guy she now knew she could never have. It was only last night that future Max had visited her and told her that their being together would cause the deaths of Michael and Isabelle; would cause the end of the world. She had to make him fall out of love with her, her brain repeated this fact but her heart didn’t want to listen. Max saw her and smiled, his brown eyes sparkling. Liz looked away; she knew what she had to do. All she needed to do know was decide how to do it. She walked into the kitchen, Maria was with Michael and cooking looked like the last thing on his mind. She coughed. Maria stopped and looked at her “hey Lizzie! Jeez what's up? You look like it’s the end of the world” Liz said nothing but motioned to the cooking food. Michael caught the look, “it’s under control” Liz tried not to smile as smoke began to rise from oven.

One hour and several alienblasts later, Liz was locking up the Crashdown. Max and Isabelle had left together and Liz had made sure she was out of the way when they did. Shortly after, Maria had left with Michael; she was pleased that they were getting along well again. Maria had confided in Liz that she thought she was finally getting through the wall he put round himself. She looked around the empty room before turning off the lights and going to her room. She had told Tess last night that she would soon be able to have max. She had planned then to make it look like she had slept with Kyle, but she knew that that would not prevent the possibility of a future relationship, especially if the truth came out. This way there would be no doubt, one sacrifice would ensure the safety the world. She and max would NEVER be together.

* * * * *

Tess looked at her watch, the Crashdown would be closed now but she needed to see Liz. Their conversation last night had made her uncomfortable although she wasn’t sure why.

“Hi, Tess. I just thought I’d… I’d let you no that you will be able to have max soon. I’ll make sure you do”

“Why Liz? I know how much you love him, and he loves you. Why are you going to let me have him?” Liz had looked into her eyes:

“Because I will not be responsible for thousands, millions of deaths!”

“What are you on about Liz?” Liz’s eyes had been shinning with tears that she was holding back.

“Destiny Tess, your destiny”

“My destiny?”

“Yes, yours and Max’s” Tess had stared at her,

“He says you are his destiny, his future” Liz had turned and begun to walk away as she replied.

“I have no future”

She had no future? What did she mean? Thoughts were flying round Tess’s head. Did she mean that her life was over if she couldn’t have Max in it? She panicked; this was not what she needed. She wouldn’t be responsible for thousands, millions of deaths; those had been Liz’s exact words. Tess believed that, but would she be responsible for one? Tess rushed out of the house and began to run to the Crashdown. She didn’t want to be responsible for Liz’s death, no matter how much she wanted Max.

* * * * *

Liz sat in her bedroom with a glass of water. A bottle of tablets lay on the bed next to her. She stared at a photo of her and Max on her dresser, her resolve melted. They were happy in it, laughing, both their eyes sparkling. Then the memory of future max entered her head, his eyes no longer sparkling. He had seen his best friend and his sister die because he wasn’t with Tess. Liz made up her mind; she could not bear to see that look in Max’s eyes. She took one tablet, then another and another. She was surprised how easy it was, before long she was staring numbly at the empty bottle. She began to feel dizzy and nauseous, the room was spinning. Then came the stomach cramps, the pain was unbearable. She could feel herself getting hot and then cold, she was going to pass out. The last thing she saw was a figure on her balcony, making their way to her window. Oh god! She screamed inside her mind not Max!

Tess had climbed onto Liz’s balcony, she had seen max do it hundreds of times and knew it would be the best way to get in without alerting Liz’s parents. As she reached the window she had seen Liz collapse and knew that she didn’t have much time to act. She had rushed in and connected to Liz quickly.

“Don’t you dare die on me Liz! This is NOT the answer”

The fuzziness cleared slightly. Who was talking to her?

“Come on Liz, you’ve got to wake up. Do it for max, Liz… for max”

She was doing this for max, and for everyone.

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