Fanfic - Max/Liz
"Because Love is Stronger than Pain"
Part 1
by Amanda
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Summary: Max just told Liz that he slept with Tess. Takes place on her balcony.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
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She turned to face him, but she had no intention of fighting with him or even speaking to him. What she felt, what she was going through was enough to be understood through her eyes. Her pain was blinding. She felt windless, emotionless, speechless, everything – less. Only one thing remained, the only thing that could keep her strong, but even that was dwindling, dying like a candle before a breeze. That one thing was her love for him. The unconditional devotion that only he could trigger. The passion that had survived hunters, killers, suppressers. It was the feeling that kept her going and gave her life. But now this feeling, this love, was giving out. All she could so was cry, but it seemed as though not even that was enough. Tears could not heal the intense pain that his presence was causing her. Her heart was broken. She was dying. Slowly…

“You slept with Tess?” she asked, hoping that his words were not true.

“ Yes… but…I… I,” he began to stammer, he could see the twinkle in her eyes fade only to be glazed over by a set of tears.

“ Please go.” She said those words without a moment’s hesitation. That was all she needed to hear. She no longer wanted to see him. Deep in her heart she’d hoped that it was all a lie, but she knew by his reaction that life was no to be so kind.

“ Please, Liz. Don’t do this. Give us a chance. She was nothing to me. You saw what she did to Alex and Kyle. What makes you think that she couldn’t have done the same to me? Please don’t do this.” He said in between heart-wrenching sobs.

She simply repeated herself.

“Please leave.”

He was on his knees. His arms wrapped around her. He was begging her to forgive him. It was all in his eyes. She simply turned the other way, and as she did so many little tears trickled down her face. Little tears that each contained a little pieces of her heart. He pleaded with her. He begged her to stay, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Not after what he did. How could he?

She had just opened up to him. She told him that she didn’t do what he thought she did. Instead, she had told him of how she had been so heartbroken because she had to follow reason and not love. She had saved the world, but she couldn’t help it anymore. She felt so weak and powerless without him. So she did the only thing imaginable. She told him the truth.

She followed her heart.

But all that heartbreak was now worth nothing yet worth so much. He finally fulfilled his destiny. He did it. She did it. She did what she was told to do. She followed the path a second too late. It was too late.

She got up, and walked away. She ran away. She ran to a place she knew all to well. A place that had been the only comfort in these past months of heartbreak. She ran to desert.

He felt her detach herself. He saw her go, but he was weak, in so much pain. He got up, and he ran after her. He had to hold her. He needed to comfort her pain. So he ran, and he ran, followed her until he could grasp her. And he did. He held her and he didn’t let go.

She felt someone grab her. She knew it was him. First she fought, she gave a really good fight, but no matter how hard she fought, she couldn’t escape his arms. Instead of screaming or yelling for help, she simply gave up. She began to cry. Not the little tears of heartbreak, but sobs, long heart-shattering sobs, and he felt it too. He began to cry with her. Soon they were in rhythm and their cries of pain became were a combination of her sobs and his tears.

They stayed there. For what seemed like an eternity. Seconds became minutes, and minutes became hours. But being together gave them strength. So they continued in the same position until the tears ran dry and the sun came up.

She looked up at him with her brown doe eyes, and he with deep expressive glance, and at that moment, neither needed to say a word. Because just as they’re pain could be seen through their eyes, so could their love. The space between soon vanished, and their lips soon met. At first it was a soft kiss, sweet and simple. But it grew. And it became so powerful, so passionate; that it’s force erased all the pain. It wiped it all away. They looked at each other once more, and for the first time, they felt at home…

because love will always be stronger than pain.

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