FanFic - Max/Liz
"August and Everything After"
Part 6
by Anunaki
Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the Roswell High books or Roswell TV series.
Summary: My own version of what happens after the destiny episode.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
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Nancy Parker watched her husband as he steered their SUV off the highway towards the Giant truckstop. Like a moth to a flame, she thought. She winked at her daughter conspiratorially. "Where are we going, Jeff?"

"Just to get some snacks for the road." Liz's sadness eased at her mother's smile. Despite owning the town greasy spoon, Jeff Parker normally was very conscientious about what he ate. Except when driving long distances. Somehow he had trouble facing the open road without chips, jerky, or sunflower seeds in his hand. He negotiated through the semis and parked near the door.

"You guys coming?"

Nancy shook her head. "I don't need the temptation. Just get me some juice."

Liz hopped out and followed her dad in. The place was bustling with cross-country truckers and vacationing families. Liz made her snack selections, then stood looking at the magazines while her dad waited in line to pay. Someone bumped into her from behind. Her mind was filled with images of stars and galaxies. It was like what she saw with Nasedo but this time she felt chilled to the bone and desperately afraid. She slowly turned to examine the crowd around her. A young man chased after his running toddler. A large trucker in a plaid shirt made his way to the bathroom. A teenage girl perused the romance novels in the rack behind Liz. There were just too many people around to know who could have caused the flash.

Liz noticed her dad motioning to her from the door and followed him out to the car. Despite the heat rising from the concrete, Liz shivered.

Liz watched as the scenery flying by changed from rolling plains to mountain peaks as in her mind she debated what had happened. It had been an emotional day for her. Maybe her mind was just playing tricks on her. She didn't want to call Maria and tell her about the flash unless she was sure. Especially with what had happened that morning. She didn't really have any real information, anyway.

Then she thought again of the feelings the flash had evoked and knew she at least had to try to pass on a warning. She saw a sign for a rest stop up ahead. "Hey, dad, can we stop at the next rest stop? I think I should stay away from the super big gulps for the rest of the trip."

She followed her mother into the rest stop then slipped back outside and turned on her cell phone.

Max sat alone in a booth at the Crashdown. His fingers absentmindedly brushed against the glass in front of him, making random patterns in the condensation on the side. Then he realized they were not random patterns. He recognized some of his doodling as the symbols in the book Tess had revealed. They held no meaning to him, but they did serve to remind him of just how planned his whole life was, and that the plan wasn't his.

He looked up at the counter and remembered that day, seemingly so long ago, when he had watched Liz as she worked, his feelings for her still unspoken. The time they had spent together since he had saved her life had been so short. He regretted all the time he had pushed her away at first. All the lost kisses, the lost moments not having her in his arms.

At the counter, Maria refilled the catsup bottles as Alex finished eating his fries. Alex looked up when he realized that the pause in Maria's work was lasting a little too long. He followed her gaze to the booth where Max sat. "So he's just been sitting there ever since Liz left?"


Alex shook his head. "I really feel for him. I'd hate to be in that position."

"Yeah, who'd have guessed that out of all of us the only relationship with any staying power would be you and the fashion queen."

Alex looked hurt. "Ouch!"

Maria turned her attention fully to Alex as she realized what she'd said. "Sorry, Alex. It's been a really tough day."

"Kind of hard to believe that Liz is really gone?"

"You have no idea." Alex waited expectantly for Maria to continue. Maria looked over to the order window, where Michael was placing an order out. She turned to the ringing bell. "I'll tell you about it later."

Michael watched as Maria took the food, never once letting her eyes turn towards him. Of all the ways Maria could drive him crazy, the silent treatment was the worst. When she was angry, she wouldn't shut up. Quiet was hurt. He hated the quiet. He tried to push aside the jealousy he felt when he heard her talking and joking with the Pepsi delivery man. He quickly turned back to his cooking as she lead the delivery man back to the store room.

"Hey, man. Got a delivery here I need signed for." Michael's hands were bloody and cold from cutting meat. He looked out at the dining area where Maria was taking an order.

"Yeah, just a minute." He washed his hands and took the clipboard and pen. "You new on this route?"

"This is my first time out. Name's Jeb." Michael shook Jeb's outstretched hand.

"Michael. Next time park out in the alley. Deliveries in back."

"Okay, buddy. We'll see you next time."

Michael returned to chopping meat. He looked out to the dining area. Maria was talking to Alex, and by the look on Alex's face he could guess what she was saying. Max had left, even Romeo had hit his limit for sitting around moping. Michael moved closer to the window, curious about the delivery man's behavior. He had been on his way out, then stopped at the booth where Max had been sitting. Jeb turned Max's glass slowly, then looked around at the customers.

After Jeb was out the door, Michael walked over to see what had grabbed his attention. Although the condensation droplets running down the side had obscured it somewhat, Michael could still make out the symbols drawn on the side of the glass. Outside, the truck was already gone. He'd have to talk to Max later. They couldn't afford to be this careless.

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