FanFic - Max/Liz
"Around the World in Sixty Minutes"
Part 1
by Gwen
Disclaimer: Angry as I am at the WB powers that be right now, they own Roswell, I don't.
Summary: Max rethinks his thoughts of pushing Liz away.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Yes, I got the title from the book Around The World In Eighty Days. No spoilers. This takes place after We Are Family. Feedback, please!
Max Evans found himself in his house, in bed. He wasn't really sure of everything that had happened earlier. He didn't even know how he got to his house. I got Sheriff Valenti fired was all he could think. And Liz, Liz is in love with Sean DeLuca. According to Maria Sean had just gotten out of jail or something and wasn't exactly the kind of guy to get caught up with. And he was in love with Liz. Liz Parker. Max's Liz. Max stopped himself. "She's not yours anymore," he told himself out loud. "She hasn't been yours sinceā€¦" Max began but stopped at the thought of Liz and Kyle in bed together. "Now there has to be a reasonable explanation for this," Max began once again.

"Max will you shut up!" Isabel yelled. "Some of us are trying to sleep!" Isabel was on edge even more than Max was. Isabel was convinced everything that had happened was her fault. The sheriff getting fired, Laurie getting sent to the mental hospital, the weird blue stuff, and Michael taking off, she thought it was all her fault. Max only took blame for getting the sheriff fired.

"Jim, not Sheriff Valenti," Max corrected himself. "He's not the sheriff anymore."

"Max!" Isabel yelled again. "I can hear you, you know!" she screamed even louder.

"Okay, I'm shutting up!" Max yelled back. He lay on his bed and closed his eyes. And then a flash of what had happened earlier came into his memory.

"You deserve to see Sweden we, I hold you back," Max whispered to Liz in the eraser room. He could still hear his voice so vividly, and see Liz's tears when she wanted him to come with.

"Maybe she does still have feelings for me," Max said.


Liz lay her head down upon her pillow while she listened to Maria yell through her cell phone.

"Will you shut up, we are watching the sheriff's station!" Michael yelled in the background.

"Oh, Isabel thinks you took off, that you just ran away," Liz said into the phone.

"Oh, nope, we're on top of the supermarket roof," Maria said. "But I have a feeling we will be running after psycho girl in about an hour."

"Maybe, maybe she's not even in there. I doubt she'll tell them anything if she is," Liz said.

"Oh my god," Maria said.

"What, do you see her?" Michael yelled.

"No," Maria said. "That's Mrs. Carter, with Mr. Thomas!"

"Maria!" Michael snapped.

"Maria, I have to go," Liz said. "Good luck," Liz finished and hung up the phone. She rolled her eyes, expecting Michael and Maria to start making out in about five seconds. Liz wrapped a blanket around her arms and looked at the list of photo's Alex had left for her to look at. As if that would make it okay that Liz couldn't leave. Well Liz could leave, but it wouldn't be right to watch herself fly all over the world, while Michael, Isabel, and Tess were all stuck in Roswell. And Max, Liz could never leave Max. Even though Max hated her, because of what she did, or pretended to do. Liz stared at the picture of the giant rolling mountains and the northern lights that were high above all the mountains. Liz held the picture over her head and lay back on her bed. She closed her eyes.

Max looked at the pictures of Liz he had safe, locked away in his draws that not even Isabel who snoops around in his draws could find. He thought of his last kiss with Liz and closed his eyes.

"Oh, no, I'm going to be late for school!" Liz cried sitting up. She put her hands on top of her head and tried to flatten her hair as she raced out of her bed. Liz opened the door that led into her bathroom, but she found a giant rolling mountain range where he sink was. "Okay, I'm dreaming, wake up Liz!" she yelled.

"What on Earth?" Max asked.

"Max!" Liz screamed.

"Liz, what's going on?" he asked. "I normally don't know when I dreaming."

"That makes two of us," Liz said.

"Where are we?" Max asked.

Liz looked around at the sky, and the horizons. She closed her eyes once, and then opened them again. She squealed. "Oh my god!" she yelled.

"What where are we?" Max asked calmly. He couldn't help but smile at Liz, and how happy she was.

"Sweden!" she yelled.

"Are you serious?" Max asked. "Yeah," Liz said. She pulled a picture out of her back pocket. It was the one of the mountain, and the northern lights. "Alex took this, when he was in Sweden, it really is Sweden!" Liz began jumping up and down.

Max laughed. "It is!" he said laughing as the sun set above his head. "No!" he yelled. "What?" Liz asked.

"I want to see your face," he whispered.

Liz smiled. "You're here with me, you came," she whispered. "You're in Sweden with me."

"I told you, we'd be together one day," Max whispered. "I only wish this dream would last forever."

"Time isn't on our side Maxwell, we don't have forever," Isabel whispered in his ear.

"Isabel?" Max asked and his head spun around.

"Oh my god," Liz whispered. She looked up as flashes of purple and blue struck the sky.

"It's magic," Max whispered.

"No, this is magic," Liz said and kissed him.

"Come on Evans, Parker, we don't have all day!" Tess called to them and Max and Liz quickly turned around.

"What's going on?" Liz asked.

"I don't know," Max said and Liz began to follow Tess and Max followed Liz.

"Tess?" Liz yelled. "What's," Liz said, but her eye caught the sky again as flashes of yellow and orange and red and violet and fuchsia were in the dark sky.

"Tess?" Max called. "What are we doing?"

"We just have to trust each other Max," Tess said and tore Liz from tearing up at the sky. Max grabbed Liz's hand as she began to run.

"We, have to stop running," Liz panted.

"Why?" Max asked. "Let's just keep running."

"Oh my god," Liz whispered. "That's, what you said to me, the, the," Liz stuttered.

"Night of the blind date," Maria whispered.

"What is going on?" Liz asked. "It's all black, I can't see anything, Max are you even there? Where are we now?"

"Are you sure it's Peru?" Michael asked.

"Well aside from the pilot saying the time is now 7:16 in Lima, Peru, no I'm not sure," Maria said sarcastically.

"What is going on?" Liz panted. "We're just jumping from place to place looking at the world, this doesn't make any sense!"

"Dreams don't," Maria explained calmly.

"Liz," Max whispered and pointed to the horizon. Where there was a sunset crossing the set of mountains that stood in front of them.

"Oh my god," Liz whispered. "This, it's, it's all so beautiful, why am I having this dream."

"You said you wanted to see the world," Max whispered in her ear.

"With you," Liz said. "This makes no sense," Liz said turning around. "But I'm enjoying it," she said and jumped off of the crest they were standing on.

"Wait up!" Max yelled. Then he saw snow. "Is it supposed to snow in Peru?" he asked.

"Were not in Peru," Liz whispered.

"Where are we then?" Max asked.

"Somewhere in eastern Russia," she said. She stared up at the sky as flakes of snow fell down hard on her. "I'm not dressed for snow," she cried.

Max wrapped his arm around her. "I can fix that any time you ask."

Liz rested her head on his shoulder. "Everything is so perfect," she sighed. "This is so amazing."

Max pushed a flake of snow out of her hair and placed his hand under her cheek. As if in slow motion, turned into kiss her, while the snow fell upon their heads.

"I wish, I could have stopped you from saving my life in the Crashdown," Liz whispered to him in his first flash.

"If you know so much Max, then tell me, what's my destiny?" Liz said smiling at him.

"I only know the part I'm hoping for," Max whispered and then he kissed her over and over again, each time more precious then the next.

"In 12 years our enemies will come to Roswell," a much older Max said to a frightened Liz. "I need you and me to fall out of love," he whispered.

"I saw him as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful," Liz's voice whispered.

"I need you to help me and you fall out of love," the older Max whispered again and then Max stepped back.

"What?" Liz asked.

"What's going on?" he asked and looked around. The snow was gone and they were standing a lone on a sunny beach. There were flowers and trees as far as the eye could see.

"It's the great barrier reef!" Liz exclaimed. "Oh my god!" she yelled. She ran her hands under the warm water. "This is incredible! Do you know how many scientists dream about being this close to the reef?" she asked.

"Liz," Max whispered.

"Oh my god, this is fascinating!" she yelled. "I wish, I could take a sample and keep it!" she began rushing around the beach for coral.

"Liz," Max said and began to laugh. "Can't you just enjoy the view?" he asked.

Liz pocketed something and looked down in the ocean, still on her knees. "It's amazing, I'm speechless."

Max sat down on his knees next to her. "I saw myself, 12 years from now," he whispered. "I, he, said I have to fall out of love with you, what's going on?"

"When did you see that?" Liz asked turning to look at him.

"When I kissed you," Max said.

"Oh Max," Liz cried. Tears were running down her face. She lifted her eyes up and kissed him. (Flash)

"Look at these, obsession! Obsession!" Liz cried in the diner to Maria.

"Liz, did you really sleep with Kyle?" Max asked.

"I, I," Liz began.

"It's all just magic when I think about you," Max said.

"To fall out of love with me," older Max said and the voice echoed his around their heads.

"I'm in love with Max," Liz whispered.

"I'm scared that this all works out really well," Max said leaning into her. "We make our own destinies," Max said.

"I'm in love with Max," Liz whispered again.

Max snapped out of the flash. "What is going on?" he demanded. "Liz, I'll still love you, I always will, but did you sleep with Kyle?"

Liz looked up at him. She was crying. "If you don't say anything more and wake up, everything will be fine," she hugged him.

"Please," Max begged.

"There's so much, I want to tell you, but I can't," Liz stuttered.

"Liz," Max pleaded. "I love you."

"I love you too," Liz whispered.

"Liz!" a voice behind them said.

"Max!" another called.

"What," Liz began.

"Max!" Isabel screamed and Max sat up with a start. "Earth to Max, hello? Michael's gone!" Isabel screamed.

"What?" Max asked.

"Come on, I told Liz and Alex that we'd meet them at the Crashdown," Isabel cried. "Time isn't on our side Maxwell, we don't have forever," Isabel said.

"What? What did you just say?" Max demanded.

"I said, get your butt out of bed, and get dressed!" Isabel snapped and left.

"Liz honey," her mom said. "You're friends Tess, Alex, Isabel, and Max are here," she said.

"Okay," Liz said. She ran her fingers through her hair and rushed down the stairs to the Crashdown.

"Wow, Liz," Alex said. "Didn't you wear those yesterday?" he asked.

"Probably," Liz said.

"Okay," Alex said. He sat down followed by Isabel and Tess.

"Yo! Evans, Parker, we don't have all day," Tess snapped.

Liz and Max exchanged glances and took a seat. Liz ran her hands in her pocket and pulled out something small and white.

"What's that?" Isabel asked.

"It's a fossilized coral," Max said.

"Go science boy," Isabel said laughing.

Just then Liz's cell phone went off. "Uh guys, I have to take this," she said and got up and walked into the back. "Hello?"

"Liz, hi," Maria said.

"Oh thank god Maria! What is that crunching noise?"

"Oh no, no, no! Michael she's going after the dashboard again!" Maria yelled.

"I take it you have Laurie," Liz said.

"Yeah," Maria said.

"You won't believe this, I had the weirdest dream last night, I don't get it," Liz cried. "It made no sense," she explained calmly.

"Dreams don't," Maria pointed out.

"Oh my gosh, so far Tess and you have said stuff that happened in the dream!" Liz cried.

"Whoa, that is weird," Maria agreed.

Unknowing to Liz, Max slipped the swinging door of the back of the Crashdown open. He started to say something but was interrupted by Liz.

"I, I, just want to tell him the truth about Kyle and I, so bad!" Liz cried. "Yeah, I know I can't, but I almost did," she sighed. "What, Laurie's trying to jump out of the window! Okay, I'll tell Max and Isabel, bye," Liz said and clicked the phone off.

"Liz?" Max asked.

"Max," Liz said calmly.

"You still have the fossil, I see," Max said.

"Yeah, Michael said that he'd call you and Isabel at your house, you'd better go catch the call," Liz said.

"Liz, did you really mean everything that was said last night, about Kyle, and how much you loved me?" Max asked.

"I can't remember what I said," Liz lied. "I have to go to the bathroom," she said and rushed up the steps. She huddled herself up against the stairs and cried. "I didn't Max, I didn't do anything with him," she whispered.

Max smiled he could hear everything. He left the break room with a wide grin on his face. He could still hear two voices in his head. One was his own: We make our own destinies. The other belonged to Liz; "I'm in love with Max."

"And I'm in love with you too," Max whispered.

The End

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