FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 8
by Kes
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Summary: (Tess Free Zone) Genndy has a secret bigger than the secret that Max, Isabel and Michael keep.
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Rating: R
Authors Note: We are not asked to be brought into this world. Those of us born with the weight of the world on our backs often never belong to anything or feel at home any where; like living anachronisms, but in our own time. According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, the definition for anachronism is "a person, thing or idea which exists out of its time in history, especially one which happened or existed later than the period being shown, discussed, etc." With living anachronisms like myself in mind, I wrote this story while thinking of the song, "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" by the Talking Heads. Lyrics to "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" are at the end of Anachronism.
"MAX!!!" Liz collapsed while in the laundry room, having just shut the dryer door.

Isabel was at dinner with Alex and while looking at the wine list she saw Max's last 3 minutes of life. She screamed until she passed out.

Michael had just gotten Mark and Mason to sleep. He stumbled out of the baby bedroom and whispered Maria's name over and over again. Maria was in the master bedroom asleep. He shook hard at her sleeping body until she awoke.

"He's dead!" Michael was so breathless with grief that he fell onto Maria's body and belted out his sorrow.

"What's wrong? Oh my gosh, what happened? One of the babies is dead?" Michael looked too overwhelmed to speak. She shoved him off of her and raced to their twin sons. When Maria reached the babies, her face showed that she feared the worst and frantic nudging of the babies ensued. They screamed in unison. She kissed her irate sons, "That is music to my ears, boys." Then she ran back to the master bedroom to calm Michael down, "Michael, Mark and Mason are fine..."

"It's Max, Maria. Max is dead. I just know it," Michael cried as hard as the twins down the hall. Maria embraced Michael and they both wept aloud, with the babies on background vocals.

The next scene was Claudine on her knees with glowing hands as she tried to revive her father, "Daddy please come back! Mom and I need you! I'm so sorry I used my powers against you! Please don't leave us! Come back! Please come back!" She cried until her voice became gritty.

"Thanks, Trixie. You saved my life," Steve walked over to Claudine and grabbed her butt. She pushed him away and he flew to the other side of the house, collided into a wall and appeared to have a broken collar bone.

Genndy spoke to 'past' Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Michael and Maria. "Claudine tried for hours to bring her father back, but failed. In her attempts, she saw the events that led to his death. Never forgiving herself, she concluded that she had destroyed her family and swore never to return home again. But her family looked feverishly for her. It was their belief that Claudine made a big mistake. A big mistake that led to the accidental murder of her father, they still loved her. Claudine changed the license plate on her car from New Mexico to New York and drove to New York City. While there she survived by scrambling security cameras, using her powers. With the cameras scrambled, she stole thousands upon thousands of dollars and lived rather well in Manhattan. Stolen credit cards with her name easily engraved on them using power also afforded her many luxuries. Along with her diminishing conscience, Claudine focused solely on her apathy and anger. She hated like no one else ever hated before. By the end of her pregnancy, she hated all people, Earth, and herself. But more than anything,she hated Steve's baby. She did not know or care what the baby was and discounted the baby as 'a Genndy' (name said like it was an STD)."

The next scenes showed Claudine discovering the power to stop and start time. In the following scene, Claudine pushed her daughter into the world with a wall of contempt. Absolute disgust covered Claudine's face when she looked at the baby. It was identical to Steve. When asked the baby's name, she smirked and flatly stated, "It's a...Genndy (name said like it was an STD)." She refused to hold her baby and ordered the doctor and nurses, "Get out of here and take that thing with you!" She used her powers when they did not comply, to force them to leave. Then she looked at the clock with an evil grin, healed herself and left.

"She turned time off...permanently with my first breath of air." Genndy's voice broke a little. "Isabel and Michael had a vision of my birth. Liz took the next plane to New York after talking to Isabel and Michael. Liz looked uneasy as she claimed her grand Even then, I looked like a copy of my father, but she still took me home to Roswell. I was born at sunset in the Fall. The sun never went down or rose again. In the 'present,' every day, clocks and computers and watches say the exact same time. People gave up trying to reset them because within a second, the time I was born returned."

The next scene on the Jeep showed Claudine torturing Steve in slow motion. "He is still alive, you know? Genndy interrupted. "Claudine kept him as a souvenir. She is very meticulous in sustaining his life so that she may take it again and again."

Then there is a scene of Claudine flying with opaque, swirling colors in her eyes passed her high school's football team. The next scene shows them all annihilated.

There was a quick image that shows a kind of showdown with Claudine against her honorary uncle Michael and aunt Isabel. With joined powers they still failed to subdue Claudine.

"I've always wanted to wiggle my nose, like on that show, 'Bewitched'." Claudine advertised. She wiggled her nose and Isabel and Michael literally broke. Michael died, but Isabel brought him back to life before she fell into a coma.

A scene of an underground fall out shelter showed Liz rock Genndy to sleep. Nearby, Maria, Michael, the twins, Isabel (comatose), Alex, Liz's parents, Maria's mom, Isabel's parents, and Alex's parents. All wore hopeless defeated facial expressions.

In the underground fall out shelter scene, Maria started to babble, "This is so wrong! I don't know what time it really is, but I've scratched out at least 5 years on the wall! Look at us! We're not aging, not one of us! Genndy looks like she was just delivered...Mark and Mason are as miserable as we are that they can't finish teething! Had I known that Claudine was going to simply stop time, I would have never gotten this crooked $5 hair cut from Chop-Chop! And oh my gosh...I went to the surface today...(Her family and friend's gasped and their eyes reprimanded her). What has she done? No, why has she done this? Some how, it's probably my fault. I should have never rented 'Thunderdome' for her that time when she was 12. Moreover, we should have never weaned her from cartoons. For real though, we could all be blue with white attire, living in a peaceful city made out of mushrooms, right now. Ah, smurf it! Claudine's so gone, that if we were Smurfs, Gargamel would be like 'Emeril' (Food Network Show). Every day we'd be kicked up a notch in some gourmet recipe, 'BAM!'" Maria snapped her right hand in the air like she had thrown a dart.

"Enough, Maria!" Amy DeLuca shouted at her daughter and pointed her index finger at Maria to scold her.

"But for the first time in more than 5 years, laughter was heard. All eyes raced to comatose Isabel who had just laughed herself back into the conscious world." Genndy filled in missing plot.

Above ground (all over the world), buildings exploded with a wink of Claudine's eye, highways scorched ablaze with Claudine's whistle, oceans evaporated with a nod of Claudine's head. She looked and acted completely mentally absent, with no regard for anything or anyone.

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