FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by Kes
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Summary: (Tess Free Zone) Genndy has a secret bigger than the secret that Max, Isabel and Michael keep.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: We are not asked to be brought into this world. Those of us born with the weight of the world on our backs often never belong to anything or feel at home any where; like living anachronisms, but in our own time. According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, the definition for anachronism is "a person, thing or idea which exists out of its time in history, especially one which happened or existed later than the period being shown, discussed, etc." With living anachronisms like myself in mind, I wrote this story while thinking of the song, "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" by the Talking Heads. Lyrics to "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" are at the end of Anachronism.
All day, Genndy looked obviously upset. Finally, in her Biology class she shared with two of her best friends, Max and Liz, Genndy literally fell apart.

Genndy Binoche had known Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Liz Parker, Maria DeLuca, and Alex Whitman since the 5th grade. Genndy was at the Crashdown, where she worked with Liz and Maria, when Liz was shot. Just as Maria and Alex, Genndy also knew the real truth about Max, Isabel and Michael and she kept that truth secret.

With a shaking right hand, Genndy penciled in shading for 150 circles in 3 minutes (without even opening the test packet). Amazed at Genndy's actions, the Biology teacher bellowed, "Miss Binoche, this unit test is worth 30% of the semester's grade."

Genndy broke down getting up from her seat, shaking violently, "I know...I'm sorry. I've got to...(Genndy slapped at the tears escaping from her eyes using the front and back of both of her shaking hands.) I'm going to be sick," clamping a hand over her mouth, Genndy leapt up and tripped over her chair. With the same hand still over her mouth, she untangled herself from the chair, stood the chair up, then bolted from the Biology classroom.

Max and Liz gave each other a puzzled and concerned look. Still looking at Liz, Max widened his eyes and nudged his head towards the door, urging her to check on Genndy. Knitting her eye brows with worry (about to check on Genndy regardless of Max's consent), Liz nodded her head quickly in agreement lipping, "Of course."

Raising her hand the same time the Biology teacher collected Genndy's un-opened unit test and completed bubble sheet, without looking at Liz, the teacher said, "Yes, Miss Parker...Miss Binoche could probably use some help...go. I'll let you make up..." but before finishing the sentence, Liz had grabbed her book bag and Genndy's book bag and vanished through the doorway.

Liz luckily found Genndy in the bathroom closest to the Biology class. In the bathroom, holding onto the sink and still shaking, Genndy's bob cut, carrot colored, naturally curly hair shook with her body. Her light greenish yellow, cat like eyes were glazed with tears and emotion.

Liz dropped her and Genndy's book bags and flew to Genndy's side. With her right hand, Liz made caring circular motions on Genndy's back in attempts to help calm her hysterical friend down. When Genndy appeared to calm down a little, for about a second, Liz had a flash similar to a flash she would experience often times she kissed or touched Max, but this flash was more intense.

Caught off guard by the surprise, sudden flash, Liz yanked her hand from Genndy's back as if her hand had just been burned. Then Liz staggered back a step and half shook her head while blinking her eyes rapidly.

"Oh my gosh...Was that a...? What is going on, Genndy? Please tell me how I can help you?" Liz demanded with confusion and fear drying her voice.

Genndy was hysterical again, "I'm so sorry, Liz. I have tried...and tried...and tried, " Genndy's words trailed off, "228,935 times...(Genndy thought to herself)." Then with a frustrated sigh Genndy unsuccessfully attempted to weep silently.

Remembering that Genndy was one of her best and dearest friends, Liz gave Genndy the biggest sister-type hug she could muster, "We will help you through this somehow, Genndy. I promise," Liz finished her oath with tears erupting from her eyes.

"I know," Genndy thought to herself.

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