FanFic - Max/Liz
"Afternoon After"
Part 1
by Anne
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Rating: PG-13

Max is hurrying through the halls at school hoping that he's not too late to have lunch with Liz. He got held up after class because the teacher caught him not paying attention. Of course, she just had to see him after class to find out if he was o.k. Sheesh! What in the world was he supposed to say? "Oh sure, I'm fine. I just can't stop thinking about making love to Liz Parker. No problem." Right! He had to get his mind back on track, but first he really needed to see Liz. She seemed more than o.k. when he left her last night, but you never know what could've happened by now. It didn't do to take anything for granted with this relationship. There had been more obstacles to overcome than a trek through the Andes. He could scarcely believe they had finally managed to get alone together and uninterrupted. It had been a heroic effort on his part but it had worked. In the end, he and Liz had finally had . . . sex. Although, that didn't seem like the right word for what had taken place. It had been singularly the most spectacular moment of his life, and he couldn't wait to be with her again. He wasn't sure what he had done to deserve this kind of happiness, but he was grateful he had let down his guard and taken a leap of faith. Now it would be several more hours before he could be alone with her again, and he had to get his mind back on school, but first, where was she?

Max: "Maria, have you seen Liz?"

Maria: "Yeah . . . she's out in the . . . wait! What's going on with you two? You look . . . OH MY GOD! You didn't. You did! I'll strangle her for not telling me!"

Max: "I really gotta go, Maria."

Maria: "Fine." "That's just great!" (Throws her hands up and walks off supremely irritated with both of them)

Liz is stretched out in the sun and thinking about what a beautiful day it is and that it would be exactly 6 hours and 42 minutes before she and Max could . . .

Max has walked up to her now and his shadow falls on her face. She doesn't open her eyes, but smiles up at him. Max feels like he's just been shoved off a cliff. She is so beautiful. He bends down close to her ear.

Max: "How did you know it was me?"

Liz: "I always know when it's you." "I can feel it whenever you are close."

Max: "Really?" "How long has that been going on?"

Liz: "SShhhhhh." She pulls him down close to her. She hasn't opened her eyes yet.

Max: "What are you doing?" Liz puts her ear on his chest and listens to his heart beating. Max is looking around wondering what people are thinking about this, when she opens her eyes and looks at him.

Liz: "I was just making sure I hadn't dreamed it. It must've been real because it sounds the same." (Max sits down beside her on the grass.)

Max: "Did you really think it was a dream?"

Liz: (shrugs) "Seemed to good to be true."

Max: "Well, I guess that answers the most important of my questions."

Liz: "What questions?"

Max: "I was just wondering if you were alright today or if you had changed your mind . . . (looking apprehensive)

Liz: "Max!" "I can't believe you could be wondering how I feel today after last night." "But, just to set the record straight, I love you so much that sometimes, when I think about you, I can't breathe." "It's just not going to change."

Max: "I can live with that." (flirty)

Liz: "You said you had questions." "What's next?"

Max: "What time are you going to be off work tonight?"

Liz: "Why?" "What have you got in mind?"

Max: (smiling) "Well, it's certainly not American Literature." "I'm hoping that if I can tell myself that I will be seeing you at a certain time tonight, that I'll be able to concentrate on my classes for the rest of the day."

Liz: (grinning) "How about picking me up at seven?"

Max: "Seven sounds good, but . . ."

Liz: (concerned) "but . . .?"

Max: "It's just that it's an awfully long time til seven." (He smiles.)

Liz: (relieved) "You idiot."

Max: "By the way, you are no doubt going to get an earful from Maria when she sees you."

Liz: "Why?"

Max: "She guessed, and she's extremely pissed that you didn't tell her."

Liz: "Oh . . ."

Max: "Maybe I can get Michael to distract her before she attacks." (laughing)

Liz: "I hope so." (laughing, too.)

Max: "Why didn't you tell her?"

Liz: "I don't know. It just seemed too new and fragile. It sounds really stupid, but I was afraid that if I told someone, it might somehow disappear." "It's just so personal and . . . precious."

Max: "I know what you mean. I haven't told anyone either." "I expect that's blown now, though." "Michael will be all over me when he finds out, and I don't even want to think about Is."

Liz: "Are you having second thoughts, Max?"

Max: (surprised) "No, not at all." "Are you?"

Liz: "No. I feel so blessed somehow. Even if you have to go away someday, I will always have this to remember." "I can't imagine ever having been able to just get over you and go on." At least, now I won't live my whole life not knowing what it's supposed to be like."

Max: "I'm glad you're o.k. with this." "I have one more question for you."

Liz: "Go ahead."

Max: "Last night . . . could you feel things that didn't . . . that weren't . . .

Liz: "My feelings?"

Max: "Yeah."

Liz: (hesitates) "Yes." (She's looking to see how he's taking this.) "I could feel everything that you were feeling physically and emotionally." "What about you?"

Max: (not sure how to say this) "It felt like we were . . . one person." (looks out across the yard) "I still feel that way today." (looks back at Liz)

Liz: (grabs his hand) "So do I, Max."

Max kisses her quickly and gets up.

Max: "I have to go."

Liz: "I know, me, too."

Max: (helping her up) "I'm almost afraid to let you out of my sight."

Liz: "Don't worry."

Max: "Me? Worry?" "Why would you think that?"

Liz: (laughing) "Get outta here before you get into more trouble." "See you tonight."

Max: (touches her hair) "Tonight."

Liz retrieves her books and walks to class thinking that she's never been happier in her life. Max Evans is the other half of herself . . . even if he is an alien.

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