FanFic - Max/Liz
"Abduction, Guilt, and Forgiveness"
Part 7
by Kelly
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Summary: Around a month after Balance, Max and Liz get back together. However like the in the history of their relationship though, someone or something interferes. To make it worse, something happens to a majority of the gang. From then on, even though they don't think it can get worse, it does.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I know nobody wants to take the time to write feedback, but if you write something and no one responds, its really discouraging. Please tell me how it is, cause I want to make this story really long, but if no one tells you how it is (I want the truth) then its really easy to just give up, so please tell me what you think.
Liz felt something brush against her cheek. It was so comforting. She tried to open her eyes but found that she couldn’t. That man probably sedated us she thought. Suddenly it was like she was floating. What was happening? Put me down! She yelled in her head. Then she was lowered to the ground. The hard ground snapped her from her deep sleep. She looked around and couldn’t see anything. She turned her head and saw a monstrous building with lights flashing. How did we get out she wondered?

She shakily got to her feet and walked over to the others. They too were finally beginning to wake up. After a few minutes of confusion, they all began to walk home. By the time the reached the outskirts of town it was already 1:00.

“Agh, my mom is so going to kill me,” said Liz.

They all walked through the Crashdown up to Liz’s room. Liz’s parents were still out and they all wanted to be together for the night. As they al were climbing into sleeping bags Liz’s phone rang. They jumped and then looked at each other. Who would be calling at this time of night?

It rang again, Liz picked it up after muttering “Better not be Max."


“Oh hi Liz, I was hoping it would be you who picked up,” said a man’s voice on the other end.

“Who are you and what do you want?”

“Oh I just called to congratulate you on escaping. Very good, very good indeed.”

Liz turned white were they going to come get them?

“Usually after I take people in, they stay here tell they die, but I’ve worked out a deal with someone and as long as you don’t say a word to anyone else, I think you can stay at home. I told my good friend who is with me right now that he could say three words. I must admit they are extremely confusing, but here they are ‘best’ ‘friend’ and ‘dresser’. Don’t ask me what that means, but I promised I’d tell you. Now be a good little girl so I don’t have to come visit you again.” With that he hung up.

Liz slowly put down the phone. Who wanted to tell her “Best Friend’s Dresser”? What did it mean? She quickly got up and ran downstairs, only one way to find out, look on Maria’s dresser. Everyone was running after her, but she ignored them, and ran to the door just in time to see her parents pull in. Her dad got out but before he could close the door, she had the keys and was pulling out of the driveway. Her friends hopped into the Jetta and followed her. She knew this had to be important. Why would anyone use their three words to talk about a dresser? They could have said a location or a name or anything. She sped up just as the light turned red and drove through, she saw her friends stop, but she only increased her speed more. Maria couldn’t imagine what was making her best friend so reckless.

“Come on come on come on,” she said.

The light finally turned and they continued the drive to her house. When they got there they saw Liz’s car in her driveway and her bedroom light on. They all piled out of the Jetta, and went inside. Liz was sitting on her bed shaking. Silent tears streaming down her face reading a paper with blurry handwriting. Liz stopped shaking and became very still, her eyes were closed but her mouth was silently calling out to someone. After a minute of this Liz collapsed totally onto the bed not even realizing that there were people in the room watching her.

Maria ran over and sat by her pulling her into a tight hug, but she was unable to stop the shaking and shirt-soaking crying.

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