FanFic - Max/Liz
"Abduction, Guilt, and Forgiveness"
Part 1
by Kelly
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Summary: Around a month after Balance, Max and Liz get back together. However like the in the history of their relationship though, someone or something interferes. To make it worse, something happens to a majority of the gang. From then on, even though they don't think it can get worse, it does.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I know nobody wants to take the time to write feedback, but if you write something and no one responds, its really discouraging. Please tell me how it is, cause I want to make this story really long, but if no one tells you how it is (I want the truth) then its really easy to just give up, so please tell me what you think.
“Um hi Liz it’s Max. I know we decided that we weren’t gonna be together or see each other and all, but I just can’t keep living like this. I was thinking, maybe you could meet me near that one bench in the park around 5 today. Call me back if you can’t make it, otherwise I’ll see you there.” There was a click and the answering machine beeped. Liz’s curtain moved slightly, she froze. Who was out there? Liz sat motionless on her bed scared of whoever might be out there. Slowly she got up and looked around her patio, she thought she saw the top of someone’s head near the fire escape, but she blinked and it was gone. She closed the window so if they came back they couldn’t get in. Then she sat back down on her bed staring straight ahead. She couldn’t get her mind off the call. It had been a month since Max had told her that they couldn’t be more then friends. She remembered that night too well; she had sat on her lawn chair and cried herself to sleep after he left. She really had thought things were finally going well between them at that time. It amazed her how Michael getting sick could cause her to ruin their relationship and her happiness. If she could, she would go back to the time when he was sick and help him. “That’s what scared him off isn’t it?” she thought, “He thought I couldn’t handle who he was.” As Liz thought of this, a single tear rolled down her face, followed by another. Those weeks with Max had been the happiest in her life. Realizing this, she made up her mind, she would go and talk to him.

Max sat on a bench in the park. He heard a rustle in the bush behind him. He looked back. No one was there that he could see. Where was Liz? He suddenly thought. She had to know which bench he was talking about. He smiled as he remembered one of the best nights of his life. Then again, every night he spent with Liz was one of his favorites. He and Liz had spent hours on this bench gazing up at the stars after her mom had found them late one night on Liz’s patio. Since that night they had been constantly searching for more private places to meet. This had to be his favorite though out of all the other places in the city. He heard someone calling his name and immediately snapped out of it. Liz had come. He smiled and moved over so she could sit down. They sat there staring at one another, both at a loss for words. Finally Max spoke. “Liz you don’t know what these last weeks have been like for me. I haven’t been able to go out, laugh, or do anything remotely fun. I miss you and without you my life is worthless. I love you Liz and whatever step back I said I wanted to take, I want to take that many forward again. Please say you’ll come back to me. I love you.” Liz sat there taking in everything he was saying, and slowly she began to smile. She opened her mouth to tell him she loved him too, but no sound came out. Because at that moment, Max had just pulled her close to him and was kissing her like nothing else existed in the world. She threw her arms around him and kissed him back. Finally breathless they pulled away. They spent the next hour walking in the park before Liz remembered her promise to go to the movies. “I’m sorry Max, but we’re gonna have to finish later, I promised Maria that I’d go to the movies with her, Isabel, and Alex. I’ll call you as soon as I get home.” When Liz said this Max stopped and looked at her. “Maria, Isabel, and Alex huh?” he said. Liz thought she had offended him. “No, it’s not like that.” She said thinking that he was suggesting that she was just trying get away from him. “I told them two days ago that I…” “No, I wasn’t suggesting that,” Max said. They always had been able to tell what the other meant, even if they hadn’t said it yet. “It’s just that Isabel talked me into going to the movies tonight with her, Alex, and Michael” He grinned at her and she grinned back. “I think we were being set up!” She exclaimed. “You know what? I think you’re right!” As they walked toward the park entrance, they decided to please their friends. They would act as though they were still apart, and then make up during the night, hopefully leaving their friends with a sense of satisfaction that they had brought them together. “We can’t arrive at your house together. You go home right now, I have to stop by home first to change and catch up on some things I haven’t been doing lately.” She kissed him quickly and they set off in opposite directions.

As Max walked out of sight, she began to skip the rest of the way home, she couldn’t remember ever feeling happier. She made it up the steps in records time and hit the power button on the computer on the way to her room. After she got dressed in a short skirt and a top she knew Max would love, she signed on to her email and was pleasantly surprised to find an email from Max arrive a moment after she signed on. She smiled as she waited for it to open. However, the smile was quickly wiped from her face when she read the first sentence. “Liz, I’d don’t know how to say this nicely so I’ll come straight out and just say it, Everything I said today, well, I don’t know why I said it, but I know one thing for sure, I really don’t love you.”

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