FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Stitch in Time - Revised"
Part 35
by Lynda
Disclaimer: Dear Ms. Metz and Mr. Katims, can Max and the others come to my house to play? I'll try to have them back in time for dinner. Thanks, loon.
Summary: AU Fic. No spoilers. Max had thought just being an alien would fulfil the 'weirdness quotient' for his whole life, but now he had to cope with the concept of aliens from the future. And not just 'good' aliens from the future. There was a whole organization of 'bad' aliens from the future and he, Isabel and Michael had been recruited to help stop them.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Dedication: to Addison, my first fan.
Max knelt down and embraced them both. His love for his mate reached out, searching for her, refusing to give up. A connection formed automatically between the three of them and Max and Dave found themselves back in Liz's dream orb. The mist inside was so dark they almost couldn't see each other. Linking hands so they didn't become separated they called out to her. "Liz!" "Mom!" They waited and called to her some more, but still she was lost.

Determined not to give up, Max tried a different method. He recalled the feeling of incredible awe and wonder he had felt when he realized that Liz trusted him unconditionally. He remembered his admiration at her bravery in facing her grief without letting it destroy her enjoyment of life. His mind replayed the sound of her laughter, the gleam of mischief in her eyes that had entranced him during their tickle fight on the porch. He let the feeling of total completeness that filled him to the core of his being pour out, the completeness he felt only because she occupied that aching, empty space in his heart. Max gathered all of this and wrapped it in his love for her and sent it out into the mist. His love shone out like a beacon and he hoped it guided her back to him.

They waited and still the mist did not part and show them what they most wanted to see: the small dark-haired woman they both loved. Dave dropped to his knees, tears streaming down his face. Max rested his hand on Dave's shoulder and an idea came to him. One of the strongest instincts a mother had was to protect her child. Max instructed Dave to send out images of the times when he needed his mother and she was there for him. Max kept his hand on Dave's shoulder and fed him energy.

Dave's mind was filled with the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance that his mother radiated. He remembered how his soul basked in that radiance and how it helped him to become a strong and confident person. He remembered how his mom had not let him withdraw into himself when his powers first manifested. She found ways to bring him into contact with his peers until the fear and uncertainty caused by the knowledge that he was so very different were replaced by a growing confidence in himself and a belief that he was as good as they were, no matter the differences they had. He remembered the gratefulness he felt but couldn't express.

He remembered how she had resisted his teasing pleas for more and more computer equipment. Instead, she had suggested ways he could acquire the money himself, providing the opportunity for him to earn those wonderful feelings of pride and accomplishment he felt when he finally had his dream computer setup established. He recalled how gently she had supported him when he first began to fall in love with Julie, how she let him talk around the subject as he explored this new feeling that was growing.

Dave's memories of countless instances of him mother's love for him began to pour out of him and stream away into the dark mist, searching for the person who had made him possible. Finally all that was left was the first memory of her that he had: the security and warmth and love that had surrounded him while he was still in her womb comforted by the sound of her steady heartbeat. He concentrated on that and projected his continuing need for her.

Peering into the mist Max exclaimed, "It's starting to lighten, Dave!"

The mist began to swirl and the area near them began to clear. They heard her voice, faint and weak. "Dave? Max? Where are you? Are you here?" In a small trembling voice, "Are you real?"

Max called out, sending his strength out to her in hopes that she would accept it and use it to find them. They needed her so much. "Liz! Come to us! We need you. We love you. Come to us."

Dave added, "Mom! I'm here. I'm really alive! Come find me! I need you and I have one unbelievable hug deficit." He held out his arms, waiting, hoping for the small, slim figure to fill them. Suddenly she was there. Wordlessly she flung herself at them. Dave enveloped her in his arms, wrapping her tightly. They were both crying, both trying to talk at the same time.

Max watched for a moment, tears of joy washing the strain of the recent worries from his face. He was just turning away to give them privacy when Liz and Dave each reached out an arm and invited him into their embrace. He could see Liz's anxious expression. She asked, "Max? Are you going away?" Her small hand reached out for him like a lifeline.

Max turned around, his face alight with love. "I will never go away." \\Iím not alone anymore.\\ He stepped forward and completed the circle. Their auras blended and merged and the resulting golden glow shone out as strong as the sun breaking through storm clouds.

Liz raised her head and said wondrously, "Look!" A glorious triple rainbow appeared shining brightly against the last of the dark mist.

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