Fanfic - Max/Liz
"A Present Unseen"
Part 81
by Meagzie
Disclaimer: I own nothing and am nothing but a lowly servant of my computer and endless hours of fanfic. (Ok, maybe not.) Ooo, but I do own Adam. Mine. Mine mine mine.
Summary: It's about two years after A Past Forgotten. Graduation is just around the corner, but so is trouble.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Author's Note: Ok, I know I say this a lot and I talk too much as it is, but FEEDBACK. I need it... it keeps my blood pumping and my fingers typing. Please? Love you guys!
Max lazily scratched his stomach, not at all fazed by not receiving any sleep through the night. He did just what he wanted to do. He had his beauty in his arms and spent the much too short hours of the night watching her in her peaceful slumber.

Max glanced over at his alarm clock, noticing the bright red numbers that struck him painfully with every flicking number that passed. He needed to leave soon. Staying too long could result in very horrible results. Results he couldn’t risk.

He didn’t want to do this. With every fiber of his being, he did not want to leave the comfort of this very bed. The same very bed that held his angel, his beauty, his precious life. But he couldn’t stay. That was not even an option.

He would miss her. She was right next to him, and he already missed her. He couldn’t imagine not being able to stroke the silky strands of her hair between his fingers. He couldn’t imagine not being able to lay a kiss on her luscious lips. He couldn’t imagine not being the only one to touch her in places that only he had touched. He couldn’t imagine not being able to hear the exhilarating sound of her soft voice. He couldn’t imagine not feeling the sudden rapid heartbeat at just the mention of her name.

Sacrifices. This was what he had to sacrifice. The one thing that completed him inside and out. The one thing that compelled him to be a better person. The one thing he had to sacrifice.

But it was safer this way.

Max placed a soft kiss against Liz’s temple, letting his lips linger a moment longer. Sighing silently, he slowly untangled himself from Liz’s tight embrace, trying his hardest not to wake his sleeping beauty. Max steadily moved towards the edge of the bed, easing himself off. He took a small peek at Liz, who had stirred momentarily then quickly fell back to her deep slumber. Max couldn’t fight the grin off his face.

Max squinted his eyes in the dark, trying to find his clothes among the scatter on the floor. Darkness of the night remained in the room causing Max to crouch down and search for his clothing. Feeling the fabric of his boxers, he quickly and quietly slipped them on, followed by his jeans and shirt.

Max crept towards his desk, silently pulling out a piece of paper and pen. He glanced back at the gorgeous creature asleep in his bed. He abruptly turned his head away, knowing that one more glance at her would make him forget what he had to do. Picking up the pen, he scribbled a note on the paper and left it on the desk.

Max opened a drawer in his desk, drawing out a jewelry case. Opening it, he took out the chain that held a shining ring and placed it around his neck. Touching it lightly, he felt a pang of guilt for breaking promises that he held so close to his heart. Promises that Liz held so close to her heart.

Sighing, he pulled his fingers away from the delicate jewelry and tugged his leather jacket on. Making his way towards the door, he stroked the ring again. Halting, he closed his eyes and tried to fight off the overwhelming emotions of remorse. Opening his bedroom door, he took one last glimpse at his queen. The woman he had loved in his past life, in this life, and in all of his future lives.

Through the tears that poured on his face, he swallowed deeply. He took one more step before whispering into the deadly quiet night.

“Liz Parker, I love you.”

With that, Max Evans stepped out of the room, and out of that house forever.

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