Fanfic - Max/Liz
"A Present Unseen"
Part 70
by Meagzie
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Summary: It's about two years after A Past Forgotten. Graduation is just around the corner, but so is trouble.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Author's Note: Ok, I know I say this a lot and I talk too much as it is, but FEEDBACK. I need it... it keeps my blood pumping and my fingers typing. Please? Love you guys!
“There he goes,” Owen whispered behind him. Michael and Adam nodded, as they both braced themselves for whatever they would stumble upon once they reached the door that just lay right ahead of them.

“You’re sure they’re in there?” Adam asked.

“Yeah, I can feel it,” Maria answered. She crouched lower against the wall, clinging to the back of Michael’s top. “Something is happening in there. Something bad.” Maria bit her lip, hard, for fear of failure to keep her own emotions in check.

The four of them were hiding just around the corner from the room, squatting low down against the wall. Owen was in front, frequently checking for more guards. Michael was behind him, with Maria clutching his back as a lifeline. Adam became the back part, he too checking for guards behind them.

“If I counted correctly, there should be only one guard in there. Khivar took two of his guards out of the room when he left, but I don’t know how long he’s going to be gone,” Owen whispered. “Lets just hope the rest of the gang can keep him occupied long enough for us to get them out.”

“Lets hope that they don’t get killed first,” Maria mumbled. They all ignored her comment, because she was hoping right. Little preparation and only half the Court present weren’t going to aid their battle.

“Well, lets get this over with.” Michael stood up, but Maria yanked him back down so quickly that he almost fell on top of her. He turned and gave her a hard glare.

“You want to just go charging in there? Are you crazy?” Maria whispered, frantically. “We’re not going to be much help if we’ve got blood and guts oozing from our bodies!” Michael rolled his eyes at Maria’s melodramatic excitement.

“Right, and how did Maria convince us to let her come?” Michael muttered.

“Oh, if you had left me with Kyle, trust me, I’d guarantee there would be blood and guts oozing from your body.” Maria slapped Michael for good measure.

“All right, all right, settle down, kiddies. Lets go,” Adam directed. Owen stood up, fully uniformed with his fellow “soldiers” standing after him. They each checked the two hallways for misguided guards.

Owen stepped in front of the closed door, checking both directions before waving his hand over the front of the door and pushing it open.

“Hey!” The guard from inside yelled at them. “What are you doing in here?”

“This.” Michael raised his hand and directed a beam straight at the guard, causing him to topple easily to the ground. Three other people discreetly crept their way towards the corner, but not discreetly enough. Adam aimed his own sweeping shot at the three. They, too, fell to the ground with noiseless thuds. The room became sickly with wounding silence.

“Oh Alex,” Maria sobbed, rushing to him. His eyes were rolled to the side, dozily sweeping the room in a semi-conscious blur. “He’s bleeding. Oh god, Alex, they cut you.” Maria ripped a piece of her sleeve off, and pressed it against the continually bleeding cut. Maria put one hand against the side of Alex’s face, trying to get him to look up at her.

Adam and Michael were already beside Liz, who was crying profusely now but insanely quiet. Adam waved his hand over the straps to rip them, but only seemed to tighten the offending binds. Liz made a face of what looked like she was crying out, but no noise came from her mouth.

“Liz?” Adam asked, looking straight back at her terrified eyes. “It’s going to be okay. We’re going to get you out of here.” He glanced at Michael, who’s face was hard with anger. Michael too tried to loosen the straps with his power, but failed.

“Lizzie bear,” Michael said in quiet rage, unsuccessfully holding his composure. “Do you know how to get these things off?” Liz shook her head, another wave of tears pouring from her face. Michael had to step back so he would let his anger take over from what they obviously had done to her. The bruises explained enough to him.

“Adam!” Maria screamed suddenly. “You’ve got to help Alex, heal him. He’s hurt.” Maria had her hand on Alex’s body, stained with his blood, and pressed against the cut.

Adam, somewhat torn from leaving his Queen’s side, shifted himself. Adam turned to Alex’s makeshift lying table and moving Maria’s hand, he placed his own over Alex’s wound. Adam took a deep, cleansing breath and focused his powers to healing the incision that marked Alex’s body.

“Uhh,” Alex moaned, as his flesh was being repaired. Maria smiled supportively through tears beside him, holding his still bound hand. “God, that hurts.”

“Owen!” Michael yelled. Owen was dragging the comatose bodies to the corner of the room, hiding them in case any wandering souls disturbed the group.

“Owen, how the hell do we get these straps off? Our powers only makes it worse.” Owen came to Michael’s side, and bent down, reaching underneath the table. He waved his hand over a hidden lock on the underside of the table and the straps popped off.

“There’s a lock underneath the table. Trying to rip them with your powers will only strength the hold.” Owen turned to Liz who was impatient to get off the table. Owen offered his hand to her for support.

“I’m Owen,” he said, with a smile. “Are you all right?” Liz just nodded meekly, stumbling to Michael’s side. Michael threw his arms around her protectively, causing Liz to snuggle more into his secure embrace.

“Oh Lizzie bear, you’re ok now,” he whispered into her ear. Liz clung to his body, quietly shedding tears.

“She can’t talk,” Alex wheezed from the other table. Adam stepped back from the table, taking a moment to catch his breath while Owen unlocked Alex’s straps. Maria immediately flung her arms around Alex’s neck as he sat up.

“What do you mean she can’t talk?” Michael demanded, pulling his sister closer to him. Liz, on the other hand, was closing her eyes from the mulling around going on in her head. She was sure things were supposed to feel this damn fuzzy.

“Khivar, he wasn’t too happy with a rebellious Liz. He did something to her voice box.” Alex rubbed his head in frustration, a throbbing ache taking place. “Lets just get out of here, all right? This place gives me the creeps.” Alex heaved himself off the table but staggered, resulting in Maria becoming his support.

“Adam, you ready?” Owen asked, turning to see if Adam was feeling well enough to leave. He nodded, but stopped at Liz’s side first.

“Do you want me to see if I can heal you?” Adam asked, pointing to Liz’s throat. She nodded. He was just about to place his hand over her throat when the door launched open, causing the group to stare at their newest guest.

“Aw, did you guys start the party without me? That’s a shame.” Khivar extended his arm and threw a blow causing Alex, Maria, Michael, Adam, Owen and Liz to go flying back against the cold, tough walls. Needless to mention, groans rumbled through the room with the addition of sounds of trembling limbs. More bodies were thrown against them, as the remainder of the Royal Court and Protector Four-Square joined the gathering.

“Shall we begin?” Khivar questioned, a sly grin greeting his face.

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