Fanfic - Max/Liz
"A Present Unseen"
Part 6
by Meagzie
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Summary: It's about two years after A Past Forgotten. Graduation is just around the corner, but so is trouble.
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Rating: R
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Adam swept blindly at the grease-infested Crashdown floor. He had sent that retched hag Agnes home. Why the Parkers ever hired that lazy heinous woman completely bewildered Adam. She was constantly taking a smoke break, or talking to her mysterious (and probably shamed) boyfriend, or cursing at Adam for one thing or another. Yes, it was definitely less frustrating to close up the shop without that dreadful beast moaning and bitching about something.

Adam’s mind instantly began to wander, his thought occupied, as always, by Liz. Liz Parker, beautiful, stunning, sexy, intellectual, thoughtful, compassionate. And that was only skimming the surface of the wonder called Liz Parker. He could feel his heart already beating erratically at the sound of her name, making his blood boil until it poured out of his ears. Her silky, dark tresses curled playfully around his finger as he stared into her eyes, gazing as thoughtfully into her eyes as she did into his. The heat radiating off their bodies would begin a fire that would melt and burn every aspect of their world, mind, body and soul. Her soft, delicate lips enveloped in sweet, glistening glossiness. Those inviting lips staring him straight in the face, begging and pleading to be kissed and loved like never done before. He’d flick his tongue against the softness of her lips and taste its sweet flavor. His hand would rest against the side of her neck, gracing his undeserving fingers with the feel of her velvety skin, tingling him from his fingers to his unworthy toes…

Adam! Get a grip. This is Liz Parker, Max Evan’s lifetime love and soul mate. Off limits. Remember Max Evans? Your king? And Liz Parker, the one person in the world you should be protecting not fantasizing about. Adam shook his head in attempt to clear the lustful thoughts that had just crossed his mind. Liz Parker would never be his, and he had to make sure it stayed that way. Even though every molecule of his being yearned for her, even though he couldn’t go through one single minute without dreaming of her, even though… hell, he couldn’t breathe without the thought of Liz. Was it shameful of him to think of his Queen like this? Max would definitely have Adam’s head chopped up and eaten by a pack of snarling wolves. But this was Earth, and not Antar. He could dream of any woman he wanted, he just needed to make sure it stayed that way. Just dreams and nothing more.

Adam let out a long, tortured sigh. Perhaps Maria was right, this was nothing but self-inflicted torment that could tear him into itty-bitty pieces. Maybe Maria’s pick for a date would prove to be interesting, maybe possibly turn his head away from Liz Parker… right. Who was he trying to kid? Liz Parker…

“Liz!” Adam jumped as the object of his fantasy walked through the front doors. He closed his eyes momentarily, not wanting to seem as flushed as he felt inside. Of course this angel would walk in when I was having this huge inner-battle to FORGET her… what curse this is! Adam glanced over at the beauty. A gorgeous curse, at that.

“I’m sorry, Adam! I didn’t mean to scare you,” Liz said, giving him an apologetic smile.

“Uh, no biggie.” Adam attempted to smile back but it turned out as clumsy grin. “Well, I’m almost done cleaning up. I’ll lock up as soon as I’m done.”

“No, no, don’t worry about cleaning up. The gang is coming back here in a little bit,” Liz informed him. It was then that Adam noticed Liz was carrying a large bag, shifting it from hand to hand.

“Grad dress?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. She nodded shyly. God, she’s so adorable. Her petite form and shy actions just make Adam so… complete.

“I hope Max likes it.” Ouch. Was that ice you just threw down my pants? Ow.

“Well, I’m sure he will. ” Adam forced down the bile that kept threatening to spew out. Adam began to sweep again, anything to stop looking at her. To stop breathing in her luxurious scent.

“Adam?” Liz looked at him curiously. Oh god, this is it. She’s going to look him in the eye and accuse him of loving her endlessly. She’ll scream she could never love a man as pitiful and disgusting as him. Then she’ll grab his heart and begin playing pin the heart on a dead alien…

“Adam!” Liz shouted frantically.

“Uh, s-sorry… w-what?” Adam stuttered, trying to regain focus all the while keeping his breath in.

“I asked if I could try on my dress for you. You know, for your opinion.” Whoa, ok, Adam, calm down. She did not say anything about your feelings for her. She doesn’t even know about them. She would never hurt you, anyway. She would never hurt anyone. Wait… what DID she say? Something about a dress.

“I, uh…”

“I love Maria and all, but our styles are a bit… different. I’d really like a second opinion.” Liz. Dress. Opinion. Ok, no drooling. Don’t even open your mouth. Just nod. There, good.

Liz let a radiant smile rip free on her face and she scurried excitedly to the backroom. She wanted everything, absolutely everything, to be perfect for Max on their grad night. He was so wonderful to her and anything he said could make her body heat up wildly, desiring him to the very core of her. Ever since that one night two years ago when he had comforted her after a horrifying nightmare that left her shaking into the night. Max had tenderly held her close and kissed away all her fears. They had to stop themselves before it went too far that night, and plenty of nights afterwards. Last night had been one of those nights…

~ Liz and Max lay comfortably on the lounge chair on Liz’s balcony. Max turned to her and smiled.

“You’re so beautiful, you know that? Everyday I’m more and more convinced that heaven is missing one of their angels.” Liz blushed under Max’s sweet talk.

“The only problem is,” said Max, “that I’m not willing to give her back.” Max took a length of her silky hair and twisted it around his finger.

“Mr. Evans, are you trying to flatter me?” Liz asked playfully, leaning closely into him.

Max cocked an eyebrow. “Is it working?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think you’re done yet.”

“Oh? I’m not?”

“Nope. Everyone knows that when you attempt to woo a girl, you always end it with an earth-shattering kiss.” Liz grinned impishly at Max. Returning the grin he brought her delicate hand to his lips and laid a light kiss upon it. He slowly began to trail kisses up her arm, leaving glossy paths of affection. He brought his hand up to her bare shoulder, caressing it as if it were a precious gift sent to him from above. His anxious lips graced the tantalizing flesh, feeling the rush of shivers enrapturing Liz’s body. His grateful lips inched towards her neck, discovering its new prey. Max wraps a muscled arm around Liz’s waist, taking a firm grip on her body. His other hand pulled her neck closer to his lips. He nibbled the smooth skin, its delicious taste savoring in his mouth. Max sneaked a devious glance into Liz’s soulful eyes before devouring her mouth. Deepening the glorious kiss, Max brought his hands to her sleek hair, toying with the silky strands.

“So,” Max breathed as he pulled away. “Did it work?” Liz’s closed eyes scrunched up.

“Huh… Did what work…”

“My trying to flatter you, duh,” he replied coolly, pulling his body away from her and beginning to get up. Liz pulled him down and literally threw herself on top of his very hard, very firm body.

“I don’t think it worked,” Liz said naughtily.


“Nope, you’re just going to have to repeat that last step over and over…”

“Yes ma’am.” Max leaned in, closing any distance between their lips. ~

Liz let out a dizzy sigh. That man could make her hot like no one else. She knew that going further, like as in all the way, things could get a bit bizarre. Max was an alien, for Pete’s sake! Who knew what kind of side effects could arise from making love? But she was ready. She was ready to give him everything, her heart, her soul, her body, her mind, and her love. Although, it was all already his and would forever be his. She could never give her heart to another, and making love to him would only strengthen that bond.

Trust. Loyalty. Love. They were all the main components of their relationship. Girls always would tell her how lucky she is, Max being the perfect, devoted boyfriend and all. If they only knew their whole history together, of being destined for each other beyond life times.

Cindy Lloyd always said that if she could read her boyfriend, Luke Manster’s, mind, he would only be thinking of how to get her into to bed or how to break-up with her. Liz would just pet her arm and tell her not to worry.

Besides, Liz HAD read Luke’s mind (of course, as a favour to Cindy… though she didn’t know it) and maybe he wasn’t looking for marriage but he definitely feeling something towards Cindy. Then again, if the any of the Pod Squad knew about this mind reading, they would probably had a nice little freak-fest. Ever since Liz read Tess’ mind and the male aliens had to kill Tess to keep her from destroying Liz, the group thought it was best for Liz that she never use her powers unless it called for urgent measures. Except for Adam. A few weeks after Tess’ death, Liz became more and more interested in her powers. She wanted to explore her powers to its fullest extent so she convinced Adam to continue training her. Having Adam around for not only a protector and trainer but as a friend as well was really… nice. She didn’t feel so lost about her newly discovered alien side. Max didn’t really know anything about Liz’s past, and Maria and Alex, they just didn’t understand all this alien stuff (although Liz loved them despite that). Isabel, well, she still wasn’t close to Liz, even with the knowledge of them sharing a past together. And Michael? Well, Michael is Michael. ‘Nough said.

Adam is such a sweet guy and he was always willing to help Liz with anything. He’s encouraging her to do whatever she wants to do, and he’ll assist her with anything. Adam deserved the best! Perhaps she should help Maria find him a date… someone good enough to be with him. Then again, that won’t be hard because every girl in their school would approach her asking if they could have Adam’s number or what Adam liked in a girl. Liz just could not understand Adam’s complete disinterest in dating anyone because girls practically swoon over her.

“Liz?” Adam called out shyly. “Did the dress eat you or something?” Liz smiled at Adam’s teasing. That teaser. We’ll see who has the last laugh.

“Actually, yeah, it did. Now I have, like, no clothes on. Oh gee, I guess I’ll have to walk around in the nude, huh?” She heard a choking sound. “Adam? Are you all right? I was kidding. Geez, Adam. From the way you act it’s like you think I’d be ugly buck-naked!”

“Uh huh.” Adam groaned. “I, uh, I-I… um, I’ll be right back.” Liz heard the door open and close quickly.

“Righty-o.” Liz said to herself. She opened the bathroom door and walked out into the employee area. She smiled when she heard the soft swishing sound of her dress. What a princess must feel like. Maybe this whole alien Queen thing could be a lot more fun than she thought.

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