Fanfic - Max/Liz
"A Present Unseen"
Part 47
by Meagzie
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Summary: It's about two years after A Past Forgotten. Graduation is just around the corner, but so is trouble.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Author's Note: Ok, I know I say this a lot and I talk too much as it is, but FEEDBACK. I need it... it keeps my blood pumping and my fingers typing. Please? Love you guys!
The tall gateway of ‘Sunny Oaks Cemetery’ hung lifelessly before Adam and Liz, breathing nothing but chilling air, as if they knew what lay beyond their entrance. Despite its rasping appearance probably due to the actual content of the cemetery, it was nicely trimmed with a long, winding path concealed in small pebbles and stones that traveled far ahead. Accompanying the path’s sides lay rows and rows of marked graves for loved ones blessed in vibrant flowers. Miscellaneous trees and plants grew idly in the scenery of the rapturous scenery with its morbid core.

“Not quite as eerie as most graveyards. At least there’s still a little bit of sunlight left,” Liz commented as she and Adam walked through the iron gates of ‘Sunny Oaks Cemetery’. Adam briskly nodded, acknowledging he heard Liz, but not really reacting to the actual comment. He really didn’t need to see anyone’s grave. Really. He believed they were dead.

“Liz, this is crazy. I don’t need closure. I’m fine. And anyways, there’s a whole heap of graves here. It’d take forever to find Owen and my parent’s graves. Too bad.” Adam turned to leave but Liz grabbed his arm before he could take a step.

“Not so easy, cowboy. At least give it a conscious effort.” Liz took Adam’s hand and led him through the gravel path amongst rows of burials. Rapidly she felt Adam’s body halt and stiffen greatly. She twisted to give him more encouragement but stopped herself when she saw Adam’s narrowed eyes, infested with animalistic instinct.

Adam slowly moved his head about, his eyes grazing every region carefully. He pulled Liz’s body tightly behind him, his prey intuition coming full force. It had come quickly, that gnawing feeling that warned him of a stalking presence. The awareness of company was another “perk” to the whole protector duty. But it really came in handy for shielding Liz from foreboding characters.

Adam let a low, deep, protective growl seep from his lips, warning whoever was watching them. Slowly Adam raised his hand, not totally sure as to where their shadow was located. Distantly he felt Liz’s body fighting desperately against the quivers that threatened her mercilessly.

“Adam, what the hell are you doing?” a strong, feminine voice rang out. Adam’s head snapped towards the voice, his still apprehensive eyes seeking out the form.

“Hey man, relax,” Ben’s cool voice called after. He and Sandy came sauntering out from a hiding tree both wearing confused expressions by Adam’s protective stance.

“Oh, sorry, man,” Adam apologized, slightly blushing. That was a close one… his self-esteem and guilt level would have done double time if he had accidentally blown his best friends away with alien powers. Whoops?

Liz immediately took the initiative, stepping away from Adam’s defensive shelter. “We, uh, thought that someone was following us. It must have been the graveyard creeping us out. Sorry about that scene.” Liz smiled sincerely. “So, what are you two doing out here? Isn’t it kind of dark out to be stalking the dead?” Liz meant it in a joking manner, but Sandy didn’t seem amused.

“Well, what about you? Shouldn’t you be hiding in your dark corner?” Sandy sneered. “Not that it’s any of yours or Adam’s business, but Ben and I visit Owen and Mr. and Mrs. Redmond’s graves everyday. You know Adam’s parents? Oh, wait, you wouldn’t. Considering neither you nor Adam have been here since their death. Well, actually you’ve never been here. Maybe that just further proves my point that you don’t belong here either.” Sandy turned and stomped away from Liz, Adam and Ben.

Ben looked at Sandy’s distancing back with a dropped jaw. That was just… cold. And cruel. He turned towards Liz and Adam, giving them a truly apologetic face.

“Guys, I’m so sorry about that. She’s really had a rough time since-”

“Ben,” Liz said softly. “You have nothing to apologize for. Neither does Sandy. She’s been through a lot in her life, I’m sure I’d be the same way. Besides, our friend Isabel is much more callous. Sandy is but a minion compared to Isabel.” Liz grinned at Ben, letting him ease.

“Thanks Liz,” Ben replied quietly. She was an exceptionally gentle person, her whole charisma cried maturity and peace.

Liz stepped up and looped her arm with Ben’s. Grinning, she said to him, “Care to show me where I can find Owen and the Redmond’s graves? I’d like to pay my respects. From all that I’ve heard, they were truly amazing people.” Ben grinned back and led her down the path.

Adam trailed behind silently, lost in a parade of thoughts. He should have been here this whole time for Sandy and Ben. Why couldn’t he have just stayed for a while before embarking on his journey to Roswell, to Liz?

But he already knew the answer to that. Liz’s life was, is and always will be the most important thing to him. And to deny that was to deny a part of him.

But Sandy was one of his best friends, almost like a little sister but not. If he had only kept in touch, if only-

If only you’d get your butt in gear and be there for her now.

Adam’s head jerked up to glance at Liz. He knew that was Liz’s voice in his mind, but when he looked up he saw that she was still happily chatting with Ben.

Didn’t I tell you to go after her? Men, never ever listen.

Adam grinned at Liz’s jokingly irritated voice. He nodded slightly, even though Liz couldn’t see him, and ran off towards the far-off figure.

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