Fanfic - Max/Liz
"A Present Unseen"
Part 38
by Meagzie
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Summary: It's about two years after A Past Forgotten. Graduation is just around the corner, but so is trouble.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Author's Note: Ok, I know I say this a lot and I talk too much as it is, but FEEDBACK. I need it... it keeps my blood pumping and my fingers typing. Please? Love you guys!
“I-I, uh…” Adam stammered. That poor, lost little boy appeared in his expression again, and Liz wanted to bang her head against the wall for making him do this. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ben glanced over at Liz, looking her up and down. He was obviously sizing her up. No wonder Sandy and Ben are related, Liz thought to herself.

Liz felt insecure beneath his scrutiny, making her inch behind Adam’s back. She peeked over his shoulder so she could watch the rest of the scene unfold. If something was going to happen, at least she wanted to be able to witness it.

Ben stood up from his squatting position beside his sister and looked directly into Adam’s already frightened eyes. Ben squinted his eyes, as if trying to figure out a puzzle hidden within Adam’s eyes. After a moment, he took a quick step back, stumbling as he went. “H-How is this possible? Are you actually alive?” Ben asked quietly, but it was obviously a rhetorical question.

“That’s me, Adam, in the flesh,” Adam muttered with little ease. “Why are you so surprised?”

“Because they told us you died with your parents! They even told us they found your body! Your goddamn burnt-to-ashes fucking body!” Sandy screamed. Her once frail body was now standing with ferocity burning in her pumping veins. Her tiny hands were clenching and unclenching into tight balls. Liz definitely did not want to get into a fight with this chick… ever.

Adam’s reaction was somewhere between shock and deep sorrow. His eyes showed that misery Liz occasionally saw flickering there time to time, but this time it didn’t stop. The pain, the memories, the hurt came rushing through his head and he wasn’t sure if this was a movie or actually his life. The lies that overwhelmed him for much too long came floating up like a vicious wolf stalking it prey.

But suddenly, his world came settling back down, and the whole planet seemed to regulate its course again. Liz had affectionately put her arms around him in an attempt of comfort, though she knew that only the resolve of his own mind could put him at ease. But he needed a friend, and as always, she would never deny him that. She wouldn’t deny anyone that.

Two pairs of eyes observed the sight in front of them, one with curiosity and one with jealousy.

“You are-?” asked Ben, looking straight at Liz. She glanced up from Adam’s shoulder and smiled. Liz stepped away from Adam’s body to offer her hand to Ben and Adam felt the loss immensely. Adam quickly scolded himself nonetheless, now was definitely not the time to pine over Liz. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

“Liz,” she anwered “Liz Parker. I’m a friend of Adam’s.” She smiled warmly at the Ben, and Ben himself felt drawn to her. Not because of any feelings of desire, just something about her pulled him to her. A sense of familiarity. Something primal.

“Well, Liz Parker, nice to meet you. I’m Ben Fisher, and this is Sandy, my sister.” Sandy gave a snort and turned away from the group, walking into the house. They all heard a door slam loudly. Liz couldn’t help but want to write Isabel Evans all over Sandy’s forehead. Liz remembered that exact temper.

“She’s not a real friendly one. Please come in,” he said, welcoming Adam and Liz into the house. Adam refused.

“Ben, it’s all right. I’ve made a mess of things all ready, I’m sorry we bothered you. We’ll just get going now,” answered Adam. He grabbed Liz’s arm, starting to pull her away, but being as stubborn as she was, she stayed firmly rooted in her spot, sporting a “move-me-and-die” pose.

Ben saw Adam’s wish to leave, but it was too soon. He had too many questions. There were way too many things left unsolved. Their lives would never be normal again. Not that their lives were role models for normality in the first place.

“Adam, no! Don’t go, please. We should just talk- about things.” Ben looked down at his feet, suddenly extremely interested in them. This was harder than he expected. But it wasn’t like he ever expected Adam to be alive either.

Adam didn’t know what to do. One part of him wanted to run far, far away from this and all of his past. Bringing Liz here was probably one of the most stupid things he had ever thought of. But the other part of him (and most of Liz too), wanted him to stay. To work everything out and finally go to sleep with a clear conscience for once. Actually be free from the guilt that cursed him his whole damned life. Thinking over the whole situation in his head he quickly came to the conclusion. Who was he to refuse his queen’s request? (Ok, not such a great excuse, but still an excuse.)

Adam nodded at Ben’s invitation and stepped into the house he had formerly known as well as his own. Not much had changed. The living room still rested to the right of the entrance, guarded by a large bay window. The whole dwelling was covered in purples, blues and blacks. Ben’s parents, well particularly his mom, always liked darker colours. She always was a little shady. Her jokes were always a bit dry… then again so was her cooking. If she weren’t always so friendly to Adam, he would swear she dealt drugs.

“If you boys would excuse me, I need to use the little ladies room,” Liz said, excusing herself.

“Oh sure, it’s just down that hall, second door on the right.” Liz thanked Ben and headed down the hallway, leaving the two boys in awkward silence.

“So…” Adam said.

“Yeah, so…”

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