Fanfic - Max/Liz
"A Past Forgotten"
Part 1
by Meagzie
Disclaimer: I, sadly, own nothing. But hopefully one day I can claim that a certain Max Evans has graced my bedroom with his presence :)
Summary: There's a new visitor in Roswell who holds the key to everything. But is he actually a friend or foe?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Author's Note: Okie dokie, just a few things, all right? 1) This story doesn't really say anything about the parents or Nascedo... lets pretend in this great Roswell world of mine, they don't really exsist, okie? 2) All you need to know is Tess is in town and she's told the Pod Squad of their supposed "destiny". 3) This is the first installment of a trilogy! I swear I'm working on the second part :) In the works, so have no fear. 4) Last but not least... FEEDBACK. I LOVE IT, I NEED IT, I WANT SOME MORE OF IT!!! Hehe, but really, I appreciate any kind of feedback. Let me know if I'm doing all right. This is my very first fanfic.
Adam looked at the bleak town. So this was Roswell. If they thought this was funny, there was definitely going to be some ass kicking done. Definitely.


Liz smiled at Max. The way he could just look into her soul without a double thought. How his deep, expressive eyes could make her surrender anything to him. Anything. Especially anything physical, oh yes. Liz could actually taste his lips poured on top of hers, melting together like ice under fire. The soft entwining of not only their lips but their souls as well, uniting together as one, building every passion…

“Liz! What are you doing? Do you realize that today is NOT a good day to be zoning out, leaving me to this mess time and time again? Every time, I always have to save SOMEONE’S ass. Czechoslovakian or not!” Maria shrieked in Liz’s ear. Yet another Saturday wasted away at the Crashdown, working endless shift after endless shift. But Max was there. He would always be there, he had promised. Sure psycho Tess was trying to get her greedy little hands on Max, but he had assured Liz he wasn’t and never will be interested in the nauseating bimbo. But none of them could deny the one fact that hung relentlessly over their heads: Tess is an alien. One of them. Something Liz could never be.

“Did you hear me, spacey? These orders will not be filled by themselves! Just because your parents are on some summer long trip, does not mean you can space out! This is NOT the time to escape in the sexual realm of Max!” Liz blushed brightly.

“Could you say that any louder, Maria? I don’t think the Czechoslovakians at table 6 could hear you quite clearly!” Not that it mattered what Liz said. Michael was laughing loudly, while Max’s face turned a crimson red. Suck it up, Parker, Liz thought. Maria was right. The alien-themed restaurant was busy and more customers were filing in by the dozens. Liz straightened her springy antennas and greeted customers with the fakest smile she could muster.

Michael watched Max’s eyes dart around the restaurant, keeping a constant watch on Liz’s location at all times. It sickened him. Max was showering Liz with puppy dog eyes when he should really be worrying and plotting their next move. Michael’s destiny waited while Max tried to get his groove on!

“Max, I really think we should sit down and talk to Tess about all this destiny stuff. You’ve been avoiding her ever since that, uh, day. And personally, I want to know about my destiny, and my past. She could be the key to everything, if you would just…”

“Michael, no.”

“Damn it, Max! We have all the answers lying right at our feet and you refuse to actually consider any of it! Stop denying everything, and act like the leader you’re supposed to be!” Michael stood up and stormed out of the Crashdown. Max just shook his head. If Michael wanted to think irrationally, and indulge himself in this past bullshit, then he can just very well do that. Max shook his head again. No, he could never think that way. Michael would always act before thinking, and Max would be there yet again to clean up the mess Michael left. A sigh emitted from Max’s mouth. He better go find Michael before things got worse than they needed to be.

“Excuse me sir?” Max turned towards the voice, and let a smile take over his face.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Well, I was just wondering if you could grant this little lady some company. I am temporarily on a wonder called a break.” Liz smiled, that cute, innocent smile of hers. Max could feel his heart stop. Michael could wait. Oh yeah, Michael could definitely wait.


Tess grinned. They were all playing so nicely into her hands. In no time she would getting her ride back home, and away from this hellhole. People would bow at her feet like the worthy Queen she is. Michael couldn’t deny his true instincts, his alien side. Isabel, well, she was a pushover. She was so confused that she could lean either way, and Tess would make sure Isabel came to her side. And after Tess was done, Max would be mourning the death of Liz Parker, and Tess would be there to comfort him. Oh yes, things were working out so well.

Later that day:

Liz slouched in the booth at the Crashdown after her shift. Across from her were Isabel and Alex, hands sewn together. They had come a long way in their relationship. They quickly adapted to any situation, Alex becoming the supporting rock, and Isabel leaning proudly beside her rock. They certainly were quite the pair. High school queen and alien princess meets garage band dork and computer freak. It was adorable when you thought about it.

“So where is the defiant Michael tonight?” Isabel sighed. Things were never good between Michael and Max any more.

“Not sure,” Liz replied. “When Max left about two hours ago, he said he was going to find Michael and try to talk things out with him. Although we all know how much that’s going to help.” Liz twirled a strand of hair around her index finger. She felt bad; she could understand where Michael was coming from. He wanted, no needed, answers.

“Ah, yes, the fearless leader confronts the rebellious soldier. It’s amazing they just don’t squash each other to death with their deathly eye rays.” Alex smirked at his own joke.

“Not funny, Alex,” Isabel said. “Michael won’t listen to anyone even if his life depended on it. And Max refuses to handle this whole destiny situation. Now, we all know how I’m not exactly liking and believing all this destiny stuff but anything’s a possibility, right?”

“I think we’re all witnesses of that fact.” Maria emerged from the Crashdown’s employee doors. “Nothing and no one is ever what it seems, especially the psycho bleached ho. I think the questions that should be asked is why did all this arise when she showed up and what does all this have to do with the now? Do all you honestly believe you guys can fight some evil Czech’s and save some distant planet’s ass?”

“Do we have a choice, Maria? What if this is all true? That our mother has been waiting for us to return and we are destined to rule that planet? We can’t deny anything because we don’t know anything for sure.” Isabel picked at her space fries absentmindedly. She knew she wasn’t ready to face all of this, to face a predetermined future. She thought she made her own future… didn’t she?

“Incoming,” Alex murmured. The Crashdown bell rang sharply into the empty restaurant indicating a customer was entering the restaurant.

“I’m sorry, we’re closed for the-” Liz started before she looked up at the stranger. She felt her heart pull to this man. He stood unsurely at the front door, gazing at Liz. Her mind screamed at her, picking at her brain trying to recall where she had seen him before. His dark emerald eyes penetrated her brown ones, calling forth a deep instinct in her. Who was this man? And how was he doing this to her?

Alex and the others couldn’t help but notice the staring match happening between Liz and the dark-haired stranger. Who was this guy that gazed so intensely at Liz? Alex cleared his throat. No response.

“Uh, hi. I do believe the lady said the restaurant is closed. Now I don’t want to have to get out my pepper spray and escort you out, so I’d suggest you leave.” The stranger barely acknowledged Alex’s comment, and just looked at Liz.

“I’ll be back for you.” With that, the stranger left the restaurant. The second of silence froze the atmosphere of the restaurant. Too many unanswered questions floated in the air. Liz fled out of the restaurant, intent on reaching the stranger.

The next morning:

“What do you mean he’s coming back for Liz?” Max roared. “Who was he? What did he look like? What the hell does he want from Liz? Why was he there?” Anger rolled off Max in waves. And fear. How could he protect Liz if he didn’t even know what the hell the guy wanted or who he was?

“Chillax, buddy! If dark-haired mystery man plans on coming back for my Lizzie, we’ll be ready, right? There was something about him, though. I don’t think he intends on hurting her. The vibes I was feeling were more of concern than wanting to slash her throat-” Everyone felt their throats tighten. “Okay, wrong choice of words. But seriously, King-o, stranger man seemed more friendly than the alien Barbie bitch.” Alex stifled a laugh.

“Just because you felt vibes, we should trust some stranger? It’d be better just to find out what he wants and then dispose of him later.” Michael tightened the arm that was presently wrapped around Maria’s waist. Strangers in Roswell always meant trouble. And he wasn’t taking a chance when a possibility that one of their lives were threatened.

“Dispose of him later? Michael, grow up!” Isabel huffed. “We can’t just go around killing people. He could be innocent of everything! And personally, I will not have murder hanging over my head. No way.” She shook her head. Maybe she didn’t agree with Maria’s whole vibe theory, but killing a man was not any plan of action she was going to take part in.

Max lowered his head, looking gently into Liz’s eyes. She had been quiet ever since they got together for the meeting. He was worried. What could some guy want with Liz? His Liz! He didn’t like the sound of this at all.

“Are you alright?” Max said softly. Liz barely nodded. Something about that visitor had bothered her. When she saw his eyes, it awoke some instinct in her. Sure, perhaps chasing after him last night was a useless effort, but that feeling she experienced in his presence, it was indescribable. She couldn’t describe it, but she could feel her mind calling out. To what or who? She didn’t know, and she sure didn’t know why either.

Max took his authoritative tone again. “We’ve lived our lives by trusting only each other and lying low. I think that plan has worked effectively and we should continue with this plan. We have no facts about anything, so we can’t act on anything. Keep your guard up, never be alone, and never trust anyone else.” Max turned to Michael. “That includes Tess and any other aliens or humans.” Before Michael could put his two cents in, the Crashdown bells rang. In walked Tess.

“Well, good morning everyone! Did somebody forget to invite me to breakfast?” She smiled innocently. It made Maria want to puke.

“I wouldn’t say forget, Tessy dear. More like avoided you like the plague.” Maria walked off into the employee’s section of the restaurant. Liz quickly followed. Tess sneered.

“Tess, how are you this morning?” Max asked, only out of courtesy. She batted her eyelashes at him and smiled her fake smile yet again.

“I’m wonderful, Max! Thank you for asking. Perhaps you’d like to join me for breakfast?”

“No, he’s busy.” Michael grabbed Max’s arm and lead them out of the Crashdown. Isabel and Alex stayed seated, pleasantly ignoring the intruding blonde alien.

Tess walked out of the Crashdown. It’d all happen soon, then she could get rid of these shits and go home.


“Now, Liz, I know you felt that last night too! He had some sort of hold on you. Who was he? Why was he familiar?” Maria questioned Liz intently as they changed for their shifts.

“I don’t know, Maria. You felt it too? I can still feel my brain trying to figure out who he is. He’s so familiar. His eyes were so deep, and intense. Almost like Max’s. Like he could look into my eyes, and we could see each other. I could see his pain, Maria. I could almost feel it. But that’s not the only thing. I could feel this indescribable feeling too. Like love. Towards me.” Liz plopped herself down on a chair. This was all too confusing.

“Love? Do you really think this is a Czechoslovakian problem? Oh! Maybe he was a lover of yours in the past. He was pretty hot, you know. He had that whole mysterious, brooding deal going on. Very sexy, you know!” Maria applied another layer of lip-gloss to her lips.

“Okay, Maria, I don’t think Max would approve of this conversation! Hell, I don’t approve of this conversation. I don’t have a past like Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. Now, I really hope I don’t need to remind you that I am not any sort of E.T.” Liz sighed. “ I just wish I knew who he was and why he feels so familiar. He was searching for me, Maria. Not any of the Czech’s. Just me. What does that mean?”

“Whoa, whoa! How do you know this?”

“I could feel it. I could sense it. Maybe I’m just relying too much on my feelings. I’m a logical person. I should analyze this logically. Dark handsome man comes to restaurant, steals my breath and leaves abruptly saying he’ll come back for me. What does that add up to?”

“Possibly some amazing sex out on a beach at midnight.” Maria smiled. “Liz, don’t worry. You know Max wouldn’t let anything happen to you. We’ll get to the bottom of this. None of us will let him hurt you, but then again, I don’t think he would anyways.”


Adam walked quickly along the streets of Roswell. He could never slow down; never stop to take a breath. Because then the memories would flood him like a broken dam. He could remember the last few times he saw her. Well, technically, the last time his past self saw her. She was so happy, so beautiful. Her chocolate brown hair would sway joyfully around her shoulders; her smile would light up the whole room before she could even take a step inside. Then the frightful memories of the last time he saw her, lying in a pool of blood, writhing in agony. Adam shuddered. He had failed that time, and he swore this time he would not. He could not.


“I don’t like any of this, Max. New stranger in town, suddenly appearing before Liz, promising her he’d be back. It’s a threat. I’ve got it! It’s a threat and he’s one of the evil aliens we’re supposed to destroy. He knows Liz is a part of this group, and he’s trying to get to us through her.” Michael leaned back in his seat while the Jeep sped forward. He figured it out. Liz was just a pawn in this game of aliens.

“Michael, we don’t even know if there is a group of evil aliens out there. For all we know, it could be a case of mistaken identity.” Max really wanted to believe that last statement. Really wanted to. But he wasn’t blind. Nothing was ever what it seemed to be, at least in his life. But whatever this new situation was, he would make sure no harm came to Liz. Nothing. He would never let Liz get hurt. Just the thought could send Max to his knees.

“Max, don’t be blind. It’s time we face what we’re really doing here and stop wasting time here. It’s time we start making decisions. It’s time we go home.”


Liz silently swept the floor. It had taken a lot of effort and persuasion to finally convince Alex, Isabel and Maria to go home. She was grateful her friends were looking out for her but she was a big girl. She was just closing, doing the last bit of clean up at the Crashdown and then going upstairs to collapse in her bed. She had no intention of dawdling as she cleaned up. It had been a long day and the only comforting thought she had in her mind was that of her bed. Warm, inviting and definitely relaxing. Yup, that’s where she wanted to be, and soon.

A slight knock on the front door stirred Liz from her thoughts. If she had to convince Alex one more time to just go home and leave her alone, she might explode.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming,” Liz mumbled. She swung the door open. “Alex, I told you I’m fine. Yes, I promise to call you tomorrow, and yes I promise I’m going to bed right away.” Liz went to look up at Alex only to find herself staring into Max’s concerned eyes.

“Max.” Liz only half-smiled.

“Everything alright, Liz?” Max looked concerned. That certainly wasn’t the greeting he was expecting.

“Oh yeah, yeah, I’m sorry. It just took me about an hour each to convince Maria, Isabel and Alex to leave. I was about to turn Alex into a pile of small mush if he tried to convince me to let him stay a little while longer.”

“Oh, well, I could leave if you really wanted me to,” Max teased. A flirtatious grin graced his face.

“Oh well, since you’re already here,” Liz whispered before reaching up and kissing Max lightly. She felt a full-blown smile appear on her face.

“Ah, that’s the smile I was looking for.” Max grinned again. “You going to let me come in?” Liz blushed, stepping aside and opening the door. Max walked in, closing the door behind him and locking it. He swept Liz into his arms and held her close to him.

“So how’s my favourite waitress and girlfriend?”

“Well, other than exhausted and frustrated, absolutely fine.” Liz relaxed against Max’s body. Only his touch could ease her body the way it needed.

“Liz.” Max touched Liz’s lips with his own. A soft, passionate kiss electrified against their lips. Max pulled her closer to his body, letting her heat radiate against his growing body heat. “I’ll never let anything happen to you,” Max whispered against Liz’s ear. Liz placed her head against Max’s chest. If she had to pick any place in the world, Max’s arms were definitely the safest and warmest.

A week later:

Tess blinked against the bright Roswell morning sun. This was definitely taking longer than desired. But today it would all come together. Today would be the day her life would come together and decisions would be made. Today would be Liz Parker’s last.


Liz wiped the counter slowly, feeling dreadfully worn out. The past few nights she had started having dreams, no, nightmares. She was starting to feel the effects of no sleep taking over her body. Painful images of death and blood had filled her mind every night, waking her to another sleepless night. The first night had been the worst though. Her parents had rushed into her room after hearing Liz scream. Liz made some excuse about being stressed and just getting nightmares. Which was partially true. The past week had stress written all over it. It’d been days since the stranger’s visit and no word from him since. Every one of her friends had repeatedly questioned her, asking if she was all right and if anything weird was happening. Even Michael was showing some concern. Hah, Liz, they’re not blind; they can see the dark circles under your eyes. Liz sighed.

Liz turned her head towards the door as it swung open. Tess walked in confidently, smiling that sickeningly sweet smile of hers. One day Liz was going to wipe that smile off her face permanently. Not today though. She barely had enough strength to properly wipe the shake machine.

Liz watched Tess take a seat next to Max, who was already sitting in the restaurant with the rest of the gang. Maria was even taking a break and sitting with them. Then again, there were no other customers in the restaurant so it wasn’t like she was needed anyways. She sighed again. Just get through the day, Parker.


Alex wrinkled his forehead. Liz didn’t just look tired any more. She looked like she was slowly wasting away. Every time any of them asked if she was okay she would just brush them off. It was becoming frustrating.

“She is barely there! I don’t even remember the last time I’ve seen her eat in the past week. Guys, we have to do something.” Maria nervously tapped her foot. It unnerved it that Miss Perfect, Liz Parker, was falling apart.

“You should have seen it, guys. When Liz woke up from that nightmare, I’ve never seen her look so frightened in my life. Now it seems she can’t stop having them. I don’t think she’s slept at all for the past week.” Max closed his eyes. The memory of Liz screaming and twisting against her sheets haunted him. He didn’t want anything more than to just go to her, and hold her. Comfort her until nothing was left to be comforted. But he didn’t think Liz would appreciate finding out that he had been staying on her balcony at night, making sure nothing happened to her. And talking to her was useless. She would deny anything or just get mad. Something had to be done and quickly.

“You know, I didn’t think this whole stranger thing bothered her that much, but obviously it’s disturbing her. What was it about him that upsets her so much?” Isabel pondered.

“I don’t remember ever seeing Liz this way. I didn’t think it bothered her that much either, but if she’s getting nightmares to the point that she stops sleeping, well, that’s just not right. And we can’t let her waste away. It’s not only destroying her, but it’s killing the rest of us too.” Alex wrapped his arm around Isabel. Not only for her comfort but also for his own.

“We have to find this guy and- hey Tess.” Michael stopped himself as Tess walked in and sat down. Despite his confidence in the destiny theory, he still didn’t trust Tess. Tess was an outsider, and outsiders were never trusted.

“So what were you guys talking about?” Tess kept her fake smile plastered on her face.

“Nothing.” Alex smiled back. If only he could punch that fake smile off her face. For every ounce of pain she caused to the group and to Max and Liz.

“Alright! So how is everybody this morning?” Tess inched closer to Max. Max just rolled his eyes and moved farther away, despite the serious lack of space. He quickly glanced at Liz. She was still distantly wiping the shake machine.

“Well, if you really want to know, Tess babe, I was doing a hell of a lot better before you sat down here at this table. Uninvited.” Maria glared at Tess. God, she hated her.

“Well, Maria, you really aren’t a morning person, are you?” Maria almost jumped at Tess, but she felt Michael pulling her away.

“Uh, Maria, I think you should go back to work.” Michael pushed her off in the different direction. He didn’t like Tess all that much, but he didn’t want a brawl happening either. He, too, stood up and walked to the back of restaurant with Maria.

“Uh, maybe we should get going, Alex. I promised my mom I’d stop at the grocery store to grab some milk.” Isabel stood and left with Alex in tow. Max shifted his body. He definitely was not feeling comfortable with Tess, especially alone.

“So, Tess.” Max attempted to smile. He should try to be nice at least, right?

“Max. Oh, Max. We really should talk about our destinies. I know it’s a lot of to take in, but we can’t ignore it forever. We belong together.” Tess took one of Max’s hands in hers. Max shuddered and pulled his hand away.

“Tess, you don’t get it. I already have the love of my life, and she isn’t you. She will never be you.” Max stood up and walked to the back of the restaurant. Hopefully Tess wouldn’t follow into the employee area.

Tess glared hatefully at Max’s back. He’ll have to understand sooner or later. She’d just have to make sure it was sooner than later.


“Hey chicky poo! I think you should take the day off, Liz. It’s dead anyways. I’m sure I can handle the restaurant.” Maria wrapped an arm around Liz’s shoulder. Liz had just walked into the back room as well.

“No, Maria, I’m fine. Just stop worrying about me. I can get through a normal day’s routine, can’t you see?” Liz attempted at a cheerful smile, but failed miserably. Concern shone through Max, Maria and Michael’s eyes.

“Guys really, I’ll be fine. Just give me a few more days. I can pull myself back together. Just a rough week, alright?” Liz walked back out into the restaurant’s main lobby. Somebody had to be there if a customer walked in, right?

Michael shook his head. “This whole ‘I’m-fine-leave-me-alone’ thing is really starting to grate on my nerves. If she doesn’t want any help then why do we even bother?” Frustration was rearing its’ ugly head at Michael.

“Lets just give her another few days, ok? If she doesn’t get any better, we’ll tie her down and make her listen to us.” Maria placed a reassuring hand on Max’s shoulder. She knew he was worried, probably more than anybody. But she also knew he respected Liz enough not to pressure her into anything. Max just nodded to Maria’s suggestion.

*CRASH* All three of them turned their heads towards the door. That sound came from inside the restaurant,

“Liz!” Max screamed. He ran out towards the lobby, finding an unconscious Liz lying on the floor, surrounded by fallen table condiments. Max kneeled down beside Liz’s body, looking for a pulse.

“Max! Do something!” Maria shouted hysterically. Michael ran towards the front door, flipped the closed sign and locked the door. He then ran back to Liz and kneeled on the other side of her.

“Max, heal her. Find out what’s wrong with her,” Michael encouraged Max. Max placed a hand over her body and the connection was made instantly. A collection of memories flashed through his mind. Liz wearing a cupcake dress; Liz crying in jail with Alex; Liz’s first kiss with Max. Max tried to concentrate, focusing on what was causing Liz’s physical state. He felt a twinge of pain and concentrated on that part of her body. Suddenly Max found himself sprawled on the restaurant floor beside Liz.

“Max? What happened? Is she alright? Max!” Maria was shaking Max, her sanity quickly slipping away from her.

“Something’s blocking me from healing her. I connected to her but when I tried to heal her, I was shoved away. Something is wrong, really wrong. We’ve got to save her!”


Adam was in an all-out run. He felt that sting of pain course through him. She was calling out to him; she was in pain. He promised never to let her die again, and he intended on keeping the promise this time.


Max tried to connect with Liz again, but found himself completely blocked out now. Time was quickly gaining on them. He had to do something. His love, his life, was lying helplessly in front of him and he couldn’t do anything!

“Max, what happened to her? Michael, help him! Look at her; she’s getting so pale! Do something! Use your Czechoslovakian powers or something! Anything!” Maria was walking around in circles around the pile of bodies on the floor. She desperately needed her cedar oil right about now. Then again, she didn’t think there was enough oil in the world to calm her nerves right now.

“Maria, calm down! Max, are you getting through? Do you know what’s wrong? MAX, ANSWER ME!” Michael was now shouting. He didn’t need an answer from Max though; he could read it on Max’s face. He wasn’t getting through, and it could very well be killing Liz.

The Crashdown’s bell rang harshly into the restaurant, the door quickly opening.

“Mystery man,” Maria whispered. Max looked up. Then Michael stood up in front of the stranger, guarding him from getting closer to any of them.

“You did this, didn’t you? What happened? What did you do?” Michael’s questions were once again unanswered as he was roughly pushed aside. The stranger shoved Max away from Liz’s body and immediately formed a connection with Liz.

“Get away from her!” Max screamed. He felt his body being repelled as soon as he got near Liz and the stranger. “Leave her alone!” Max cried. “Get the hell away from her! Stop it!”

“Max, look.” Michael murmured. Max watched as Liz’s body began to glow lightly. From her fingertips to her toes, her body hummed a low tune and shone a breathtaking glow. Max heard Maria gasp as Liz’s fingers twitched.

“Who are you?” Maria questioned calmly. The stranger looked up at Maria, his tired face radiating a small smile before standing up. There was almost a flicker of recognition in his smile.

“A friend.” With that, the stranger walked out of the restaurant.


“Oh, Liz. Are you alright?” Isabel cried as she came rushing into the employee’s area at the back of the Crashdown. Alex and Isabel had been called after the weird event that threatened Liz’s life.

The gang sat lifelessly in the employee’s area. The restaurant had definitely started to pick up business, but Liz called in other employees to cover for Maria and her. There was no way she could go back to work after what happened.

“Ok, let me get this straight,” Alex said. “Everyone was gathered in this very room, and then Liz-” pointing to her “-walked back out into the restaurant. A minute later a large crash was heard from this room by you three-” pointed towards Michael, Max and Maria “-who then rushed out to see what happened. Liz was found passed out cold on the floor, encircled in sugar packets and ketchup. After failed attempts of healing, mystery man, same one from last week, showed up and healed Liz, then left. And not one of you decided to follow him? Or stop him from leaving?”

“Well, Detective Whitman, next time a crisis happens, we’ll make sure we follow the predetermined plan of action.” Maria smacked Alex across the head, annoyed by his questions. She saw Michael scratch his head as he stood in the corner.

“The thing is, I locked the door. He couldn’t have been able to walk in so easily unless he’s an alien, who obviously can manipulate molecular structure. And heal.” Silence took over the room for a moment.

“Then that means we’re dealing with something outer worldly. Liz,” Alex turned to the quiet girl that sat motionless on the couch. “What happened? Why did they find you on the ground like that?” He kneeled in front of her, placing his hands on top of hers. She felt the tears fall on her face and her body started to shake uncontrollably. Alex opened his arms and wrapped her in them. “It’s alright. Everything is going to be okay.”

“Liz, babe, maybe you should go upstairs. I’ll make you tea and you can take a nap.” Maria wrapped an arm around Liz’s shoulder, leading her up the stairs. Alex followed behind them.

“Max, what happened?” Isabel questioned, turning towards him as the other three left. “It just doesn’t add up. I mean, Liz couldn’t have just passed out otherwise she wouldn’t be this spooked. And who the hell is that guy? How did he know Liz was in trouble, and how did he help her?”

“I don’t know, Iz. When I connected to her, and tried to heal her the first time, I just felt myself hit a brick wall. It was like something was blocking me. After that, I couldn’t even form a connection with Liz. Then that guy walked in, he just pushed me away. I tried to get near her again, get that guy away from her. Every time I got close I felt blocked again. I couldn’t even get near her,” Max answered. Isabel put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“She’s okay now. It’s not your fault this happened, and it’s not your fault you couldn’t get in. We have to focus now, and start getting answers before it’s too late. For any of us.”

Michael took a step towards them. “The question that keeps running in my head is why Liz? Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Liz, but why is Liz so important to this guy? And does any of this have to do with us? With what we are?”

“I can’t let anything happen to her. I won’t.” Max gazed at the stairs that Liz just climbed. I don’t care what happens to me, I can’t lose her. I will get to the bottom of this, even if it kills me.


Liz closed her bedroom door. As much as she appreciated her friends being there for her, she just needed some alone time. Maybe even possibly catching some shuteye. Maria and Alex were still lounging in her living room, but she wouldn’t let them follow her to her bedroom. Although, it was comforting to know that her friends were just a few steps away. She’s had enough of these weird occurrences happening to her.

“You three were always close.” The voice shocked Liz back into reality. Her body instantly became tense and aware.

“Who are you?” Liz knew her voice was carrying a hell of a lot more strength than her body actually held.

“I already told you. A friend.” He took a step towards her, out of the dark corner. Liz could feel her wall slowly crumbling.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Liz whispered into the dark room. She could almost see the flicker of pain and shock on his face.

“I would never do such a thing. Never. I’m here for the exact opposite reason.” Liz shook her head. Now she was just confused. What WAS he doing here?

“And that reason would be? How am I suppose to believe you when you appear twice in one week, never telling me who you are and saving my life once. Why should I trust you?”

“Because you can feel it. I know you can. You recognize who I am, don’t you?” The man held a glimmer of hope in his voice. He took another step towards her, peering into her face that was lit up by the moon’s light glow. “You really don’t know anything, do you? You don’t remember who I am, who you are, who your friends are?”

“What do you mean? Tell me, who do you think I am? And who are you, exactly?” Liz then took a step towards the man, no longer feeling like a stranger to her. That feeling of recognition was returning.

“Adam. My name is Adam.” Liz placed a hand on his cheek, softly stroking it.

“Adam,” Liz whispered. Suddenly a floodgate of images passed through her. She saw herself smiling at Adam, feeling the way it affected him. She saw herself laughing against the background of a fading sunset, her eyes twinkling. She saw herself closing her eyes, concentrating hard on something, every nerve in her body tense with awareness. Then the darker images flooded through. Her eyes wide in fear, her hand extended in front of her in an act of protection. Her body lying on the floor, blood pouring out. Her hand linked with Adam’s, whispering something to him before she became lifeless. Then the images stopped abruptly, and Liz was back in her dark room.

“What-what was that?” Liz choked out. She stared into Adam’s eyes, trying to find comfort in the images that had just flowed through her. But Adam’s eyes were shut, trying to block out his own pain that was coursing through him. He turned away from her and started walking towards the window.

“Adam, wait! You can’t leave me like this. You have to tell me what that was. Why was I-why was I dead, Adam?”

“Liz, I made a promise to you long ago never to let anything happen to you or anyone you loved. I swear I will keep that promise this time.” Adam stepped through the window and disappeared off the balcony, into the night.


Damn him! He is supposed to be dead! Tess paced back and forth in her empty house. She was so close today; she could taste it. The victory of defeat should be celebrated right now if it weren’t for that damn guy. It definitely put a dent in her plans. Now she had to kill that bastard too. Then she could resume to her plan: the destruction of Liz Parker. And this time, she wouldn’t fail.


Max knocked lightly on Liz’s window. He could see that she wasn’t sleeping, another nightmare keeping her up. He smiled when she turned and saw him. She lazily got out of her bed and walked towards the window. She lifted the window up and stepped aside so Max could come in.

“Max, what are you doing here?” Liz asked, wrapping her arms around herself. A frown was currently plastered on her face. Max took a closer step towards her, wrapping his arms around her.

“I wanted to make sure you were alright. And I just plain missed you.” Max smiled again, looking into her chocolate eyes. He placed one hand against her jaw, softly stroking it. “You look tired.”

“I am tired. I can’t sleep.” Max nodded.

“Nightmares?” Liz looked shocked at first, considering she never told anyone, but this was Max. He knew everything about her, even if she didn’t tell him. And it didn’t bother her one bit, so she just nodded.

“Do you want to tell me what they’re about?” Max lead Liz towards her bed, sitting down on it, with her placed in his lap. He wrapped his arms around her tighter, slowly rocking her in his arms. Liz felt herself let go, and every unshed tear came pouring out.

“Oh, Max,” she moaned. “They’re so horrible. Sometimes they start off happy and peaceful. Like dancing on green grass in the bright sun. But they always turn dark and deadly. And blood everywhere, death everywhere. Me, lying on the ground- d-dead.” Liz sobbed harder against Max’s chest. He could feel the crack in his heart ripping apart. “I’m so scared, Max. I’m scared to do anything. I don’t sleep. I can’t.” Max soothingly stroked her hair, kissing her forehead lightly.

“Liz, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. I’ll protect you no matter what. I love you, Liz Parker. I always have.”

“I love you too, Max. Please don’t leave me. Ever.”


Adam sat down on the empty park bench, looking out into the bleak night. She wasn’t supposed to find out that way. How could he even consider forming a connection with her? She got hurt again because of him. He could picture the way her face turned to absolute fear, just like before. But this time he could change it all. This time she would be alive, and he had to make sure she stayed that way. He loved her too much to let her die. He could not bare such a tragedy again. No, never again. He had to exterminate the enemy before the enemy exterminated her.

The next morning:

Max woke to the rising sun in the distance. He smiled to himself when he realized that heavenly body next to his was Liz’s. He would have jumped for joy if it didn’t threaten the sleep Liz was surrounded in. She was sleeping. Peacefully. He remembered the way Liz cried deep into the night, sobbing until there were no more tears left. He could still feel the prickle at his heart thinking of the way she cried all night long. But it tired her, and she finally got some much-deserved sleep. A lot of the stuff she mumbled through her tears didn’t make much sense to her, but from what he did catch, these nightmares were scaring the living shit out of her. Then again, who wouldn’t be the same if they kept having nightmares of their own death? Not exactly the greatest image.

Max looked out the window again. He knew he should leave and start trying to find this stranger he knew nothing about. Liz wouldn’t talk about the stranger though, and Max didn’t want to pressure her about anything so he left the topic alone.

Max ran his hand through Liz’s hair, pulling her close to him with his other arm. He could live like this forever. He kissed her head lightly, unable to wipe the grin off his face. He felt her stir in his arms and then he heard a loud yawn. Liz looked up at him sleepily and smiled.

“Good morning, Max.” Liz wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Good morning, Angel. How are we feeling this morning?”

“Definitely better. I haven’t slept that well in so long. You, sir, are my lucky charm.” Liz smiled again. She placed a soft kiss on his lips. “So, I was thinking, you, me, and a big picnic basket.”

“Well, Liz, I think I may need convincing.” He slithered his hand through her hair as he leaned in to kiss Liz. Finding mystery man could hold off for a little while longer.


“Oh, Liz! This was a great idea!” Maria said excitedly. She placed the heavy basket full of food on a picnic table.

“Well, at first Max and I were just going to come, but we all need this. A peaceful afternoon together with lots of yummy food.” Liz smiled. She was starting to feel a bit of normalcy again. Perhaps that sleep she had gotten last night did its trick. She knew it was because of Max that she didn’t get any nightmares. She always felt protected in his arms. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t tell him about Adam, but she felt that it just wasn’t time. She wasn’t even sure about Adam herself. Liz didn’t understand what he wanted or why he was here. But today, that was far from her mind. Yeah, it was all about relaxation today.

“Where should I put these?” Alex asked, pointing to the pile of blankets.

“Just lie them down on the grass somewhere. I’ll help you.” Isabel walked over to Alex, picking up a blanket and laying it flat on the ground.

“Thanks,” Alex said. He smiled and gave Isabel a light kiss. Today was a peaceful day. The golden sun was peeking at the teenagers, sharing its delicious glow with them. Events of the past week seemed to slip away for the moment.


“Remind me again, Maxwell, why we’re here and not trying to track down that guy.” Michael crossed his arms across his chest. A happy picnic party in the fairy green lands of Roswell was not exactly how Michael imagined his day. They really should be looking for the other being that healed Liz. He didn’t necessarily call him mystery man any more, because he revealed something about himself to the group dissolving some of his mystery. Michael wasn’t completely sure if he was an alien either, so the guy just became a being of some sort.

“Michael, look at everyone. We’re actually feeling normal, well normal as can be, for one day. Especially Liz. This is good for her, for everyone. And it’s a good excuse to spend time with our girls.” Max winked at Michael. Perhaps Max had a point. Maybe he and Maria would have to sneak off into some private bush. He had long since fought against not being with her. Better to enjoy this life with her, than without, right?

Michael kept up his rough exterior. “Well, what about the next time this guy comes around. What if he decides to kill Liz this time? Or Isabel? Or Maria?” Michael almost choked on the last name.

“Look, Michael, we’ll be prepared next time, alright? We can’t think with our minds all muddled anyways. This will clear them. So lets just enjoy ourselves for once.”

Max walked towards Liz, placing his arms around her waist.


The six teens lay lazily on the spread blankets, basking in each other’s presence. Liz was seated in between Max’s legs, leaning her back against his chest. His right hand stroked her hair slowly, lovingly; his other arm wrapped around her waist. Maria sat on Michael’s lap, on his crossed legs. Her head rested on his shoulder, lazily gazing up at the clouds. Isabel was lying stomach down on the blanket with Alex kneeled beside her, gracing her with his world famous back rubs.

“So, Alex, I’m next for a back rub, right?” Liz teased.

“You actually want me to touch you, Parker? I think Max would have me sprawled on the ground faster than I could actually get to you. He’d probably make me into a puddle of goop before I even got up. Or frisk me.” Alex shuddered. The rest of the group laughed, as Max smiled and just nodded his head.

“Oh, Alex, the things I could do to your poor little human body!” Another roar of laughter erupted from the group, which distracted the sound of approaching feet.

“Did someone forget to invite me again? I hate that,” Tess’s shrill voice questioned. The laughter immediately ceased. Max wrapped his arm tighter against Liz. The feelings radiating off Tess were a lot stronger than usual.

“You know, Max, you’ve enjoyed your bimbo for long enough. I’m sick of this shit. I’m not waiting any longer, because beginning now, things are going to change.” Tess positioned her hand in front of her, aimed at Liz. Max didn’t react fast enough and he felt Liz’s body become limp. Maria let out a piercing scream.

“What did you do to her?” Alex yelled. Max already had his hands placed on her body, forming the connection with her. Familiar memories flashed before him, and he found himself in the same place he did last night. He directed his healing towards the troubled area in Liz’s body. And again like last night, he felt his body repelled and shoved away from Liz.

“You’re blocking her from me! Stop it, Tess, let me heal her!” Max roared at Tess. He was immediately standing next to her, his hand next to her head, ready to strike if needed. Alex and Maria were already situated next to Liz, trying to gain a response from her.

“Tess, don’t make a bigger mess than you already have. Let Liz go, let Max heal her.” Michael’s voice was sharp and hard. He and Isabel were standing next Max. He was not going to let this psycho bitch kill Liz or anyone else.

Tess just smirked at them. “You kill me, Max, you’ll bring more attention to you than you ever imagined. And I can guarantee you won’t survive it.” Tess’s eyes wandered passed the group. “Ah, I knew this would call your attention. I wasn’t sure how long it would take.” All at once, Max, Michael and Isabel turned to see the mystery man approaching them quickly.

“I should have known you would be involved with this somehow. You were always foolish and reckless. Do you think killing her would actually change everything?” The man was now standing face to face to Tess, beside the other three aliens.

“They are the foolish ones.” She turned to Max, Michael and Isabel. “You know nothing about who you really are. You know nothing about your past. And because of that, you will be destroyed by your enemies without so much of a thought.”

“Ava, if you think you have won the upper hand in this, you haven’t.” He reached out with his hand and touched her forehead, too quickly for her to react. She fell instantly to ground, in a motionless heap. The other three aliens stared at the stranger in surprise. The stranger ignored their stares and turned towards Liz. He looked at Alex and Maria, and they quickly scurried out of the way. He knelt down next to Liz and formed a connection with her. Once again, her body awoke from its’ lifeless sleep.

“You’re alright now,” the stranger whispered.

“Adam, you saved me again.”


Five teenagers stared open mouthed at Liz first, then at Adam. Liz knew who he was? And who was he exactly?

“So, Adam, I think you’ve got some explaining to do. Like whether you have Czechoslovakian roots, or not?” Maria asked Adam. He looked at her confused. He’d never even been to Czechoslovakia; much less have roots there.

“Maria, you always were odd. Yet people were always amazed by your amazing wit and quirky attitude.” Adam gazed at Maria, as if he were meeting an old friend.

“Whoa! I don’t think it’s me who’s the odd one here. I’ve never met you. Wait, how the hell do you know my name?” Maria was starting to officially be freaked out. Who the hell was this freak? Michael stepped protectively in front of Maria.

“Look, Adam or whoever you are, you’ve got about 30 seconds to tell us what the hell is going on or I’m going to have to kick your ass.” Michael crossed his arms.

“Rath, er, Michael, you don’t scare me.” Adam grinned, seeming amused by Michael’s threat. “You could never kick my ass, I always had you pinned down before you could even count to 5.”

Liz took a closer look at Adam, analyzing him. Despite the tired glaze over his eyes, he couldn’t be any older than any of them. He stood taller than Michael, the air around him telling of his great power and strength. His brown hair stood boldly spiked up on his head, and his emerald eyes sparkled against his tanned face. Well, one thing was for sure, he was far too handsome to be classified as a human!

“Like what you see?” Liz blushed, realizing that Adam had noticed her studying his appearance. She felt Max’s tense, tight body slide in front of hers.

“Calm down, your Majesty. I promise I’ll play nice and keep my hands to myself.” Adam smiled his mischievous smile. Alex smirked at Adam’s comment. So dark haired mystery man does have a sense of humour, too bad he’s messing with the wrong guy.

“Wait, what did you call him?” Michael took another step towards Adam.

“You guys really don’t remember anything, do you? Any of you?” He looked at Liz. “I know you’ve felt something. At least something familiar. You too, Maria. You were always sort of intuitive.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Who the hell are you?” Isabel was slowly losing patience. She wasn’t one to play guessing games.

“Well, obviously it’s time you guys were given a history lesson. Not here though.”

“Why should we give you a chance? What do you actually have to tell us?” Michael, too, was losing patience.

“Well, if you never hear me out, you’ll never know what I have to tell you, do you? And Michael, of all people, you are the most curious about who you are.” The group felt another silence. They could lose nothing by hearing him out, but they could lose a lot by not hearing him out.

“Tonight, my apartment. We’ll all meet. And Adam, if you don’t show up and come up with some explanations, I swear I’ll come and find you. And you’ll be wishing you never entered our lives.” Michael’s threat lingered in the air.

“Shit!” Adam whispered, ignoring Michael’s threat. “She’s gone.” The teenagers turned to look at where Tess’s body lay only a few minutes ago. Adam looked each teen in the eye. “Trust no one. Lay low until we meet tonight.” Adam ran off into the park, leaving the teens curious.


“I don’t trust him.” Michael paced agitatedly. Maria was seated on his couch, her legs tucked underneath her. She reached out for Michael’s hand and pulled him down beside her. He looked at her, and she could see the fear in his eyes that he so rarely let people see.

“It’s all right, Michael. We’ll get answers tonight. He’ll tell us what the hell he’s been talking about.”

“It worries me, Maria. He didn’t even say he was an alien never mind what kind! What if he’s a shape shifter! That’s it! He’s going to shape shift and kill us. All of us! It’s a ploy! Maria, you’ve got to get out of here!” Maria entwined her fingers with his, realizing what a change of role this was. She should be the one freaking out. But Adam was right; she felt the familiar vibes about him. And she could feel that he was all right, that he wasn’t trying to hurt them.

“Michael, calm down! He’s not trying to kill us. But didn’t it strike you odd the way he kept referring to knowing us in the past. And he called you Rath. Who the hell is Rath? And the whole Majesty thing with Max? It kind of creeps me out. Do you think that destiny thing actually has truth to it?” Picturing Max as a great leader and king was almost comical, if it weren’t such a realistic possibility.

“I don’t know, Maria. But I wish they would all just get here and we could get this over with.” As if on cue, the front door swung open, and in walked Max, Liz, Alex and Isabel. Not even a moment later, Adam walked in as well.

“Glad I’m not late.” Adam grinned again. Everyone just glared at him, an afternoon’s wait showing evidently on their faces. “Ouch, tough crowd.” The gang just kept staring at him, obviously waiting for him to begin his explanations.

“Well, not a very patience crowd, either.”

“Adam-” Liz began, sounding very irritated. She looked tired too. Damn.

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry. I’ll begin. Please, sit down and don’t say a word until I finish all right? This will be a lot to take in for all of you.” Each teen took a seat, while Adam remained standing.

“All right, where to begin. Well, ok, as you’ve clearly figured out, I know a lot about you. Probably more than you do. We’ll start at the beginning.

“Years and years ago, two families, the Antarians and the Nalans, ruled Antar, the planet from which we are from. Originally, the Antarians had absolute rule over the planet, considering they were, uh, I guess the word is founders of the planet. Thus the planet was named Antar. The Antarians never saw it that way though. They were probably the most just and fair rulers you’ll find in a million galaxies. Now Antarian men were known for their incredible physical strength and powers. They could kick anyone’s ass!” Adam gave a small smile. “As well, there was the other family, the Nalans. The Antarians and the Nalans had been friends for years. The Nalans were respected greatly on Antar, and they as well had a great trait in their family. The Queen in the Nalan family had the most amazing mind. She could mindwarp, mind read, anything to do with the mind. She could even control people’s body movements with her mind. She could connect with anyone, conscious or not. So it was only an intelligent idea to rule the planet with families of not only physical strength but with the strength of the mind as well. When these two families had children, their power was nearly invincible. The boy of the Antar family was amazing, even from the day he was born. He had incredible strength, but also was a born leader. The boy was strong willed and passionate. The girl of the Nalan family was just as amazing, if not more. She was beautiful, caring, and powerful all at the same time. Her beauty was only outdone by her mind powers, and the ability to connect to anyone.

“It didn’t really surprise the kingdom when the boy and the girl fell in love. They were perfect together, and not one soul would dispute against it. Soon they were inseparable, only satisfying their parents even more. The royal parents would no long have to worry about future rulers, for their children would inevitably unite and rule together.

“Now when the age of unity was reached by both children, which is about 18 in Earth years, they were to be united, or married. That would signify the new ruling by the boy and girl. They had become a young man and lady by now. At the age of unity, the Royal Court, as we called them, was assembled. It was lead by the young man and lady, who were now the new King and Queen.

“The young man’s best friend became second-in-command, and faithful trustee. He commanded the army and training camps for soldiers. He was very strict and controlled, but knew how to let his guard down every so often. Played good pranks, I’ll tell you. And loyal to anyone who gained his trust. His loyalty to the King was admirable as well, despite a few conflicts in opinions.

“The new King’s sister dealt more with the public of Antar. She would listen and communicate with the public. She took care of their needs and made sure people were satisfied and content. She was very gentle, very beautiful, and cared a great deal for the health of the planet.

Now, usually, the Royal Court only consists of four people. The King, Queen, second-in-command and the, uh, public affairs director, I guess it would be called. But their court consisted of another two members. Antar had many gadgets here and there, especially in the palace. So they decided they needed a director of technology. So a friend of the Queen’s was appointed to the job.

“Another friend of the royal couple’s was given the title of, well lets see, I guess the proper name would be head of emotions. Her job was similar to the princess’ but she dealt strictly with emotions. Her main concern was welfare of the people’s feelings and demands. She had a lot in common with the princess. Her sincerity and compassion for not only the public, but for her family and friends was incomparable.

“As well, there was a protector. Actually, two protectors. Normally, there is only one, whose job was to watch over the whole group and ensure their safety. Fear of enemies striking the Royal Court was sometimes immense. But the Queen, from when she still had been a princess, had her own protector. Her parents were always worried about her safety, also considering her immense mind power that could come in handy for enemies. So when she became Queen, the protector followed. The group protector was appointed as well, but to be blunt, he did a crappy job.

“Now understand, these seven individuals had grown up together their whole lives. No other group could rule a planet with better unity than them. They depended on each other and supported one another through anything and everything. They knew each other just as well as they knew themselves. For years they ruled Antar with dignity and fairness. It honestly was one of the happiest places in the universe.

“Horror struck the kingdom at what was considered a peaceful time. People were settled and lived their lives day to day. Now, I don’t know the whole story, but from what I remember, there was traitor. I don’t know who or why, but someone attempted to kidnap the Queen. But she was a fighter. She wouldn’t let anyone take her against her will. The King and I tried to get her out of harm’s way, but it was too late. They killed her. I couldn’t protect her.” Adam shuddered, and took a deep breath. “The death of our Queen tore the whole planet apart. But the Royal Court- it was- I can’t even begin to explain it. From that day on, the Royal Court fell apart. Someone was blaming someone else, someone was pushing too hard for normalcy. None of us could cope or refused to. The King, he fell apart. His love was dead, and he blamed himself. And me.” Adam took another deep breath. “After the Royal Court was ripped apart, nothing could be done to be bring them together. It became our greatest weakness, and had lead us to our destruction. Our enemies, the same who tried to capture the Queen, took over our kingdom. We were all killed.” Adam, defeated, sat down on a chair. He rubbed his face with his hands.

“I’m sure you think I’m just telling you some story, and you’re wondering what this has to do with you. Well, Max, Liz, you were the King and Queen. Young, and in love. Michael, you were Max’s best friend, and second-in-command. In the years of ruling you fell in love with the head of emotions, Maria. Isabel and Alex, you were part of the Royal Court as well. Isbael, you were the care-giving director of public affairs, and Alex, you were director of technology. You found love in each other, too. You all ruled Antar and became the hope of the future. And today, you are still the hope of the future. After our deaths, people from our kingdom somehow sent us to earth, for us to be reborn and one-day return to Antar and save it from its horrid doom. But the ship crashed, and the FBI was very close to capturing you. Somehow, you escaped and you stand here before my very eyes.” Adam looked up at each teenager, recognizing the looks of fear, amazement, disbelief and grief on their faces.

“Adam.” He turned towards Liz, reveling in her soft, gentle voice. “You were my protector, weren’t you?” She held a gentle smile on her face, signs of recognition crossing her face once again. Adam only nodded. He knew she already believed him, and that made him feel all the more glad he found her.

“I promised you I’d protect you and I failed. This time, I refuse to fail. The loss of your life was too much. For everyone.” Adam watched Max stand up.

“I don’t understand why we should believe you. We don’t know whether you’re just telling us a story to get us to open up to you.” Michael stood as well.

“Yeah, why should we believe you? We might as well believe Tess as well.” Adam’s head shot up, looking at Michael with intensity.

“What has she told you? Don’t believe a single word she said!” Adam roared. He stood as well, anger streaking across his face. Liz, Maria, Isabel and Alex looked on in horror.

“Why? What makes your story more believable? I mean, from where I see it, it is hardly believable. Everyone in this room knows Liz, Maria and Alex are human; every part of them is human. How could they take part in our alien history?” Max questioned.

“Tess is evil. She will do anything to get you, Isabel and Michael on her side. You saw what she did to Liz. You can’t believe her or anything she says.” Adam shook his head. “As for the human part, you’re right. You can preform any test on Liz, Maria, and Alex and it will show they are completely human. Maria and Alex never really had any alien powers. Well, nothing incredible. Neither of them was from the royal families. As for Liz, her power rests solely in her mind. She had little physical power back then, and from what you tell me, she has no physical power now. Physical power shows up in your blood work. Mind power does not.”

“You didn’t answer my question. Why should we believe you over Tess?” Adam kept quiet, his face becoming stonewalled. Liz stood up and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“What did Tess do before this, Adam?” Liz smiled at Adam, putting him at ease. She could always do that.

“I think, no, I know that she had a huge part in your kidnapping. She always would go on and on about how Max and her were actually destined to be together. How Liz would never be the Queen Tess could be. She was insane. She desired to be on the throne so badly beside Max, she would do anything. She lied to all of us. She is not the innocent girl she wants people to think she is. She is evil. You can’t let her in. She’ll do anything, including to try and kill Liz.” Adam put his hand over Liz’s, as if he were making a secret oath to her.

Max watched the scene in front of him. He did not like how Adam was so “loyal” to Liz. They still didn’t have concrete information about him. He could very well being the one trying to kill Liz. And furthermore, how much proof was there to this story?

“Ok, another question,” Michael said, interrupting Max’s thoughts. “Where do I belong? You said that since Alex and Maria were not from any royal family, they had little to none powers. But I was second-in-command. I know Max, and I know Max would pick someone with powers to hold that position. And also, if Liz has powers, wouldn’t she have noticed it before? Wouldn’t something indicate she had mind powers?”

“Well, Liz probably just never accessed that part of her brain before. She could very well access it now, but she just didn’t know about it before, right? And Michael, you were from a royal family. You were Liz’s brother. You were a Nalan. People from either royal family had some sort of powers, yours being of the physical kind.” Michael and Liz whipped their heads, staring at eachother. No way. Parker and I, related?

“Amazing, huh?” Adam laughed. Alex too laughed. The image of Michael and Liz coming from the same parents amazed and amused him. He’d definitely have fun with this one.

“What about you? You obviously have great powers, I can tell. Where are you from?” Max questioned.

“Ah, dear brother, I too am an Antarian.” Adam grinned. “You would always be pissed at me, because I’d be pulling some prank with Michael. Treated me like a true little brother.” Max and Isabel openly stared at Adam. Another sibling? This was almost getting to be too much!

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Maria blurted, holding her stomach, protectively. She was pretty pale. “There is no way I have an alien background. Liz, Alex, and I were all born from human parents. And marrying Michael? Hah, I can barely get him to date me.”

“Wow, you guys have questions for everything,” Adam said, ignoring Maria’s last comment. “Well, I don’t have answers for everything, but I’m going to take a stab at this one. I think the fact that the three of you wouldn’t have different blood cells made it easier. You could be born of parents and not cause people to wonder.”

“This is way wild. Alex Charles Whitman, now a resident alien. Very cool.” Alex smiled, whipping out his thumbs out sign. Isabel was less than thrilled with the whole situation, but stayed very quiet.

“Isabel, question? Everyone else has one, what about you?” Adam smiled at Isabel, trying to put her at ease. It really was hard to take in all in one day.

“I-I was the one who betrayed the Royal Court, wasn’t I? My name was Vilandra and I betrayed my family.” Adam’s eyes turned round with concern.

“No, Isabel. That’s not true. You weren’t the traitor. People thought it was you because you had found out who was the traitor just before you died. Our enemies told and convinced the people that you were the traitor. But I know you weren’t. One reason is because you would never do that. You heart is just simply too big for that. Another reason is because before you died, you tried to reach me and tell me who it was, but it was too late.” Adam rubbed his face with his hands again.

“Max, Michael, I know you two are probably the two people who will refuse to believe me at first. It’s just your nature, and I understand. But please, give me a chance. It may take a while, but you’ll begin to feel flickers of recognition. I know Liz has already felt them, but her mind is much more receptive to these sorts of things. It’s a lot to take in, for all of you. But the sooner you come to terms with this, the easier it’ll be. I am here for a reason. The enemies found out we are still alive, and I’m sure they’ll be coming to look for us soon, if they haven’t already. You guys have to be prepared. For anything and everything. Meaning, your powers also have to be prepared. The sooner we start, the better protection we can provide for ourselves.”

“Who are these enemies? Are they still ruling on Antar?” Max could feel his wall beginning to tumble. Adam was really starting to make sense. Max walked over to Liz, and took her in his arms. He needed her beside him right now. He knew the next piece of news was not going to be pleasant.

“Their leader is named Kivar. He will do anything to keep the throne on Antar. He never knew we were reborn on Earth until now. In his eyes, we threaten him, because we could easily take back the throne. The people hate him and would gladly support us. Well, most would.”

“Why don’t they fight him now, by themselves?”

“Because Kivar could kill them all. Only descendants of the royal families have a chance of surviving against him. He comes from another planet, so his powers are different and incredibly powerful. And he’s had many years to refine his powers as well.”

“So, we’re going to kill this guy, how?” Michael asked. If others couldn’t kill Kivar, why could they?

“I’m not even sure if we can kill him. We need to polish and perfect all of our powers. The only problem is that time is running out.” A sigh came from the corner of the room, from Maria.

“Guys, we’re talking about planning to kill someone. Does no one else see the horrible nightmares that I’ll have for the rest of my life because of this?” Maria stated, before realizing her mistake. She watched Liz’s face pale and the breath leave her.

“It was Tess,” Liz said, finally realizing the situation. “She kept sending me the nightmares and tried to kill me twice. She’s trying to rip us apart again.” Liz felt her body weaken, collapsing in Max’s arms.

“Liz, it’s alright. She’s not going to hurt you any more. It’s ok,” Max soothed. That evil bitch was going to pay.

“Adam,” Max said, just remembering. “Why couldn’t I heal Liz before? Why was I blocked and you could get in so easily? And the first time, why couldn’t I even get near her?”

“Well the first time, I put a shield around Liz and I while I was healing her because I knew you’d pull me away from Liz. Her safety was my main concern at that point. And I think the reason you were blocked was because Tess knew you’d heal Liz, so she put a block up against you. She didn’t expect me.”

“She was expecting you the second time though,” Alex pointed out.

“She was unconscious on the ground the second time. Max would probably have gotten through.” Adam was starting to get weary from all the discussion. This was bringing back memories he didn’t like to have.

“So Tess must think she can still get on the throne since Max is still alive, right?” Isabel inquired.

“Yeah, either that or she is working Kivar. It could be both.” Adam paused. “There’s something you need to know though. As you clearly realized, she has powers. Mostly mind powers. She was a Nalan as well. However with Liz’s powers to its full strength, Tess is nothing compared to her.”

“That means Liz is-” Maria started slowly.

“Related to Tess. Yeah, that’s right. Sibling rivalry at its worst.” He glanced at Liz. Her face was not gaining any more colour.

“It’s like a bad show of Springer,” Alex said. “Powerful Chick Alien Sisters Fight for Their Alien King.” Adam smiled genuinely at him. Alex had definitely gotten funnier over the years.

“Okay guys, enough history for tonight. Think everything over, if you have any more questions, just ask me tomorrow. But if we are all in this together, we have to start training soon. Like tomorrow.” The teenagers stood silently. The weight of a world literally sat on their shoulders.

“If this means the difference of life and death for any of us, then count me in,” Michael stated quietly, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, I’d never pass up on the whole kicking-alien-ass thing. Much too cool,” Alex chirped.

“This whole thing freaks me out,” Maria said. “But I won’t risk Liz’s life or anyone else’s life because of fear. Count me in too.” Adam smiled, knowing it was an effort for Maria. He wanted to assure her that things would work out but held himself back. He couldn’t start making promises he wasn’t sure he could keep.

“I won’t let that psycho bitch take what’s mine,” Liz said boldly, surprising the room. “I am a fighter, and she will not win. I’m in.”

“Well, I won’t let you do this alone, Liz. I’m in, too.” Max pulled Liz closer in his arms.

“I hate to be left out in this circle. I guess I don’t really have a choice. Me too, I’m in.” Isabel crossed her arms. She hated this, but her choice was limited. Kill or be killed.

“Ok, tomorrow, we’ll meet again. Everyone stay on guard tonight, we don’t know when Tess will strike. It’ll be better if no one is by themselves.”

“Adam, where are you staying?” Liz asked. He shouldn’t be by himself either. Liz was graced by a thankful smile.

“I’ll be fine, Liz.” Liz grabbed Adam’s arm.

“No, please, stay with me at my place. You’re right we shouldn’t be alone. Neither should you.” Adam looked uncomfortably at Max’s glare, knowing he was treading on some pretty thin ice. Adam just shook his head.

“Thank you, Liz, but no. I should do some researching of my own tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Adam gave a quick wave and scurried out of the apartment. Alex stared at the opened door.

“Not a real social person, is he?”


“Morning everybody,” Adam said as he sat down in the full booth. The whole gang was already seated in the Crashdown, each member nervously shifting in his or her seat. Adam, on the other hand, was smiling broadly, and looked a lot calmer than he had in years.

“So, I’m just going to assume everyone has more questions?” Adam asked as he browsed through a menu. Come to think of it, he was sort of hungry.

“I do,” Michael said. “Why is it that you remember all of this, and none of us had a clue about this whole previous life?” Michael looked Adam right in the eye.

“Ah, still the untrusting one, Michael. Well, to be honest, I really don’t know why I was, uh, graced with most of this knowledge. Perhaps to punish me.” Adam bit his lip. Then he felt that reassuring hand of Liz’s placed on his, and he felt all right again. How could she do that to him? Make him feel ok after everything that happened? After everything he caused her.

“But either way, I’m here with all this information and with it we have to change the future. Save lives. It’s really quite exciting when you think about it.” Adam smirked.

“Well, were you born out of a pod too?” Alex inquired.

“To be honest, I don’t know. I would assume so though. My, uh, parents found me on the side of the road with a huge gash on the side of my head. People thought I had amnesia. I didn’t know a thing for years. I lived with my parents, living a normal human life until I was about 11 and started to have these dreams. They were short and unrevealing at first, but then the really horrific dreams came when I was 12. Every night I’d have dreams about these people dying and this one woman calling out to me, begging me to save her.” Adam shook his head in remembrance of the dreadful dreams. “It took me three years after that to realize they weren’t just dreams, they were actually memories of my past life. That’s how I gathered all of the information. It all came from my dreams, sort of like an awakening.”

“Where are your parents now? Did you just leave them to find us?” Alex asked again. This was really turning out to be an intriguing story. Now he wasn’t the only one with information.

“Well, actually, no. My parents were great. Loved me to death, always worried over the smallest things. If I were human, I couldn’t be any happier with any other parents. But,” Adam pasued, clearing his head, “they died. When I was 16, about a year ago, I had almost all the information the dreams were to give me. Someone didn’t like that. My house was set on fire, by some alien from the enemies I suspect. Luckily I made out alive. Can’t say the same for my parents. They died in that fire. They died because of me.”

“Adam, that isn’t your fault,” Liz said softly. “And now you have a new family.” She smiled at him, along with all the others. He wasn’t expecting this.

“Yeah, dear brother, we’re here for you,” Isabel said. She, too, smiled warmly at him.

“Thank you,” he whispered. Too much emotion was starting to cloud his mind. Focus, Adam, focus.

“Speaking of family, this whole being related to Liz Parker is creeping me out,” Michael said. The group laughed, loudly agreeing with him in their laughter.

“Speak for yourself, Michael,” Liz exclaimed, pointing her tongue out at him. She then turned to Adam, asking him, “What about our names? I remember you calling Tess and Michael different names. What do they mean?”

“Well, on Antar we all had different names. As you noticed, Michael was named Rath, and Tess was named Ava. Isabel’s name was Vilandra, and Max was Zan. Liz’s name was Leandra, usually shortened to Leah. As well, Maria’s name was Hansha, and Alex was Rylo. But I’m sure you’ll prefer your own names for now.” Adam grinned again.

“Was Tess married to me?” Max blurted out. Adam couldn’t help but laugh at ridiculous suggestion.

“Are you insane? Tess repeatedly tried to get into the royal bed with you, but you wouldn’t even hear her out. It eventually got so bad you kicked her out of the palace. I think that’s about when people suspected she joined sides with Kivar. And let me guess, Tess told you this?” Max nodded. “She’s a liar, Max. She’ll do anything to get what she wants. You can’t believe a word she says.”

“Well, okie dokie, then,” Maria stated. “So when does this whole training camp start? What do I get to do?” Adam beamed at Maria’s enthusiasm.

“You and Alex have the most important jobs. Some of the group may get discouraged at first. All of your powers haven’t been used to its full strength, so it may take time. But Maria, Alex, you have to keep them motivated. Without you, the group doesn’t have the support they need. In a way, you guys are the most important part.”

Maria and Alex looked at each other and smiled. If anyone could arouse any kind of excitement, it would be Maria and Alex. Oh yeah, this wasn’t looking to be so bad.

A week later in the desert:

“I’m not getting this!” Michael growled, throwing his arms up in the air, frustration fuming off of him. For the past week, the teen aliens had devoted every free minute of their days to training. Max had shown the most improvement, his ability to aim with precision was incredible. He was able to maintain a protection shield for longer lengths of time. Michael, though, was having problems. He now could put more juice into his power, but his ability to aim was still off.

“It’s alright, Michael, just focus. Concentrate.” Maria came up behind him and began to rub his shoulders. Maybe she couldn’t do any alien-voodoo stuff, but she could definitely cheer them on. Anyways, if these aliens didn’t perfect their powers, they would all be screwed when it came down to facing the enemies.

Michael put his hand in front of him again, scrunching his eyebrows in concentration. An energy bolt hit a large boulder that was off in the distance. The boulder crumbled to pieces, the energy bolt hitting its mark.

“Ah, you must be my lucky charm,” Michael said. He kissed Maria’s forehead. “Do you come in a key chain?” Maria playfully slapped Michael’s arm.

“Hey guys! Check this out! Izzy, do it!” Maria and Michael turned to see Alex watching Isabel intently. She placed her hand in front of her, aiming it at a medium sized rock. The rock lifted up into the air at the command of Isabel’s hand. With a quick movement, the rock was quickly hurling towards Max. Max, being on his toes, quickly aimed at the rock and it crumbled quickly, it’s powdery form taking over.

“Thanks, Iz,” Max said sarcastically. “That would have hurt too.” He picked up a rock with his powers, and flung it towards Isabel. She redirected its path and heaved the rock towards Michael. Not wanting to feel left out, Maria and Alex picked up rocks and threw them at each other.

~ It’s all fun and games, until someone loses an eye. ~ The thought traveled through Maria, Alex, Max, Isabel, and Michael’s head. They abruptly stopped and turned towards Liz and Adam, who were smirking at the dirty mess they had made in the desert and sand.

“Liz, get out of my head!” Michael yelled.

~ Now, now, dear brother, don’t be angry. ~ Liz’s lips stayed tightly together, her eyes dancing with amusement. This could be a lot of fun, Liz thought.

“Liz,” Adam chuckled. “Don’t go mucking around in their minds. You know, Michael, I’d be careful around Liz from now on. You piss her off, and she can really torture you.” Michael saw an image of Liz kicking his ass, and started laughing.

“Like you could kick my ass!” He felt a slight stir in his mind.

~ Michael, I just love those Power Ranger underwear you use to wear. Does Maria find them sexy? ~ Michael’s eyes went large and round, his face becoming red. Liz sent the image of Michael in his Power Ranger underwear to everyone in the group. The group howled in laughter.

“Parker!” He yelled. “Out of my mind, now!” Liz laughed warmly.

“Guerin, watch out. I can know all of your secrets if you really want to piss me off.” Liz smiled mischievously.

“I would be scared if I were you, Liz,” Alex warned. “Michael might use his mighty morphing power on you!” Another howl of laughter erupted from the group at Michael’s expense.

“Oh, my precious sister, I’m going to get you.” Liz just grinned and went over to Max’s side. He looked at her oddly.

“Liz, I’m kind of scared of you.”

“Brings a whole new meaning to an honest relationship, huh, Max?” Alex teased. Max would never be able to have a secret from Liz again.

Isabel turned towards Adam, serious again. “Adam, what about Tess? None of us have seen her since she disappeared last week. What if she’s planning some sort of huge attack on us?”

“We’ll just have to be prepared, Isabel. Seems boring, but you guys have been doing a great job. Tuning your powers now will mean the difference between life and death later.” The group felt the cold, hard impact of Adam’s words. If they screw up now, they don’t even have a chance later.

“Back to training, guys,” Max said. Liz smiled, and kissed him softly. She sent an image of a glowing heart to him and walked away.


“Liz, how’d you do that?” Isabel asked, amazed by the image that Liz just sent her. Adam was coaching Liz on how to manage and control her powers. Isabel was sitting in on a session. Perhaps it could help with her dreamwalking.

“It’s kind of easy once I get the hang of this. I just need to focus. Let me try something else. Just breathe and relax, okay?” Isabel took a deep breath, letting her mind relax. Slowly her surrounding became a huge whirl of colours, the sandy colour of the desert mixing with the blue of the sky. A luscious, green environment began to be put in place. Isabel was now standing in a grassy field, surrounded by rows and rows of gorgeous, blooming flowers. Isabel felt the tingling sensation of the warm sun against her back. The sereneness of the scenery calmed Isabel down to the very core of her.

“Isabel.” She heard her name being called and suddenly she was pulled back into the desert beside Liz.

“Cool, huh?” Liz smiled. She had definitely noticed the peaceful look on Isabel’s face.

“Wow, definitely. Hey Adam,” Iz called out. “Why can’t I do cool things like that?” Isabel still wasn’t sure what her power she had that made her an individual.

“Well, I’m not completely sure, but I think that you can only connect to people in an unconscious state, where as Liz can connect to people either way. But she could never fight in a battle of physical power.” Isabel nodded. It made sense. She could dreamwalk, but couldn’t connect to people otherwise.

“Wait a second,” Liz said. “So if someone attacks me with an energy beam, I’m as good as dead?”

“Well, you use to be able to put up a shield, like Max, for a moment or two, but since you’ve never experienced physical powers this time around, I doubt you’d be able to do anything. I think that’s why you have a protector.” Adam grinned.

Liz still wasn’t satisfied. “What about you guys and your minds? You keep telling me and showing me how to put a block up in my mind, in case someone tries to intrude in my mind. What would you do?”

“Well, we all can put up blocks in our minds as well, obviously not as well or as long as you. But we should be able to sustain a block long enough to produce some sort of attack on the intruder. You wouldn’t be able to defend against an intruder, so you can’t let them in the first place.”

“Wow, mental warfare. Sounds frightening,” Isabel said. Then again, a week ago she didn’t think she’d be discussing alien powers with Liz Parker. Expect the unexpected, right?

“It is,” Adam said. “Now if you excuse me, ladies, I do believe I better make sure Max and Michael stopped flinging rocks at each other.” Adam got up and walked away from the girls.

“Liz, how are you handling all this?” Isabel asked, somewhat concerned. It was terrifying to learn you were an alien, never mind learning that you have to fight some alien war. “You know, this whole ‘I’m-an-alien’ thing can be sort of freaky.”

“Yeah, well, it was really unbelievable at first, you know? Like, all my life I thought I was just simple, boring Liz Parker. Now I’m mind-controlling Liz Parker, latest alien. But Adam helped me out a lot. He’s talked me through everything. He’s really been here for me.” Isabel wanted to keep away from the Adam subject, but she couldn’t resist temptation.

“Adam, huh? Adam doesn’t really talk to me as much as you. What do you think of him?” Isabel was trying to be discreet. She had listened to Max whine about Liz spending more and more time with Adam lately. Isabel highly doubted any growing feelings there for Adam. Yet even if Liz didn’t see it, Adam had it bad for Liz.

“Oh, Adam is Adam. He’s a really great guy. He doesn’t really tell me a lot about him. I can tell there’s been a lot of hurt in his past, and I think he’s been carrying this baggage around for like, ever. Sometimes I can’t even believe he’s our age. But he’s a good guy. Almost like a big brother.” Ah, a big brother, that’s what she thinks of him. Max is going to smile when he hears this one. That is if he doesn’t kick himself for being a jealous oaf.


“Max, why don’t you come up with me for awhile?” Liz asked. For some reason, she didn’t want to be alone tonight. The sun had long since gone down, the quiet moon already settled in its resting spot. Liz and Max were sitting in his jeep outside of the Crashdown, arms comfortably wrapped around eachother.

“Liz, are you sure? You look tired. You should just go to bed. I promise I’ll be here right after your shift tomorrow to pick you up.” Truthfully, Max didn’t want anything more than to go upstairs with Liz, but he knew he’d never want to leave, especially with the absence of her parents over the summer. The long, grueling hours of training everyday were totally interrupting his Liz time. But he had to keep in control.

“Max, please, I just don’t want to be alone tonight,” Liz pleaded. “I need you.” Liz already knew she won the fight with her last three words. She gave him her puppy dog eyes anyways.

“Liz Parker, you’ll be the death of me.” Max parked his jeep and hopped out of the jeep.


Max sighed quietly against Liz’s sweet smelling hair. He caressed the silky skin of Liz’s stomach that was exposed by risen her shirt. He was lying on the couch with Liz lying between his legs, her head already resting back against his firm chest. She was sleeping peacefully by now, her face a glowing mask of tranquility. Max was having trouble sleeping, but he didn’t need to worry. He’d rather watch his angel rest anyways.

Another sigh erupted from Max. He knew that training was easier than what they would have to face within the next few weeks. Still, the training left them tired and worn out at the end of the day. But the results were amazing. He could hold a shield longer than before, or blast an energy beam with perfect aim. His senses were also a lot more aware of what was going on. He could sense another’s movement before it was even made. It would definitely be a skill that could come in handy.

On the other hand, he felt guilty for the mess he had made of Liz, Alex and Maria’s life. Before he had come along, they never thought about aliens living on their planet or someday having to fight against aliens. If anything ever happened to them, he didn’t think he could bare it. Their lives were fine before aliens. Before him.

But knowing the touch of Liz, and the taste of her rosy lips, he could never turn away from her again. His angel. She had taken this whole alien thing with total ease. She was truly an amazing girl. After finding out he was an alien and she was an alien, and their whole past life, she still wanted to be with him. But he knew that she was his soul mate. Now nothing could tear them apart.

Liz began squirming in Max’s arms. Max looked at Liz in concern. Her face was scrunched in a fearful expression. She was starting to whimper, her body twisting every which way.

“Liz,” Max whispered. He was gently shaking her shoulder. “Wake up, angel, you’re having a nightmare. I’m right here, princess.” Liz continued her bothered sleep, her arms beginning to start flailing.

“Liz,” Max said a bit louder. “Wake up.” Liz’s body seemed to ignore Max’s persistent plea. All of a sudden, Liz left out a piercing, bloodcurdling scream. Her body bolted upwards, her body shaking with tremors. Max immediately wrapped his arms around her. He felt her wet tears drop on his arms.

“Liz, what happened?” Max asked tenderly. Her cold body was still trembling against his arms. “Liz, baby, can you tell me what happened?”

“Oh, Max,” Liz wailed. “She’s coming for us. She knows we’ve been training. She wants me dead.”

“Who? Tess?” Max felt his heart stop. If Tess has anything to do with this, he’d kill her himself. Liz just nodded, confirming his suspicions. “Liz, she won’t hurt you, I promise. I’ll do anything to protect you.”

“Max, she said she’d do anything. She wants me dead. She kept torturing me in my dream. Max, she kept saying she’s coming for us, coming for you. Coming for me.” Another wave of shivers was sent throughout Liz’s body. She could hardly feel Max’s reassuring hand running up and down her arm.

“It’s ok, Liz. She’ll have to get through all of us before she can get to you.”

“I don’t want to lose you, Max, not to her.” Liz looked off towards the window, realizing how dark the night could be.

“What are you talking about, Liz? That’ll never happen. Liz, look at me.” Max hooked his finger underneath her chin and made her look at him. “Liz Parker, I love you, and I will never let any harm come to you or our relationship. You’re the one, the only one.” He placed both of his hands on the sides of her face and leaned in to kiss her, softly. He pulled his lips away hesitantly, keeping his face close to hers. He lovingly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Max Evans, I love you.” She leaned back into his lips, kissing him more passionately than before. Her arms wrapped around his waist, her hands brushing against his back. Her lips felt the explosion of fire against his, their desperate longing for each other was present. Max slipped his own hands down to her waist, lifting her shirt up slightly to touch the warm, soft skin of her stomach. Liz began to lie down on the couch, bringing Max down with her, on top of her. Their wet kisses became more fervent, their bodies and souls slowly reaching a boundary not yet crossed.

Liz pulled away for a moment, her eyes open and gazing candidly at Max’s dark brown eyes. She pulled his shirt off, reveling in the beautiful sight before her. She let her fingers linger against his chest, feeling the tightened muscles reacting from her touch. He too reached for her top, pulling it off of her. He smiled at the glorious sight in front of him. Her breasts rose and fell, indicating her slightly quickened pace of breathing. He dropped his head to her stomach, leaving small, loving kisses along it. His path of kisses continued up to her breasts, up her chest, to her bare neck. He devoured her neck like a greedy man.

Liz felt the heat through her whole body, boiling every part of her heart, mind and soul. How the slight touch of Max Evans could create such an explosion of heat and desire amazed her. Max usually never lost control like this, but the passion was incredible. It ate at her body, causing her to whimper at her every desire. She felt Max’s hand reach around to her back, unhooking her bra. He pulled it off her, letting his hand take its place on her breast, massaging it tenderly. She let out a quiet moan and pulled his lips back to hers.

“Oh Max,” Liz breathed. “Oh Max.” She felt the growing bulge that was nudging at her hot body. Max let his hands dangle against her nipples, kissing her lips with every ounce of passion he felt for her. He tasted all of her, not letting a single spot go missed.

“Liz,” Max panted between breaths. “Liz, we have to slow down.” Max was trying to get his control back. He was not going to lose control, not with Liz. He could end up hurting her somehow.

“Max, please, I want you,” Liz murmured into Max’s ear, gently tugging on it with her lips. Max reluctantly pulled away from Liz’s body.

“I love you, but we have to stop.” Max sat up, trying to regain his breath. Liz sat up beside him, and he wrapped one arm around her shoulder. She cuddled close into his side. Max grabbed a blanket that was lying on top of the couch and threw it on top of them. He stroked Liz’s hair until they both fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning at the Crashdown:

“Where the hell are they?” Michael shouted. They had been waiting about 15 minutes for Max, and Liz never showed up for her shift.

“Michael, what if something happened to them? What if Tess came for Liz?” a terrified Maria asked. Michael, Alex, Isabel, Adam and her had been sitting at the Crashdown, waiting patiently for them. Neither was showing up. And Liz was never late for anything, especially a work shift. Maria was distressed.

“Did it not strike anyone to check upstairs?” Alex asked, irritated. “Liz probably just slept in, and Max probably stayed the night.” Alex took another look at Maria’s worried face. “Look, we’ll all go upstairs and we’ll find them running around, Liz like a chicken with its head chopped off because she forgot to set her alarm.” Alex got up from the booth and walked towards the back, the other four teens following behind them. They climbed up the steps to Liz’s apartment. He let Michael open the locked door, and they all stepped inside. Alex pointed to the two bodies on the couch.

“See, guys, I told you. They were just sleeping and- HOLY SHIT!” Alex yelped. They looked at Alex in surprise and turned back towards Max and Liz. Michael broke into a fit of laughter, while Maria and Isabel both covered their gaping mouths with their hands.

“Oh god,” Adam moaned. “That is more than I ever wanted to see of my brother.”

“Ditto,” Michael said. They watched Max and Liz awake from their sleep.

“Good morning, Liz. I see you dressed in your birthday suit today?” Alex teased. Liz squealed in embarrassment.

“Max,” Liz whispered sternly. “We’re, uh, half naked!” Max’s eyes shot towards Liz’s bare chest and his own bare chest, his face turning a crimson red. He quickly pulled the blanket up to cover themselves. The group loosened up and laughed at their expense.

“And Maria, you were afraid something happened to Liz! Something did happen! She was ravaged by Max,” Alex joked. Liz rolled her eyes.

“If you wouldn’t mind, GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!” Liz threw a couch pillow at Alex.

“We’ll wait for you downstairs, guys,” Michael called out. “And please don’t forget your clothes. It’s too early in the morning for a striptease.” Michael, Maria, Adam, Alex and Isabel left the apartment, closing the door behind them.

“Well, that was slightly embarrassing,” Max said, rubbing his eyes. He smiled at Liz, playfully. “But since you’re already undressed…”



“Oh, look! It’s Max and Liz. Geez, Liz, I think I liked the birthday suit better.” Alex grinned at Liz’s red face. Liz threw Alex a glare, and Max punched his arm.

“Leave her alone, Whitman,” Max warned. Alex saluted Max. Max just rolled his eyes.

“Well, you guys must be hungry, after a night like-” Alex was about to continue when Isabel hit Alex in the stomach, warning him again to lay off. “Okay, okay, warning has been taken in consideration.” Max and Liz sat down at the table, joining the rest of the group.

“Liz, uh, sweetie, aren’t you suppose to be working?” Maria asked, looking at her with worriedly.

“I’m supposed to be working?” Maria felt the alarms ringing in her head. She took a closer examination of Liz. Were her eyes red? Why didn’t she notice this before?

“Ok, spill, what happened?” Maria questioned, leaning towards Liz. If she knew anyone, it was Liz Parker, and something was not right with her.

“Uh, well,” Liz stuttered. She looked at Max, not sure what to say. He took her hand in his.

“Liz had a nightmare last night. Tess was in it.” The group automatically was silent and paid full attention to what Max was saying. “She was telling Liz that she was coming for us, and that nothing would stop her. I think she’s going to attack soon.” Max felt Liz shudder against his shoulder, so he wrapped an arm around her.

“Guys,” Liz said, looking up at everyone. “She said it loud and clear. She knows what she wants and she’s going to get it no matter what. And the first thing she wants is-she- uh- she-” Liz started taking deep breaths. Max pulled her closer, stroking her hair, soothing her with calm words.

“Liz,” Alex said, soothingly. “It’s okay, you can tell us. What’d she say?”

“Alex, she wants me dead. Now.” Liz saw Adam shake his head.

“No, not going to happen. She’ll have to kill me before that happens.” Adam stared into Liz’s eyes, proving his determined state.

“She’s going to have to get through all of us,” Michael retorted. “Man, that bitch is psycho.”

“Have I not said that since the beginning?” Maria huffed. She turned to Liz and hugged her. “Liz, baby, nothing is going to happen to you, all right? Nothing is going to happen to any of us. We’re stronger than her and any other evil alien bastard that wants to fight us.”

“She’s right, Liz,” Isabel said. “We’ll kick her ass before she even thinks about getting near any of us.” Liz just nodded her head.

“Thanks guys, it means a lot to me to have you guys behind me. Uh, I guess I should go get ready for work.” No one could miss the tears spilling from Liz’s eyes as she jumped up from her seat and ran to the back. Max started to get up and go after her, but Alex stopped him.

“Let us go,” Alex said. He grabbed Maria and pulled her to the back of the restaurant.


“Liz, babe, you back here?” Maria called out. She stopped for a moment and listened. She heard a sniffling coming from the bathroom. She motioned for Alex to join her, and she knocked on the door.

“Liz, sweetie, let us in. It’s just Alex and me.” Maria looked up at Alex, sharing the look of worry with him. “We’re coming in, Liz.” She turned the knob and opened the door to find a curled up Liz sitting in the corner of the bathroom.

“Oh, Liz,” Alex breathed. “Come here, girlfriend.” He kneeled next to her and wrapped his arms around her. “You know we won’t let anything happen, right? Everything we said out there is true. Tess will have to get through all of us before she can even get near you.” Liz shook her head.

“I’m not worried about her getting to me,” Liz cried. “In my nightmare, she kept showing me these images of all our deaths in our past lives. It was horrible. I was screaming and pleading for her to stop, but the images wouldn’t stop. And then-then she was sh-showing me flashes of our deaths, but in this lifetime. The things she did to us, to you… it was appalling and sickening. I can’t get those images out of my mind.” Liz sobbed heavily into Alex’s shoulder. Maria knelt down on the other side of Liz and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“Liz, did you tell Max about this?” Maria inquired.

“No! Don’t tell him, please. I only told him what he told you. He’s already furious with Tess. I can’t let him get his emotions for her get in the way of fighting.”

“What are you talking about, Liz? It would only make him want to kick her ass even more!” Maria remarked.

“Emotions are a weakness, my dear Maria.” Tess/Liz touched Alex and Maria on the forehead and they both fell over in an unconscious heap.


“Guys!” Liz screamed from the back of the restaurant. The four aliens turned and looked at her. “Something is wrong with Alex and Maria! They won’t get up!” The aliens leaped up and ran towards the back.

Michael heard Max scream something to the waitress who was working. Something about ignoring what Liz said and going back to work. Michael didn’t know, and he didn’t care. Maria was hurt and he wouldn’t let anything worse happen to her.

“Look!” Liz pointed. “I don’t know what happened. We were sitting here, talking, and they just suddenly collapsed! Max, do something!” Max knelt beside Maria first and tried to connect with her. He quickly shook his head, frustrated, and moved towards Alex, attempting a connection with him as well. He shook his head again.

“I’m being blocked again. It must be Tess’ work.” Isabel and Michael turned to Adam.

“Adam, you could connect before with Tess’ block. Try now!” Michael hollered. Adam took a look at each teenager in the room. His eyebrows were scrunched together in an unreadable look.

“What’s a matter, Adam? Hurry up and do something!” Isabel yelled.

“I don’t think I can do it,” Adam whispered.

“I don’t care, you have to try!” Isabel said, becoming desperate. She watched as Adam leaned over Maria and Alex, trying to form connections with both, but he too was blocked. Isabel cried out in exasperation.

“Wait!” Liz jumped up. “What about the healing stones? Maybe they can do something! C’mon, help me, lets get them to the pod chamber.” Liz was already kneeling next to Maria trying to pull her along. Isabel was ready to go with Liz’s idea. Any idea seemed like a good idea right.

“Stop,” Adam called out, strong with authority. Everyone stopped and turned to look at him in annoyance, except for Max who looked at him in curiosity.

“I don’t think the healing stones will help, Liz.” He voice sounded toneless.

“Adam, we have to do something, anything. It’s a good idea as any. Now, c’mon, stop wasting time. Lets go!” Adam took a close step towards Liz. He looked into eyes for a mere second before pushing his hand against Liz, and watching her crumble to the floor.

“NO!” Max yelled. Isabel and Michael stared in shock, absolutely horrifying shock. Max aimed his hand at Adam, ready to shoot at him. Adam already had his glowing shield up.

“Max, don’t be stupid. Look at her. She isn’t Liz. I know you feel that too.” Adam squinted his eyes, concentrating hard on something. He closed his eyes, trying to get a better grasp. Max stirred Adam from his concentration.

“What the hell do you mean she isn’t Liz?” Max took a deep breath. “If that’s- if that’s who you think it is, then where IS Liz?”

“I don’t know, but Tess is out for the moment. Max, heal Maria and Alex, the block should be off now. Michael, Isabel, tie Tess up with something. We have to get out of the restaurant before someone walks in on us.” Adam was already up the stairs, leaving the other three teens quickly attending to their tasks.


“Liz?” Adam called out. “Liz? Are you still here?” Adam walked through the apartment, searching each corner. “Liz? Answer me.” Adam walked down the hallway, pushing each door open along the way. When he arrived at Liz’s door, he slowly pushed it open. He watched as a scene unfolded before him: two large men dressed in black suits were dragging a comatose Liz towards the door. The two men looked up at Adam as they saw him open the door. The larger of the two men raised his hand immediately, shooting an energy ray at Adam. Adam already had his hand raised, his shimmering shield already protecting him.

“Let her go,” Adam growled. He knew what they wanted with Liz, and whom they were working for.

“Don’t be dumb, kid. We’ll kill her right now,” the larger man threatened. “And you don’t want to fail again, do you?” An evil smiled appeared on his face, revealing his fake, white teeth.

“Let her go,” Adam barked again. “Or I promise, neither of you two or Tess will make it out alive.” Adam put down his shield temporarily, and aimed an energy beam at the man, too quick for him to react. The man went flying against the wall, his back making a large cracking sound as he hit it.

“Damn human bodies!” the man shouted. The other man carrying Liz looked at Adam with wide eyes. He slung Liz over his shoulder, and had his hand up in defense.

“Put her down and you can go.” Adam stared at the guy with pure hatred. He saw the larger man starting to rise from the floor from the corner of his eye. Adam shot another ray at him, and the man became instantly limp. Another wide-eyed stare came from the other guy. He ran for the open window, leaping out on to the balcony with Liz.

“Damn it,” Adam cursed. He followed the man out the window, but the guy was already on the fire escape ladder, climbing down with Liz in tow. Adam quickly assessed his options. If he blew the guy to bits right now, there was little chance Liz would make it. But letting Liz go wasn’t even an option. Before Adam could make a decision, he saw a bright blaze come towards him. He ducked, covering his head for some sort of protection.

“Adam!” a voice shouted. Adam stood up and looked over the edge again. His six teen friends were standing at the bottom, and Liz was lying in Max’s arms. Adam couldn’t be any happier.

“Let’s go!” Michael shouted.


“Who the hell were they?” Isabel asked, frantically. This situation got out of control way too fast. One minute they were about to eat a hearty breakfast at the Crashdown, and now they were out in the desert, trying to figure the best way to save their lives! She did not like the way any of this was turning out. Tess was tied up in the back of Maria’s car, and Liz was just regaining conscious from another one of Tess’ assaults. Adam was pacing side to side, his eyebrows scrunching again.

“Adam,” Isabel said. “Who were they? Who are we fighting? It’s not just Tess any more, is it?”

“I think,” Adam started, “that they work for Kivar. He must have found out where we were. But I don’t know why they found out so quickly, unless Tess was working for them.” Adam’s head shot up. “That filthy bitch!” Adam began running towards Maria’s car, but Michael stepped in front of him.

“Adam, we kill her now, we won’t have anything to trade with later. And no information from her either.” Michael had a point. But so help him God, Adam was going to make sure Tess paid for every time she crossed the Royal Court.

“Look, we have to decide what to do now,” Alex uttered. “They know we’re in Roswell, and they obviously know where we all live.” Alex clenched his hands together. This situation became dangerous way too fast for his liking.

“Liz, babe, what happened to you? Did she attack you or something?” Maria asked in concern. Liz was sitting next to Max on a large boulder. He had his arm around her protectively.

“I don’t exactly know. I remember getting dressed to go downstairs to meet you, and I walked into my bathroom to grab a hair tie. I think she attacked me in there, in the bathroom.” Max shook his head. Tess had fooled him! For God’s sake, he had walked downstairs and sat next to her, without even realizing it wasn’t Liz. That scared him more than anything. And his inability to be in control in desperate situations. It was Adam who was barking orders when everything went hectic.

“Adam,” Liz said, looking up at him. “She got into my mind so easily, and it terrifies me. I thought my block would protect me, but it happened so quickly. And this time, it really hurt. My head is still spinning.” She emphasized her point by putting her head in both of her hands in an attempt to quit the dizziness.

Max sat back and pulled Liz in between his legs, positioning them so he could give her a backrub. If he couldn’t protect her before, he was going to make sure she was all right now.

“Well, technically, I don’t think Tess can actually enter minds. She can nudge your mind in certain ways that can stimulate certain reactions. Like your passing out, or mind warps. But I’m sure she can’t actually enter minds and look around. She may have gotten stronger in this lifetime though, helping her get through your block. However, you said you didn’t really have time to react, so perhaps that’s why she got through easily. We’ll have to work on your reaction time.” Liz gave a slight nod of her head.

“As for everyone else,” Adam addressed. “From now on, you have to be on your highest guard. She may know who we are, but we know who she is too.” Adam turned away from the group, staring off in the distance, too deep in thought.

“What are you hiding from us, Adam?” Isabel demanded. She could recognize that look in his eyes before he turned around that he knew something he wasn’t telling.

“Adam, tell us.”

“It’s just that Tess may be a bigger enemy than we suspected. I’m now completely sure she works for Kivar, but that means she also has his resources.”

“Resources?” Michael repeated.

“Yeah, as in soldiers and power. Kivar may be an awful leader of our planet, but he is still leader and extremely powerful. I figured Tess was a stepping-stone before Kivar… but that could be entirely wrong. To be honest, I don’t know if we can manage fighting both of them.”

“That’s great, Adam, really,” Michael remarked with sarcasm. “We spend days training for this and now when the time comes, you’re not even sure we can do this!”

“He’s right, you know,” Maria whispered. “You guys have spent days preparing for this huge fight, and to come this far just to surrender before the fight even begins is just absurd. We were called the Royal Court for gosh sakes! We ruled a planet, and we just want what is ours back.” Alex nodded his head in agreement.

“Kivar is malicious. To let him continue ruling Antar with his cruel antics would make us seem no better because we have the power to change the lives of people. We can defeat him. Besides, I hate to see some kick-ass alien powers go to waste.” Alex smirked at his own comment. He quickly regained his optimistic face. “Tess is no better than Kivar, and again, to let her get away makes us no better. It will prove to both of them that we are the sniffling, weaklings they think we are. And personally, I prefer to see myself part of a strong unit of power.” Maria smiled over at him, and nodded in agreement.

“We were sent to Earth for a reason,” Maria affirmed. “As freaky as all this is, we can’t turn our back on this now. Adam-” she turned to him “-you’ve taught us so much in the past week. And you’ve sacrificed so much for this. Tell me you’re not going to give up on us. We need you. We need everyone.” She looked at each member of the group during her last comment.

“They’re both right,” Liz spoke up. “Together we’re stronger than any army Kivar and Tess throw at us. The Royal Court is here, and we’re going to take back what is our. I’m sick of bending at the slightest hint of trouble. It’s time we fight back.”

Adam looked around at his “family”. Each of them was right. To turn back would be absolutely foolish.

“You know I’m with you,” Adam smiled. “Temporary insanity. Forgive me?” Each member smiled back at him. It was time to take back what was theirs.


“Tess.” Who is that? Oh god, my head hurts. It only hurt this much when Adam- Tess’s eyes flew open. A very pale-faced Isabel was staring back at her. Tess could feel her fear oozing off of Isbael, her eyes wide saucers of panic.

“Oh thank goodness, you’re up! C’mon, let’s go!” Isabel whispered frantically. She was already pulling Tess up from her current position on the ground. Tess shook her head frantically, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

“Isabel,” Tess spoke harshly. “What are you doing?” Tess pulled away from Isabel and stood up on her own. She placed her hand in front of her in case she needed it.

“Tess! Put your hand down and let’s go! They’re going to catch up soon!” Isabel yelled hysterically. Tess just raised an eyebrow, indicating that she wanted to know who they were.

“Adam and Max! When he knocked you out, he pretended to be on our side. Kept leading us along! But now,” Isabel sobbed, “He’s killed Alex. And, oh god, and Max helped him!” Tess still didn’t budge from her spot, illustrating her obvious disbelief.

“You may be a good actress, Isabel. But I don’t believe you, so…” Tess reached out towards Isabel and watched her plummet to the ground. She smiled wickedly. One Royal down, another six to go!

Tess looked at her surroundings. It was definitely past sunset, for murky shadows from the night were illustrated across the desert. Tess huffed. Kivar was going to be mad. This was the second time Adam had discovered her and tried to destroy her. She needed to buck up and start getting control of the situation. Isabel was easy to defeat, but Tess always figured so. Isabel was weak, and she let her emotions take over her. But Tess couldn’t help but wonder why Isabel was in psycho mode before she died. Her fear seemed real, but Tess couldn’t even begin to imagine loyal, trustworthy Max Evans becoming a traitor to his own sister. Well, at least not at this point. Tess smiled to herself. She could barely wait until the day Max realized his real destiny was really with her and not that Liz tramp. Liz would never be a Queen; she knew nothing about their people. But then again, neither did Max. Max probably wouldn’t even make it to Antar anyways, before Kivar killed him. Pitiable but the sad, cold truth. Max Evans would never make it to the throne, and Tess had to make sure of that. Or she would be next on Kivar’s death list.

A sharp echo sounded out into the night. Tess turned towards where she heard the sound, her eyes narrowing. Now was not the time to be going off into her head. She had to stay alert. She saw two tall figures walking towards her, and she put her hand up in front of her again.

“Well, good evening your Majesty,” Tess spit out sarcastically at Max. “Come to take care of some unfinished business? I do believe your sister died trying.” Tess smirked until she noticed that Max didn’t even give Isabel’s body a second glance. Neither did Adam. What was going on here? Wasn’t this the faithful Max Evans, supposed future King? This was a turn in events!

“I’ve come to make a deal with you, Tess,” Max paused, “And Kivar.” Tess’s eyes shot up and looked accusingly into Max’s eyes, then Adam’s. How did they know that much?

“A deal?” Tess pondered. “What sort of deal?”

“We deliver the dead bodies of the rest of the Royal Court and you let us live undisturbed on earth,” Adam replied, annoyed. Max just nodded his head in agreement. The dead bodies of the Royal Court? This could be very interesting.

“Oh really? Why should I believe you?” Tess asked, folding her arms across her chest. “I know you’re trying to trick me. Not going to work.”

“Tess, look, you don’t like us, we don’t like you. But the rest of the Court was weak and innocent. We wouldn’t survive with them. We’re just looking out for us now.” Max fixed his stare at Tess, attempting to show truth to his statements.

“Even Liz?” Tess asked, assuming the answer.

“Especially Liz,” Adam said harshly. Max nodded again in agreement.

“I want her alive. Liz has to be alive when delivered to me, all right? Otherwise no deal.” Tess might as well try this, what else did she have to lose? If they lie to her, she’ll just kill them anyways. Then again, she’ll kill them if they aren’t lying to her.

Tess doubled over in pain abruptly, her head pounding. She tried to look up at the two men, but found they were gone.


“Liz!” Maria screamed. “Liz! What’s a matter? What’d you see?” Maria stared in wide-eyed shock when her best friend had been concentrating so hard on keeping the mind warp then suddenly collapsed in ragged breaths. The plan was working so far so good, but Liz’s unexpected crumble might change that.

“Maria?” Alex called out. “Maria, is everything okay over there? Tess just freaked out.” Alex was not far, hiding behind a boulder in the desert, just as Liz and Maria. Maria glanced at Liz’s shivering body on the stiff ground, and then glanced towards Alex’s hiding spot.

“Houston! Mayday! I think we have a problem!” Maria replied back out to Alex. Alex’s body quickly jumped out from behind his rock and ran towards Liz and Maria. He instantly kneeled next to Liz.

“Liz!” Alex cried. “Liz! What’s wrong? C’mon, Liz, you got to get up!” Alex gawked fearfully at Liz’s still shaking body. He touched her arm and it seemed to calm her immediately. He then noticed the wet tears pouring down her face.

“Liz? C’mon, Lizzie, tell me what’s wrong? Did you see something?” Alex said, gently. He put his arms around her comfortingly. A sob racked Liz’s body.

“Alex, oh god, this is bigger than we ever imagined. Alex, this is so bad!” Liz wept.

“What the hell is going on?” Michael’s livid voice roared. The other three aliens followed him, each with looks of concern on their faces. They, too, had seen Tess’ reaction to whatever happened. They decided to investigate back here before making their move.

Max’s attention instantly was drawn to Liz, her body enfolded in Alex’s arms. He ran to her side and kneeled beside her. Alex opened his arms and let Liz go to Max. Max lovingly caressed her hair, holding her close as tears soon fell on his shirt.

“Liz, baby, what’s wrong?” he whispered. He could feel Liz’s emotions rolling off her in harsh waves. The other teens stared at Liz and Max, as they too were waiting for an answer.

“Oh yes, Liz, baby-” Tess spat “-what’s wrong?” She stood boldly before the unsuspecting group. Adam immediately put himself in front of the group, and in front of Tess.

“You guys must think you’re so smart. But as your precious Liz has found out for herself that this is not the end. You could kill me if you really had the guts to, but it won’t stop here. This is all above your heads, and each one of you will be exterminated, one by one.” Tess grinned, somehow finding pleasure in the destruction of the Royal Court. Adam stared at her in disbelief. This woman was truly sick and disturbing.

“Well,” Tess paused. “Except for Liz. She’ll be set aside for, uh, safe keeping.” Tess laughed into the cold, silent night, cutting it like a sharp knife. Max’s head jerked up at her last remark, his eyes narrowing.

“What the hell does that mean?” Adam shouted before Max had a chance to. Tess just smirked that the boys.

“You should ask Liz that.” Another smirk. Michael suddenly appeared at Tess’s side, his hand on the side of her head.

“I’d rather just ask you, Tess,” Michael replied in cold, hard voice. “I suggest you start telling me something before you piss me off even more.” Tess barely flinched, seeming unmoved by Michael’s bold remarks.

“Fine, Michael, kill me. Either way, you’ll still die, and your sister will still be the slut she’s always been.” Tess turned and looked into Michael’s eyes frostily. Michael no longer had control and let energy flow out of his hand.

“Michael, no!” Liz shrieked behind him. He felt his hand all of a sudden move unwillingly to the side, missing Tess’s head. He quickly turned his head to catch a glance at Liz, who was now standing up beside Max. She walked up beside Michael, and stared curiously at Tess.

“Why?” Liz uttered. The only thing she said to Tess. The only thing she wanted to know. Just why.

“Think about it,” Tess remarked. “A great mind, Kivar’s great powers; that could produce an unthinkable amount of potential strength.” The other teens continued watching the scene in front of them, not understanding any of it.

“No.” Liz’s body tensed. “Never.” Tess sneered at Liz.

“You can’t fight it. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. The way it will be. Kivar wants it that way. Personally, I don’t fully comprehend all of this either. You are nothing but a low, dirty slut, worth nothing more than the clothes on your body.” Tess’s eyes showed the resentment and coldness the rest of her body was feeling.

“NO!” Liz screamed, attempting to cover her eyes and ears at the same time. Images flowed through her, each picture worse than the last. Liz fell to her knees in horrible pain. Tess did nothing but smirk at the withering soul in front of her.

The next event happened in a bright blaze, and it was over before it started. A once arrogant Tess that was standing before the group was now nothing but a vacant space of air. Isabel looked in horror at the empty space and then at Max, Adam and Michael’s raised hands. Nothing but Liz’s ragged breaths was heard throughout the motionless night.


Liz sat wrapped up in a fleece blanket, her petite body fully bundled. A weary Max sat next to her on Michael’s couch, his hand lingering on Liz’s back. Isabel was staring absentmindedly out the window with Alex’s arms wrapped around her. Maria and Adam were seated on two bar stools while Michael paced restlessly.

“Michael, if you don’t stop pacing, you’re going to wear a hole in the carpet, and I’m going to have to pay for it,” Maria muttered. She shook her head with exhaustion. After the awful scene in the desert, they all decided to head back to Michael’s apartment. None of them were in the talking mood, but they didn’t want to be alone either. Not surprisingly Liz hadn’t said one word since. Therefore, none of them knew what the hell Liz and Tess were talking about either. No one dared to push the subject though, after seeing Liz’s freak out.

“Ok, Liz,” Michael said suddenly. “Unless you want to hear Maria rag on me some more, I need answers. What were you talking about before?” So much for being subtle, Maria thought.

“Michael, I really don’t think now is the time to-” Adam started.

“Kivar’s on his way.” Liz’s small, weak voice uttered. Michael finally sat down, on the other side of Liz. He awkwardly put his hand on Liz’s arm. His attempt at being reassuring, telling her to go on.

“And he already has his plans laid out. He, oh god,” Liz choked. “He knows what he wants and he’ll do anything to make sure he gets it.” Liz felt the tears pour down her cheeks again.

“What does he want, Liz?” Isabel asked hesitantly. Liz looked like she was about to shatter.

“It’s ok, Lizzie,” Alex said soothingly. “Just start from the beginning.” Liz looked up at the couple who were now turned away from the window, facing her. Liz leaned back against Max’s arm and closed her eyes.

“Things were going exactly to the plan. I had mind warped Tess, and she thought she had killed Isabel. I was projecting the image of Max and Adam negotiating with her when I found an opening in her mind. I slipped into her mind, trying to find information like I said I would. But it was all coming too fast, and images kept blurring past me with tons of information. But one stuck to me, and stared me right in the face. It was one of Kivar’s plans. Things he planned on doing with Tess helping him.” Liz paused for a moment, rubbing her face with her hands. She felt Max’s hand rubbing her back consolingly.

“I don’t think I got all the details, but Kivar is on his way here himself. He’s coming from Antar in search of us. He wants to make sure each one of you dies at his hands. Oh god, the things he wants to do to us.” Liz sobbed violently as Max pulled her against his body, into his chest. Each teen stared off in space in disbelief.

“So he’s coming here himself? To make sure we’re dead? To make sure the throne is secured to him?” Michael asked. “But wait. You said he wants to make sure we die at his hands… but what about you Liz?” He could feel the tremors of fear rolling off of her.

“He wants me to have his child.” Liz’s statement sliced at whatever peace was left in the air.

“No,” Max said simply. He would not believe it, refused to. Kivar would never touch Liz if he wanted to live to the next day. Kivar would never even go near Liz. “Never. I won’t let him.” For Max, that was that.

“So that’s what Tess was talking about? About a great mind and his extraordinary powers?” Michael asked, trying to catch up.

“Because having a heir with a combination of incredible powers and invinvible mind skills would make sure the throne was his forever. People would also praise this child because people loved Leandra, and they’re still waiting for the return of the Royal Court. Once they find out she’s back, well, supposedly if she has Kivar’s child, they will willingly submit to Kivar.” Adam was piecing this all together.

“Not going to happen,” Michael retorted, going into full protective brother mode. “I’ll cream him with my own hands if I have to.”

“Yeah, Liz, you know we won’t let that beast go near you,” Maria piped up. “And, don’t even think it, cause there’s no way we’re going down without a fight. If he wants me dead, he’ll have to feel the wrath of Hurricane Deluca.” Maria grinned satisfactorily at Liz.

“How long will it take until he gets here?” Isabel asked.

“I don’t know, Iz,” Liz replied. “Hopefully not any time soon.”

“Well, traveling galaxies would sort of be time consuming, I would assume,” Alex commented. “Then again, it all depends on when he left.”

“Liz,” Adam said. “Could you recognize if the information was new or not?”

“Um, I think it was fairly recent. No older than two months, I’d assume.” Adam could feel sanity slipping back into Liz’s voice. Although selfish, he was glad for it. Hysterics was not a very good thing at a time like this.

“You know anything about galaxy hopping, Adam?” Maria asked. Adam just shook his head. “Well then, I guess we just keep our guards up for the next while. Until space beast shows up, right?”

“I guess that’s the only way,” Adam said, hesitantly. Keeping everyone’s guards up for who knows how long did not seem like a very effective plan. Kivar could take years to get here. Then again, he could be here tomorrow.

“All right if that’s what we have to do, then we better make some ground rules too,” Max declared, breaking out of his silent shell. “We don’t know what Kivar looks like, who he is, or what he can do. We don’t know if he’ll strike us one by one or as a group. So we all have to take precautions. None of us are to be by ourselves at any point in time. No one else is going to be let into this group or trusted. All major decisions are made as a group, all seven of us. But we have to keep up our normal lifestyle as well, so people don’t get suspicious. Normal, but safe.” Max’s eyes were greeted with nods of agreement.

“Ah, yes, fearless leader,” Michael joked. “We shall attend to your desires.” Maria smacked Michael across the head for his inappropriate comment. Michael muttered a swear word.

“I think we all need a good rest tonight, so everyone lets go home,” Alex stated. Each teen got up, stretched and headed towards the door.

“Wait, Adam,” Michael called out. Adam turned around and looked at him. “Uh, I know you haven’t really said much about it, but if you need a place to stay, you’re welcome here. I’ve got a pretty vacant couch at night time.” Adam smiled at Michael’s offer.

“Thanks Mike,” Adam grinned. “Don’t mind if I do.” Adam walked back to the couch, and dropped on to the couch, making himself comfortable for a long night of sleep and relaxation.


“Max,” Liz sighed lovingly. Max was staying the night with her again, seeming unable to let her go. Liz had no problem with that, especially after today’s events. He was currently taking a shower. Perhaps he thought a shower would wash off the day’s dirty events off of him.

Liz was lying in her lounge chair on her balcony. She gazed up at the sky, wondering when the world suddenly became so scary and frightening. Nothing felt safe any more. Nothing but Max and her friends. It almost terrified her that she would have to wake up tomorrow and work a shift at the Crashdown.

But Liz still smiled, because when she woke up, she would be with Max. It had taken some persuasion, but Max was going to sleep in her bed with her. Just sleep though… Liz wasn’t quite ready for IT yet. Then again, a naked Max in between her sheets- STOP! Liz screamed at herself. Sex was not a place in her mind that she should be going. Breathe, Parker, breathe.

Sex. Love making. Screwing. None of those words mattered when it came to Kivar. That evil, scheming a-hole. At first Liz was horror-struck by the idea of Kivar coming for her, but now she was just pissed off. How dare that horny jerk think he could take her like a ravage beast (or space beast, as Maria named him) and impregnate her! Love making and producing a child was supposed to be a magical and special event in a woman’s life, not a forced, soul-destroying occasion. If anyone were to take her virginity it would be her soul mate, her lover, her King.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Max asked, grinning back at Liz’s own smile. He found comfort in Liz’s contentment.

“A penny? That’s it?” Liz said teasingly. “Geez, Max, I thought my thoughts were worth more than that.” Max came through the window and sat down next to Liz.

“All right, all right, a kiss for your thoughts?” Max grinned. He laid a soft kiss on Liz’s lips.

“Well, since you already paid me,” Liz replied, smiling. She sighed and leaned back in her chair. “I was just thinking about today and everything that happened.”

“And what about it?” Max questioned.

“Just how like, a month ago we were trying to just move on with our daily life, and now we have this whole destiny to fulfill. We have this past life we knew nothing about and now we’re supposed to clobber this evil, powerful alien. And it’s not just you guys. It’s all of us now.” Liz put her hand into Max’s, seeking comfort.

“That’s just it, baby, it’s not just Isabel, Michael and me. It’s all us. A group. No one is alone in this, and we’ll never be alone in this again. Even if we have to defend a whole planet and its race against another alien, we’ll always have each other. And that’s what makes us strong. Not powers.” Max glanced into Liz’s eyes, looking to see if she agreed. Liz nodded her head.

“Thank you,” Liz replied. “I needed that attitude boost.” Max just smiled and nodded at her. “And you’re right, Max. All we need is each other. And I need you especially. I love you, Max, and I know that if we’re together, we can do anything we want.” Liz paused. “And if we happen to wake tomorrow, and everything is a big, horrible mess, we’ll still have each other.”

“We’ll always have each other,” Max responded softly. He stood up and took her hand. He pulled her up too, and closed his arms around her. Liz’s light breath played against Max’s chest, easing Max’s heart. She was right. If tomorrow was worse than today, they would still have each other. Always.

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