FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 5
by Susan
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Summary: The FBI doctors decide they want more.
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The next morning the group was served breakfast along with the tonic for the alien four. Max once again was able to manipulate his tonic so it had no affect on him at all. Liz watched as he drank it worried about the drugs affect on him. He saw her worried expression and winked at her quickly letting her know he was fine.

The doctor came into the living area to discuss the breeding experiment with the young adults soon after the breakfast and tonic had been finished. "Good morning. I hope everyone got a good night's rest." As he said this he looked directly at Kyle as if to say you didn't need to stay up all night on guard watch.

"Just peachy." Was Isabelle's reply.

Max could tell his sister and the others were getting tired of being locked away against their wills. Even though they weren't being treated badly. It was just the idea of them not being able to come and go on their own terms was getting to everyone. "Look doc, we all talked last night and have agreed to start giving blood to be stored when the time comes. We even understand why you brought us here the way we were brought here. But, I think it's time you let us out of here. We mean no one harm. I think you know that by now so what do you say?"

"Max I'm not keeping you all here for the reasons you think. I'm trying to protect you. All of you." As he said this last point he turned his direction to where Liz was seated. "I don't believe any of you know what kind of dangers is out there looking for you right now."

"Danger? What kind of danger are you referring to?" Michael asked, suddenly concerned for Maria's safety.

"Well, the FBI for one Michael. You know I was part of the special unit. They don't except your importance in all of this yet. They see you four just as big a threat to our planet as the other alien race. Max, you have experienced that fear first hand and I for one wouldn't want a repeat of that experience, what about you?"

Max and Michael exchanged a look the doctor didn't quite understand. The doctor still doesn't know Nasedo was now in charge of the FBI special unit posing as Pierce. "You mentioned dangers as in plural, what's the other danger."

"The other alien race of course. Their main objective is to kill the four of you and then take over this planet when that first objective has been met."

"Well, they haven't found us all this time and you said yourself they don't know who we are so I don't understand the danger there." Tess said still not understanding why they couldn't get out of here. Besides she knew Max was now spending his nights with Liz and she didn't want to accept them together just yet. If they went back home those two wouldn't have the pleasure of each other's company all night at least.

"There was a transmission that had been intercepted a several weeks back. This signal came from the out skirts of Roswell and we feel it served as a homing mechanism of some kind. A beacon of sorts notifying your location to the other alien race. That is why we knew we needed to bring you here without suspicion so they would be unable to locate your presence and fulfill their mission to kill you."

"The orbs!" Michael said out loud without intending to.

"The communication orbs? You were able to make them work?" The doctor questioned.

Max threw Michael a thanks a lot look and then turned his attention back to the doctor. "Yes, we did use them, but only got what seemed to be a recorded message. It wasn't like we were able to actually speak with any one from our planet personally."

"You say it was a recorded message. What exactly did it say?" Everyone was silent waiting to see if Max would be willing to trust the doctor enough to inform him of what was revealed to the pod squad and Liz in the cave. The doctor seemed to pick up quickly Max was the one in charge of this group and made a mental note to himself to continue to address Max in this and future matters. "Max, it's important you trust me and tell me if any thing was said regarding the other race of aliens. I hope you realize by now we are working together here."

Max considered the doctors words and after a few moments of consideration he told the doctor what his true mother had informed them about the evil within alien race. He left out the part of Isabelle being betrothed to Michael and of Tess being his young bride. He didn't want the doctor to get any ideas of forcing him to be with Tess.

"Well, that explains the homing beacons that could be traced back to Roswell. It also confirms what I have believed for a while now." The doctor stated. "I'm glad you have all agreed to give your blood. Max, I would like to start with you." He then turned his attention to Liz. "I would also like to run some screening tests on you Ms Parker if that would be all right?"

Max couldn't help his protective concerns when it came to Liz and immediately went to stand by Liz. "What kind of screening tests do you need with Liz?" He inquired.

"Max, Ms Parker I think you both know the answer to that question, but if it would put you both at ease Max you may be present during the tests to confirm she is treated with the utmost care."

Max turned his attention to Liz as if to ask her permission. He refused to assume anything at this point. If she agreed he would be with her just in case, but if she didn't want them to do any tests to her he would make sure none were performed on her. Either way he would protect her. Liz could read Max like a book and knew exactly what he was thinking without him even having to say the words. "I would prefer Max to be there." Was all she said but those few words spoke volumes to the entire group. At that moment they all knew she had just agreed to the breeding experiment and try to see if she could become pregnant with Max's child.

Max instinctually wrapped his arm around her shoulder. The doctor could see the unspoken communication that had transpired between the two of them. He then nodded his agreement to them and motioned them to be escorted out of the living area, down a corridor and into what seemed like a large doctors examination room. "Ms Parker, before we go any further I would just like to thank you personally for at least considering this."

"You may call me Liz. And doc just so you understand, Max and I haven't actually agreed to anything yet. I just think we should all know if what you asked of us is capable or not and that is why I have agreed to these test."

"I understand. Now if you don't mind, there is an examination gown on the other side of the dressing screen. I will give you a few minutes to change and then we will begin okay."

Max then felt a little uncomfortable and asked Liz if she would like him to wait outside with the doctor while she changed. "No, it's okay Max. I would prefer if you would stay with me." Max only nodded understanding she didn't want to be left alone. The doctor then left the two of them alone. Liz went behind the dressing screen and begun to change into the gown that had been put out for her. Max turned away giving Liz as much privacy as he could while she changed.

When she finished changing she approached Max. The examination gown left little to the imagination and Max couldn't help his body's automatic reaction to her. "Liz, you don't have to do this?"

"Max, I want to know just as much as you do. You can't tell me you haven't wondered if what we're trying to find out is even possible before. We have an opportunity to find out an answer here that we both want to know. So yes, I do have to do this."

"I want to know if they do anything to you that you aren't comfortable with immediately. Promise me now you won't let things go to far just to help me find an answer to a question that we shouldn't even be thinking about at our age."

"I promise, besides you'll know if something isn't right before I would need to tell you." Max could only nod understanding what she was saying. Their connection certainly came in handy sometimes.

The doctor came back in and began his test. He first asked a series of background medical questions. Regarding Liz and her families medical history. Prior to every test the doctor performed he explained exactly what he was going to do and why he was doing it. First he drew blood, then took x-rays of Liz's lower anatomy. Then he explained he would need to do a pelvic exam which Liz had previous experience and knew what would be happening during the examination. Max, of course, didn't. When the doctor explained the exam to Max he wasn't sure if she would want him to be in the room with her or not. He felt very uncomfortable but knew he had to be there for Liz. During the examination he felt his jaw tighten. It wasn't that the doctor was hurting Liz, but he didn't want anyone seeing Liz where he felt should be for his eyes only let alone touch her there.

The doctor noticed Max getting tense and tried to explain every thing that he was doing as he was doing it and took great care to be as gentle with Liz as possible. There was no doubt in the doctor's mind how important she was to him and he would no doubt kill any one without hesitation if they harmed her in any way. Tonic or no tonic.

As soon as he finished with his initial tests with Liz he excused himself to allow her to redress. When he came back in he thanked Liz once again and then turned his attention to Max. "Max, I have most of the information I need from you except I will need a sample of your sperm." He handed Max a cup and motioned to the bathroom in the examination room.

As he said this Liz couldn't help but blush. Max embarrassed took the cup. He knew he would have to do this, especially after watching all the doctor had just done to Liz he wouldn't even consider not doing his part. Liz was right he did want to know the answer to this question. Once again the doctor excused himself from the room. When the doctor left Max proceeded to go into the bathroom. As he started to shut the door he heard Liz's voice. "Max..please." He understood she didn't want him to leave her alone. They were in this together. He was there during her examination it would only be right if she were there with him during his. So he nodded to her and left the door open slightly. Liz turned her head to give him the privacy he had given her during her examination.

In a matter of minutes Max was by her side again. With Liz right there in the room where he could see her it didn't take any time at all to perform the act necessary to achieve the sample the doctor needed. She turned to him and gave him a questioning look. "I was inspired." Was all he said giving her a quick smile which she returned easily.

Back in the living area:

"Can you believe that. Liz just practically said she would have Max's baby." Tess was fuming and couldn't hold back her anger any longer. "I mean she knows Max belongs to me. I can't believe this is happening. How could Max even consider having a baby with a human? I'm his wife for God sake."

Michael, Isabelle and Kyle just sat there and let her ramble on. Michael and Isabelle were actually pleased that Max had chosen Liz over Tess. Even though she was one of them she made it very difficult to like her. They were even more impressed with Liz though and her willingness once again to help them in any way she could. Kyle who was also happy for Max and Liz couldn't help but feel like he was being stabbed with a knife with every single sentenced that came out of Tess's mouth regarding Max or Liz. He thought he and Tess had started something, but the way she went on about Max was getting a little too much to ignore any more. In a way he felt sorry for her, because he knew first hand there was nothing that she would be able to do to get Max away from Liz.

Tess's whining went on and on about how Max was her destiny. How they were literally made for each other. The blood would never be right if Max and Liz did have a baby together. Liz probably wouldn't be able to carry Max's baby since she was only human. Her ranting seemed to never end, in fact they actually didn't until Max and Liz were escorted back to the living area. As soon as they walked into the room Tess couldn't help but walk quickly up to the two of them. She yelled out "YOU BITCH!" And attempted to slap Liz across the face, but with Max standing right next to Liz and his protection instincts of her still in high gear, his reflex was quick. He grabbed Tess's wrist before she was able to follow through with the slap and with hardly any effort pushed her back away from the two of them causing Tess to land on her ass on the floor in front of them.

Tess was in shock from everything that was happening. And when Max shoved her away she snapped. She buried her face in her hands as she quickly began to cry. She stood up and ran to her bedroom in tears slamming the door behind her. Max was immediately sorry for pushing her, but he would not allow anyone to harm Liz in any way. Especially not Tess. Liz had been hurt enough because of Tess, but he didn't like to make anyone cry. Not even Tess.

The doctor was in the room and had observed what had just happened. Now he was more sure then ever that he was grateful he had taken special care to not harm Liz. His suspicions had just been confirmed that Max would protect Liz with his life if necessary.

It was Isabelle who finally broke the silence. "Thank God you got her to finally shut up."

"Isabelle, please I made her cry."

"Maxwell, you don't understand. She has been ranting and rambling on since you guys left. We couldn't even get in two words to tell her to shut up." Michael said in a joking manner but meant every word he said.

"Someone should go talk to her. She's just scared and confused right now." Liz stated quietly. Which of course made Max love her all over again? Here Tess had just about attacked her and she was concerned for Tess's well being.

"Let's give her a few minutes to herself. Then I guess I should go talk to her." Max said not really wanting to, but felt obligated to.

"No, Max, I think it would be better if I did that." Kyle confessed knowing Max was probably the last person Tess would want to talk to right now. Also, knowing Max probably didn't really want to talk to Tess any more then she would want to talk to him.

Liz understood Kyle's motives and couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. She knew he was beginning to have feelings for Tess before and even after all this destiny stuff had occurred. "I think that would be a good idea Kyle." She concurred and Max nodded in agreement.

The doctor turned his attention back to Liz. He handed her a small box and reminded her to do as they had discussed earlier. He soon excused himself to let them discuss their personal matters amongst themselves. As soon as he left Michael couldn't contain himself any longer. "So? Could you see a way out when you left here?"

"No, I'm pretty sure we are underground somewhere. I didn't see any windows at all." Max replied.

"Well, how did the test go? Liz are you okay?" Isabelle asked. All during Tess's ranting she had been truly scared for Liz and what they were doing to her and for Max.

"Everything went okay. I guess we won't know any of the results until the technicians complete their tests." Liz answered.

"So are you guys seriously considering doing this, I mean have a baby and all? Michael questioned.

"Michael, we haven't decided anything yet. It's just.." Max started, but Liz finished for him.

"Haven't you wondered if it was possible to have children Michael?" Then she turned to Isabelle. "I know you have had to think about it Isabelle. Well, we saw the opportunity to find out if it was a possibility and Max and I decided it was time to know one way or another."

Isabelle instinctually went up to Liz and hugged her. Tears were forming in her eyes she whispered in her ear. "Thank you for everything. For being our friend. For wanting to help us, but most of all for loving my brother unconditionally."

Liz whispered back. "Loving him is easier then breathing." She then hugged Isabelle back.

Seeing his sister and Liz becoming so close made Max's heart soar with happiness. "I got to hand it to you Maxwell, you had us all believing that you guys were actually considering having a kid now." Michael stated.

Isabelle pulled away from her embrace with Liz and inquired what the doctor had given her in the box. "Well, it's a thermometer and a daily chart." Liz replied not sure if they would want a further explanation or not.

Michael did not disappoint her. "What's that for?"

"It's to determine when she is ovulating or not." Max answered with a bit of pride that he now understood a lot more about the female anatomy then he ever thought possible.

With that explanation Liz decided she wanted to take a nap after everything she had been through that day. She asked Max if he wanted to join her. Grateful to get away from Isabelle and Michael's questioning glance, he accepted her offer and followed her into their bedroom. Isabelle just looked at Michael for a moment and then stated. "You're wrong you know. They ARE considering having a baby. They just haven't admitted it yet. I don't even think they have admitted to themselves yet."

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