FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Arrival"
Part 7
by Giselle
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Summary: A new girl in town turns out to be an alien that could provide more answer's the the other's questions.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Liz and Maria were walking through the field, "I think it's this way," Liz said as they walked deeper and deeper into the field. Max, Isabel, Jenna, and Michael walked farther into the field. "It's this way" Max told them leading them to the cave. The four finally found in and walked inside the dark cold cave. "It's too dark in here" Isabel complained. Michael closed his eyes, then opening them, his pupils glowed like a flashlight and brought light to the cave.

"Thanks" said Max. They walked deeper into the cave, as Jenna became a bit scared. Max held her hand and she squeezed it tightly as the walked deeper and deeper into the cave.

Maria and Liz could see the light glowing from the cave. "They're in there" Liz said. "Uh-oh, I'm not going in there." Maria said as she stopped and shook her head. "Come on, Maria." Liz pleaded. "Liz, you don't know what's in there."

"Yes, I do. Max and the others. I've been here before, it's perfectly safe." She pulled Maria inside the cave.

Max and the others stood in front of a cave wall with blue writings on it.

"Here it is" Max said. Jenna walked up to the wall and touched the writings. Suddenly she felt a gush of pain rise through her body, she saw a man, in the dark, writing on the wall, in the same place she was. He wore the same necklace Isabel had. She removed her hand from the wall and fell back from the pain's disappearance. Max caught her before she could hit the floor. "Are you O.K.?" he asked. "What did you see?" Michael asked as Max lifted Jenna to her feet. "I saw him." She replied. "He was wearing the necklace."

Just then, they heard a noise coming from the direction in which they came.

"Stay back." Max told the girls as he and Michael started to walk slowly towards the noise. They pressed their backs against the wall of the cave as they saw two shadows approaching. "On the count of three." Max whispered to Michael. "1,2," he whispered as the shadows came closer. "3"

The two boys leaped out onto the two intruders and fell to the floor with their victims breaking their fall.

Isabel turned her pupils to lights and looked in the direction of all the action. There lied Michael above Maria and Max above Liz. Max looked at Maria and then at Liz, which he was lying on. "Liz!" he said shocked. He got up and pulled Liz up from the floor. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "Could you, like, get off me?" Maria said to Michael as he still lied on her. "Actually, I'm quite comfortable. How about you?" he said sarcastically. Maria pushed him off and got up. "We thought you guys were in trouble, so we came-" Liz was cut off by Isabel, her eyes still glowing. "Help. We know." She said. Maria looked at Isabel and gasped. "Ever heard of matches?" Maria asked as she pulled some out of her purse. "What are you guys doing here? What's going on?" Liz asked.

Max looked at Jenna, then at Liz. "Jenna's one of us. She can translate the writings. That's why we came." Michael told her. Maria lit up a match and held it in her fingers. Jenna walked up to Maria and blew on the match, blowing it out, causing everything to get dark.

Suddenly, a small ball of fire rose from nowhere and followed Jenna wherever she walked, lighting up the cave. "Cool" said Liz. They all walked over to the scripture on the wall. Jenna walked up close to it again and began to read. Her features turned from horror to disbelief to sadness. "What does it say?" asked Maria. "It's like a journal entry. More like a letter." she said. "A letter? A letter to who?" Isabel asked.

"To us." Jenna answered. She began to read what it said. "Many, many years ago, our home planet was dying from the decrease of natural resources." Jenna continued, still looking at the writings. "A group of four different families was sent to search for another home to relocate to. Each family consisted of one child and a set of parents. While on the mission, the ship had a malfunction, sending the family far off into the galaxy. A rescue mission was sent to search and retrieve the famalies. They were found, and on their way home, the ships frequencies were entangled with earth's satellite frequencies, causing the ship to crash on earth. The only survivors from the crash were the four children resting in their incubation pods and myself, the pilot. I set the pods to open in the earth year 1989. I hid the pods and escaped before any humans could find me. I came to live here in this reservation, waiting for the day when I would find all of you and tell you everything. But, I am afraid that they have found me. I must leave before it's too late. I will find you, someday."

Jenna turned around and faced the others. Max held Isabel as they both closed their eyes and hugged each other. Jenna lowered her head and then started heading out of the cave. She walked out into the field of grass and began to cry. "Jenna?" she heard Max say. Jenna turned around and saw Max standing behind her. "Go away, please." She told Max. Max walked up to her and hugged her. "It's O.K. Everything is going to be fine." He assured her. "No, it's not." She said as she broke away from his grip. "Don't you understand? We're stranded here. We have no family left, we don't know how to get home." She said. "We have each other. We're your family now." Max said. " I shouldn't have come. This is all happening to fast. I knew I wasn't ready. I can't handle this." She said. "I'll help you get through it. We all will." He said as he held her from behind, his arms around her chest holding her wrists. "It'll be okay." He said.

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