FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Arrival"
Part 3
by Giselle
Disclaimer: The characters of the show Roswell belong to the writers and producers of the show, as well as the WB, and not to me. I am in no way involved with the show, actors, writers, producers, network, or charcters.
Summary: A new girl in town turns out to be an alien that could provide more answer's the the other's questions.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
It was the last class of the day. Max sat impatiently at his desk watching the clock. He needed to find Isabel to inform her of what was going on with Jenna. Liz sat next to Max working on an assignment. She stopped to catch a glimpse of Max, still watching the clock. She leaned over and whispered shyly, trying to make conversation "Don't you just hate study hall? It's always so quiet."

"That's because everyone's studying." He said with a smile. "Oh, right." She said embarrassed as she chuckled nervously. "So, um… That new girl, Jenna? She seems really….nice." Liz said slowly, waiting for some kind of reaction. "Yea." He said casually. "She seems very friendly too, you know, especially…with you" Liz said starring deep into his eyes. Max looked up at her and smiled as he said "She's just a friend, Liz. Nothing more." He assured her. "So, you're not interested in her?" she asked hopefully. "Yes," he said she her facial expression turned to disappointment. "But not in the way that you're thinking." he said. She looked at him and smiled, relived.

Michael stood outside a classroom door, in an empty indoor hallway. The release bell rang, students began to pour out of their classes and fill the hallway, all exiting to the front of the school. Michael stood by the classroom door waiting to Jenna to come out along with her other classmates, who were leaving. The hallway became less crowded as all the students left for home, until finally, it was empty. The classroom door swung open beside Michael, and out walked Jenna, shoving a folder in her bag, not noticing Michael. "Hi" Michael said loudly, startling her. "Hi" she said nervously as she threw her bag around her shoulder. She began to walk down the hallway as he followed her, keeping up with her pace. "Where were you in lunch today? Isabel was looking for you." He said suspiciously. "I had some business to take care of" she said as she began to walk faster.

"Like breaking into Isabel's locker?" he asked, making sure he was keeping up with her pace. "I don't know what you're talking about." she said coldly. "Then why are you walking so fast?" he asked. Jenna looked around for an exit to find, she saw a bathroom door and started heading for it. But Michael cut her off before she could open it. He stood close to her, looking her deep in the eyes.

"Let me pass" she demanded in a frightened tone of voice. He slowly moved to the side, still watching her. She quickly entered the bathroom. Jenna paced around in a panic. "What am I gonna do?" she asked herself, scared. She looked up and saw a window leading to the student parking lot.

Michael's patience was wearing thin, and he started to become irritated and angry as well. He walked in the bathroom, looking in each stall till he discovered the open window. Jenna was running through the parking lot, looking behind her to make Michael was long gone.

She started to look for her keys to her car in her bag as she continued to run. Just then, she collided with a tall, strong figure. When she looked up, there stood Max. "Are you O.K.?" he asked as he held out his hand to help her up. "Fine" she said as he pulled her up.

Michael came running around the corner, he saw Max and Jenna standing across from each other. "Don't let her get away!" he yelled as he began to run faster.

Max looked at Michael then at Jenna. She looked at Max and then took off past him. Max ran after her, catching up, he grabbed her arm and pulled her backwards, turning her in his direction. He grabbed her other arm and pulled her up to his chest as she yelled "Let me go!"

She looked into his eyes, scared. His starred deep into her eyes, filled with fear, he then loosened his grip. She ran away from him heading for her car.

"What are you doing?!" Michael yelled as he ran up to Max and then ran past him still going after her. Jenna was almost to her car, she looked behind her as she saw Michael close behind her. She finally got to her silver Honda Civic and started to go through her keys. Michael ran up to her and put his hand over her mouth and his arm around her waist, pulling her back away from the car. She tried to scream, but only a muffled attempt could be heard. Michael then put his two fingers against the side of her neck. Jenna closed her eyes and fell to the floor, unconscious. Michael took her keys and opened the door to her car. He picked Jenna up and placed her in the passenger side of her car. He then jumped in the driver's side and took off as Max came running up. "Michael! Come back!" he yelled as he watched them take off.

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