FanFic -
Part 1
by Starkiller
Disclaimer: I don't own or have copyright to the characters in this story, I just like to write about them, and have no intention of making money off of this.
Summary: Kyle goes on the trip of a lifetime.
Category: Kyle Valenti
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: If you enjoy the sci-fi element, this is worth a read.
Kyle Valenti stepped into the men's locker room, exhausted from the previous basketball game. The Roswell Comets just won their third game in a row, so they were allowed to call it a "winning streak." As far as things went though, West Roswell High and its sports teams never amounted to much. Kyle noticed the time, and realized he had to get home to make some dinner for his dad, it was Sheriff Valenti's birthday, and Kyle always liked to do SOMETHING nice for his dad, especially after his mom left them both.

"Dad'll appreciate a T-Bone I think." Kyle said to himself with a crooked smile on his face.

Kyle left the men's locker room, when he noticed Max Evans grabbing Liz Parker and pulling her into the band room. Kyle couldn't help but have flashbacks of the first day he'd seen them acting weird in the band room. They said they were there to "study Biology." He believed them then, but now he realized it was probably not the truth. Kyle couldn't help but sneak a peek into the band room. Within he saw Michael Guerin, Isabel Evans, Max Evans, and Liz Parker, all talking rather frustratingly to each other. The conversation seemed to be about a weird football shaped orb Michael was holding.

"I still can't believe you brought it to school Michael." Max said with frustration.

Michael was doing his best to defend himself against the 2-"man" onslaught he was getting from Isabel and Max over the orb he had brought to school. Max and Liz found it a while back, and ever since then, Michael had been intent on finding out what the thing meant or "did" for that matter. Max had tried the "reinforcements" tactic by bringing in Liz to help scold Michael, but she was more diplomatic about the whole thing.

"So Michael, why DID you bring it here?" Liz asked.

"Well," Michael explained, "I had to find out how it reacted in a public place. It always seemed to glow when Liz or Alex got near it, so I had to give it a test, and this was the best way I could think of."

"What did you find out?" Isabel asked, who suddenly seemed over her anger.

"It's a power source of some kind." Michael proclaimed, and then continued. "But it has to be recharged, and it gets its energy from other life sources."

"What do you mean 'other'?" Max inquired.

"Well, as far as I can tell, it can't draw any energy from us, only other life sources aside from us. Plants, animals, humans, it gains power just being around them. Humans seem to be the most powerful energy sources though." Michael explained proudly.

"How did you know all this, what does this mean." Liz asked with an almost worried look.

"I can just feel it." Michael explains. "Max, Isabel, I think it's the power source for the ship."

Michael revealed the orb from under the heavy cloth he had wrapped it in. It immediately began glowing very brightly, so bright they all had a hard time looking at it.

"No wonder someone from the ship buried it." Michael said pointedly. "If this got into the wrong hands...."

"That's exactly the point Michael!" Max said angrily. "You shouldn't have brought it to school at all."

"Look Max, if it weren't for me we wouldn't know about Nasedo, or the symbol, or anything at all about our past. There's always going to be risk involved Maxwell, and I'm not going to just sit around and wait for something to just fall into our laps." Michael said as he wrapped up the orb and stormed out of the band room.

Kyle sees Michael coming and turns back into the hall, trying to look as innocent as possible. Kyle couldn't believe what he had just seen. He hadn't heard anything Max, Michael, Isabel, or Liz were saying, but when he saw Michael unwrap that orb....he'd never seen anything like it. There really was something weird going on with these people.

Michael left West Roswell High in a hurry and headed for his new apartment.

"I'll just go home and cool down." Michael said to himself. "And figure out what we're going to do with this thing."

Kyle watched Michael leave with the orb and decided to follow him home. He did his best to follow Michael inconspicuously, and had to run for cover a few times. When Kyle finally got to Michael's home, and Michael walked into his house, Kyle realized that he was REALLY exhausted now. Michael was in damn good shape, and ran all the way home. Kyle couldn't help but wonder why the guy never tried out for any sports. Michael could then be seen through a tiny window on the side of his small home. He was placing the covered orb in a cookie jar, which he then placed in a small cabinet below his kitchen sink. Kyle watched this intently and knew what he had to do.

Jim Valenti walked into his home after a long day of work. It was about 5:00 P.M. and he was ready to eat and relax. When he got into his room to change into some more comfortable clothes, he realized Kyle wasn't around. Normally, he wouldn't worry, but Kyle always seemed to have a thing about his birthday. Kyle would always throw away any other plans he had to spend the day with his "dear old Dad." Jim figured it must've had something to do with the importance his ex-wife always put on everyone's birthday. Now all she would do was send a card to each of them for their birthdays, if that. Kyle wanted to keep it going though, and Jim figured it was Kyle's best way to make it feel like his mother was still a part of the family in some way. Jim realized he would have to make some calls, 'cause he had a feeling something weird was going on, as had been for quite a few months.

"Finally." Kyle said out loud, and completely by accident.

Kyle had waited several hours for Michael to leave his house, and was getting quite impatient.

"At least he didn't take the 'thing' with him." Kyle thought to himself.

Kyle watched Michael run off, and decided he would try to get in from a window in the back of the home. It wasn't really in plain sight, so it was a safer place to sneak in. Kyle pulled the window open, glad it wasn't locked, and slid into the small apartment Michael Guerin called home. He immediately headed for the cabinet Michael hid the jar in, and pulled the jar out of the cabinet.

"Well I guess this is it." Kyle said aloud as he pulled out the cloth-wrapped orb and began unwrapping.

As he unwrapped it, he could see and "feel" its glowing energy. Kyle unwrapped it completely, and holding it cupped in both his hands, he felt dizzy, and he had a hard time looking directly at the glowing orb. Kyle could pick out a design on the top of it, swirling, like a tornado. He pulled his right hand from under the orb and touched the design, tracing the outer lines of the "tornado." He then placed his index finger on the small "eye" of the "tornado." He could feel the energy of the orb flowing into him, and all at once, he was struck by a force that knocked him into Michael's couch. Kyle lay there in a near unconscious state, clutching the orb, as the orb began to flash images into his mind.

Kyle felt as if he was being flung through time and space, seeing images that made no sense to him, a red star, the earth, soldiers from the US Army, a communication tower, a military base hangar. Kyle felt lost and confused. He somehow knew if he focused, the orb would give him information he would understand, so he began to think of Liz and Max. He was immediately transported to the Crashdown Cafe. It was no longer a flash of images, he could move around, but it seemed like noone else could see him. It reminded Kyle of the story of Scrooge, and what he went through with the three spirits of Christmas. Kyle noticed a fight break out in a booth near the Cafe's entrance. One of the men pulled a gun, and everyone in the Crashdown ducked, including himself, which he did out of instinct. He heard a shot ring out, and watched the two men leave the Crashdown in a big hurry. Kyle looked around to assess the damage when he saw Liz Parker lying on the floor. He immediately realized that she must've been hit by the stray bullet, and rushed over to her as fast as he could. He tried to touch Liz, but he couldn't, it was like he was a ghost. Suddenly he saw Max Evans rush over to her. Max opened Liz's dress, revealing the blood that was quickly draining out of the wound in Liz's stomach. Kyle felt nauseous, and as he watched, Max had what Kyle figured was the same nauseous look. Max suddenly placed his hand on Liz's stomach. Kyle thought Max was trying to stop the blood flow, but as he watched, Max seemed to be attempting a strange ritual. Kyle could feel a strange energy, much like the orb had given him when he first touched it. Max seemed to have some kind of strange power, and as he lifted his hand from Liz's stomach, the wound had disappeared, leaving only a little blotch of blood behind. It took Kyle a few seconds to take in what he had just saw when he realized Max was on the move. Max broke a bottle of ketchup, spilled it on Liz's stomach, and pleaded with her to pretend she had spilled it herself. Max then left the Crashdown with none other than his dubious friend Michael Guerin, and in a hurry. Kyle took his jaw off the floor long enough to have a sudden realization. This was the day all the weird things with Liz began. Liz really was shot, and Max didn't console her, he saved her life. Kyle felt slightly jealous.

"No wonder she chose him. He's Clark Kent, she's Lois." Kyle said to himself with a grin.

Kyle resurveyed the Crashdown. Liz seemed perfectly fine, Maria looked worried, and a couple of tourists looked extremely anxious. The tourists didn't seem too convinced with the ketchup story Liz was feeding them and anyone else who asked if she was okay. Suddenly, as if a bomb had dropped, Kyle fully realized what had just happened and immediately spoke out loud.

"Who or WHAT is Max Evans!?"

Kyle was suddenly flung from the Crashdown Cafe, once again feeling as if he was traveling through time and space. He found himself in the band room of West Roswell High. He felt a little deja vu, and realized why when he saw HIMSELF leaving the band room, being convinced that Max and Liz were there to "study Biology." Kyle watched as Liz and Max conversed, and Liz revealed her stomach to show a glowing handprint.

"I KNEW IT!" Kyle shouted.

Kyle had seen that handprint before, it was during the first date they had went on after the shooting at the Crashdown. Kyle put his attention back on the conversation Liz and Max were having. Liz explained that she had done a test, and the test revealed that Max's cells weren't normal. Kyle was very intrigued. He kept listening as Max explained that there was no need to re-test, as she wanted to do, because she did indeed have the right cells. Liz looked very flustered and finally just right out asked Max if he was an "alien." Max made a joke, but admitted that he was indeed an alien. Kyle watched Liz attempt to storm out of the band room, obviously scared of the recent revelation, when Max stopped her, pleading with her not to tell anyone. Liz left the band room finally, and Max turned to sit in one of the many chairs in the room.

"Man, they are going to kill me if some government agent doesn't." Max said to himself.

Kyle heard this and it struck him like a pile of bricks.

Alright, whatever is going on here, I have just one question left, "Who are THEY?!?"

Kyle knew it was coming, but it was still quite a shock, as he was once again thrust from his surroundings, and placed at a Mexican restaurant that he had been to many times on road trips down 285 South. He noticed Max, Isabel, and Michael all sitting at a table, and immediately knew he had to listen in on their conversation. They seemed to be talking about the incident at the Crashdown Cafe, and Michael and Isabel(especially Isabel)seemed to be upset with him for what he had done. Michael and Isabel seemed even more upset as they realized that Max had already told Liz what he is. Michael stormed away from the table(Kyle was beginning to realize Michael liked to storm off)and Max and Isabel followed him to their jeep parked away from the restaurant. Michael mentioned something about their parents and the "ship." Kyle zoned into his own thoughts for a minute as he realized what this meant. Max, Michael, and Isabel were all aliens, and must've came in the crash in 1947. Kyle knew it was the truth, but he still had a hard time accepting it. His grandpa was right all along, and his dad seemed to be realizing it too.

"No wonder dad has been after Max so much." Kyle said aloud. "I guess it's in our blood to chase aliens."

Kyle pondered the events that had occured and decided he had better ask just ONE more question.

"Who else knows this??"

Kyle was brought to a dark cave in the middle of who-knows-where. He observed several familiar faces, and one he'd never seen before. Around the room were Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Liz Parker, Maria DeLuca, Alex Whitman, and an old indian man. Everyone had circled around the room, and they were holding strange stones. Kyle realized they were all circled around something. A very weird looking cocoon, looking as if Spiderman himself had wrapped someone up in his web. Kyle took a closer look and realized it was Michael Guerin, who must've been having an alien flu or something. Everyone in the room was chanting, even Liz, who had broken away from the circle. The stones everyone held began to glow, and Michael suddenly burst out of his cocoon. Kyle realized what question had brought him here.

"So," Kyle said to himself, "along with me now, this is everyone who knows this secret? But who's the old guy?"

Kyle once again felt himself flung from his surroundings, and felt his body slam into the floor of Michael's apartment. It almost felt as if he had an out-of-body experience and he had just returned to his body, with quite a force. Kyle was almost disappointed, as he half-expected to find out who that old guy was. Kyle looked at the orb, it was no longer glowing, and looked a dull gray. He figured he must've sapped its energy in that fiasco. In the back of his mind, Kyle couldn't help but keep thinking it could've all been a very strange hallucination, and that the orb never did glow.

"Maybe I should have my brain examined." Kyle thought to himself. "Yeah, that's a definite, 'cause I believe what I just saw HAD to be real, and only crazy people believe in aliens."

Kyle realized he had better get out of Michael's home, and in a hurry. Kyle had to make a tough decision, and opted to hold onto the orb, his curiousity was still peaked and he wanted to know more about what was going on. Kyle slipped out the window he had came in, closed it, and left Michael's new home a changed man.

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