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"Secrets Revealed"
Part 1
by MellissaRachel
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Summary: Cross over with Dawson's Creek.Joey is moving to Roswell, and her cousins Isabel and Max are worried about their secret
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Author's Notes: Written in different points of view. Rachel takes care of the Capeside Crew (Joey, Jen, Andie) while Mellissa deals with the Roswell gang (Liz, Isabel, Maria). Guys' POV may be written later. Not sure right now. Archivist's note: authors' email are: and
*Joey* (Capeside, Mass.)

"Dawson," I asked peeking into the window of Dawson's room. I sighed. I must have climbed up and down the ladder to get into his window at least two hundred million times. "Oh wow guys sorry." I said as I hopped into the room. Jack and Jen and Andie and Pacey had occupied Dawson's bed.

"Shh Drew Barrymore is about to be slaughtered." Jen said not taking her eyes off the television. They all looked like they were in a trance.

"Oh come on guys. Scream again? Don't you have anything else to do other then watch this ignominious piece of nonsense?" I asked pressing the "STOP" button on the VCR.

"Nonsense? You're just jealous because you aren't a bottle blonde like the talented Ms. Barrymore." Pacey smirked at me.

"Where's Dawson guys?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"Having sex in the closet again." Jack replied. Yeah Jack, you only wish you could join.

"Hey Jo, I invited everyone else on over also." Dawson said behind me in the hallway. He was holding a bunch of Coke's. I didn't want to tell everyone. I would have liked to have told Dawson, cried about it, went to school tomorrow and slightly hint that I was moving to Roswell, New Mexico.

I sighed and sat down on the bed next to Pacey. "Hey Joey what did you get on the Chemistry test today?" Andie asked turning around to face me from her spot on the floor.

"Who cares." I replied bitterly.

Andie's jaw dropped.

"Did Ms. Josephine actually say she didn't care about something that will cater to her educational well being?" Pacey asked nudging me wide eyed.

"I'm moving to Roswell guys." I replied closing my eyes.

*Isabel* (Roswell, NM)

"Max did you hear? Joey is moving to Roswell!" I yelled, walking into his room. Max looked up from his biology homework. Jesus, it was the last month of school, and he still cared about homework?

"Yeah, I overheard Mom and Dad talking about it," Max said, not looking up from his work. I rolled my eyes.

"Isn't this great? I absolutely love Joey. Ever since she became more interested in, well, guys, she's been so much fun!" I gushed. Max stood up with that "time for a big brother lecture" look on his face.

"Isabel, have you thought about the fact that Joey doesn't know about us? It's more dangerous now that three humans know. We'll have to figure out a way to act around her so that she don't realize that the FBI and the Sheriff are after us," Max warned.

"True, but if it gets too hard, we'll have to tell her. We won't have a choice," I said, absent-mindedly.


"What? We know Joey. Her life is anything but normal. True, not unbelievable like ours, but she's not like other humans. She's like Liz. She'll understand!" I said, standing up.

"Isabel, I think the six of us should get together and decide how we're going to deal with it," Max suggested.

"Ugh, the six of us always to discuss everything. We have to discuss dating each other, and people outside of the 'six of us.' I love Maria, Liz and Alex, but don't you think this is a decision for you, me and Michael?"

"Isabel, whether you like or not, they've risked everything for else. Their lives, their freedoms. As far as I'm concerned, we're all in this together," Max replied, passionately.

"Fine, fine. Let's not worry about it right now. After all it's until late next month right?" I said, smiling brightly.


Dawson dropped the cans of coke on the floor. Pacey stopped smirking. Jack just stared at me and Andie gawked. Jen was the only one who said something.

"What do you mean moving? You mean just visiting right?" Jen asked standing up and getting in my face.

I shook my head and looked down. "In about a month. We're moving near my cousins, the Evan's." I said.

"Roswell is half across the frickin United States," Dawson yelled. "Joey don't mess with me like that, don't do it." Dawson threatened.

I looked up at Dawson seeing him on the verge of tears and shook my head slightly. "Look on the bright side. When you guys come to visit it'll be warm." I said trying to make light of the mood a little bit.

"Hell no." Dawson said. The room was quiet and the only thing you could hear was the crickets outside.

"Yeah um, Bessie got some kind of job and she thinks we may open another Ice House or something and uhh wants to be closer to family. She thinks a change of scenery would do me good or something." I replied clearing my throat.

"No, Joey you can't go, I'm going to talk to Bessie." Dawson said about read to jump out the window.

"No, don't. It's done with. I have a month, you stay. I'm going to go home and uh start packing." I said grabbing Dawson by the arm and hopping out of the window. I got down to the bottom of the ladder when I burst out crying. In a fit of anger I took down the ladder and dragged it to the drive way in the front of the house, knowing that I wouldn't go up it anymore.


"Joey is that you?" Bessie called as I walked into the house.

"No." I replied walking briskly into my own room.

"Joey what is wrong with you? I thought you'd be excited about going to Roswell?" Bessie said looking at me like I was crazy for being miserable.

"Bessie! I have lived here my WHOLE LIFE! My whole life is here and everyone I love is here and everything I have ever known is here and I don't want to leave." I said about to let the tears flow again. But I wouldn't let her see me cry, nope.

"I know but it will be good for you to move somewhere else and start getting used to change. Change is something you'll be doing a lot with college coming soon and all." Bessie said sitting next to me on the bed. I hated having her there, she was the one poisoning my life.

"It's being uprooted, and I don't like it at all. I don't care how much change will be important." I said stubbornly.

"Listen, you love Isabel you said so yourself and it will be good having Max around and all of their friends. It will be good to be with FAMILY Joey, that's important to me." Bessie said lowly. I looked at her, it was always hardest on her with Dad in jail, but she never showed me. It's like we always hid out feelings.

"I know." I said quietly. I didn't like Isabel as much as I said I did, I liked Max much more. He was less compulsive.

"You have a whole month. Make the best of it, and it's time to move on Josephine. It's time." Bessie said with a weak smiling and walking out of the room.


"Ugh, I hate waitressing. Is it me, or are we always the only ones working?" Maria asked me as we tended the tables at my family's restaurant, The Crashdown Cafe. I rolled my eyes.

"Maria, you know that my dad let go of some of the help. He said I have a waitress in the family. I don't need to be paying outside help," I replied, grabbing the order for Table 3.

"Still. My feet are killing me. How much longer until ten?" she whined. I gave a quick look at my watch.

"Half hour. You can do it, Maria. I have faith," I told her. She groaned looking at something over my shoulder. I swiveled my head. Max, Michael, and Isabel had just walked in. They sat at the usual table. In Maria's section.

"They always sit in my section. I hate that guy. I hate him, I hate him," Maria muttered, as she grabbed her order pad.

"Are you kidding Maria? You know that's not true," I said, turning away, and heading for my section.

"You're such a know-it-all!" she called after me. I put the fries and burger on the table, and went back to Maria.

"Look, if it makes you happy, I'll go wait on them," I told her.

"Oh would you?" she pleaded. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, sure." I walked over, and took out my order pad and pen.

"Hey, guys. What do you want?" I asked smiling.

"Men In Black milkshake, Sigourney Weaver plate, and we need to meet with you guys after the restaurant closes," Max said, suddenly. I looked up.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"We've got some news. We already called Alex, so don't worry about him. Tell Maria," Max replied.

"Uh, yeah sure. Um, is that it?" I asked.

"Nope," said Michael. "I want. . ."

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