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"Where There's Fire"
Part 2
by Aesop
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Summary: This is a follow-up to 'Six Of One...' The Roswell teens face a challenge from a different group of aliens.
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Rating: PG-13
"It's right here." Spike pointed to the book. "The Vigaries of Oden-Tahl."

"What are they doing here?" Liz sat back on the couch, feeling tired just thinking about what she might be doing later that night. They had gathered at Max's house, as his parents already knew her secret. This kind of meeting would have raised questions at the Crash Down, and Liz did not want her parents to know about her new profession.

"Well, I have a guess or two, but we have to find 'em first."

"Is that safe?" Max sat forward, looking worried.

"Well, according to the books they're fierce fighters, but they aren't violent by nature like some. We watch for a bit, an' if necessary, kick the crap out of 'em."

"You said you had an idea about why they were here," Isabel reminded him. "What is it?"

"Well, yeah, according to the books the women live as slaves to the men. It's only the women that have the fire touch. I can't be sure until we know what the body was, but it could have been a slaver trying to track down escaped women." Diane Evans chose that moment to enter the living room to ask if anyone wanted food or a drink.

"Can you be sure the body wasn't human?" Max asked. "Given how badly it was burned I'd think the smell would be hard to distinguish." Diane stopped in her tracks and reversed course, having lost her own appetite.

"I'm sure," Spike nodded.

"We need to find these women."

"How?" Spike wanted to know. "Don't put too much faith in my nose. I'm not a bleedin' bloodhound."

"We have other ways," Liz assured him. "Normal means of investigation. We're looking at new arrivals in town."

"Let's find them then," Max said, "before they start killing humans."


Liz watched the last few customers leftover from the lunch crowd. They were lingering over their meals in a manner that usually annoyed Maria. After a busy shift she usually looked forward to the break that came between lunch and dinner.

That was why when Liz heard the frustrated moan, she knew that more customers had come in and were probably settling at one of Maria's tables. Liz hid a smile and came up beside her friend.

"Take a break."

"No," Maria protested, "you must be a lot more tired than I am, considering that workout last night. Looked like you picked up some bruises."

"A few, but nothing that didn't mend before I finished walking home." Maria looked incredulous. "Really. I'm fine. There are some advantages to being a Slayer I guess." Maria shook her head wonderingly.

"I think this is a topic I'd like to avoid." She regretted it instantly when a hurt look flashed across Liz' face. "Sorry. It's just thatů"

"I know. Take a break. I'll get them." 'Them' turned out to be three women. Liz collected some menus and walked over to the table and passed out the menus. "Hi. Welcome to the CrashDown. I'm Liz."

"Hello," the woman who seemed to be in charge said. "We would like some food, and some ice water to drink."

"Okay. I'll get your water. Why don't you look over the menu while I do that?" All of them looked at the colorful menus in puzzlement as Liz fetched their water. When she returned she realized that something was wrong. The women weren't actually reading the menus; they were looking at them but not actually lingering anywhere long enough to pick up words. One was holding her menu upside down.

"Everything sounds delicious," the spokeswoman said. "What would you recommend?" Liz pointed out a couple of possibilities, and the three agreed to have the same thing, a large salad. Liz returned to the kitchen to place the orders.


"Yeah Liz?" The blonde picked herself up from the chair she had been lounging in.

"When those three women leave, do you think you could follow them for me? See where they go?"

"I guess so," she said, confused. "I've done it before. What's the problem?" Liz nodded through the pickup window to the women who were talking quietly.

"See anything unusual about them?" Maria looked briefly and then turned away, guessing that Liz didn't want attention drawn to them.

"They're wearing way too much makeup. You had another reason?"

"I don't think they can read, at least not English, but they tried to hide it."

"So what are you thinking?"

"Not sure, but I want to know more about them. Can you follow them? Please?"

"Okay, and don't worry. They won't even know I'm there."


Sedar opened the door of the small house they had rented. It was a tight fit, but they managed. There was so much adjusting to do. As yet, she was the only one who could read and write the human language with anything resembling fluency. Teaching the others was taking time, but it was necessary to their survival. She set down the bag of groceries and called to the others. Food at least wasn't a problem. Vegetables were plentiful, and while they did not need to eat as much as the males of their species a large amount of vegetable matter was still required. No one responded to her call.

She knew that some of them were out, absorbing the local culture. It was a risky thing to do, but after some argument she had agreed that it was necessary. They had to learn their way around the town. If nothing else it would come in handy for a quick escape.

For that very reason, the used car they had acquired had been a priority. It wasn't that different from the vehicles they had at home, but it took some time to get used to the differences. Faked licenses and records were prepared for each of the girls deemed ready to face the world, but there were still adjustments to make.

"I'm telling you that car was following us." Sedar stood up from the refrigerator where she was stashing their food and turned to face the others as they came into the kitchen. Miri led the way, looking exasperated. Shalei followed close behind. "Did you even look at the car?"

"I did."

"It was following us. You may have led the slavers right to us!"

"Unlikely," Miri said, confidently.

"You were followed?" Sedar demanded, grabbing their attention. "Explain."

"We stopped at a local diner for lunch," Miri began.

"Shortly after we left," Shalei interrupted. "I noticed a red car following us. It kept its distance, but it was there through three turns."

"For one thing, there are a lot of houses in this area," Miri said tiredly. "For another, it didn't follow us into our street."

"This street is a dead end, maybe literally if we ignore this," Shalei rejoined hotly.

"And lastly," Miri finished. "I did see the car, and the driver was female. Even if Tay hired someone to find us, do you think he would trust a woman of any species to do his dirty work for him?" That, Sedar had to admit, was a telling argument.

"We should remain cautious regardless," Sedar told them. "If you see this car again, or the female who was driving it, tell me immediately." It was possibly a reason for concern, and no such possibility could be ignored.


"Do we know it's them?" Alex asked. They had assembled at the Evans' house again, much to Diane Evans' consternation. "I mean they might be from France, not another planet." Liz nodded, acknowledging the point. "Agreed, but the timing is right. That house was rented out just last week." She thought a moment. "I think we need more information." She turned to Spike. "You said that Wesley and Angel had run into these Vigary guys before. Think he'd share information?"

"I think so." He got up. "You got a fax machine here?" Max nodded and pointed toward his father's office and rose to join him. Phil Evans looked up as Max entered his office, something he rarely did. He glanced nervously at Spike.

"Something wrong Max?"

"Need to consult with um, a business associate of Spike's, in Los Angeles. Wesley might need to fax us some papers." Phil looked at his son curiously.

"This have something to do with that dead body you were discussing last night?" Max nodded, uncertain as to how his father would react. "All right. Make it quick though. You know how to use the fax?" Spike nodded. Phil rose as Spike went to the phone and dialed the number of Angel Investigations.

Phil stepped into the hall with Max. "Can we talk?" Max nodded. His father led him down the hall to Max's room.

"It's about Liz and Spike." He got straight to the point. "I don't pretend to understand a lot of what I saw that night, but I know it has the potential to be very dangerous. I mean... demons? Aliens? It doesn't matter what you call them, dealing with them may be a Slayer's job, but it shouldn't be yours."

"Dadů" Phil held up a hand to forestall protest.

"I know you care about Liz, and I'm not asking you to stop seeing her. I know that wouldn't work. I just want you to try to keep a little distance between yourself and her work. Stay safe. I'm sure that's what she would want too." Max considered this and then nodded.

"I understand dad, and you're right. Liz wouldn't want me getting hurt, but I don't want her getting hurt either, and if there's a way I can help prevent that I will. I promise I'll be careful." Phil wasn't entirely happy with the answer, but decided to take what he could get.

"Okay Max. Be certain you do that."


"Angel Investigations, we help the helpless."

"'Ello Cordelia, do I qualify?"

"I said helpless Spike, not hopeless." Spike chuckled in spite of himself. One thing he had always appreciated about Cordelia was her ready wit. He had even considered turning her a time or two, might have if not for Dru.

"Is Wesley there? I need to speak to him, it's important." Cordelia sighed. "Hang on." She put him on hold.

"Wesley," she called. Angel and Wes looked up from where they were talking in his office. "Spike is on the phone. He wants to talk to you. Says it's important." Wes looked at Angel who looked back curiously. He had just started to tell his story. The time since he'd been back had been a busy one. He had been immediately swept up in the current crisis, involving a swarm of carnivorous demonic insects. He shuddered inwardly at the memory.

Angel had his report on the disk in his hands. He nodded to Wesley and went to plug it into the computer on Cordelia's desk and read it. Wes picked up the phone and nodded for Cordelia to transfer the call as Angel left.

"Yes Spike, I'm here." He listened carefully and nodded. "Yes, that does sound similar to the situation we had here. I wonder if the dead Vigary is Tay."

"If it was the grand high muckety-muck himself, then we can expect more of his kind here, pretty fast. What can you tell me about 'em, strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, that sort of thing?" Wesley briefly outlined what he knew of them and promised to fax relevant pages from his books as well as Angel's drawings of Tay and the princess just in case. "Yeah. That'll be a big help. Thanks Wes." He read off the fax number and clicked off. Wesley went to gather the appropriate books.

Angel was staring at the screen incredulously as Wesley emerged from the back office. He looked up at the ex-Watcher and started to speak, but nothing came out, and he looked back down at the screen. Wesley gathered up the books and drawings and went to the copier, which was a fairly recent addition to their office.

"I don't believe this," Angel breathed, which was a neat trick, Wesley reflected as he copied the last page. "Wesley why didn't you tell me about this immediately? Or over the phone?" He shook his head. "Never mind, my idea, I know." He rubbed his eyes tiredly. "A new Slayer, with Spike playing Watcher." He shook his head incredulously. I've got to get out there. Again, he looked up at Wesley who was sending his drawing of Tay, the fourth of five pages, through the fax.

"What are you doing?"

"Spike requested information on the Vigaries of Oden-Tahl. I don't have much faith in Spike, but the new Slayer seems fairly sharp. Hopefully she'll be able to make effective use of the information until you arrive."

"How did you know I was going?" His friend smiled.

"With Spike 'playing Watcher' as you put it? It doesn't take one of Cordelia's visions to guess at your next move."

"Thank God for that," their friend muttered.

"I'll leave immediately. You two hold down the fort here."

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