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"Unshakable Trust"
Part 5
by Gilly
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Summary: Maria is suffering...
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Rating: PG-13
7:43 PM

Scully bounced Mickey up and down impatiently. She was tired and hot and extremely snappy. She hadn't slept all that well, the baby was impatient and literally a little pain in the ass. He was squirming ever since they entered the damn plane.

"Shh, Mickey..."

Maria approached them, Troy and Tarra following her each on one of her sides. They never missed a step. Her nine month round pregnant belly was evident, a little heart with wings tattoo right above her bellybutton. She had done this one right after the second month. The doctor said it was okay, so she had done it. Her father had freaked, but Scully couldn't say anything, since the snake tattoo still burned on her back. She was wearing a black top that covered only her breasts and a baby blue skirt that stopped just above her knees. Her feet were cradled in transparent, low sandals. Her hair that now hit the middle of her back was pulled on a high ponytail on top of her head. On her back she was carrying a 101 Dalmatians backpack, and on her left hand a grape popsicle. She looked happy and carefree, but if you looked into her eyes, you could see she was miserable. The moments she grinned were rare. The smiles were even rarer and the laughs were almost non-existent.

"I'm all sticky...Can we please go home now?"

She licked a drop of the melting popsicle running through her fingers and took a bite, letting it melt on her tongue. The two dogs sat by her side and Tarra sniffled the air.

"Of course...but first, can we please go eat something? I'm starved!"

Maria smiled and nodded.

"Sure. I crave for Liz's burger."

Scully smiled back and nodded. Her panties were sticking into her ass the most uncomfortable way possible. Her bra was milk soaked, her skirt was clinging to her legs and her blouse was wet with sweat. The baby was still squirming on her arms and after a couple of seconds she stripped him to his diaper, dug the baby bag for the bottle of cold water, let him drink until he was satisfied. Grabbing a piece of cloth from the bag, she wetted it with the cold water and ran it through the baby's chest and arms and neck, soothing away the hot. Mickey closed his eyes and pulled her blouse with insistent little fingers. Scully maneuvered a creamy breast out of her blouse and let the baby grab the nipple. With the cold cloth, she continued to run it slowly through the chubby skin of his arms, legs and belly.

Apparently, the baby was not only hot, but he was also hungry. He was sucking the living day lights out of her. Smiling sweetly, she ran the cloth once more through his arm before putting it away. Mulder was walking towards them, a man by his side helping him with the six bags.

"Thank you."

The man smiled and nodded.

"Anything for such beautiful ladies."

Mulder smiled and the man left. Scully sighed and told him it was about damn time. Getting up, she grabbed a bag, threw it over her shoulder and stood there, waiting. Mulder threw two of them over his and grabbed other two on his hands. Maria picked the last one and lighter of them up and they walked towards the exit.

"Let's eat at the Crashdown...I wanna see Lizzie."

Maria asked, sitting at the back of the rental car and holding the door open for the two dogs to climb in. As Scully imagined, they were huge. But very pretty as well. Tarra was all white with black spots all around. Troy was mostly white, but he had his ears black, the tip of his tail and his left eye. Barking once, he licked Maria's face and stuck his head out of the window. Tarra did the same with the other window, barking happily.

"Sure, sweetie. I'm starving. But you think they'll be open when we get there?"

Maria nodded and gave Dana a small smile and for a moment Scully saw the girl she had met so many months ago. In a moment of spontaneity, Maria kissed her cheek. Scully turned her head around and looked into the girl's green eyes.

"I love you, you know that, right?"

"I know madrecita. I love you too."

Maria's face fell once again and she sat there, caressing Torra's head. Mulder shoved the Cherokee's trunk closed and climbed in, sighing.

"Ugh, it's damn hot in here! Scully, aren't you going to put Michael on the back?"

Scully watched her son's face as he sucked greedily on her nipple. His eyes were closed, but he was swallowing happily. Scully ran a hand through the baby's dark locks and he opened his eyes to look at her, the blue orbs smokey with laziness and sleep.

The baby stopped sucking and unlocked his mouth from her mother's nipple, squirming slightly until she sat him up.

"What's the matter sweetie??"

The baby gurgled and stuck a fist into his mouth, reaching out with his free one to grab a chubby foot and pull it upwards. Mulder laughed at his son's antics and ruffled the baby's unruly, silky hair. Michael flashed his father a gummy smile and sucked his toes deep into his mouth.

"Maria, honey...take him and put him in the chair, please?"

Scully gave the baby to Maria, who quickly put him in the baby's chair beside her and put a pacifier on his mouth. Mulder turned the air conditioner on and pulled away from the driveway.

"Where to?"

"The Crashdown. We are gonna grab a bite."

Mulder nodded and turned the car on a small turn. Mickey was literally pissed about being put this way, on that uncomfortable chair where he couldn't reach his feet and started crying. Maria took him out of the chair and hugged him to her chest.

"What's the matter, Mickey? What's the matter with my little bro?"

Mickey gurgled in response and Maria kissed him softly on the cheek.

"Give me a kiss, c'mon."

The baby placed a wet kiss on her mouth and giggled happily. As the car cooled up, Mickey started calming down and finally fell asleep on his sister's arms. Maria put him down on his baby chair. Mickey turned his head to the side and sighed. Tarra was sited happily on his side, tongue out. Troy had his head on Maria's belly and was napping.

They drove for an hour until Mulder finally parked the car in front of the Crashdown. The dogs were out first, then the humans. Maria gave her mother the sleeping baby and stretched her arms above her head, hearing her shoulders and back pop comfortingly.

Mulder locked the door and grabbed Scully's hand. Maria looked around for the dogs and whistled twice. They came strolling back, chasing each other and stopped near her legs. Maria patted their heads and they walked to the door.

The diner was almost empty, aside from Alex and Isabel who were sited on a booth, Liz who was sweeping the floor, Kyle and Tess kissing on the last booth, nearing the back and Max who was talking to Liz while she swept, putting the chair on top of the tables. With shaking fingers, Maria let her father open the door and stood behind the couple. The dogs entered first, sniffing everything and Maria was the last one.

"Oh sweet Jesus!"

Alex said, getting up. Isabel's mouth was opened in shock. Max's eyes were travelling from Maria's belly to her eyes. Liz was the first one to move. The broom fell to the floor and she hurried to hug her best friend.

"Maria! Oh my god, look at you! You're huge!"

Maria giggled and caressed her bare belly with both hands. Her eyes caught sight of Tarra sniffling Alex's half eaten hamburger.

"Tarra, no! Come here."

The dog strolled towards her obediently and sat down at her feet. Maria smiled and blowed her a kiss.

"It's yours?"

"Yep. Both of them. Liz, no offense but I really need to sit down."

Liz yelped and helped Maria to a stool near the counter, right beside Max. Mulder and Scully sat down on a table, watching their daughter talk to her friends. Alex and Isabel were standing in front of her, Liz was beside her running her hand through her hair and Kyle and Tess were on the other side.

"When are you due?"

Maria smiled, her hand travelling to her belly again.

"Any time now."

"Oh sweet Jesus!"

Alex said again.

Maria laughed and grabbed his hand, squeezing it softly.

"Do you wanna see something cool?"

She asked the gang. They all jerkily nodded and she smiled.

"Max, give me your hand."

Max stretched his left hand and Maria placed it on the top of her belly, placing her right next to his. She hummed a soft lullaby and they watched in awe when her belly started getting transparent.

"What's THAT?"

Max yelped, snatching his hand away. Maria also took her hand away and looked down to see her baby staring up at her through very big eyes. Her tinny foot moved forward and her belly jumped.

"Oh my god!"

Isabel whispered when the baby pressed a hand against the belly from the inside, a tinny silver handprint to mark it. She touched a single finger to the mark and gasped when a flash hit her. A child heartbeat was heard while the vision of a tinny person floating on water was seen.

"It's incredible. She's connected with me."

Maria smiled and squeezed Izzy's hand. Annalee, excited about the fuss, kicked again.

"And you got a tattoo!"

The transparency slowly disappeared when Maria unfocused from the baby. She nodded and looked down at the small heart with wings under her bellybutton.

"Yes. It's sweet, isn't it?"

Liz nodded and threw herself on Maria's arms.

"God, Maria I missed you so much!"

Maria nodded and sighed as tears started running through her cheeks.

"I know."

"You know, the only thing big about you is your belly."

Tess said, softly.

Maria looked at her and seeing the uncomfortable way the girl was acting, she smiled peacefully.

"I know. I lost a lot of weight a while back. Still trying to put it all back. Listen, Tess...I'm sorry about..."

Tess raised her hand and smiled through the tears on her eyes.

"I know. I'm sorry too. I certainly deserved it."

Maria nodded and smiled.

"Liz, do you think we could eat something? I know it's late and you're probably tired, but I'm really hungry."

"Oh my god, of course! I'll go make something for you and your parents. Oh, Mister Mulder, I'm sorry!"

"That's ok, Liz."

Mulder grinned. Scully groaned when Mickey, who was already awake stretched his arms towards his sister and giggled.

Maria's face instantanely lightened up and she grinned, opening her arms. Scully got up and gave the baby to her, grabbing a bottle of water and giving it to her as well.

"Think you can make him drink a little? It's too hot."

Maria nodded and looked down at her baby bro.

"Oh he's so cute! What's his name?"

Tess whispered, rubbing Mickey's foot. Maria sat him down on the counter and stuck the bottle on his mouth, titling it upwards.

"My name is Michael, Aunt Tess. Michael Daniel. Isn't it, sweetie?"


Kyle yelped, scratching his head.

"Believe me, I didn't pick it."

Alex snickered and was about to say something funny when Maria yelped and they heard a 'splash' noise.

"Oh Jesus, oh oh oh..."

"What's THAT?"

Max pointed a finger to a small puddle on the floor.

"Oh shit! MOM!"

Scully was already there, Mulder right beside her. Liz, who was coming to let them know the food was almost ready yelped as well and ran to her friend's side. The bell from the door was never heard on Scully's struggle to lay Maria down on the floor.

"What the hell is going on?"

Max looked up from Maria's face to see Michael standing there, a shocked look on his face. Maria screamed in pain and squeezed Alex's hand so hard he yelled.

"Easy on the hand, easy on the"

Isabel snickered and grabbed Maria's other hand, brushing her sweaty hair off her forehead. The dogs were barking madly.

"Tarra, Troy, shut the hell up!"

They immediately complied, laying down a couple of feet away. Maria groaned when her mother took off her panties and stuck her fingers inside her, checking for the dilation.

"You're in for good now, pixie! Seven centimeters. This baby is almost ready to come. Liz, I need hot water, a bowl with normal water, a lot of towels. I'll also need scissors, but you'll have to let them boil for a couple of second. I also need two small pieces of cloth, three centimeters each. Hurry..."

Liz, Alex and Isabel ran out to the back to get everything Scully asked for and she placed a comforting hand on Maria's knee. Tess was bouncing a moaning Mickey up and down on her lap. Kyle had gone to the back to see what they could do to help.

"What's happening?"

Michael asked, kneeling beside Max who was holding Maria's hand while she tried to breathe and not push.

"Your daughter is coming, Michael."

"My WHAT?"

Scully looked him straight in the eyes, smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

"Your daughter."

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