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Part 3
by tchele
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Inside the cave a few hours later. Maria and Liz are huddled together in one corner, Kyle, Cordelia, Alex, and Isabel are together, laughing at one of Alex's wacky stories. Max is smiling as her survey's the scene. Michael is standing alone near the mouth of the cave watching for River Dog. Looking for answers to questions he doesn't even know to ask yet. A quick glance towards the others causes a smile to come across his lips, only to fade quickly. It was good to see Isabel laughing, he and Max had always tried to keep Princess Izzy happy, that was the important thing, that and keeping Liz and Maria safe. If keeping Isabel happy, and the girls safe was the thing, why wasn't he happy? Maybe because you have never let your guard down, a little voice inside of him said. Realizing he could be happy to, especially if the others were happy. Without giving it another thought Michael takes a seat beside Alex, and joins in on the discussion of the happenings at school and life in general. They are so busy talking and laughing that no one notices River Dog slip into the cave.

"So who are these new friends?" River Dog asks.

"River Dog, we need to know the truth about who you are." Michael says, ignoring River Dog's question.

"You have had another vision, haven't you?" River Dog replies.

"No, I did. I'm not sure what I saw though. Who are you really?" Isabel asks.

"You already know the answer to that question, I am not who you have been looking for though. I'm not Nasedo." River Dog replies.

"How did you get here? Why didn't you tell us all along? Why didn't we see you before?" Max asks, suddenly full of questions.

"I got here in 1947, just like you. I was sent here to watch out for you three and others like you, you have seen me before, but you knew that already. It's true, I was Deputy Blackwood for quite a while, but it became obvious that you would never trust me if you knew. So I directed you towards the reservation and as I expected you came looking for answers." River Dog tells them.

"There are others like us? How many? We have never met anyone else, why?" Isabel asks.

"The others are older then you three. Never has there been a bond like yours with each other and with other humans. The others have never risked their lives for humans like you have, or if they have the humans haven't reacted like these friends. I expect even these new friends. Tell me about yourselves, how you came to be here tonight?" River Dog requests of Kyle and Cordelia.

"I was sent by a force it told me that these kids needed my help, and my boss' help. So we came to help the good fight." Cordelia answers.

"You are right, there is trouble on the horizon. You have been sent for a purpose. You are good to have followed your feeling." River Dog commends Cordelia.

"I knew there was something special about Max, I always thought is was jealously over Liz. Until a night a few weeks ago I heard my father talking about this guy Hub and how he was an alien hunter and he tracked Max down. I heard that there were people after Max, and my instincts were to look out for Liz and Maria. I kinda let the rest of what he was saying sink in later. Once I realized what they said it all fit and I knew that I had to help. I don't think my father is a threat to you anymore, but I'll keep an eye on him and make sure nothing happens. After tonight I don't know any more or any less about you three though. It isn't safe." Kyle tells River Dog.

"You have chosen well Kyle, I always knew that you had a good heart." River Dog tells Kyle.

"Angel and I would never have been sent if there wasn't some kind of danger lurking, I want to know what it is, any ideas?" Cordelia asks.

"The FBI could be back, or Nasedo could be coming. We know he left us that message. From what Hubble said and what you said Nasedo is dangerous, he's a killer. We all need to remember that and to be careful." Max says.

"We need some kind of contingency plan, what to do if we see anything, and what to do if its an FBI emergency or another kind." Maria suggests.

"How about no one is ever alone, and if anything happens, ANYTHING, you call a meeting immediately." Michael answers.

"How should be split up? Guys together? Girls? Boy-Girl?" Alex asks.

"Well Maria is already staying with me, so that's covered. Isabel, you and Max live in the same house so that's OK too. We can all meet up at the Crashdown 1st thing for breakfast and figure something out for during the day then. Now what about the other 4 for tonight?" Liz replies.

"Well, Kyle isn't involved yet, and like he said he can't get too involved. I'm with Angel and I'd say I'm pretty safe with him, super strength and all. That leaves Michael and Alex." Cordelia says.

"Why don't you crash for a few hours at my house then Michael? It's already late, it's not like my parents will know. I am sneaking in the window anyways." Alex suggests.

"Then it's settled. We leave here and meet at the Crashdown first thing in the morning." Max says, decisively.

"Thank you River Dog, I'm sure you will be around as usual, but we will keep you informed." Michael tells River Dog.

They all leave the cave. Maria, Liz, Cordelia, and Kyle leave in Kyle's car and Max, Isabel, Michael, and Alex in the Jeep.

The next morning at the Crashdown

"So, how's Maria? Still mad at Michael?" Max asks Liz.

"She is OK, she has good days and bad days, like anyone might have when someone breaks up with you for no good reason. She seemed better this morning though. I hope we can divert World War three from happening today." Liz answers.

"Liz, once this is all over, you and I really need to talk some things out, I promise we will sort some things out." Max tells Liz.

"OK, I'm here, where is everyone else?" Isabel asks, obviously not happy about meeting so early for breakfast.

"Maria is upstairs getting dressed and Alex called a few minutes ago, he and Michael are on their way. Liz explains.

"Here comes Cordelia now, and Kyle will be in later." Max says.

"I'm going to go talk to Maria until everyone else gets here." Isabel says, leaving the Crashdown.

"What's with Isabel today? She seems really angry." Liz asks.

"Izzy is just not a morning person. Plus she has been a little unnerved with the whole FBI possibly watching us. She has always wanted a normal life, more then Michael and I have." Max answers.

"Morning, I assume the rest are on their way? Angel wanted to come, but you know why he couldn't make it." Cordelia asks.

"Michael and Alex should be here any minute, Isabel and Maria are upstairs, I'm going to go get them. Excuse me." Liz says.

"Morning, where's Maria?" Michael asks.

"Upstairs, Liz went to get her and Izzy, have a seat." Max replies.

"I need to talk to her now, I can't sit." Michael says impatiently.

"Michael, sit. Whatever you need to talk to Maria about put it on the backburner." Max orders.

"OK, we're all here, let's go into the back and talk it's more private." Liz suggests.

"Maria, we need to talk, after this meeting, out back. Please?" Michael pleads.

"Whatever," Maria says.

"OK, anyone have any ideas?" Max asks.

"Yeah, I do. When I took Cordelia back to the motel, I saw a strangely familiar blond checking into the motel. I say we go pay her a little visit." Kyle says as he enters the employee only entrance.

"Topolsky's back? You're sure?" Alex asks incredulously.

"Positive. I want to know why she's back, who's with me?" Kyle replies.

"I think we should just watch her first, see where she goes. If we let her know right away that we know she's back, we could lose the link to the FBI." Isabel answers.

"Isabel is right, we scared her away before. She may run if we push her." Alex says.

"So, who is going to watch Topolsky?" Kyle asks.

"Well, it probably should be me, since she doesn't know me, and since I don't have classes or work or anything. This could be the reason I'm here" Cordelia volunteers.

"Class, that's right. We better get a move on, we are already late for homeroom, or at least some of us are." Maria says.

"Liz, you need a ride?" Max asks.

"That would be nice." Liz says, leading the way towards the car.

Isabel and Alex leave for the school. Kyle offers Cordelia a ride back to the motel and they leave. Maria and Michael are the only ones left. "Maria, I wanted to apologize for last night, for the last few months. This hot and cold we've been playing is hurting both of us. I'm not saying that I'm ready to be with you in a romantic way. I need you in my life, at the very least as a friend." Michael says.

"You're right this hurting us both, and since we can't just avoid each other, or pretend nothing happened. I need you too, I guess we can call a truce for now. I'm still mad at you for breaking my heart, but I understand why you did what you did. I want us to be friends too." Maria responds.

"Since we missed homeroom already you wanna blow off morning classes? We could go have some fun, just the two of us as friends." Michael asks.

"Raincheck? We really should go, with everything that's going on I think it's important." Maria answers.

"Sure thing, and I think it might be fun to go shock my third period teacher. Any idea what class I have?" Michael asks.

"Yeah, social studies, same as me. Let's go." Maria says, leading the way out the door.

At lunch on the quad, Max, Isabel, Liz, and Alex are eating lunch and waiting for Maria and Michael. "So has anyone seen them since this morning? Maybe they killed each other." Alex suggests.

"Look here they come, and they're smiling, and laughing." Max says looking at Michael and Maria.

"OK, who are you, and what have you done with my best friend?" Liz asks Maria.

"Michael and I spent the morning shocking his teachers with the fact that he made it to a class before noon. So any update on the Topolsky situation?" Maria says.

"Not yet, but I have a free period after my next class, so I figured I'd check into it then." Max replies.

"Kyle has third free, I think he went to check, because he passed me a note to met him in the eraser room. Speaking of, I have to go." Liz tells the group.

"Liz, let me know what he has to say, OK?" Max asks before she leaves.

"So, Romeo is a little bit jealous?" Isabel says.

"It's hard to think about Liz in the eraser room with Kyle, that's all. I just hope this whole thing with Topolsky blows over soon." Max replies, before getting up to follow Liz.

The remaining four hang around the quad until the warning bell rings signaling the beginining of the next class, Isabel asks Alex to walk her to her class. Leaving Maria and Michael alone.

"Feel like going to class? I know your teachers won't be surprised to see you in those classes." Maria asks Michael.

"I think I'd rather go check on Cordelia, care to come? Wow your teachers, that you are blowing off class?" Michael responds with a grin.

"You're on, lets take my car." Maria answers.

At the motel, Michael knocks on the door and are met with a gruff "Come in, it's unlocked." from Angel.

"So, any update from Cordelia?" Maria asks, once inside the motel room.

"She should be back any second, she was going to check out that agents room to see if she can tell what's going on." Angel replies.

As if on cue, Cordelia enters the room, "Oh we have company, I assume Angel was his usual, friendly, hospitable self." she asks.

"We just got here a minute ago, we cut class, well at least I did, Michael never goes anyways. What did you find out?" Maria replies.

"All I found in her room was her computer and several cases of Tabasco sauce. Which I found strange, then I found her copy of her assignment on her computer then I forgot about the Tabasco sauce. She's here to watch the sheriff, apparently the agency she works for thinks he is a threat to the aliens, and they are here to protect you guys. That's what this Topolsky thinks anyways. Her boss is coming to town soon, and I don't trust him, his name is Agent Stevens, he's trouble, watch out for him." Cordelia relates.

"Michael, Tabasco? I thought that only you, Max, and Izzy bought it by the case. You don't think she could be one of the others River Dog was talking about?" Maria asks, with a sudden quiver in her voice.

"I think we need to go back to school and find everyone else. Especially Isabel and Max, it's going to be OK, I promise." Michael tells Maria, as he puts his arm around her.

"OK I'm better now, we should go back to school, I have English and you have Art. Plus we need to track down everyone else." Maria says, opening the door.

Back at school...

"So what do you think Maria and Michael found out? Any idea why they asked us to meet them in the janitor's closet?" Liz asks Max.

"No, but Maria sounded really anxious, I guess we will know soon though." Max says, stopping right outside the door to the closet. He opens the door, only to find Alex and Isabel are already in the closet, in a tight embrace.

"Isabel?!?" Max says, in a loud whisper once he and Liz are inside the closet.

"Max? What are you doing here?" Isabel asks, almost angrily.

"Michael and Maria asks us to meet them here, they found something big out about Topolsky. Wait didn't they find you two?" Liz asks.

"No, they'll find us, when they come here though. Can we not mention that we were already here when you got here?" Alex asks.

Before Max or Liz can respond the door opens and Maria, Michael, and Kyle enter the room. "Good everyone's here, you guys found Isabel and Alex." Maria says.

"So, what's the big deal? Why a meeting in the middle of the day?" Max asks.

"We went to the motel after lunch and talked to Cordelia. She said that when she searched Topolsky's room she found a copy of Topolsky's orders and her orders are for her to wath Valenti, because the higher ups think he is a danger to the aliens living in Roswell. Plus an Agent Steven's is coming to town and Cordelia says he isn't someone we should trust, she may have had another vision when she was in the motel room. She came back and immediatly laid down on the bed." Michael says, taking a deep breath.

"OK, so how do we find this Agent Stevens?" Liz asks.

"There's more, Michael go ahead." Maria says.

"The other thing is, Cordelia found several cases of Tabasco sauce in Topolsky's room. We think she might be one of the others River Dog was talking about last night." Michael says.

"You don't really think it's possible do you? I mean before all she wanted to do was find us, she practically drove us out of town, remember?" Isabel replies.

"That's why we called this meeting, we want you to try and dreamwalk into her dreams like you did with Maria. To find out whats going on." Michael answers.

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