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"The Things We Share"
Part 4
by Michael Sim
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Summary: Immediately after the Hybrid Chronicles and the 02/18/01 episode of the X-Files (Per Manum), unwanted attention is placed on our Roswellians by a duo of FBI agents named Scully and Doggett. (This story relates the many similarities/parallels between the mythologies of Roswell and the X-Files)
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Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess are in Michael's apartment.

Isabel: You told the FBI woman! Oh my God! It's happening all over again!

Tess: What did you tell her?

Max: I told her everything.

Michael: What the hell is wrong with you Maxwell? Don't you remember the White Room?!

Max: Of course I do. She mentioned that the conspiracy is led by a cigarette-smoking man. I remember the stench of cigarettes while I was there.

Michael: That doesn't prove anything.

Max: What was I supposed to do? Jeremiah Smith told me to trust her.

Michael: How can we be sure who this Jeremiah Smith guy is? What if he's one of our enemies?

Isabel: I agree with Michael.

Tess: Look, Max knows what he's doing. We have to trust him.

Michael: Not when he makes unilateral decisions that involve all of us.

Isabel: What if she's Pierce's replacement?

Michael: And what about that Doggett guy? He did a good job scaring Maria and me.

Max: We would all have been carted away by now if she's an alien hunter. And she promised we could trust her partner too.

Tess: So what now Max?

Max: We meet tonight at the UFO Center. All of us.

Meanwhile, Scully is on the phone, talking to a laboratory technician in Washington, DC.

Tech: (on the phone) We have no records of anything coming from that part of the country.

Scully: What do you mean?! I sent it via secured courier two days ago.

Tech: I don't know what to tell you Agent Scully, if you sent it, it never made it here. Sorry.

Scully: Not as sorry as I am.

She hangs up the phone and in comes Doggett.

Scully: The samples we sent to Washington are missing.

Doggett: How could that be?

Scully: (discouraged) I don't know.

Doggett: I checked out Michael Guerin's story and it turns out he's telling the truth. Bank records show that a Robert Dupree withdrew $50,000 in cash from an account the day Guerin says he got the money.

Scully: But you're still not convinced.

Doggett: I think we need to question Max Evans again. He's the ringleader in all this.

Scully: He is the leader, but not of what you think.

Doggett: Come again.

Scully: Agent Doggett, we haven't been partners for very long and I know I have asked a lot of you already. But with what happens tonight, I need to have your trust.

Doggett: You've always had that.

Scully: No. I need your absolute trust.

Scully and Doggett share the moment, absorbing its importance.

Meanwhile, Liz is on the deck outside her window contemplating. She hears a voice from the street below.

Max: Liz.

Liz leans over and sees Max.

Liz: Max.

Max: Can I come up?

Liz nods and Max climbs the fire escape.

Max: I needed to talk to you.

Liz: About what?

Max: I want you to know that no matter what has come between us, I... I still care you.

Liz: Max.

Liz becomes tearful.

Max: But if something happens tonight to me or one of us...

Liz: Don't talk like that.

We switch to later than night. Michael and Maria are walking towards the UFO Center.

Michael: I still think this is a bad idea. I don't trust either of those two agents.

Maria: We have no choice. All we can do is be there to back Max.

Michael: Just when I thought my life was getting some semblance of normalcy, Maxwell has to ruin it.

Maria: You'll always have me.

Michael and Maria hug before entering the UFO Center. Inside they find everyone else is already assembled: Max, Liz, Isabel, Tess, Alex, Kyle, and Sheriff Valenti.

Max: We were starting to get worried about you.

Michael: Don't worry about me. You should be worried if Scully isn't what she's says she is.

Tess: We're all here together, that's what's important.

Liz: Tess is right.

Tess and Liz share a rare moment of collaboration.

Michael: But if things don't go right, I'm ready to defend...

Scully's voice: That won't be necessary, Mr. Guerin.

Everyone looks to the stairs and see Scully and Doggett entering the UFO Center.

Scully: We mean you no harm. You have my word and Agent Doggett's word on that.

Max: What is it that you wanted to show us?

Scully pulls out a small, silver, cylindrical instrument not much larger than a pen. She displays it to the Roswellians. She then presses a small button at the base and with a smooth metallic whoosh, a sharp pick-like extension comes out of one end.

Michael: Watch out!

Michael immediately goes into attack position, his right arm extended, while Sheriff Valenti and Agent Doggett go for their guns. Doggett immediately stands closer to Scully, partially blocking her from Michael. They face off, Michael ready to use his powers on Scully, Doggett pointing his gun at Michael while Valenti aims at Doggett. The situation is excruciatingly tense.

Scully: Stand down, Agent Doggett!

Doggett: What?! At least two of them are ready to attack us.

Scully: John!

This gets Doggett's attention.

Scully: Trust me.

Doggett looks at Scully and relaxes his stance. He points his gun towards the ceiling, slowly releases his grip on the trigger and very slowly puts it on the ground. He steps back with his hands up.

Doggett: We're no longer armed.

Michael: Then what the hell is that in her hand?!

Michael's right hand begins to glow white, ready to attack Scully.

Scully: This IS a weapon, but not one intended to hurt any of you.

Max puts his hand on Michael's arm.

Max: Relax, Michael. I believe her.

Michael looks at Max and accepting Max's leadership, backs off and puts down his arm. Max looks at Sheriff Valenti who also backs off and reholsters his pistol. Maria runs up and grabs Michael. They hold each other. We can see the rest of the group is at the brink of panic and breakdown. After a few more moments of tense silence, Scully begins.

Scully: On previous occasions, Agent Mulder and I have faced what I can only describe as a shape-shifting alien bounty hunter. This is the only method that we know can kill them: a direct stab into the base of the back of the neck.

Scully presses the button again and the sharp extension retracts into the handle. Scully rotates the weapon in her hand so that the opening for the spike points towards her and slowly advances towards Max.

Scully: I assume that their ultimate goal is the four of you.

Scully looks at the Royal Four. Scully hands the weapon to Max, who inspects it and gives it to Michael. He then turns his attention back to Scully. They share an unspoken communication. Scully walks over to a chair off to the side. Doggett follows behind her, acting as her protector. Max approaches her with the other Roswellians converging behind him.

Scully then pulls up her blouse to reveal her abdomen, slightly bulging from her pregnancy. She looks up at Doggett, who gives her a look of silent understanding.

Max: (to Scully) I'm going to need you to look at me and concentrate on your baby.

Scully, somewhat apprehensive, nods. She raises her hand towards Doggett who takes it and holds it. Max places his hands on her belly and begins to concentrate. Suddenly images flash in his mind: Scully as a child on a military base, at her father's funeral, during boot camp, during her abduction, with Mulder, with Doggett, and finally an image of the unborn fetus within her.

Max strains with the effort and finally finishes. Max almost falls from his efforts but Liz is there to catch him. He looks up to Scully, who is crying.

Scully: You saved my baby.

Scully and Max hug.

We switch to Doggett driving the car with Scully convalescing in the passenger seat. She looks exhausted, but she and Doggett share a smile as they drive off into the night.

Back in Roswell, Max and Liz are outside the Crashdown.

Max: Her baby had a... "genetic" defect.

Liz: That was such a brave thing you did Max.

Max: Not as brave as we have to be when we face our enemies.

Max pulls out the weapon and releases its spike.

The End.

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