FanFic - Crossovers
"The Things We Share"
Part 2
by Michael Sim
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Summary: Immediately after the Hybrid Chronicles and the 02/18/01 episode of the X-Files (Per Manum), unwanted attention is placed on our Roswellians by a duo of FBI agents named Scully and Doggett. (This story relates the many similarities/parallels between the mythologies of Roswell and the X-Files)
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Within the interrogation room of the sheriff's office, Max is seated as Agent Scully and Doggett stand.

Doggett: Mr. Evans, do you realize that you have been placed at the scene of several events with unexplained occurrences?

Max: I have?

Doggett throws down a file in front of Max. We see newspaper clips of the Crashdown shooting, the death of Hubble and more. Max sees them flash before his eyes.

Doggett: A colleague, Fox Mulder, kept a very detailed file on you, Mr. Evans. You were placed at the Crashdown Café when a gun was fired, yet no bullet hole was ever discovered.

Max: Sheriff Valenti knows all about that already.

Doggett: Sheriff Valenti. You were with him the night he shot Everett Hubble, yet your involvement seems to be unknown and unfiled.

Doggett has another file open and points to it as he talks about Hubble. Max says nothing.

Doggett: And more recently, you and your sister, Isabel, were somehow involved in the discovery of Laurie Dupree buried in the middle of Frazier Woods.

Max: What do you want from me?

Doggett: How about some cooperation? What is your connection to all these events, Mr. Evans?

Max: I was just at the wrong places at the wrong time.

Scully, realizing that this line of questioning was going nowhere, sits down across from Max.

Scully: Mr. Evans, Max. We just want to know the truth.

Max: I've told you everything I know.

Scully: It might be of some interest to you that within those files, Agent Mulder made some outrageous suppositions about you, your sister, Isabel, and your friend, Michael Guerin.

Max is visibly perturbed by this statement, but does not respond.

Max: (shakily) Can I go now? I'm going to be late for my next class.

Scully: You can go, Max, but remember, we're here to help.

Max gives Scully a double take before leaving.

Doggett: He's definitely hiding something.

Scully: I know.

At Roswell High, Liz is putting her things away in her locker when Max comes up behind her.

Liz: Max! I didn't expect you.

Max: I didn't know who else to turn to Liz, but those two FBI agents know, about me, Isabel, and Michael.

Liz: Oh my God! Did they actually say so?

Max: No. But the female one, Scully... I'm scared.

Liz instinctively hugs Max.

Liz: I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

Later that day, Liz is in the Crashdown, working. Scully enters and upon seeing Liz, makes a beeline to her. Liz is clearly uneasy.

Scully: Ms. Parker, can we talk for a moment?

Liz: I guess.

Scully leads Liz to an empty booth in the back of the Crashdown.

Scully: Ms. Parker, may I call you Liz.

Liz: Sure.

Scully: Liz, I don't want you to get the wrong impression of Agent Doggett or me. I understand it must be threatening to sit across from an FBI agent, but I promise that my partner and I are only here to help.

Liz nods.

Scully: From what I know about you, you are a promising scientist.

Liz: How did you know that?

Scully: I have files from an agent named Topolsky, who seems to have gotten to know several students at Roswell High, including you.

Liz: Oh.

Scully: I bring this up because I think you and I have a lot in common. Although I am a FBI agent, I am also a medical doctor. I've always believed that events, no matter how extraordinary, must have some scientific basis.

Liz looks visibly comforted by these words. Here is a woman who believes in science the way she does.

Liz: Yes.

Scully: Yet over time, I have also found myself more open to the idea that there are some things that are beyond the realm of human science.

Scully gives Liz a moment to take this in.

Scully: I want you to trust me. I mean no harm to you or any of your friends.

Liz: What is it you want?

Scully: Even though I barely know you Liz, I think I can trust you. But I don't know who else I can trust. I need your help.

Liz: How can I help?

Scully: I'm going to read to you some names, and all I want you to do is nod if you think these are people I should also trust. Okay?

Liz nods.

Scully: Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Maria DeLuca, Tess Harding, Alex Whitman, Kyle Valenti, Sheriff Valenti, Brody Davis.

Liz nods to each name as Scully reads them except for Brody.

Meanwhile in the sheriff's office, Doggett is seated in the interrogation room, this time with the Sheriff.

Doggett: Sheriff Valenti, why is it that in the past year and a half, there have been so many events in your jurisdiction that have gone unexplained?

Valenti: Agent Doggett, I went over this with Agent Duff just last week.

Doggett: Agent Duff may have lost her career because of what has transpired here.

Valenti: I didn't know. That's a shame.

Doggett: It would be a shame if history were to repeat itself.

Valenti: Is that a threat?

Doggett: Explain to me how on September 18, 1999, a gunshot was fired at the Crashdown Café, yet no bullet or bullet hole was ever found.

Valenti: My report is filed in this office and in city hall.

Doggett: How about Laurie Dupree? How did you know how to find that girl out in the middle of the woods?

Valenti: As I have already said, I cannot reveal my sources.

Doggett: Then tell me something Sheriff.

Valenti: Agent Doggett, we are men of the law. My life had always been black and white. If someone breaks the law, I arrest the assailant. But recently, I have found that there are events that transcend the law, even nature.

We switch to Max. As he returns home, he finds his adoptive father, Mr. Evans, just beyond the front door.

Max: Hey Dad.

Mr. Evans: Come with me.

Mr. Evans grabs Max's arm, pulls him into Max's room and closes the door.

Max: What's going on?

Before he receives a reply, Max watches his father shape-shift into a slender, silver haired man in his fifties. Max gasps in horror then raises a force field to protect himself.

Max: What did you do to my father?

Shape shifter: Relax your highness, your father is out in his Clovis office today. My methods are more subtle than Nasedo's.

Max: How do you know that name?

Shape shifter: He is... he was my colleague. Now please drop the force field. If I wanted to harm you, I could have done that as you came through the door.

Max realizing that the shape shifter was telling the truth puts down his force field, but not his defenses.

Max: Who are you?

Shape shifter: On this planet, I have taken the name Jeremiah Smith. I, along with the one you knew as Nasedo, was the other survivor of that infamous 1947 crash.

Max: Are you another protector?

Jeremiah: No. That was always Nasedo's job. I had no desire to murder humans despite my loyalty to the Royal Four. My job was to infiltrate the extra-governmental conspiracy that has sprung up since our arrival.

Max: What conspiracy?

Jeremiah: I do not have much time, so I will give you the shortened version. A few years after the government cover-up of 1947, Antarians loyal to Kivar arrived here on Earth. Most evaded detection, but others were discovered. Instead of being destroyed, those who were found revealed Kivar's plan in exchange for the humans' help.

Max: And what was Kivar's plan?

Jeremiah: In addition to the death of the Royal Four, the enslavement of the Earth's population.

If Max were not sitting, he would have fallen down.

Jeremiah: (continuing) The humans also made a deal: the invasion forces of Kivar would be delayed until the humans had devised an alien-human hybrid that could withstand the atmospheres of both Antar and Earth.

Max: But I, we are already hybrids.

Jeremiah: Yes, but up until recently, the only way to merge human and alien DNA was with the Gandarium that of which you have seen the consequences of its release into the Earth ecosystem.

Max: So why come to me now with this information?

Jeremiah: The danger to the Royal Four and the Earth is fast approaching. You must trust Dana Scully. She holds knowledge critical to your survival and you hold powers critical to her unborn child.

With that, Jeremiah stops and seems to sense something. He shape shifts again, this time into a non-descript mailman.

Jeremiah: It is unsafe for me to be with you. I must leave now.

Jeremiah climbs out through Max's window and disappears from sight leaving a stunned Max sitting on his bed.

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