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"The Things We Share"
by Michael Sim
Disclaimer: The characters and settings of Roswell in this story are the property of Regency Television, Jason Katims Productions and the Warner Brothers Corporation. The characters of X-Files are the property of 20th Century Fox Television and 10-13 Productions. All use is for the sole purpose of fictional storytelling.
Summary: Immediately after the Hybrid Chronicles and the 02/18/01 episode of the X-Files (Per Manum), unwanted attention is placed on our Roswellians by a duo of FBI agents named Scully and Doggett. (This story relates the many similarities/parallels between the mythologies of Roswell and the X-Files)
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG
February 23, 2001, 9:02AM. FBI Headquarters, Washington, DC.

We are in a large, dark conference room. A panel of FBI assistant directors and directors are seated on one side of the table while Agent Suzanne Duff sits across from them. There is a palpable tension in the air.

Director: Agent Duff, you have been summoned here to Washington, DC due to your recent actions in Roswell, New Mexico.

Duff: Yes, Director Schilling.

Director: Your report states that there was inconclusive proof as to the occurrences surrounding a Laurie Dupree's abduction and subsequent retrieval. Your report also seems to be lacking information during certain time periods. Further, your initial correspondences have the town sheriff, James Valenti, as a possible accomplice.

Duff: Sir, with further investigation, I discovered that the sheriff, in fact, did not play a role in the kidnapping.

Director: (almost ignoring her) And more so, you used federal influence to have him reinstated in his county appointed position. That is an abuse of your position, Agent Duff.

Duff: I understand and I accept the consequences of my actions.

Director: Your actions may lead to your eventual discharge from the FBI.

Duff: Yes.

Director: Agent Duff, your superiors in New Mexico describe you as a very talented, up and coming agent on the fast track to an assistant directorship. Do you want to throw it all away on a small town kidnapping?

Duff: I stand by my report and my actions, Sir.

Director: You leave me no choice, but to relieve you of all duties pending further investigation.

Assistant Director Skinner speaks up.

Skinner: Director Schilling, if I may? I would like to take over this investigation.

The whole panel looks at Skinner and begins whispering to each other, astonished that he would speak up.

Director: (looking first to the side) I find no objections in you taking over, AD Skinner.

Skinner looks at Duff. The panel disbands with a discouraged Duff, who does not move from her chair. Skinner comes up to her.

Skinner: Agent Duff, I personally assure you that your case will fall in the proper hands.

Duff: Thank you, Sir.

Skinner leaves. As Duff gets up to leave, she notices for the first time a grey haired man in his late fifties standing in the shadows of the room smoking a cigarette.

Later than morning, we switch to the basement office of Agents Dana Scully and John Doggett. They operate a small branch of the FBI called the X-Files. They are seated at their desks going through files.

Scully: Roswell seems too obvious a place for us to investigate.

Doggett: Yeah, even I saw the TV special about the whole 1947 UFO crash. I hear that the place is just a big tourist trap. Yet somehow, Skinner stuck his neck out to give us this case.

Scully: Seems there have been questions raised as to extraterrestrial involvement in assorted crimes in the area. I would have thought it all a big hoax myself, until I went through some of Mulder's old files.

Doggett: What did you find?

Scully: Unbeknownst to me, it seems Mulder was a big fan of Roswell. He has detailed files on certain inhabitants, establishments, and some events of the past year and a half. Looks like he even visited the area several times.

Scully shows Doggett old airline ticket stubs.

Doggett: I guess it's our turn for a trip to the desert.

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