Fanfic - Crossover Stories
"The Other"
Part 27
by Chrystal Kay
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Grand Canyon:

4:30PM: The sunset in the canyon was breathtaking. Jarod took time to enjoy it from his perch in a tree. His only regret was in having no one to share it with. He let the deepening shades of red fill his vision as he counted his regrets. So many people he had met, studied, helped but never a person who could know ‘him’. Never a someone who wouldn’t be a danger to his freedom or ‘in’ danger from his pursuers. It was at times like this that he found a small comfort in calling Sydney, but Jarod had left his phone and scrambler in the room, back at Elsie’s. Jarod sighed and brought his eyes back down to the area he was watching.

He had found a place halfway between the cliffs and the camping grounds, and made himself a secure waiting spot. The afternoon had been spent talking to campers and one of the sweep riders that traveled up and down the hiking/camping areas. There had been no thievery for a couple of days, but Jarod had found fresh tracks along the cliff face, and located one of the spots where Hank had indicated tracks disappearing into the cliff.

Since much of the pilfering had happened at night, Jarod had come equipped with night seeing goggles, and a compass to site on. If the unknown came out tonight, he just might be able to follow him, and find out where he/they were hiding.


Elsewhere in the Canyon:

Liz and Luke were looking for the camp grounds. They had wandered far along the cliff and were unsure of how far back they must come. It was getting dark and Liz wanted to hurry. Luke wanted to camp at the next likely looking spot.

“Look Luke, it may be fun just stopping anywhere, but they have camping grounds for a reason. There is water and places to use the restroom. There are rangers to keep an eye on things and safety in numbers.” Liz was uncomfortable being alone out where no one knew where they were. ‘It’s not as if Max were with me.’ She thought. ‘Then I wouldn’t mind ‘where’ I was.’ She sighed and wished.

“I’m sorry Liz, I’m so used to being alone. I always think of ways to avoid people, not find them, and I hadn’t even considered camping near others.” Luke had forgotten that Liz might not have his lonely ways. “I should have started us back an hour ago. But don’t worry, I can see really good in the dark, almost better that in bright daylight. I’ll get you back safe. I swear I will.”

Liz had forgotten too. Forgotten that Luke was one of Max’s kind. All of them could see like bats in the dark. She began to relax a little. Even if he wasn’t Max, he would watch out for her. ‘How long… how long before Max finds a way to make it right. How long before I can hold him?’ She thought as she stumbled along in the deepening shadows.

Luke had been content with getting some stories about the gang, even without learning anything that would tell him where they were or how to find them. He liked what he was learning about them. Max’s strength, Michaels fierce loyalty to his friends, Isabel and her efforts to blend in with the community. Alex, Maria, Kyle and Liz , their friendship with them, and…Tess. She was what he most wanted to hear stories of, and the one that Liz knew least of.

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