FanFic - Crossovers
"The Other"
Part 12
by Chrystal Kay
Disclaimer: I don’t have any claim or rights to any of the Roswell or Pretender characters. They belong to the great people who created them.
Summary: This takes place during and after ‘The End of the World’. There are no skins here, just Max, Future Max, Liz and the gang.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG
Authors Note: There has to be another explanation for Future Max disappearing. You and I know that Max could never fall out of love with Liz. Right? Add a little ‘Pretender’ intervention and…well we’ll see what happens.
Roswell, the Crashdown:
3:00 PM: Maria’s cell phone rang and she answered it almost before it quit the first ring. “What.” She listened for a few seconds, then answered, “We’re out of here.” Then she bolted for the door, a startled Michael and Alex running after her. “Isabel dreamwalked Liz!” She called over her shoulder.

“Well what are you waiting for!” Alex called after her jubilantly. Now they would find Liz!

Max had the door opened for them when they arrived at his house. The look on his face was not what they expected. It was grim.

Michael felt a tightness in his stomach. He grabbed the now motionless Maria and moved her into the house.

Alex rushed past Max, straight to Isabel who was pacing back and forth in the living room. He gently took her clenched hands in his and sat her down on the couch. “Talk to us Iz. Tell us what you saw.” Isabel just stared at him with a look of horror on her face. Alex looked up at Max for an explanation.

Max shrugged helplessly. “She’s been like this ever since she woke up.” He murmured. “I thought maybe with all of us here, we could calm her down enough to find out what happened.” The look of pain on his face, that something she had seen from Liz had put her into this state, was harder to look at than the one on Isabel’s.

Maria rummaged through her purse and pulled out a small bottle. “Maria, “ Michael moaned, “This is not a time for your quacky aromatherapy.”

But when Maria pushed it under Isabel’s nose, she jumped in Alex’s arms, and lurched away from it.

“What kind of scent is that?” Demanded Michael.

“Ammonia. You never know when someone is going to faint or… whatever.” Maria said defensively. “Besides, it worked.” Isabel was now taking deep breaths and trying not to cry, but she was definitely not freaked out anymore.

Max sat down on the other side of Isabel, and Michael knelt in front of her. Both trying to give her moral support. “Come on Izzy.” Max said gently. “What happened? I’ve never seen you like this before.” Maria, for once, was without words. She just watched, and stood wringing the bottle in her hands.

Isabel looked down at her hands and gave a big shuddering sigh. Then she looked at each one of them. “I…I have to go back.” Before anyone could say a thing, she continued. “But not alone. I need someone to come with me.”

The protests came loudly from all present. From Max, Michael, and Alex, that she was not going to go back into a situation that could do that to her. Maria that she was not taking Michael to whatever had freaked her out.

“All of you just shut up!” She shouted in her best Isabel scream. They shut.

She pressed the fingers of one hand to her forehead and gathered her thoughts. At least now she could think again. Then she tried to explain the unexplainable. “Okay. Liz was dreaming. But it wasn’t a normal dream. It was a memory …or a series of them.” She grabbed onto Alex’s hand and continued. “She… I… Max, parts of them are memories of a flashback she got from you. Memories she couldn’t get from you. They are a huge nightmare thing that keeps replaying and replaying.” Isabel stopped and looked at Max, pain in her eyes. “Max, she can’t wake up.”

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