FanFic - Crossovers
"The Other"
Part 10
by Chrystal Kay
Disclaimer: I don’t have any claim or rights to any of the Roswell or Pretender characters. They belong to the great people who created them.
Summary: This takes place during and after ‘The End of the World’. There are no skins here, just Max, Future Max, Liz and the gang.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG
Authors Note: There has to be another explanation for Future Max disappearing. You and I know that Max could never fall out of love with Liz. Right? Add a little ‘Pretender’ intervention and…well we’ll see what happens.
Maria passed around the ice bags, trying not to grin. All four had black eyes or bloody noses. Max was still too mad to heal himself or anyone else, and Isabel was too disgusted to volunteer. “You both deserve what you got.” She said with a flounce. And pointing at Michael and Alex, she added, “And you two should have just let them get it out of their systems.”

Kyle looked around the bag on his eye. “Can’t you do one of your alien things or something, and find her? I thought you guys could do anything!” He looked from Max to Isabel, to Michael. “Well?”

Tess spoke up for the first time that night. “If she left, then maybe it’s because she wanted to. Why can’t you just accept the fact that she wants out?”

Kyle turned on her, anger sparking in his eyes again. “Oh I don’t suppose you mind at all! You and Max are the reason we went through the whole bed act anyway!”

“Act?” Asked Max.

“Bed? What bed!” Maria demanded.

And the whole story came out. Kyle had opened his mouth and stuck a jeep in it this time. Liz would kill him. He thought glumly, and then swallowed when her disappearance rushed back on him. ‘Oh God, Liz, you can yell at me for a year, only be okay. Come back to us.’

Kaibab camping grounds, Arizona, Elsie’s Stop ‘N’ Place:
9:00 AM: Liz got off the tour bus and was immediately greeted by a slightly plump, red headed woman with a big smile. “You must be Liz!” She said as she took Liz’s bag and started herding her towards a rustic collection of buildings. Her nonstop chatter brought a small smile to Liz’s lips. She looked around and sighed. ‘ I think Henry was right,’ She thought to herself. ‘This is a good place to put my life back together.’

Roswell, the Evans’ house:
Same time: Max sat on Isabel’s bed, the disappointment clear on his face.

“I’m sorry Max.” Isabel pushed her hair back and sighed. “I could sense her but she wasn’t asleep and I couldn’t get through to her.” The look of exhaustion on her face, told the story of how often she had tried that night to reach Liz. “Look, let me get a good meal down, and some rest, and I’ll try again. If she didn’t sleep last night, she’s bound to fall asleep sometime today. Okay?”

Max looked at his sister and she saw how much her offer meant to him. She patted his hand. “We’ll find her Max. And we’ll bring her back!”

East of Flagstaff, on Route 40:
10:00 AM: Jarod looked over at Luke. He had been unusually quiet yesterday, and if anything he was even quieter this morning. “Alright, a dime for your thoughts.” He said. Luke looked at him curiously. “Inflation.” Jarod smiled, and Luke smiled back.

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